Bouchaine Vineyards PRESENTATION


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History and General Information about Bouchaine Vineyards, Napa, CA
Created February 2014

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Bouchaine Vineyards PRESENTATION

  1. 1. A SPECIAL SPOT IN THE NAPA VALLEY   • s   Bouchaine Vineyards is located in the southern-most area of the Carneros appellation in Napa Valley. Our unique location affords: Marine influences from the nearby San Pablo Bay; Wide temperature fluctuations from day to night, marked by morning fog and afternoon winds; Shallow clay loam and cobbled soils. ı Page  2  
  2. 2. OUR BACKSTORY   • s   History  of  the  Site   1841-46 1848 The  Mexican  land-­‐grant  Huichica,  (including   today’s  Bouchaine)  given  to  Jacob  P.  Lease   ABer  the  Bear  Flag  Revolt,  California   becomes  a  part  of  the  United  States  and  a   conKnual  stream  of  immigrants  comes  to   the  Carneros  Valley 1899 First  vineyard  on  Bouchaine  property   1928 Italian  immigrant  John  GareOo  buys   Bouchaine  land  and  plants  Cabernet,  Pinot   Noir,  and  PeKte  Syrah     1939-51 John  GareOo  is  only  resident  vintner  in  the   Carneros   1951 Bouchaine  circa  1927.   GareOo  Winery  sold  to  Beringer  Bros.   1981 Bouchaine  Vineyard  established;  Purchased   by  Gerret  and  TaKana  Copeland   1983 Carneros  designated  an  AVA   Page  3  
  3. 3. OUR ESTATE VINEYARDS   • s     •  104  acre  estate;    84  sustainably   farmed  acres  of  Estate   vineyards   •  Replanted  40%  of  vineyards,   conKnually  upgrading   winemaking  equipment,   purchasing  beOer  barrels     •  Improved  quality  of  Carneros   Pinot  Noir  by  adding  Estate   Pinot  Noir  grapes  (eliminated   Estate  boOling)   Page  4  
  4. 4. SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES   • sAs  a  sustainable  winery  and  cer3fied  green  farm,  we     believe  in  protecKng  our  natural  resources  and   minimizing  our  impact  on  the  environment.       Our  efforts  include:   •  Water  conservaKon  using  deficit/drip  irrigaKon.   •  Cover  crops  planted  to  prevent  erosion,  add  soil   nutrients,  and  aOract  beneficial  insects.   •  Compost,  used  in  place  of  chemical  ferKlizers  to   replenish  soils,  adding  organic  maOer  and   nutrients.   •  Grape  pomace  —  fed  to  free  range  cows  on  a   neighboring  ranch  —  happy  cows!   •  Bluebirds  and  owl  boxes:  installed  to  encourage   these  natural  predators  that  feed  on  pests.   •  Absolutely  no  pes3cides  used!   Page  5  
  5. 5. • s   •  •  •  •  •  ESTATE CHARDONNAY   Bouchaine  Vineyards’  Chardonnay  is  estate   grown,  produced,  and  boOled.     This  balanced,  elegant  wine  will  lead  wine   lovers  back  to  Chardonnay.  Pairs  well  with   food  without  overpowering  food  flavors.     Stylish  with  apple,  pear,  light  citrus  notes   and  subtle  oak.    A  complex  wine  complete   with  a  long  finish.     The  vineyard:  Sustainably  farmed,  new   planKngs  of  the  Dijon  clone  along  with  30-­‐ year-­‐old  block  producing  low  yields.     Compe33ve  Set:  Grgich,  Patz  &  Hall,  Ramey,   and  Shafer.   Page  6   Suggested  Retail:  $30  
  6. 6. • s   • s   •  •  •  •  Exemplary  of  classic  Pinot  Noir  from  the   Carneros  region.     Layers  of  flavors  and  brightness  of  fruit— showcases  evenly  ripe,  juicy  black  cherry,   raspberry,  and  strawberry.     The  vineyards:  Based  on  Mike  Richmond’s   almost  40  years  of  experience,  we  select  only   the  best  fruit  and  most  memorable  lots,  from   an  array  of  prized  neighboring  vineyards.     Compe33ve  Set:  Gary  Farrell,    Saintsbury,   and  Williams  Selyem.   CARNEROS   PINOT NOIR   Page     Suggested  Retail:  7$35  
  7. 7. • s   • s   Bouche d’Or   •  Late  harvest  style,   harvested  aBer   botryKs,  the  “noble   rot”  has   concentrated  grape   sugars,  usually  in   November  or   December.   Late Harvest CHARDONNAY     •  Estate  grown   Chardonnay  fruit.     •  A  touch  of  aromaKc   Riesling  is  added  to   enhance  the   perfume.     •  Bouche  d’Or  means   “Mouth  of  Gold”  in   French!   Page     Suggested  Retail:  8$30  
  8. 8. THE COPELANDS - OWNERS Gerret   • s   and  iTs  aKana  Copeland  aare  pfroud  that   Bouchaine   a  family-­‐owned   nd   amily-­‐ operated  winery.    Their  commitment  to   Bouchaine  has  been  criKcal  to  its  success.     •  Purchased  Bouchaine  in  1981  and   spearheaded  renovaKons  of  the  winery  and   tasKng  room  through  the  years.     •  Are  involved  in  all  winemaking,  sales,   markeKng,  and  operaKonal  decisions  at   Bouchaine  and  instrumental  in  creaKng  the   look,  feel,  essence  and  experience  that   Bouchaine  provides  in  wines  and  the  visitor   experience.     •  Founding  sponsors  of  Napa  Valley  FesKval   del  Sole.  LongKme  sponsors  of  various   organizaKons  Wilmington  and  Delaware,  as   well  as  in  Napa  Valley.   Page  9  
  9. 9. MICHAEL RICHMOND • S       As  Vice  President,  General  Manager,  and   Winemaker,  Mike  brings  a  passion  for  pinot   noir  and  a  resolute  dedicaKon  to  Carneros  to   his  work  at  Bouchaine.     •  Has  been  making  wines  and  managing   wineries  in  Napa  Valley  since  1970’s,   beginning  with  Freemark  Abbey.     •  Founded  Acacia  Winery  with  partner  Larry   Brooks  in  1979.     •  Co-­‐founded  The  Pinot  Noir  Conference,   now  held  annually  in  Oregon.     •  A  founding  member  (now  Carneros  Wine   Alliance).     •  Created  Dynamite  brand  for  Chalone  Inc.     •  Joined  Bouchaine  in  2002.   Page  10  
  10. 10. GREG GAUTHIER Greg’s  role  as  Vice  President  of  Wine   Produc3on  and  Sales  is  to  ensure  the  wine   quality  of  Bouchaine,  along  with  all  supporKng   markeKng  and  sales  promoKons.    He  drives  the   effort  to  make  Bouchaine  a  valued  part  of  your   pornolio.       •  Launched  Country  Varietals  with  Sam   Sebas3ani  in  late  1970’s.     •  Helped  the  Trincheros  launch  the  SuQer   Home  brand  and  created  SuOer  Home  187   single  serving  packaging  in  the  mid  80’s.     •  Revitalized  Rodney  Strong  and  established   it  as  a  premium  brand  in  the  early  90’s.     •  Managed  the  state  of  California  for   Chalone  Wine  Group.     •  Joined  Bouchaine  in  2002  with  Michael   Richmond.   • s   Page  11  
  11. 11. ANDREW BROOKS Associate  Winemaker  Andrew  grew  up  among   the  vines  and  is  the  son  of  renowned  Carneros   Winemaker  Larry  Brooks.       •  Earned  a  degree  in  Chemistry  from   Wesleyan  University  in  ConnecKcut.     •  Harvest  and  Lab  work  at:     •  Saintsbury   •  St.  Supery   •  Domaine  Carneros     •  Joined  Bouchaine  in  2007  as  a  lab   technician     •  One  of  three  winemakers  in  the  Cube   Project   •  3  Winemakers,  3  Vineyards,  9  Wines           An  experiment  in  Terrior.     •  Became  Associate  Winemaker  in  2011.   • s   Page  12  
  12. 12. ACCOLADES  SAN FRANCISCO  CHRONICLE     COMPETITION 2014   Medals/Best  in  Class:   2014  San  Francisco  Chronicle  Wine  Compe66on   •  BEST  IN  CLASS  –     Bouchaine  2012  Estate  Vineyard  Chardonnay       Current  Vintages:   •  2010  Estate  Chardonnay,  Carneros:  91  Points,  Wine  Enthusiast   • s   WINE •  2009  Pinot  Noir,  Carneros:  90  Points,  Wine  &  Spirits          Pinot  Noir  Summit:   •  •  •  •    GOLD  –  Bouchaine  2010  Pinot  Noir,  Carneros                                                 GOLD  –  Bouchaine  2012  Estate  Vineyard  Pinot  Meunier,  Napa  Valley  -­‐Carneros                       GOLD  –  Bouchaine  2011  Estate  Terraces  Pinot  Noir,  Napa  Valley  -­‐  Carneros                                                 GOLD  –  Bouchaine  2012  Rockin'  H  Vineyard  Pinot  Noir,  Sonoma  Coast       Page  13  
  13. 13. POINT OF SALE Point  of  Sale  &  Assets:     •  Tech  Sheets   •  Shelf  Talkers   •  BoOle  Shots   •  Labels   •  MulKmedia  Content   •  Brand  Brochure  –  In  Development       • s     Page  14  
  14. 14. PROGRAMMING - Advertising 2014  Programming:   •  NaKonal  Ad  &  In-­‐Store  Campaign  –  “The  Perfect  Condiment”   •  •  •  Wine  Spectator   Sunset  Magazine   Self-­‐Published  32-­‐page  Wine  Country  Lifestyle  Magazine/MarkeKng  Piece   Page  15  
  15. 15. PROGRAMMING – Culinary and Hospitality Management Educational Programs • s   •  EducaKonal  Series  at  Pres3gious  Culinary  and  Hospitality  Programs:     •  •  •  •  •  •  Cornell  University   Culinary  Ins3tute  of  America  –  Hyde  Park,  NY   Johnson  &  Wales   Oklahoma  State  University   University  of  Houston   More  throughout  2014  -­‐  15   Page  16  
  16. 16. PROGRAMMING – Celebrity Chef Events •  2014  Bouchaine  Chef  Series     (Winery  &  NaKonal  Restaurant  Events)   Saturday,  March  29,  2014       Danny  Levesque,  Execu3ve  Chef           AtlanKc  Fish  Company  Boston,  MA     Saturday,  April  26,  2014   Steve  Aguglia,  Execu3ve  Chef           Aquaknox,  Las  Vegas,  NV     May  24,  2014-­‐  Memorial  Day  Weekend     Charles  Phillips,  Execu3ve  Chef             1808  Grille  at  the  HuOon  Hotel,  Nashville,  TN     Saturday,  June  28,  2014   Todd  C.  Gray,  Execu3ve  Chef         Equinox  Restaurant,  Washington,  DC         Saturday,  July  26,  2014   David  Slay,  Chef       Park  Avenue  Restaurant,  Stanton,  CA       Saturday,  August  23,  2014   Yvon  Goetz,    Execu3ve  Chef   The  Winery  Restaurant,  TusKn,  CA       Saturday,  September  27,  2014   Jason  Bergeron,  Execu3ve  Chef   Blackhawk  Grille,  Danville,  CA     Saturday,  October  25,  2014   Hiro  Matsuhashi  ,    Execu3ve  Chef   Mikuni  Sushi,  Sacramento,  CA   Page  17