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Chance-seeking as a way of making sense in the time of technological entanglement

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Chance-seeking as a way of making sense in the time of technological entanglement

  1. 1. Chance-seeking as a way of making sense in the time of technological entanglement Emanuele Bardone Institute of Informatics Tallinn University, Tallinn Estonia
  2. 2. Transposition of meaning As we take the pen or pencil in our hand, you can only sense the pen or the pencil in between our fingers. But, as soon as we start using it, something mysterious happens. The main effect of such transposition is the creation of a new way of doing something in the world
  3. 3. I want to cycle in the dark (goal) A bike light is what I need (means) A bike light is designed to serve the purpose of cycling in the dark I don’t want to get surprised I am just implementing a course of action determined beforehand
  4. 4. Calling and chatting with people writing
  5. 5. She’s using it as a notetaking tool Summer School on Design as Inquiry, Helsinki, Finland, 2013
  6. 6. She’s not taking a selfie, but she’s using it as a mirror
  7. 7. you flip the camera
  8. 8. Re-appropriation or creative re-use
  9. 9. This seems to disclose something quite interesting about the way in which we can engage with technological artifacts
  10. 10. Chance-seeking as tinkering with chance events
  11. 11. I was quite disappointed by posting multiple pictures…
  12. 12. This was my chance…
  13. 13. Collage as an artifact for learning
  14. 14. Collage as an artifact for sensemaking
  15. 15. A collage as an artifact for sensemaking
  16. 16. A story about quoting….
  17. 17. If I post something on Facebook as a text, I always forget about it…
  18. 18. Tinkering with chance events… I bought a new ipod New ipods touch are equipped with better quality camera I can take a picture of page in a book
  19. 19. Tinysca n
  20. 20. I started posting quotes as images…so that I could easily retrive them at some later point in time
  21. 21. …but then I also wanted to point the attention to a specific passage in a quote
  22. 22. With digital text, that was quite easy…
  23. 23. Conclusive remarks…
  24. 24. Ends are not given, but they become conceivable in relation to the means that we come across in due course We like getting surprised We don’t plan, we tinker with whatever comes in handy in the form of chance events What we do is inseparable from us, our being-in-the-world It’s an exploratory, individuating, and path-creating process