Overview of the talent acquisition industry


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Introduction to a Virtual Recruiting Career Part 2 - It's Time to turn your Transferable Skill into a Successful Recruiting Career.

Do you have the Natural Skills Sets to be successful as an Executive Recruiter?

1. Strong Communication Skills
2. Sales, Marketing and Business Development
3. Good Counseling and Listening Skills
4. Negotiation and Problem Solving
5. Closing and Follow up

If you are competent in this areas in your current career, you possess the right skill sets for an entirely new career as an Executive Recruiter.

To get started visit http://www.theemacgroup.com/index.php/meet-the-trainer

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  • Point 4: The overhead, franchise fees, office equipment, training, back office systems and memberships just made it too expensive to work on your own.
  • Point 4: The overhead, franchise fees, office equipment, training, back office systems and memberships just made it too expensive to work on your own.
  • Overview of the talent acquisition industry

    1. 1. Overview of the Talent Acquisition Industry THE EMAC GROUP
    2. 2. Talent Acquisition = Transferable Skills Maybe youve had enough of your current job. As a matter of fact, youve had enough of your current career. Its time for a change. What about all that valuable experience youve been stockpiling while toiling away at your job and the jobs that came before it? Do you really have to throw it all away and start from scratch? No you dont. Thats where transferable skills come in and the Talent Acquisition industry is a perfect outlet for the transferable skills you have. THE EMAC GROUP
    3. 3. Talent Acquisition IndustryTalent Acquisition is the process of attracting, finding and selecting highlytalented individuals whose experiences align with a particular business model.• Utilizing the services of a recruiting firm is a route that many businesses aretaking these days.• In tough economic times, the employer-to-job seeker ratio has becomeskewed, and creates a challenging imbalance in the hiring process.• The amount of applications that are received for a single position can beoverwhelming to deal with alone, resulting in an increase in the use of recruitingfirms.Recruiters aid in the process of hiring by taking care of the important and time-consuming steps of sorting through resumes and applications, conductingpreliminary interviews, following up with references and performing backgroundchecks. THE EMAC GROUP
    4. 4. Talent Acquisition Trends The recession had a particularly negative effect on employment and recruiting agencies, with high unemployment rates dampening overall demand. Despite these improvements, operators will face greater competition from internet job services, with individuals able to use networking websites to gain an advantage in their job search.The U.S. staffing industry was hit particularly hard by the 2007-09 recession, losing1.14 million jobs, or roughly 37% or its work force.However, in line with its reputation as a leading economic indicator, it began torebound earlier and faster, and has added more new jobs to the economy, than anyother private sector industry since the recovery began in 2009. THE EMAC GROUP
    5. 5. Types of Recruiting Firms  Contingency Employment Agency: A contingency agency is paid when their candidate is hired by the employer.  Retained Search Firm: A retained search firm has an exclusive relationship with the employer.  Temporary (Temp) Agency: Temp Agency are employment firms that find employees to fill temporary jobs.For independent recruiters with a lot of experience in a certain field, aspecialized recruiting company can be a great place to work. THE EMAC GROUP
    6. 6. Recruiting... Is Constantly Changing Recruiting basics remain the same but the recruiter job description is always changing. Almost 60% of on-site recruiters were downsized or laid-off during the economic downturn of the past couple of years.Some of those recruiters have gone rogue and have discovered thewonderful world of independent or ‘virtual’ recruiting….and workingfrom home. THE EMAC GROUP
    7. 7. Make Your Skill Transferable to Becoming A Successful Recruiter1. Strong Communication Skills2. Sales, Marketing and Business Development3. Good Counseling and Listening Skills4. Negotiation and Problem Solving5. Closing and Follow upThe Recruiter works in an array of different capacities, withexecutive placement firms matching qualified candidates withemployers open positions. THE EMAC GROUP
    8. 8. Become an EMAC Virtual Recruiter! Timing is everything and this is a GREAT time to learn how to become a Virtual Recruiter! Why? The old staffing agency model is slowly dying and being replaced by experienced virtual recruiters working from home! Most importantly, there is a looming labor shortage being caused by the current generation of retiring Baby Boomers!  Up until the last couple of years, you HAD to work for someone else if you wanted to be in the staffing and recruiting industry! Now, things are different! THE EMAC GROUP
    9. 9. Enroll TODAY forEMAC’s FREE Virtual Recruiter Training (888) 801-3622 www.theemacgroup.com Your Ticket to a Flexible, Guided, and Profitable Tomorrow in the Industry of the Future THE EMAC GROUP
    10. 10. Thank you for attending! THE EMAC GROUP