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task 1


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task 1

  2. 2. Advertising & Promotional Advertising and promotional photography is commonly used as it shares companies products and advertises them to the world, especially if the image is used in different areas of the media such as; magazines, TV, newspapers etc. Promotional photography is slightly different to advertising however as it tries to raise the profile of something instead of advertising them. For example there are a lot of images of bands and artists that are used in order to make more people notice them and gain more popularity. One well known advertising photographer is Andrew Neilson. Neilson produces advertising photography for many well known companies, some include; Dior, Herbelin, Torgoen Swiss and Hannah Martin London. From looking at the top image I have found we can see that they are advertising cider and have shot this in a controlled way as they clearly had very specific ideas of how they wanted their product to look and come across to their audience. They have shot this image in a studio as they just wanted to focus on the product and not on any background or imagery that could be in the background. The audience for this product would clearly be for someone who is of 18 and over as it is alcohol and they would also understand exactly why they have used the apple in the bottle as people that are younger may not understand that this is how the cider is made. This first image could be advertised in several different genres of magazines, however it would not be advertised in any fitness magazines as this would be seen as unhealthy. This may be seen in food magazines or in any magazines that adults would read. The centre image I found was taken for promotional purposes and would be commonly used in music magazines and newspapers as a way of promoting the artist and helping to gain popularity. From looking at the image you can see that he is playing guitar and it possibly playing acoustic music instead of having a backing music along with him, you may also assume that he plays fairly slow music and definitely not rock or heavy metal as you would expect a big band with lots of instruments being used. This image is also observational as it hasn‟t been posed and positioned and has been taken when the artist wasn‟t aware of it, which shows the image is very natural and is showing the artist for who he is. This image may be found in many music magazines, for example, NME and Q. The bottom image is very posed and controlled as it has had a lot of work done to it and the handbag has been purposely put as the only thing with colour in order to highlight the product and show what exactly they are advertising. We can also see that this has been done in a studio as they have covered everything in white and there is no image outside of the window that could distract from the product. This has been stated that is is aimed at women as it‟s a woman in the image that owns the bag, showing it‟s target audience and who they are aiming the advertisement at exactly. This would be advertised in any fashion magazines, for example, LOOK or ELLE.
  3. 3. This image would most likely be seen in high fashion magazines as the readers would need to have a high disposable income, it would be seen in magazines such as; ELLE. Rings fall to give the effect of a waterfall and show elegance even though the idea looks fairly simple. An infinity edge background has been used so you can‟t actually tell where the background joins in at the floor. This adds elegance and simplicity to the image as there isn‟t anything else in the image other than the rings. All the rings show variation in colour which adds to the image and shows the difference in each one. This photo was taken by Andrew Neilson, he specialises in advertising photography and Siena is one of his main clients. There may have been some post production on this image as the diamonds have been brightened and may not actually be this bright in real life or when the image was actually taken. This has been taken in a studio as the background is very simple and avoids the audience being distracted by other things in the background. The water falling down may have been slightly edited in the post production stage as it is a lot clearer than the water would be when it was taken. This is a very staged and controlled image as the concept has been well thought out in order to help advertising. They have used a wide lens to shoot this image as it has been shot in a studio however they have ensured that it is very focused on the products and not on anything else. Artificial light has been used on this image as it has been taken in a studio. This helps to put all the attention on the rings instead of anything else, it also helps to highlight the colours of the stones, making it more desirable to the target audience.
  4. 4. Fashion Fashion photography is taken in order to advertise, promote a brand and also to sell clothing. This type of photography is used most commonly in magazines and newspapers as there are many advertisements and also pages that feature many lots of different items of clothing from different brands, advertising the different labels and giving them a higher chance of more sales. Fashion photography is shot in a very different way to other styles as they always try and have something going on and also have the clothing tell a story so the images become far more interesting and intriguing rather than just simple images of the clothing. You will find the most fashion photography in fashion or gossip/chatty style magazines such as; ELLE, HEAT, VOGUE & LOOK. One of the top fashion photographers is Alex James, he is a “photographer who‟s work covers fashion, advertising and portraiture. He uses the latest digital technology to satisfy both Advertising and Editorial clients internationally”. In all three of the images I looked at I saw that they had clearly tried to show a mood and a story through the image and the way the model has been styled as they have shot the image in a heavily controlled and posed way as they have a brief and an idea of how they want the image to look and they have stuck to it. The middle image was the only one that had been shot in a studio environment as they possibly wanted to concentrate solely on the clothes instead of anything else. However the other two images have been shot outside of the studio and the top has been taken in a garden and has the effect of the model stuck or leaning in a hedge, her hair and clothes link in with this theme as her hair is very wild and volumised and her clothes look almost torn as her skirt is made out of a netted material and is stuck in the hedge. The bottom image has been taken on a street and looks as though there has been a limited amount of work that has been put in to creating this backdrop as they have just used what was around them. The sign says „stop‟ and is in red which matches with the models trousers and also gives the effect that the audience have to „stop‟ and look at the image. These three images have all been shot with a wide lens as they have been close enough to the models and have been purposely posed in order for them to use this lens, they also needed to fit in all of the background, this is commonly done in fashion photography as they set the mood and theme of the shoot using the background as one of the main focus points.
  5. 5. They have used a really dark room and shown that the window is making the light, perhaps showing that they aren‟t using any artificial lighting and have chose to use a natural approach. Alex James is the fashion photographer that shot this image in particular and has shown that he clearly wanted to tell a story through the clothes and the staging. The lens that has been used is a wide lens as is capturing a whole scene instead of just one thing in particular, this also helps the audience to understand the story that the photographer has tried to portray. They haven‟t used a studio for this image as they have actually found somewhere that they thought would be appropriate and that would fit in with their idea of the shoot. The clothes aren‟t actually being shown very clearly in this image as they haven‟t used artificial lighting and the model isn‟t facing the camera, however this The whole theme for this shoot is image is very going along a „ballet‟ root which effective. could be due to the skirt being loose and similar to ballet skirts. There is a smoke effect on the image also which blurs it out but still gives the audience a look in to what the model is wearing. They have the model in a typical ballet pose to show the theme running through the shoot. They have also styled the model with ribbons round her ankles and no shoes, trying to give the effect of real ballet shoes. The post production for this image isn‟t a lot as I think they have possibly just corrected any stray‟s in the models hair and smoothed out any rough lines.
  6. 6. Photojournalism Photojournalism is a form of photography that captures an event or a person when it‟s not expected or posed, the images help to tell a story and are commonly used in the media. Many images of this style of paparazzi shots and have been taken of celebrities when they aren‟t really expecting it and when it hasn‟t been produced and edited. This type of image are used mainly in magazines as it is a way to catch celebrities out in some cases and find capture them in an image whilst not looking their best, this is shown in the top image. The bottom image has clearly been taken when the celebrity didn‟t want her picture taken and hasn‟t been expecting it as she is guarding herself. However there are many photos taken to inspire or inform and are seen as emotive to the reader a lot of the time. They are used in the media regularly, for example the middle image I found shows a woman clearly crying and upset and behind her tells us why she is feeling these emotions as the building is on fire. This type of image is used in the news if they want to describe an event that has occurred and need an image to inform the reader. David Burnett is a photojournalism photographer and shoots all of his photography as not very posed, however some are highly edited to give a better effect for the viewer. All three of these images look like they have been shot with a wide frame as they have been very close to the person or event and haven‟t needed to use a short lens to zoom in or get more detail. The top and bottom image haven't been edited at all as they are paparazzi images and have been purposely taken so that it isn't staged, edited or posed so you see the person as they are. The middle image has had some editing done to it as it has been put in black and white and some of the image looks like it has been darkened to give it a more dramatic look and effect. However the lighting for all three of these images will be natural as most of the photography from photojournalism is as they have been taken randomly and in order to capture an event in the moment without too much preparation before hand. The top and bottom images would be most commonly be found in gossip/chat magazines such as HEAT, CHAT and WOMAN. As these type of magazines give their knowledge of celebrities to their readers, the middle image however would be found in a more factual publication, on the news and in the newspapers as it would most likely be global news and something that everyone would want to know about.
  7. 7. This image has been taken by Dave Spink and is a form of photojournalism. This image would be found in wedding magazines and even some fashion magazines as they can sometimes do special issues including weddings. Such as, COSMOPOLITAN and WEDDING STYLE. This image has been through some post production as they have put it in black and white ensuring that the silhouette of the bride is the main focus. They have just used natural light for this image as it has helped to shade in the image and highlights the bride more, using artificial lights may have ruined the effect of the silhouette. A wide lens has been used for this image as they were clearly close enough to the model and also wanted to include the background to help create the story of the image and show it was a wedding. Any other post production to this image would have simply been to smooth out the edges to perfect it. The background of the image is fairly blurred out and not In focus, this is to avoid people being distracted from the main focus of the bride. This has been a controlled shoot as they have got the bride in a posed position instead of looking natural and unaware of the photograph being taken.
  8. 8. Portraiture Portraiture is definitely the most common photography genre, many people take portrait photography themselves meaning that it is used the most. Portraiture captures a person‟s facial expressions of that time in one shot meaning that it can even show their personality in the image, especially if the image has been taken in a close range allowing the viewer to see their facial expressions in more detail. You would expect to see all three of these images in photography magazines as they have been taken professionally and some of the models are well known, meaning the images can become iconic and more people will want to see the image. Some famous portraiture photographers include; Edouard Boubat (bottom image) and Cecil Beaton (top and middle image). These photographers specialise in portraiture photography and have become famous due to their amazing images and their high profile clients. The top image has been taken within close range meaning that they have used a wide lens and they have also included some of the room the model is in, they have used artificial light on the image to highlight her face and have left the rest of the room without light. The model is not facing the camera, however we can see a large proportion of her face allowing us to see her facial features. From this image we can see that the model is showing happiness and contentment. The post production on this image may have been to correct any blemishes and also to smooth out edges, also to maybe correct the lighting and shading slightly. This has been a controlled image as they have used artificial lighting on the model and she is in a posed position. This has been shot in a room instead of in a studio meaning it looks more relaxed instead of being through lots of production. In the middle image the model is actually looking at the camera, showing contrast to the top image, yet she still isn't looking directly and head on. The background for this image looks very out of focus meaning you cant tell exactly where the model is, however this means that the viewer doesn‟t get distracted from the main focus of the model. This has been shot with a wide lens as they have included the background and have clearly been very close to the model meaning they didn‟t have to use a long lens. This has been a controlled shoot as the model clearly hasn‟t been caught off guard and has been placed in a posing position instead of being unaware of the image being taken. This is similar to the top image in the way that it hasn‟t been shot in a studio and they have just used a room, making it more natural looking. In the bottom image we can see that they have been outdoors meaning that they have just used natural light instead of artificial, we can also see this as light hasn‟t been focused on one thing in particular. They have used the outdoors instead of using a studio as they have used the weather of snow as one of the main focuses of the image. As they have used the snow, it is most likely that this image hasn‟t been particularly controlled and has been shot in an observational way as it doesn‟t really look as though they have put a lot of production work in to it and have left it looking very natural.
  9. 9. This image was taken by Philippe Halsman, he specialized in portraiture and also shot the majority of his images with the models jumping, this it what made his images stick out from the rest. This image would be found in photography magazines and perhaps fashion magazines of that time as it was shot a long time ago and also Audrey Hepburn was very famous at this time and will have been an looked up to by many. Although we can see the models face in a lot of detail we can still see just my her position happiness. They have just used natural light to shoot this image as they are outdoors and the daylight has provided them with all the light that was needed for the image. This has been taken with a wide lens as the model is close enough without using a long lens, this also allows the viewer to see the background of the image. The post production will most likely have been very little as they wanted the picture to appear very natural and not very posed. We can also see that they haven't particularly used too much post production as some of the image is blurry like the feet and hands. From looking at this image I can see that it has been posed and controlled as the photographer shoots images like this all the time, however they have made it look as natural and relaxed as possible by getting the models natural reaction to jumping and not applying too much post production.
  10. 10. High Street Studio High street studio photography can vary as it can be anything from wedding photography to family photos or pets, they are all done in a studio with a professional photographer as they are very staged and definitely controlled as the photographer or client has a specific idea and ensures it is well thought out. A high street studio photographer is David Hebditch, he owns the Portland studio and is a professional in this genre of photography. His photos range from weddings, portraits, family shoots, maternity shoots and vintage makeover shoots. All of the images I looked at were taken by the Clifton photographic company, the top image has been taken of a family only featuring their shoes which shows real difference from other photography work that I looked at. They have clearly used artificial light on this top image as it is very bright and white which contrasts with the bright colours of the boots the models are wearing, they have also used an infinity edge background to ensure that it looks as though the background is continuing and doesn‟t really have an end or show the edges. We can also clearly see that they have done post production on this image as the boots are all extremely bright and vivid which makes them stand out from the plain white background. They have used a wide lens for this shot as they have included four different people and the background, this lens has allowed them to do this. The middle has been taken of two guinea pigs and has shows them climbing on stacks of books, for the photographer this photo will have been very controlled as they will have had a specific idea of how they would like the final image to appear. However this image has ended up looking very natural and observational as the animals obviously wouldn‟t know the picture was being taken. There has been artificial lighting used on this image as it has been done in a studio which may not show any available natural light. The background of this image is slightly different from the top image as they have used a grey backdrop in contrast, this highlights the colours of the books and the guinea pigs instead of it appearing too bright. The bottom image features two boys and their pet dogs, they have made the image very posed and controlled along with other high street studio photography. A wide lens has been used in order to fit everyone in and it has been shot fairly close up meaning the detail of the image can be seen better. They have used artificial lighting on this image along with the others as it has brightened everything up, meaning there is less shadowing and darkened areas that are hard to see detail in. They have also changed the image to black and white in post production, they may have also smoothed edges however I don‟t think that too much editing has been made in this image.
  11. 11. Along with the other high street studio photographs this has been taken by the Clifton Photographic Company. This shot is clearly of a family and shows the different areas that this genre of photography can cover. The background for this image is the same as an another I looked at as they have used a grey background which makes it less bright and eye catching, however the brightness of the models takes the main focus. This image has been made to look very natural and in some ways it was as the photographer can sometimes tell the model what to do and the models themselves show their true expressions and feelings. This image has been taken using a wide lens as they have captured all three people and not just wanted to focus on one thing and have been clearly close to the models as it is controlled and is in a studio. This photo has been controlled as the photographer or clients would have has some kind of idea of how they want the final image to look. The post production for this image ma have been brightening and smoothing out lines, they may have also taken any blemishes away or fine lines that could be seen.
  12. 12. Architectural Architectural photography is basically images of buildings and things similar to this, many photographers can make buildings look very interesting by the different edits they apply and the way they angle the camera and the lens they use. Some famous architectural photographers include; Berenice Abbott (next page) and Eric de Mere (bottom image), these photographers specialise in architectural photography. This style of imagery can be used for architects, magazines that focus on buildings, photography magazines, hoteliers and construction companies. Depending on the image and how much editing has been applied to them they can usually be very useful for these people and companies. The top image I looked at has been done in black and white and is an observational image as they have taken it as it is and as it actually looks, the people in the image are walking across the street which shows the realness and also how natural the image is. It also looks as though changing the image to black and white has been the only major post production edits and changes. They have used natural light as it has been observational and not particularly planned, they haven‟t needed to use artificial light also as this image captures the foggy weather, extra lighting may have ruined this and be found unnecessary. They have used a wide lens to shoot this image as this allows them to capture a wide range of what they could see in front of them, this may have also extended what they could actually see. Using this lens has also meant that it is really detailed and looks symmetrical instead of just focusing on one part of the image. The middle image shows a busy street in Japan, this image has been taken using a wide lens and allows us to view the image in detail and also covers a large area as the image is vertical and shows the tall buildings in the backdrop. This image shows quite a lot of contrast with the brightness and colouring as in some parts you can see that it is fairly dull and in others the colours are very bright and vibrant, highlighting the contrast in this street. The post production for this image may have mainly focused on colour and brightness as you can see the vivid colours popping through in some areas and not so much in others. This is also an observational image, as are the majority of other architectural photographs as they cannot do much to change buildings. We can see that it is very observational by the people walking down the street as they clearly don‟t know that this has been taken. The bottom image has been taken by photographer Eric de Mere, this image is also in black and white however the natural lighting has highlighted some of the objects and also clouds in the sky adding more brightness to the image making it less dull. This is also an observational image and has been taken using a wide lens, allowing you to see a wide space instead of focusing on one point.
  13. 13. This photograph was taken by Berenice Abbott who specialised in architectural photography. As this is a fairly old image it is in black and white and the quality shows it‟s age. However we can still see quite a lot of detail in the image. This has been shot using natural lighting as it may have been taken randomly, also the natural light shows the shadow of the bridge and highlights the sky and only some of the buildings showing contrast. This was an observational image as it was taken as it was seen and possibly wasn‟t expected meaning that they couldn‟t control the image and how they wanted it to look. There is also only one person in this image showing difference from many architectural images where there have been many people walking by unaware of the photograph being taken. This image has been taken using a wide lens as are many other architectural photographs as they Berenice has tried to capture a large area, therefore needed this type of lens. This image has been taken vertically and looks as though the image has been taken by the person looking up showing the sky and the underneath of the bridge, this also shows the light coming through the bridge adding more light and contrast.
  14. 14. Medical Photography Medical photography can be used as a recording method as they take images to record different injuries and crime scenes. They also use this style of photography in operations and other medical procedures and can help when they create medical reports as it can be seen as evidence. The pictures can include images of patients on the ward, in operation theatres and even in post mortem rooms so the bodies can be examined and they will record these images. Some medical photographers include; Mick Wigglesworth, Alexander Buchanan, Jenna Greenwood and Scarlett Hindle. These photographers work for the NHS and will work in either small medical illustration departments in hospitals or in medical schools. The top image shows medical photography at a crime scene and how they would take this style of image, photography at crime scenes can be very useful for the police, especially If there is an investigation as these images help them solve what has happened. These photographs can capture the whole scene, the body, and also any evidence which will be thoroughly looked at. The middle image shows medical photography in a different way as this is a the research side to the photography as they are taking a photo of the research taking place which may be kept on record. The bottom image shows the photography in another light as they are taking an image of the patients on the ward, this can be used when showing what the hospital is like and will be commonly used on posters or anything to promote the hospital. Medical photographers have to use several different imaging techniques to achieve the perfect image in more complex situations where the photography is essential. They use; micro and macrography, thermal imaging, time-lapse cinematography, endoscopy, and also photography outside of the visible spectrum.
  15. 15. This has been taken in an operating theatre whilst the operation is taking place, this can be put on record for the hospitals. They use this kind of photography very often as they need to record some of the operations that take place. This photograph has been taken with a wide lens as they have to include the whole operation and not leave anything out. The lighting in the operation room has to be very bright in order to keep the photography easy to see and also easier to see in detail. A longer lens would be more likely be used in crime scenes as they would need to get really close up and get a lot of detail in the image. The majority of medical photography is observational as they just take images whilst operations are in place. They may also use the endoscopy method in these theatre rooms in order to see inside the body in more detail. Some medical photography is controlled, this is mainly when they are taking images of patients in the wards as they need them for advertising purposes.
  16. 16. Illustration Illustration photography is used to give more information alongside text, this helps the reader of the text to further understand what the text is telling them which can be very useful in certain cases. This photography is used a lot in magazines and newspapers, it is also used for educational purposes as many people add images in to school textbooks which can make it more interesting and also make the text easier to follow and understand. Another way of using illustration photography is when people place images in brochures which can advertise things and products and allow the reader to see what the text is talking about. In the top image they have used this style of photography as a way of showing the different holidays that are available to go on in this brochure, they have placed the image as very large and across the page which could be eye catching for the reader. This style of photography would also advertise the hotels that the brochure is showing and enable the reader to see where they would be staying on their holiday. These pictures are edited in the post production stage as from looking at this example you can see that the colours are very bright and vivid which makes it look even more desirable for the reader. This has been shot with a wide lens in order for them to fit in a large area in one image, this lets the reader see the place in more detail and this lens will have been continuously used throughout this style of brochure. As it is a landscape this image in particular will have been observational as they can‟t do much to change it without editing it in the post production stage, however they may have purposely placed the boat to give it the effect they wanted. The middle image shows a brochure for a step by step way to improve the condition of your hair, in this brochure they have included three images which have all been clearly post produced as they models have absolutely flawless skin and their hair may have also been brightened and smoothed out if their were any stray‟s as the colours are very bright. These images are definitely controlled as they have been shot especially for this brochure in order to advertise the different ways in which you can improve your hair. We can also see that this shoot has been controlled as they have used models and have put them in extremely posed positions showing that this wasn‟t natural or observational. They have also used artificial lighting for this shoot as it brightens their skin making it look more perfect and also allowing them to show their flaws so they can be later edited out. In the bottom image they have used a large photograph in order to show a world famous building which links in with the contents of this „world history‟ school textbook. The image looks heavily post produced as the colours are a lot brighter than they would have been when first taken, the lines are very smooth and the image looks almost perfect with no imperfections at all. This has been a planned photo, therefore the timing of when they wanted to do it will have been pre planned as they have clearly wanted the look of a sunset. However this will still be an observational image as they couldn‟t do anything to actually change the scene.
  17. 17. This photography has also been used for a science school text book and we can easily see this by the way it has been shot. They have used an image of a hand in what looks to be a plastic medical style glove that is the main focus of the image. They have also put a cover over it that appears to be a fingerprint over the top of the main image, this links in with the theme of „forensic science‟. They have used a wide lens to capture this shot as they have wanted to include the whole hand and some of the background in stead of zooming in. This is a controlled image as they have taken it for the purposes of this text book. Instead of using a more gory approach to photographing a crime scene or a forensic image they have kept it appropriate for the high school age. I think they may have used artificial light for this image as you can see the brightness of the background. You can‟t actually tell from this image if it has been taken in a studio as it is highly edited and the background is very blurred out. This image has been hugely post produced as the colours most likely wouldn‟t of originally looked like this as they are very bright. They have also changed the colour of some of the background and the reflection of the hand to a blue colour in the post production stage as this clearly wouldn‟t of actually been like this as some of the background is also white.
  18. 18. Fine Art Photography Fine art photography involves many different categories and genres of photography, however the three most popular genres are nudes, wildlife and architecture. From researching this style of photography I found four main photographers; Marilyn Bridges, Jay Maisel, Kim Weston and Imogen Cunningham. These four photographers have a whole range of different fine art photography and specialise in this style. Unlike other forms of photography this style is done for sales mainly instead of other things such as illustration or photojournalism where the photos are given to magazines from the paparazzi. The top image was taken by Kim Weston, she has chosen to do the popular genre of nudes, this image has clearly been taken in black and white which may have been from the editing in the post production stage or from the change in settings on their camera. The black and white makes the model stand out against the black in the background ensuring that she is the main focus on the image. This is definitely a controlled image as they have set it all up, you can see this by the models pose and obviously that she specifically wanted a nude shot. A wide lens has been used on this shot as it has captured a fairly large space including the model and some of the background. The middle image shows a photograph of the empire state building in New York and was taken by photographer Marilyn Bridges. This is obviously an architectural image showing the different sides to fine art photography, it has been taken from some height as it shows the whole building and the top of it, it also shows many of the other buildings in the city showing that a wide lens has definitely been used in this case in order to fit such a vast space in the image. In the bottom image we can see another side to the fine art photography as Imogen Cunningham has included nature and photographed a flower. This image is also in black and white which may have been changed in post production, however it could have just been a change in camera setting. This colour change has made one of the flowers really stand out with a bright white and it has highlighted all of the darkness in the other one making a lot of contrast in the image. This has been controlled as they have has this idea planned and have placed the flowers in a specific way to ensure it fits their vision.
  19. 19. This image was taken by Jay Maisel and has shown the wildlife/nature side to fine art photography. This has been an observational shot as are many other wildlife shots as it is too hard to control animals, they also couldn‟t have controlled all the birds to fly together at the exact precise time just for this shot. I think there may have been some post production on this image such as a filter of some kind as the image seems to be a lot more focused and brighter in the middle of the image and the corners fade out and go quite dark. This is unlike the other images I looked at in this genre as it has been put in colour, the colours of the birds may have also been edited slightly just to enhance and highlight the different colours of the birds as they weren‟t close to them. This has obviously been done outside and not in a studio as this is a wildlife image, However they have managed to create the effect of the sky looking almost like a studio background as it is really plain and nothing is there. A long lens has been used to take this image as they most likely won‟t have been close enough to the birds to use a wide lens. The sky may have been edited as it looks completely clear, they may have done this to give a clear base and to avoid distracting from the main focus of the birds.
  20. 20. Documentary Documentary photography is used to advertise and document events that are happening over a long period of time. This is different from other forms of photography such as photojournalism as this focuses more on breaking news that is more current, where as documentary photography captures images from more long term events and the after effects of events. The lenses that are used for this style of photography very a lot as it just depends on the situation and the event that has occurred. Some documentary photographers include; Andrea Bruce, Erica McDonald and Ed Thompson. These photographers specialise in this style of photography and have captured events that have occurred all around the world that have helped people to understand the devastation some people have suffered. This style of photography can also be used in the media and on the news as the images are really useful to people who don‟t know what has happened. All of the images I looked at were in black and white and show harmful events that have happened around the world, the black and white could have been added in the post production stage or this could have been from the camera settings that were changed at the time the image was taken. The images I looked at were also taken as observational as they were of events and had to be taken as it looked and as it happened instead of it being posed, as this could be taken the wrong way by the media and could be looked at as fake and forged as they have changed the reality of the situation. The top image shows the effects of a war and can be seen as very emotive to many people, this has been taken with a wide lens in order to fit the whole scene in and let the image tell the story of the event that has taken place. We can see that this is an observational image by the people walking in the background and by the devastation that has happened as the photographer has tried to capture and document this. The middle image is a more zoomed in image of a little boy, this could have possibly taken using a long lens as the photographer may have been far away and caught this image randomly. This image is very emotive and may have been used in news reports and articles that were covering this story as the photography is very powerful and show the effects of the occurrence that has taken place in this image. In the bottom image it shows a young boy and the dirty sewage ridden place that is his home, this shows the pain some people have to go through, it also shows the potential danger that this young boy in particular is available to as he lives in a place like this. The image has been taken using a wide lens and has shot part of the background which allows the audience to see the place this boy is living in a lot more detail.
  21. 21. This image shows the great depression and became a very famous photograph as it captured exactly what was happening at this time when not many people knew. It‟s quite hard to tell from this image what lens the photographer has used as it is possible for them to have used a long lens as it looks fairly zoomed in and close in detail, however they could have also used a wide lens if they were closer to the people. This image is very informative as it let people know what the great depression was like and shows what people were going through, this shows a family and clearly the young children are upset. This is an observational image as are most documentary images as they are trying to capture an event in most cases that has probably effected many people, in a negative way. This image has become very well known and may have been used a lot throughout the media industry as it may have been used in articles and on the news as a way of explaining to the public what was happening. I think that there will have been little post production or none on this image as editing it may have taken away the powerful statement that this image gives as it would have made it false and not how it actually was for these people.