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Cassidy stephens

  1. 1.  Place of birth-Bay City  March 25, 1994 I’ve lived in Fairgrove my whole life  I go to Reese High School
  2. 2. Parents • Renee Cragg • Travis CraggAunts and Uncles• Uncle Steve and Jill• Aunt Kristal and Jeff Skias• Aunt Cindy and Uncle Kirk Dinsmore• Aunt Sherry Grey Sibling• Aunt Pam and Uncle Jim Stephens Brennan• Aunt Kim Strunez Cousins• Aunt Rhonda and Tony Corda • McKenzie McAlpine • Kourtney Skias • Jared SkiasGrandparents • Dustin Dinsmore• Grandma and Grandpa McAlpine • Shasta Dinsmore• Grandma and Grandpa Stephens • Christy Dinsmore• Grandma and Grandpa Pike • Nicole Fortune• Grandma and Grandpa Mutton • Nate Grey• Grandma I Cragg • Jeff Stephens• Great Grandma McAlpine • Kevin Stephens• Great Grandpa Strunez • Mandy Corda • Lexie Corda
  3. 3. Would you walk to the edge of the oceanJust to fill my jar with sandJust in case I get the notionTo let it run through my handLet it run through my handWell, I dont want the whole worldThe sun and moon and all their lightI just want to be the only girl, You love all your lifeYou love all your lifeWould you catch a couple thousand fireflies, yeahput them in a lamp to light my worldAll dressed up in tux and bow tie hand delivered to a lonely girl, to a lonely,lonely girlWell, I dont want the whole worldThe sun and moon and all their lightI just want to be the only girl, You love all your lifeYou love all your lifeLately Ive been writing desperate love songsand mostly sing them to the wallYou could be the center piece of my obsessionIf you would notice me at all yeahWell, I dont want the whole world, no the sun and moon and all their lightI just want to be the only girl,You love all your lifeYou love all your lifeYou love all your life, life, yeah
  4. 4. • When people don’t use there blinkers• When people leave time on the microwave• When In class when people say shhhhh and keep talking..• When I have to repeat myself....• When Im talking to someone and they start talking about someone else....• When your talking to someone and then leave to go talk to someone “better “ and don’t come back..• When people pull up next to you in their car and stare....why??• When on Facebook people correct grammar and are A holes about it• People who say I have to tell you something then don’t tell you• People who tell everyone all there problems. Quit frankly we don’t care. And will continue not to care.
  5. 5. What I buy there…What I buy there… What I buy there…
  6. 6. • Go to school and talk all day • And be with my friends Likes Dislikes • Seminar is only 15 minutes long • You ask the guy teacher s to go to• Sometimes really hot the bathroom and they look at you• Sometimes its really cold like its not an emergency .• The foods nasty • Favoritism• I just want to sleep in • Cliques• Half the time teachers don’t teach anything • When class clown’s act out and the• Some teachers think they are funny when they aren’t who class gets in trouble• Some are RUDE • You really did lose your homework• Some hold grudges and no one believes you• Schools more about sports • You get tons of homework over• You can’t sit by who you want breaks• You can’t have a Slurpee in school anymore • AND I COULD GO ON BUT I WON’T
  7. 7. • Roller Coasters • Pink • Stripes • Spring • Bridges• Yellow • Driving• Oh’s • Paying for Gas• Kit-Kat • Hotels• Cowboy boots • Public Pools• Switched at Birth • Headaches• Burlesque • When Lucas goes away for a long time.• Fall • Paul talking.• Country Music • Birds• Big Trucks • Creepy noises• Scrabble • Sarcastic people• Sweatshirts • Scary movies• Katie sitting by me in first hour. • Wedged shoes• Painting my nails • Getting dressed up• Pushup bra’s • Being told what to do• Slurpee’s • Getting yelled at• Movie nights• Funny Movies
  8. 8. 1) Family First2) Do onto others as you want them to do onto you3) Forgiveness goes a long way, but never forget.4) Honesty and sometimes silence is the best policy5) If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is6) There is a soul mate out there for everyone7) Faith, hope and pray very powerful, don’t give up8) Positive attitudes9) Concentrating on what you can do, not what you cant do10) Follow through on promises
  9. 9. I have the mostwide variety of friends.People who understandme, laugh with me, sing inthe car with me and someof these people I will befriends with for the restof my life. No matterwhat happens thesepeople are here for me. Iam glad I have people inmy life who likes me forme. A lot of peoplejudge my friends or somepeople bully my friends.They don’t see what I seeor what is in side. Anddon’t know what kind of aheart they have.
  10. 10. I am now a proudowner of a duck.I am not sure whatits name is yetbecause I don’t knowif it is a boy or agIrl. but It’s socute!
  11. 11. GraduateApply to a schoolMove awayGraduate againGet a houseGet a jobGet marriedGet a bigger house Be happyHave kids Be a better person Help others Live a good life
  12. 12. Mrs. Almassy is my role model, for a number ofreasons. Always having a positive outlook oneverything. Always keeping busy while keepingeverything under control. She is someone that I cantalk to about anything. And always seems to steerme in the direction. And I can’t even explain howmuch I appreciate all she has done. Chocolate Diet Coke Teacher Shopping Summer
  13. 13. I want to stay at the Atlantis I would hotel! like toeventuallyvisit Alaska I would like to go out of the country and I don’t want it to be Mexico!