Ghost in the Guitar


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Daniela and Agustina

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Ghost in the Guitar

  1. 1. Ghost Monday 29th Writer Katherine and her sister figured out that tom was possessed, with her sister help, she send a sad spirit to the beyond, HER THOUGTHS AND MEMOIRS Tom, he is the boy ho Aruna an other member of has been possessed by a ghost on an the band tell us her old guitar. experience.
  2. 2. Katherine’s retelling
  3. 3. Aruna tell us her xperience In this note, we have Aruna, another member of the band. She is the bass guitar player and the singer of the band.
  4. 4. Tom explain everything How did this ghost get into you? Who did save you about this ghost? Well, when my girlfriend Katy, broke my Oh, it also was Katy. She notices that I old guitar, we had to buy a new one, was strange, so she investigated but we haven’t enough money to about a case similar. When we were buy a good one. So the shop owner in the competition I was playing sold us one very cheap. Immediately alone on stage. I hold it, I felt different. She came and took off my guitar and Did anybody realize? broke it. In that moment the ghost Yes, Katy did. She saw that my smile was gone. was different. How did you feel when the ghost Did you change some attitudes? was gone? Yes, I started playing the guitar I felt like freedom again. I could, again, excellent. But I also started to talk to control myself. everybody very badly. I complain about how the others members of the band played their instruments.