Andrés, Alan, Sebastián K., Eric


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Andrés, Alan, Sebastián K., Eric

  1. 1. The Ghost of the Guitar
  2. 2. Katherine worked in an electronics factory. One day after work, she went outside and met with Tom, who took her home in his father's car. That day, they were excited because their band, Steel City, The concert was very good, was going to play in a concert. but the best news was Tom's surprise. He had sent a cassette of their songs to the radio station. After the concert, the radio said that their band will be in The Battle of Bands competition. Every year, the winners made a CD at a local record company
  3. 3. The bad news was that Katherine broke Tom's guitar in her excitement, so she had to buy him a new one. “And finally, the last band in this year’s competition is … Steel City!
  4. 4. The next day in Tom and Katy's lunch hour, they went to the music shop to buy a new guitar. Rachel, Katy´s youngest sister, lent her money for the guitar. After a difficult choice because all the guitars were expensive, the owner showed them a cheap guitar. It wasn't very beautiful but Tom wanted it, so they bought it.
  5. 5. That night, when Katy got home, she sat at her electric piano and wrote a new song. It was a sad song and she named it “A Last Goodbye”. She wrote it thinking about Tom. She couldn't stop thinking of his cold and different smile when he took the guitar in the shop.
  6. 6. The band needed to practice, so Katherine went to the factory quickly, but there was a problem, Tom wasn't there. Where was Tom? She went fast to Aruna's home but Tom wasn't there. Later, Tom appeared and the girls asked him where he was. He responded, “I had things to do.” Tom began to do strange things.
  7. 7. When they began playing, something was different. Tom's music become better and better, but he was strange. Something was wrong. Tom rarely talked, he criticized Tom was driving with Katherine to everything. her home, and he called They began to play again, and Katherine Katy, he usually Tom's music was getting called her Katy. better, but a strange thing Later, she gave him a new song happened, Tom didn't want to called “ A Last Good Bye”. stop. Tom started to drive faster, and Danny reached out for the guitar, she turned around and but Tom said, “Never touch my reached for the guitar, and guitar, never” suddenly he stopped the car, and he said, “Don't go near my guitar.”
  8. 8. Katy wanted to know what happened to Tom, so she Katy went to Tom's room went to his house. and she saw the guitar. Tom wasn't there, and his mom told her that Tom She put the amplifier in. was strange, that he was She moved her fingers playing the guitar all day. across the guitar but there was no sound. A sudden fear filled her heart and she ran out of the room, and she heard a noise form inside Tom's room.
  9. 9. Katy went to the music shop. The shop owner said that a woman came with the guitar and said, “ I didn't want it in my house.” He also said that her name was Linda Carter and the guitar brought bad luck.
  10. 10. Katty arrived to Linda Carter's house. When she told Linda about the guitar, her face turned white. Mrs. Carter said that her husband stopped thinking about the guitar and he stopped having bad dreams about it. Katy had to promise to never come back and she said more about the guitar.
  11. 11. Linda told Katy that she - After the concert, he screamed played on a band whose at the band. He was really angry. name was “Circle of Then, he drove away alone. Gold”. They had a Nobody ever saw him again. wonderful guitarist, David -“He had a car crash”, Linda said. Ryan. He was strange because the most -“The guitar didn’t break in the important thing in his life crash” was music, and every Linda told Katy that they kept the time they practiced, guitar. And then, about a year ago David was furious and some strange things started to shouted. Linda told Kathy happen. Sometimes Linda and that they had a big her husband could hear that competition, Battle of the guitar, they had bad dreams, and Bands, the same that Phil was angry. Linda then Steel City was going to disappeared into the flat. Kathy participate in. needed to talk with somebody.
  12. 12. Kathy went to her house to talk with Rachel, her sister. She told her the story, but Rachel didn’t believe her, so she asked her if she can go to see Tom on their next practice. So on Wednesday, Kathy appeared with Rachel in the practice, they were all surprised to see Rachel there, except Tom, because he wasn’t there. Tom came late and his face was white, he was strange, of course, and he was carrying THAT guitar.
  13. 13. All the band started to think two songs to play on The Battle of the Bands, and then somebody called on the phone, Danny answered, and she shouted that it was for Tom. Then, Katy asked Rachel what does she think about Tom and she didn't see nothing strange about him, but they heard Tom shouting with his boss. -“I dont need your job!”, “ Circle of Gold are going to be big. I ´m going to be a star! What do you think about that?”. He threw the phone down and came back to the room. He started to play.
  14. 14. Tom left with his guitar They started to look at some and drove away too fast. old newspapers to find what Rachel asked Katy if they were looking for. she heard what he said, The librarian found a piece of “Circle of Gold”. newspaper because there was Katy was confused, so a fire years ago. Rachel decided to They saw a photo of David obtain more information. Ryan ,so that meant that They went to the library “Circle of Gold” didn't win. to get some extra That's what David Ryan got information in order to furious. In that photo, David understand what was was with the same guitar that going on. Tom bought, THAT guitar. David was looking as angry as Tom on the practices.
  15. 15. Kathy and Rachel both thought So Kathy and Rachel started that Tom wasn't Tom, that Tom to think about ways to save was David Ryan. Some part of Tom's life, but every one of him didn’t die in that car crash, those ideas had something they told themselves. He was a wrong, so Rachel said there ghost that was trying to come was only one opportunity to back. “He's probably confused,” save Tom's life, and it was “I think that Tom Webster and wining the competition. David Ryan are fighting inside one person. They probably don’t understand what's happening,” said Rachel. So Kathy started to think that if Tom's doing the same thing that David did, its probable that Tom will have a car accident.
  16. 16. The big night came at last. All the bands had to arrive at the City Arena early. Katy went with Danny and Aruna in Danny´s van. Tom arrived late. He didn´t speak to anyone. That guitar never left his hands. Katy was starting to hate it. But to save Tom the band had to win the competition. Lisa Jones was famous. It was her job to introduce all the bands. “Welcome to the battle of the bands!”she shouted. The first two bands were terrible, but the third – the Passengers – was great. The band listened to three more bands. “And now, please give a big welcome to…Steel City!”. The two songs were great, but Tom didn´t seem happy. Finally, the last band played their last song. The judges had to make their decision now. Katy was extremely nervous. “The judges have not been able to make a decision,” said Lisa, “they couldn´t choose between The Passengers and Steel City. Both bands will come back on stage and play one more song.” The Passengers went out on stage. Suddenly, a hand fell on Katy´s arm. It was Rachel, and Phil Carter was with her. “We won the competition,” said Phil. Won? Katy´s blood froze. “but…you lost, didn´t you? That´s why David Ryan was angry.” “No,” said Carter “we won the competition that night, but David still wasn´t happy.” “So our plan is useless” Katy said to Rachel, “if we won the competition, nothing would change. It will be the same as twenty years ago. We can try to lose,” Katy said.
  17. 17. Katy´s first idea was to refuse to play, but they didn´t need her electric piano. Tom walked out onto the stage alone. Aruna and Danny were standing behind the stage. Katy ran to them. “Why aren´t you on the stage too?” Katy asked. “Tom said that there´s a new plan” said Aruna. “He said that you agreed to it” added Danny. “Agreed to what?” Katy asked. “He´s playing the last song alone” On stage, Tom started to play. It was great. It was my new song `A Last Good-Bye´. Katy had to do something, or Tom was going to die. Katy ran out into the stage and broke Tom´s guitar. Suddenly, the ghost of David Ryan disappeard, and Katy´s boyfriend was back!