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Study tour for chema project

  1. 1. CHEMA Project of AIESEC IFM with partnership with TanzaniaInitiatives (TAI) is going to conduct different trainings to internsthat are going to impact Tanzanian Society in the field of History,Culture and ArtThrough this all interns that are going to work for CHEMA projectthey will be taken through a series of trainings before they startimplementing the project here in Tanzania.These series of Trainings involve a tour to Zanzibar, and throughthis interns are going to learn, enjoy and explore all theimportant things that are in Zanzibar which lies in the areas ofCulture, Art and History.Also Interns will be able to enjoy the nature and Beauty ofZanzibar this involves Beaches, Nice sunny weather and view ofdifferent architectures
  2. 2. This document consists of all the places that are going to bevisited by interns and the learning points so as all the interns geta clear picture of what exactly are these tours for and how theyare going to benefit from them.There are five main tours that are the learning places for CHEMAproject interns and these involves the following; 1. Slave market and Stone town tour 2. Spice tour and Slave caves 3. Prison Island 4. Dolphin tour 5. Jozani ForestAnd other tours which are North and Forothani Beaches.
  3. 3. Arrival, check inn and spice farm Dolphin and Jozani ForestCaves, Slave market and Stone town Prison Island IslandNorth Beach, Forodhani and Shopping
  4. 4. This is a day that all the interns will travel to Zanzibar;From Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar it is a 2.3 hours speed boat ridethat is going to arrive in Zanzibar at 00:30.After arrival all interns are going to check inn in one of thecomfortable Hotels which can accommodate two people perroom.Lunch will follow, here all interns will choose the food they likeas everyone has their own preferencesAll will be taken to the first study tour which is the Spice farmLearning points
  5. 5. South edge of Zanzibar…. here there is THE FRIENDLYCREATURE….. The Dolphins and red monkeys,,,,, Go look at them,their habitat and more………….. ! SWIM WITH DOLPHINS IN THE OCEAN! Enjoy the funboat to go visit them! Learn about red monkeys which are only in TanzaniaZanzibar
  6. 6. Get to know and understand the Slave History,the deep caves they were kept and at the end visit the slave market…. Of course after that… Beach
  7. 7. Visit Prison Island!! The Island of history… Here you will see one of the most amazing beaches in Zanzibar! The “great Tortoise…. 200 years Old” Coral leaf That with colorful fishesand the very old hospital with amazing history ……!
  8. 8. For those who are interested in BeachesThis is the day for fun….All interns getting together for team buildingand getting ready for Events preparationsAlso after all there will be time for shoppingsince Zanzibar is famous for having many thingsthat shows art of Tanzania
  9. 9. Zanzibar study tour package is comprised of1. Accommodation – Hotel four nights2. Return Boat ride3. 6 Tours around Zanzibar.4. Local boat around ZanzibarTour Guide Food Is not included. This is special package forAIESEC Tanzania interns and international facilitators in case it is aAIESEC conference in any of East African Countries.
  10. 10. Bagamoyo was recently designated as Tanzania ’s seventhworld heritage site and is the oldest town in Tanzania .Bagamoyos history has been influenced by Arab andIndian traders, the German colonial government andChristian missionaries.Bagamoyo means lay down your heart – remnant of thetown’s infamous historic slave trade. The main slave trailsfrom the interior of the " Dark Continent " ended here inthe recently- restored Caravanserai. The human cargo wasshipped to Zanzibar and on to the Arab world - withoutany hope of returning to their homeland – hence the aptname of this historic town.
  11. 11. Art College: The College accommodates students from all over theworld who come and learn the African culture. TraditionalTanzanian sculpture, carving and painting are some of the things tobe explored in this historical place. If interested, and you should,arrangement for traditional dance at the college during the tourwill be made.The Kaole Ruins: Arabs were the first explorers to arrive inBagamoyo in the thirteenth century followed by Germans. In The Package 1. Return Bus ridesouthern Bagamoyo at Kaole, Arabs built two Mosques. This Placeis now known as KAOLE RUINS. The two old mosques and several2. Fee to Historical sitestombs remain to be a symbol of Islam religion. All the architecturesin Kaole are built in Coral stone. 3. Camp site one night 4. Boat ride to beachThe Hanging Place: It was in this site the Germans executed IslandAfricans who rebelled against their government in the late 5. Do forum at theeighteenth century. Most Africans who were hanged attempted college of art
  12. 12. Olduvai Gorge is one of the mostimportant prehistoric sites in the world and has beeninstrumental in furthering the understanding of earlyhuman evolution. This site was occupied by homohabilis approximately 1.9 million years ago, Paranthropusboisei 1.8 million years ago, and Homo erectus 1.2 millionyears ago. Homo sapiens are dated TN-In-US-MC-2012-2134 to have occupied thesite 17,000 years ago. CRATERIts centerpiece, the Ngorongoro crater, is the largestintact, unfolded caldera in the world and is considered theas one of the eight wonders of the world.
  13. 13. Olduvai Gorge is one of the nice places in Tanzania, it iscomprised of a lot on Natural things:The Package is as Follows1. Accommodation for 3 nights2. Food at the camp site3. Fee to Ngorongoro crater together with the view of Kilimanjaro mountain4. Truck to Ngorongoro down the creterThis Package is specifically for study tour and visiting theNational park in Arusha.