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Movies can be watched online directly on our video streaming web-site.

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Kenguru Presentation

  1. 1. Your favorite movies online. Anytime. For free.
  2. 2. Kenguru is an online streaming Anyone can watch! platform based in CIS. Movies can be watched online directly on our video We don’t like complicated things, so we did streaming web-site. everything very simple To start watching a user needs: A modern computer (those which are no more than 10 years old are preferable) with any operating system and any web browser installed (IE, Opera, Firefox, etc.) The computer must be connected to the internet with the connection speed of 256 kbit/s or faster – a great majority of internet providers o er this level of service. User actually gains access to movies just as if they were recorded on DVDs and stored in his home collection. The only di erence is that to watch a movie he/she doesn’t have to reach for the shelf with DVDs and insert a disk into a DVD player.
  3. 3. Kenguru as a business: acquisition policy Kenguru is NOT a rights distributor. We actually are Kenguru is based in Ukraine, though we are an online video platform. acquiring content for the territory of CIS, on non-exclusive basis. Viewers outside the CIS territories won't be able to watch videos due to a We provide our users with a wide selection of powerful geo lterig system. movies and tv episodes. That is our main service, and this service is free! As rightholder your company will receive a xed royalty fee for each view In exchange, though, we’ll ask the viewer to devote a bit of his/hers time and attention to watch some of any movie out of your package. The ads. The advertisement time is limited to 2,5 minutes payment will be delivered upon per movie. negotiated terms. For example – at the The service users won’t be able to store the video end of each month. they watched on their PCs, besides they don’t have to, because the movie they liked is available for We are interested in many kinds of programs including watching anytime. Documentary, Fiction and TV Series. Actually we seek to o er to our audience the widest range of interesting programs. Our ACQUISITION POLICY is pretty simple: As we plan to pay the rightholders every time a movie is watched we implemented the Statistics panel - where the most detailed statistics of views is presented. You can We acquire Free Internet Video on use it with multiple combination of parameters to get Demand rights (also re ered as the exact statistics you want. The rightholder can choose Advertised Internet Video on Demand the most convenient way of receiving information and rights) for our platform, for streaming always stay informed of how much income the movies make. purposes only (no downloading). The important part of the business: we actually pay the bills.
  4. 4. This is how business blueprint looks like. !"#$%&'($% )'*+&,+-."$% Ads $ Content $ Views Ads Content Preferences /($%(
  5. 5. Do we like pirates? We don’t. So we based Kenguru on solid content user can open temporary internet les folder and copy protection mechanism. the movie to distribute it further. By no means the service can display the Transport protocol for delivering video and true location of movie le (its URL). audio stream out the possibility of stealing That’s very important, because that is the most content in real-time. vulnerable point of copyright protection on the Web. The protocol is called RTPM – a reliable commercial The great majority of media players at present day product with closed source code, it cannot be market allow user to nd out the URL. We use binary intercepted by decoding programs. The protocol compression of data which makes it impossible for user improves day after day thus providing for the best to nd out the true location of video le, but at the defense in the future as well. Real-time SSL encryption same time it simpli es the functioning of player used of stream provides additional defense. by Kenguru service. Such encryption system is used in internet-banking and in many popular services — Gmail for example. No browser client cache. Ordinary web-servers use progressive download method to transfer media content to media player. In the described case a temporary copy of le is stored on user’s PC and then the player reproduce it. The problem is that the user can easily access these les, play them and even distribute as he/she likes. We o er another way of content delivery, which is far more secure for copyright holder. Kenguru server delivers video in a way which does not create any temporary internet les on user’s hard disk. We can provide any kind of media content being sure that no
  6. 6. Camera…Action. Kenguru! We don’t like watching movies in a poor quality and we don’t like it when the movie is being interrupted while loading a new fragment. !"#$%&'&(!#)$ So, guided by our own preferences we developed a convenient player and provided all you need to enjoy your favorite movie. The interface is specially developed to reduce visual noise and assure maximum comfort for your home theater. You can subdue colors, switch to full screen mode or do anything you used to do while watching.
  7. 7. Dynamic Streaming Dynamic Streaming is a new quality of service monitoring feature that allows you to seamlessly switch between versions of a single video stream that are encoded at di erent bit rates. Dynamic Streaming allows your media application to smoothly adapt to clients with di erent capabilities, such as mobile devices with lower processing power and smaller screens, or clients with slower Internet connections, without interrupting the viewing experience. 1000 Kbps 700 Kbps bandwidth 500 Kbps 300 Kbps time playing 0 min 2 min 4 min 6 min 8 min
  8. 8. How do we popularize the content? We are sure that each movie or series must be Kenguru o ers a more traditional approach to the watched by as many viewers as possible. And we arrangement of movies as well – an arrangement by also believe that any copyright holder shares this channels. conviction. Also, we know that sometimes a viewer nds it very di cult to decide what lm or series he/she would like to watch right now. !"#$$%&'( )&& !-0%12 56-/+ )*+,-$ )$,0#+,-$ 74',* Kenguru is not simply a platform for watching video online. Kenguru can ./#0# )13%$+4/% 8%9' also serve as an interactive advisor. Kenguru channels can help to discover what the site has to o er. A convenient set of categories provides for It is a modern resource which can unite viewers, simple and easy navigation through all the wide variety introduce them to each other and enable them to of proposed content: you can sort channels by title, exchange emotions and thoughts after watching a choose between movies and series, learn about movie. novelties or the most rated videos. Word of mouth is a great thing, it proved to be a Channels provide the easy way to choose the movies to very e ective promotion measure in any media be watched in the bosom of family or put o to be business. To automate word of mouth is the next watched later. step. And we took it.
  9. 9. When? Now the program policy of the service is being formed. We plan to start with 150-200 hours of content and increase the quantity of movies gradually guided by our viewer’s preferences. Technical tests of the service are running now. We expect them to be completed on September 15 2009. Launch on September 15 2009
  10. 10. If Kenguru didn’t exist, we'd have to invent it!