Final Year IEEE Project 2013-2014 - Bio-Medical Title List


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Final Year IEEE Project 2013-2014 - Bio-Medical Title List

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Final Year IEEE Project 2013-2014 - Bio-Medical Title List

  1. 1. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, 13 Years of Experience Automated Services 24/7 Help Desk Support Experience & Expertise Developers Advanced Technologies & Tools Legitimate Member of all Journals Having 1,50,000 Successive records in all Languages More than 12 Branches in Tamilnadu, Kerala & Karnataka. Ticketing & Appointment Systems. Individual Care for every Student. Around 250 Developers & 20 Researchers
  2. 2. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, 227-230 Church Road, Anna Nagar, Madurai – 625020. 0452-4390702, 4392702, + 91-9944793398., S.P.Towers, No.81 Valluvar Kottam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034. 044-42072702, +91-9600354638, 15, III Floor, SI Towers, Melapudur main Road, Trichy – 620001. 0431-4002234, + 91-9790464324. 577/4, DB Road, RS Puram, Opp to KFC, Coimbatore – 641002 0422- 4377758, +91-9677751577.
  3. 3. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, Plot No: 4, C Colony, P&T Extension, Perumal puram, Tirunelveli- 627007. 0462-2532104, +919677733255, 1st Floor, A.R.IT Park, Rasi Color Scan Building, Ramanathapuram - 623501. 04567-223225, 74, 2nd floor, K.V.K Complex,Upstairs Krishna Sweets, Mettur Road, Opp. Bus stand, Erode-638 011. 0424-4030055, +91- 9677748477 No: 88, First Floor, S.V.Patel Salai, Pondicherry – 605 001. 0413– 4200640 +91-9677704822
  4. 4. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, ETPL BME-001 Convolving Engineering and Medical Pedagogies for Training of Tomorrow's Health Care Professionals ETPL BME-002 Accurate Dialysis Dose Evaluation and Extrapolation Algorithms During Online Optical Dialysis Monitoring ETPL BME-003 Toward Robot-Assisted Neurosurgical Lasers ETPL BME-004 Relevance of Laser Doppler and Laser Speckle Techniques for Assessing Vascular Function: State of the Art and Future Trend ETPL BME-005 Quantitative Analysis of Locomotive Behavior of Human Sperm Head and Tail ETPL BME-006 Grand Challenge: Applying Regulatory Science and Big Data to Improve Medical Device Innovation ETPL BME-007 Coaxial Needle Insertion Assistant With Enhanced Force Feedback ETPL BME-008 Reducing False Intracranial Pressure Alarms Using Morphological Waveform Features ETPL BME-009 Grand Challenges in Bioengineered Nanorobotics for Cancer Therapy ETPL BME-010 Neuromodulation for Brain Disorders: Challenges and Opportunities ETPL BME-011 Minimizing Cytosol Dilution in Whole-Cell Patch-Clamp Experiments ETPL BME-012 Engineering Stem Cells For Future Medicine ETPL BME-013 Surgical Robotics Through a Keyhole: From Today's Translational Barriers to Tomorrow's ―Disappearing‖ Robots, ETPL BME-014 Continuous Detection of Muscle Aspect Ratio Using Keypoint Tracking in Ultrasonography ETPL BME-015 Multi-Field-of-View Framework for Distinguishing Tumor Grade in ER+ Breast Cancer From Entire Histopathology Slides ETPL BME-016 Simplified Design Equations for Class-E Neural Prosthesis Transmitters ETPL BME-017 A 3-D Reconstruction Solution to Current Density Imaging Based on Acoustoelectric Effect by Deconvolution: A Simulation Study ETPL BME-018 Applying Combined Optical Tweezers and Fluorescence Microscopy Technologies to Manipulate Cell Adhesions for Cell-to-Cell Interaction Study ETPL BME-019 Far-Field RF Powering of Implantable Devices: Safety Considerations ETPL BME-020 Blood Perfusion Values of Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging and Laser Doppler Flowmetry: Is a Direct Comparison Possible? ETPL BME-021 Assessing the Effects of Pharmacological Agents on Respiratory Dynamics Using Time- Series Modeling ETPL BME-022 2-D–3-D Frequency Registration Using a Low-Dose Radiographic System for Knee Motion Estimation ETPL BME-023 The Transesophageal Echocardiography Simulator Based on Computed Tomography Images ETPL BME-024 Quantitative Evaluation of Two-Factor Analysis Applied to Hepatic Perfusion Study Using Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound, ETPL BME-025 Evaluation of Optical Coherence Tomography for the Measurement of the Effects of
  5. 5. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, Activators and Anticoagulants on the Blood Coagulation In Vitro ETPL BME-026 Classification of Simultaneous Movements Using Surface EMG Pattern Recognition ETPL BME-027 Simultaneous Design of FIR Filter Banks and Spatial Patterns for EEG Signal Classification ETPL BME-028 Development of Surrogate Spinal Cords for the Evaluation of Electrode Arrays Used in Intraspinal Implants ETPL BME-029 Compressed Sensing for Energy-Efficient Wireless Telemonitoring of Noninvasive Fetal ECG Via Block Sparse Bayesian Learning ETPL BME-030 Cliical Validation of the Quick Dynamic Insulin Sensitivity Test ETPL BME-031 Spine Image Fusion Via Graph Cuts ETPL BME-032 Cross-Scale Coefficient Selection for Volumetric Medical Image Fusion ETPL BME-033 Estimation of Tool Pose Based on Force–Density Correlation During Robotic Drilling ETPL BME-034 Ephaptic Coupling in Cardiac Myocytes ETPL BME-035 Raven-II: An Open Platform for Surgical Robotics Research ETPL BME-036 Compressed Sensing of EEG for Wireless Telemonitoring With Low Energy Consumption and Inexpensive Hardware ETPL BME-037 The Alpha Band of the Resting Electroencephalogram Under Pulsed and Continuous Radio Frequency Exposures ETPL BME-038 A Wireless Robot for Networked Laparoscopy ETPL BME-039 Quantifying Limb Movements in Epileptic Seizures Through Color-Based Video Analysis ETPL BME-040 Automatic Segmentation of Antenatal 3-D Ultrasound Images ETPL BME-041 Simultaneously Identifying All True Vessels From Segmented Retinal Images ETPL BME-042 Safety Auxiliary Feedback Element for the Artificial Pancreas in Type 1 Diabetes ETPL BME-043 Cuffless Differential Blood Pressure Estimation Using Smart Phones ETPL BME-044 Design and Implementation of a Wireless Capsule Suitable for Autofluorescence Intensity Detection in Biological Tissues ETPL BME-045 A Dynamic Risk Score to Identify Increased Risk for Heart Failure Decompensation ETPL BME-046 Design and Optimization of Reaction Chamber and Detection System in Dynamic Labs-on- Chip for Proteins Detection ETPL BME-047 An Approach to Rapid Calculation of Temperature Change in Tissue Using Spatial Filters to Approximate Effects of Thermal Conduction ETPL BME-048 Noninvasive Biomagnetic Detection of Isolated Ischemic Bowel Segments ETPL BME-049 A New Strategy for Model Order Identification and Its Application to Transfer Entropy for EEG Signals Analysis ETPL BME-050 Surface Electrocardiogram Reconstruction From Intracardiac Electrograms Using a Dynamic Time Delay Artificial Neural Network ETPL BME-051 Segmentation of Dermoscopy Images Using Wavelet Networks ETPL BME-052 Prediction of Uterine Contractions Using Knowledge-Assisted Sequential Pattern Analysis ETPL BME-053 Development of a Wireless Sensor for the Measurement of Chicken Blood Flow Using the Laser Doppler Blood Flow Meter Technique
  6. 6. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, ETPL BME-054 Validation of Statistical Channel Models for 60 GHz Radio Systems in Hospital Environments ETPL BME-055 Multistructure Large Deformation Diffeomorphic Brain Registration ETPL BME-056 ECG Signal Quality During Arrhythmia and Its Application to False Alarm Reduction ETPL BME-057 Tissue Classification Using Ultrasound-Induced Variations in Acoustic Backscattering Features ETPL BME-058 On-Chip Systolic Networks for Real-Time Tracking of Pairwise Correlations Between Neurons in a Large-Scale Network ETPL BME-059 An Online Failure Detection Method of the Glucose Sensor-Insulin Pump System: Improved Overnight Safety of Type-1 Diabetic Subjects ETPL BME-060 Quantitative Evaluation of Transform Domains for Compressive Sampling-Based Recovery of Sparsely Sampled Volumetric OCT Images ETPL BME-061 The Use of a Bone-Anchored Device as a Hard-Wired Conduit for Transmitting EMG Signals From Implanted Muscle Electrodes ETPL BME-062 The iFit: An Integrated Physical Fitness Testing System to Evaluate the Degree of Physical Fitness of the Elderly ETPL BME-063 Multichannel Weighted Speech Classification System for Prediction of Major Depression in Adolescents ETPL BME-064 Improved Multimodality Data Fusion of Late Gadolinium Enhancement MRI to Left Ventricular Voltage Maps in Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation ETPL BME-065 A Navigation Platform for Guidance of Beating Heart Transapical Mitral Valve Repair ETPL BME-066 A Wideband Dual-Antenna Receiver for Wireless Recording From Animals Behaving in Large Arenas ETPL BME-067 iBalance-ABF: A Smartphone-Based Audio-Biofeedback Balance System ETPL BME-068 A Reconfigurable Digital Filterbank for Hearing-Aid Systems With a Variety of Sound Wave Decomposition Plans ETPL BME-069 A Fully Constrained Optimization Method for Time-Resolved Multispectral Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy Data Unmixing ETPL BME-070 An Integrated μLED Optrode for Optogenetic Stimulation and Electrical Recording ETPL BME-071 Electrosurgical Vessel Sealing Tissue Temperature: Experimental Measurement and Finite Element Modeling ETPL BME-072 Debye Parameter Extraction for Characterizing Interaction of Terahertz Radiation With Human Skin Tissue ETPL BME-073 Coefficient-Free Blood Pressure Estimation Based on Pulse Transit Time–Cuff Pressure Dependence ETPL BME-074 Ontology for Heart Rate Turbulence Domain From The Conceptual Model of SNOMED- CT ETPL BME-075 Dynamical Nonstationarity of Resting EEGs in Patients With Attention- Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) ETPL BME-076 Classification and Staging of Chronic Liver Disease From Multimodal Data ETPL BME-077 The Use of Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition With Canonical Correlation Analysis
  7. 7. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, as a Novel Artifact Removal Technique ETPL BME-078 Smart Anesthesia Manager ^{rm TM} (SAM)—A Real-time Decision Support System for Anesthesia Care during Surgery ETPL BME-079 High-Accuracy Patient-to-Image Registration for the Facilitation of Image-Guided Robotic Microsurgery on the Head ETPL BME-080 Biologically Derived Companding Algorithm for High Dynamic Range Mammography Images ETPL BME-081 Advantages and Limitations of Using Matrix Pencil Method for the Modal Analysis of Medical Percussion Signals ETPL BME-082 A Fast CT and CT-Fluoroscopy Registration Algorithm With Respiratory Motion Compensation for Image-Guided Lung Intervention ETPL BME-083 Impact of Visual Features on the Segmentation of Gastroenterology Images Using Normalized Cuts ETPL BME-084 Objective Skill Evaluation for Laparoscopic Training Based on Motion Analysis ETPL BME-085 Feature-Preserving Smoothing of Diffusion Weighted Images Using Nonstationarity Adaptive Filtering ETPL BME-086 Sparse Reconstruction of Breast MRI Using Homotopic L_0 Minimization in a Regional Sparsified Domain ETPL BME-087 On-Shoe Wearable Sensors for Gait and Turning Assessment of Patients With Parkinson's Disease ETPL BME-088 Photon Efficiency Optimization in Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting Technique for Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Systems ETPL BME-089 Matching Pursuit and Source Deflation for Sparse EEG/MEG Dipole Moment Estimation ETPL BME-090 Multiparameter Respiratory Rate Estimation From the Photoplethysmogram ETPL BME-091 Non-Contact ECG Sensing Employing Gradiometer Electrodes ETPL BME-092 Surgical Robot System for Single-Port Surgery With Novel Joint Mechanism ETPL BME-093 Center of Mass Acceleration Feedback Control of Standing Balance by Functional Neuromuscular Stimulation Against External Postural Perturbations ETPL BME-094 An Interactive Approach to Multiobjective Clustering of Gene Expression Patterns ETPL BME-095 Gene-Expression-Based Cancer Subtypes Prediction Through Feature Selection and Transductive SVM ETPL BME-096 Bilinear Modeling of EMG Signals to Extract User-Independent Features for Multiuser Myoelectric Interface ETPL BME-097 Fetal ECG Extraction by Extended State Kalman Filtering Based on Single-Channel Recordings ETPL BME-098 Automatic Segmentation and Measurement of Pleural Effusions on CT ETPL BME-099 A Novel Approach to Reducing Number of Sensing Units for Wearable Gait Analysis Systems ETPL BME-100 Enabling Large-Scale Ground-Truth Acquisition and System Evaluation in Wireless Health ETPL BME-101 Prostate Brachytherapy Training With Simulated Ultrasound and Fluoroscopy Images ETPL BME-102 Ultrasound Probe and Needle-Guide Calibration for Robotic Ultrasound Scanning and
  8. 8. Elysium Technologies Private Limited Singapore | Madurai | Chennai | Trichy | Coimbatore | Cochin | Ramnad | Pondicherry | Trivandrum | Salem | Erode | Tirunelveli, Needle Targeting ETPL BME-103 Magnetic Fluid Hyperthermia Modeling Based on Phantom Measurements and Realistic Breast Model ETPL BME-104 An Extended Dynamometer Setup to Improve the Accuracy of Knee Joint Moment Assessment ETPL BME-105 Automatic Monocular System for Human Fall Detection Based on Variations in Silhouette Area ETPL BME-106 Evoked Electromyography-Based Closed-Loop Torque Control in Functional Electrical Stimulation ETPL BME-107 Controlling a Human–Computer Interface System With a Novel Classification Method that Uses Electrooculography Signals ETPL BME-108 Prostate Segmentation in MR Images Using Discriminant Boundary Features ETPL BME-109 Moveable Wire Electrode Microchamber for Nanosecond Pulsed Electric-Field Delivery ETPL BME-110 Quantifying the Interfibrillar Spacing and Fibrillar Orientation of the Aortic Extracellular Matrix Using Histology Image Processing: Toward Multiscale Modeling ETPL BME-111 Massively Parallel Energy Space Exploration for Uncluttered Visualization of Vascular Structures ETPL BME-112 Spatial Variability of the 12-Lead Surface ECG as a Tool for Noninvasive Prediction of Catheter Ablation Outcome in Persistent Atrial Fibrillation ETPL BME-113 Reduction of the Linear Reflex Gain Explained From the M1–M2 Refractory Period ETPL BME-114 Spectral Analysis for Nonstationary and Nonlinear Systems: A Discrete-Time-Model-Based Approach ETPL BME-115 A Handheld Electromagnetically Actuated Fiber Optic Raster Scanner for Reflectance Confocal Imaging of Biological Tissues ETPL BME-116 A Kinematic Human-Walking Model for the Normal-Gait-Speed Estimation Using Tri- Axial Acceleration Signals at Waist Location ETPL BME-117 Topology and Random-Walk Network Representation of Cardiac Dynamics for Localization of Myocardial Infarction