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Cloud Mashup

  1. 1. September 2012 Vasco Elvas Cloud Mashup Making the most of connected devices
  2. 2. Tech Forecast - Gartner
  3. 3. Tech Forecast - Gartner
  4. 4. Aggressive Environment • Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple are the driving forces behind seamless cloud mashup services, with strong development and partner communities • Elite and converged Cloud (App) Stores providing commerce advantages to consumers • User’s Digital life is becoming a single experience, locked to Digital Ecosystems and “APIs exposed/ reengineered“ • New devices (smartphones & tablets) opening new Internet opportunities and paradigms
  5. 5. Computing Evolution • Next Big Thing: Computing access and speed to cloud services with simple and trusted communication • Products becoming the technological glue for a smarter world • Cloud services will emerge with linkable data, enabling semantic (and valuable) analysis
  6. 6. Computing Evolution
  7. 7. Cloud Mashup is a Intelligent Service Enabler of on-demand, realtime, Web-based services, with APIS that revolutionize the way digital is compiled and delivered globally, across internet multimedia devices
  8. 8. Cloud Mashup Target Users - Internet Users with multiple profiles (aka “personas”) User Profiles - Each identity profile needs to get the adequate services and tools, within social, collaborative and informative environments; - Standard and cross-device Mashup SDK is required for cross-channel deployment; - Provided Service(s)/APIs need to be simple and easy to use, from subscription to usage; Services - Exposure need to be standard and configurable; - Subscription need to be on-the-fly (“I want it and i want it now”); - User layer needs to be transparent “I want to use it everywhere at anytime in every device, so I can have a real converged experience”; - Services and mashup APIs can be free, paid of freemium (w/ advertising or usage) - Services are discovered through a Directory Service Catalogue
  9. 9. Cloud Mashup Standard Content Delivery through Standard Web APIs __ PT Service X __ IT Service Y 3rd Party Service Z 3rd Party Service T Cloud Mashup
  10. 10. Cloud Mashup Strategy Who enables it? What is offered? Who Uses it? - 3rd parties and developers who wish to publish their SaaS Mashups (Fees applied, according to commercial and support models) - Users (consumer or corporate) who wish a quick cloud push for basic (hosting, storage) and advanced services (stats, billing, mashups consumption) - SaaS aggregation platform of branded and 3rd Party Services. -Delivers functionality - mashups or extends a local SaaS -Multi-Channel: Mobile,Desktop, TV -Multi-platform: Web, OS native - API’s & Documentation - Corporate Users can create value-added services to their customers through the “vMashup SDK” as well as using it for hosting and backup. - End-Users can, for example, host their site and add services like Messaging and WebPhone to it. - Developers that may want to add Value to their projects, on the fly in a easy way.
  11. 11. Cloud Mashup End UserProfile : HelpdesKAnalysisSocial NetworksServicesDashboard Service TService YService X Service Z Services overview Service X Service T STORAGE Messages Messages for user about service z Messages for user about service z Messages for user about service z Messages for user about service z Messages for user about service z Messages for user about service z Messages for user about service z Service Z SearchUser Cloud Mashup Control Panel
  12. 12. Developer Corporate Consumers Cross-Device and Cross-Platform Mashup ProvidersBrokering Engine Partner API JSON REST SOAP WSDL Dev API Service API SaaS Mashup Call$ManagerBillingWidgetAPI$ (REST+JSON) Troubleshooting User$Log Widget$Log Partners$Log Partner$Plugins Brokering$CoreBrokering$Core Security, Auth, Billing, iD High Level Architecture
  13. 13. High Level Architecture Mashup Renderer & Compiler 3rdParties BrandedServices ServiceProvidersCloudMashupUsers Storage Advertising Hosting ID ManagementCloud IVR … … Web2SMS IM Messaging PT - Rem Backup Microsoft 365 SAP, CRM, SFA Blackberry Sync All other Future VAS ServicesServices Dashboard Management (Subscriptions, RTAnalysis) PaaS Directory Service Catalogue Security ID & Auth Management (SSO, OAUTH, Open ID) Hosting/OSS/BSS Mashup(s) Compiler & Renderer Corporate End-Users Devs Web APIs SDK Services & Mashups Enabler High Scalability M utable Transparent DropBox, Box Mail, Domains
  14. 14. CloudMashup API Web Service VPN API Web Service Native App SDK SDK Web Site Cross-Platform Mobile SDKs Smart Mashup Engine and Enabler High Level Architecture
  15. 15. Illustration Scenarios Cloud Mashup
  16. 16. Video on Demand • Exposed as API, Web App • Multi-channel – Multi-bearer – Multi-language • Compose Information - enrichment provided by 3rd party’s • Geofiltering and content rights management • White-Labeled • API’s for brand personalization • Video Encoding Similar solutions : Cloud Mashup
  17. 17. • Multichannel features • MultiLanguage IVR – Text to Speech • Shared Text to Speech Engine • SIP Communications • IVR Configuration Dashboard • White-Labeled • API’s for brand personalization Similar solution: Self-care IVR Selfcare IVR Cloud Mashup
  18. 18. • Intuitive and modular (easily add and remove content) • Flexible (different type of content sources and target devices) • Modern User Interface Design • Instant results, in a matter of seconds • Mobilize once, deploy to all mobile devices Similar solutions in the world: Where’s My Web? Cloud Mashup
  19. 19. • Expose: Web App, Native App and API • Users can schedule a conference call with any participants that they want, defining the date, hour and number used. PIN code and notification for the conference is automatically generated for grating access to invited parties. Similar solution: Conference Scheduler Cloud Mashup
  20. 20. • Cloud Enterprise Services: Sales Force, CRM ,ERP, Sales • Desktop and Mobile platforms • Cloud Mashup acting as a PaaS provider of SaaS enterprise solutions Similar solution: Business AppStore Cloud Mashup Cloud Enterprise Apps
  21. 21. Cloud Payments Banking Payments System ERoffnet Ticketing Parking Other client application Proximity BANKS PAYMENT PROVIDER AND ISSUERS !  Customer registration !  Customer authentication !  Payment authorization !  Payment delivery PAYMENT PROVIDER AND ISSUERS !  Customer registration !  Customer authentication !  Payment authorization !  Payment delivery MERCHANT !  Merchant ID !  Merchant account !  Transaction info CUSTOMER !  ID !  Account !  Other relevant info Cloud Mashup
  22. 22. Mobile (NFC) Wallet • Digital wallet, managed and securely hosted in the cloud • New commerce and transactions ecosystem, providing: - Physical cards replacement with virtual cards (debit, credit, prepaid, transport+event ticketing, loyalty schemes, coupons, vouchers, ID ) - Opportunities in the enterprise space, w/ corporate access and payments - canteen, vending,.. - Information retrieval and smart interaction (CE Goods, posters, museums) • White labeled Cloud Mashup Mobile Wallet
  23. 23. • Access and admin anywhere , anytime • Opportunity for reselling home/cloud Storage • Centralized and synchronized view of user’s data • Sharing and collaboration Available solutions: My Personal Cloud Cloud Mashup
  24. 24. • Digital Connected Home • Consumer and Enterprise • Indoor & Remote Management - Triggering events on-the-go - Real-time electric consumption access - Surveillance & Health Monitoring - Home Media Digital - Home Cinema, TV, Media Center... Available Solutions: My Home Automation Cloud Mashup