Final Year IEEE Project 2013-2014 - Networking Title List


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Final Year IEEE Project 2013-2014 - Networking Title List

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Final Year IEEE Project 2013-2014 - Networking Title List

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  4. 4. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, ETPL NT-001 Answering “What-If” Deployment and Configuration Questions With WISE: Techniques and Deployment Experience ETPL NT-002 Complexity Analysis and Algorithm Design for Advance Bandwidth Scheduling in Dedicated Networks ETPL NT-003 Diffusion Dynamics of Network Technologies With Bounded Rational Users: Aspiration-Based Learning ETPL NT-004 Delay-Based Network Utility Maximization ETPL NT-005 A Distributed Control Law for Load Balancing in Content Delivery Networks ETPL NT-006 Efficient Algorithms for Neighbor Discovery in Wireless Networks ETPL NT-007 Stochastic Game for Wireless Network Virtualization ETPL NT-008 ABC: Adaptive Binary Cuttings for Multidimensional Packet Classification, ETPL NT-009 A Utility Maximization Framework for Fair and Efficient Multicasting in Multicarrier Wireless Cellular Networks ETPL NT-010 Achieving Efficient Flooding by Utilizing Link Correlation in Wireless Sensor Networks, ETPL NT-011 Random Walks and Green's Function on Digraphs: A Framework for Estimating Wireless Transmission Costs ETPL NT-012 "A Flexible Platform for Hardware-Aware Network Experiments and a Case Study on Wireless Network Coding ETPL NT-013 Exploring the Design Space of Multichannel Peer-to-Peer Live Video Streaming Systems ETPL NT-014 Secondary Spectrum Trading—Auction-Based Framework for Spectrum Allocation and Profit Sharing ETPL NT-015 Towards Practical Communication in Byzantine-Resistant DHTs ETPL NT-016 Semi-Random Backoff: Towards Resource Reservation for Channel Access in Wireless LANs ETPL NT-017 Entry and Spectrum Sharing Scheme Selection in Femtocell Communications Markets ETPL NT-018 On Replication Algorithm in P2P VoD, ETPL NT-019 Back-Pressure-Based Packet-by-Packet Adaptive Routing in Communication Networks ETPL NT-020 Scheduling in a Random Environment: Stability and Asymptotic Optimality ETPL NT-021 An Empirical Interference Modeling for Link Reliability Assessment in Wireless Networks ETPL NT-022 On Downlink Capacity of Cellular Data Networks With WLAN/WPAN Relays ETPL NT-023 Centralized and Distributed Protocols for Tracker-Based Dynamic Swarm Management ETPL NT-024 Localization of Wireless Sensor Networks in the Wild: Pursuit of Ranging Quality ETPL NT-025 Control of Wireless Networks With Secrecy ETPL NT-026 ICTCP: Incast Congestion Control for TCP in Data-Center Networks ETPL NT-027 Context-Aware Nanoscale Modeling of Multicast Multihop Cellular Networks ETPL NT-028 Moment-Based Spectral Analysis of Large-Scale Networks Using Local Structural Information ETPL NT-029 Internet-Scale IPv4 Alias Resolution With MIDAR ETPL NT-030 Time-Bounded Essential Localization for Wireless Sensor Networks ETPL NT-031 Stability of FIPP -Cycles Under Dynamic Traffic in WDM Networks ETPL NT-032 Cooperative Carrier Signaling: Harmonizing Coexisting WPAN and WLAN Devices ETPL NT-033 Mobility Increases the Connectivity of Wireless Networks ETPL NT-034 Topology Control for Effective Interference Cancellation in Multiuser MIMO Networks ETPL NT-035 Distortion-Aware Scalable Video Streaming to Multinetwork Clients ETPL NT-036 Combined Optimal Control of Activation and Transmission in Delay-Tolerant Networks ETPL NT-037 A Low-Complexity Congestion Control and Scheduling Algorithm for Multihop Wireless Networks With Order-Optimal Per-Flow Delay ETPL NT-038 Measuring Pulsed Interference in 802.11 Links
  5. 5. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, ETPL NT-039 Pricing-Based Decentralized Spectrum Access Control in Cognitive Radio Networks ETPL NT-040 Mobile Data Offloading: How Much Can WiFi Deliver? ETPL NT-041 Quantifying and Verifying Reachability for Access Controlled Networks ETPL NT-042 Optimal Content Placement for Peer-to-Peer Video-on-Demand Systems, ETPL NT-043 Content Availability and Bundling in Swarming Systems ETPL NT-044 Model-Driven Optimization of Opportunistic Routing, ETPL NT-045 Opportunistic MANETs: Mobility Can Make Up for Low Transmission Power ETPL NT-046 Fast Transmission to Remote Cooperative Groups: A New Key Management Paradigm ETPL NT-047 Throughput-Optimal Scheduling in Multihop Wireless Networks Without Per-Flow Information ETPL NT-048 Experiences With a Centralized Scheduling Approach for Performance Management of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LANs ETPL NT-049 Geographic Routing in -Dimensional Spaces With Guaranteed Delivery and Low Stretch ETPL NT-050 Randomized Information Dissemination in Dynamic Environments, ETPL NT-051 Towards MIMO-Aware 802.11n Rate Adaptation ETPL NT-052 Fast Algorithms and Performance Bounds for Sum Rate Maximization in Wireless Networks ETPL NT-053 Privacy Vulnerability of Published Anonymous Mobility Traces ETPL NT-054 Rigorous Statistical Analysis of Internet Loss Measurements ETPL NT-055 Distributed CSMA Algorithms for Link Scheduling in Multihop MIMO Networks Under SINR Model ETPL NT-056 An Efficient and Fair MAC Protocol Robust to Reactive Interference ETPL NT-057 Fine-Grained Channel Access in Wireless LAN ETPL NT-058 A Formal Data-Centric Approach for Passive Testing of Communication Protocols ETPL NT-059 QFQ: Efficient Packet Scheduling With Tight Guarantees ETPL NT-060 Spreader Classification Based on Optimal Dynamic Bit Sharing ETPL NT-061 LIFO-Backpressure Achieves Near-Optimal Utility-Delay Tradeoff ETPL NT-062 An Efficient and Robust Addressing Protocol for Node Autoconfiguration in Ad Hoc Networks ETPL NT-063 Cross-Domain Privacy-Preserving Cooperative Firewall Optimization ETPL NT-064 Beyond OFDM: Best-Effort Dynamic Spectrum Access Using Filterbank Multicarrier ETPL NT-065 An Adaptive System Based on Roadmap Profiling to Enhance Warning Message Dissemination in VANETs ETPL NT-066 ACORN: An Auto-Configuration Framework for 802.11n WLANs ETPL NT-067 Duty-Cycle-Aware Minimum-Energy Multicasting in Wireless Sensor Networks ETPL NT-068 Fast Tag Searching Protocol for Large-Scale RFID Systems ETPL NT-069 Predicting the Impact of Measures Against P2P Networks: Transient Behavior and Phase Transition ETPL NT-070 Realizing the Benefits of Wireless Network Coding in Multirate Settings ETPL NT-071 On the Discovery of Critical Links and Nodes for Assessing Network Vulnerability ETPL NT-072 Scheduling Mobile Nodes for Cooperative Data Transport in Sensor Networks ETPL NT-073 Improving Network Agility With Seamless BGP Reconfigurations ETPL NT-074 Cross-Layer Metrics for Reliable Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks