Messaging, Communication & Fearless Rebranding


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ADG is responsible for communications and outreach of a 5 county, 450,000 person regional planning process, sponsored by HUD. This presentation walks regional planning grantees through the process I took to rebrand and reshape the original message into one that resonates with current context and regional understanding.

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  • We actually were not hitting the mark with this logo; we were excluding some folks and confusing others. We weren’t even close to hitting an economic development mark.
  • The word initiative doesn’t result in positive sentiment…is it an effort? A process? General public weary of its use.Livable is a hot button term in our conservative neck of the woods. While it may “play” well in one spot (Asheville) it does not in the rest of the region. We had to create a new brand that would clearly convey overarching goals of economic development and jobs and that did NOT look like a government led effort.
  • May prove difficult to place onto a t-shirt, letterheadRule of thumb in logo creation: avoid using more than 2 colorsLooks busy.
  • Time to get focused and on target
  • Two colors of blue and green represent growth, prosperity, hope and optimism.Simple, text driven logo.The O in Gro can convey topic areas.All about jobs and econ development
  • Two colors of blue and green represent growth, prosperity, hope and optimism.Simple, text driven logo.Looked at a LOT of econ development agencies and groups, as well as more conservative or traditional groups (i.e., Republican party)
  • The O creates an enormous amount of flexibility and relevance.Easily transferable and understood.Not too liberal or conservative – just iconic.
  • Comm and Outreach Strategy is our rule book for brand integrity, particularly with regards to message and talking points.We address hot items (mind the elephants) and we provide guidance on how to use the logo, which colors to use, and how we’ll convey the message.
  • Goes beyond logo to website, collateral materials like postcards, and invitations.
  • Facebook is our social hub where we post updates, meeting dates and times, and relevant news articles to create CONTEXT and RELEVANCE for the project.
  • New Belgium BrewerySierra NevadaGreat examples of economic development that is unique to our region and that touches on health, energy, transportation, land use, housing, all elements of the Livability Principles.
  • Messaging, Communication & Fearless Rebranding

    1. 1. Land-of-Sky Regional CouncilWNC Livable Communities InitiativeRebranding ProcessApril 26, 2012RURAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP:CRAFTING YOUR MESSAGE AND BUILDING YOUR RESOURCES
    2. 2. Consultant Team• LandDesign, Lead Consultant• Allison Development Group, Public Engagement & Outreach• UNC Asheville’s National Environmental Modeling & Analysis Center, Scenario Modeling & Outreach• The Little John Group, Housing• BBP, Economic Development & Job Growth• Martin Alexiou Bryson, Multimodal Transportation• BBP, Energy & Natural Resources
    3. 3. Project OverviewWHAT• Economic prosperity >> JOBSHOW• Existing plans and strategies• Extensive public involvement• New ideas and real solutionsWHO• Consortium to guide and facilitate• Community to leadWHY• So that Together, We Create Our Future.
    4. 4. Who are we talking to here? What are we saying?!?
    5. 5. Are we hitting our target?What’s in a Brand ?
    6. 6. Or, are we even on the board?
    7. 7. Original Brand: Message • Missing one target in particular • Jumbled Message • Initiative and Livable out of step with region • Lacking context
    8. 8. Original Brand: Logo • Busy, Complicated • Multiple, competing colors • Trying to be all things to all people • The T-Shirt test
    9. 9. Targeted Branding
    10. 10. Who are we talking to here? What are we saying?!?
    11. 11. New Brand: Message • Collaborative • Regional • Contextual • Positive • We Mean Business! • Jobs & Economic Development
    12. 12. New Brand: Logo •Colors = growth, prosperity, hope, optimism • Passes the T-Shirt test! •Clear & Concise •Flexibility in Design & Use >> the O
    13. 13. The manyfacets ofthe ‘O’• Representative ofeach core study area• Instant logo for theworkgroups• Versatile incollateral materials
    14. 14. Economic Development
    15. 15. Housing
    16. 16. TransportationTransportation
    17. 17. Natural & Cultural ResourcesNatural & Cultural Resources
    18. 18. EnergyEnergy
    19. 19. HealthHealth
    20. 20. Land UseLand Use
    22. 22. Brand IntegrityBrand Integrity • Messaging & Talking Points • Frequently Asked Questions • Meeting Protocols • Communication Tools • Templates • Graphic Standards
    23. 23. minding the elephants…minding the elephants…
    24. 24. Brand Collateral Brand
    25. 25. Brand ManagementBrand Management
    26. 26. Brand ManagementBrand Management
    27. 27. Bottom Line It For Me Bottom Line it for Me Re-think your message through a Marketing Lens. Understand Context, Content and how it drivesCommunication. Be fearless in changing what isn’t working, BEFOREit doesn’t work.ALWAYS be ready to ADAPT and PIVOT and whenyou do…Stay on POINT.
    28. 28. ericaallison ericamallison AllisonDevGroup