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Daily routines


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Daily routines

  1. 1. Daily Routine Present Simple
  2. 2. I wake up at 7:30.
  3. 3. He gets up at 7:40.
  4. 4. They have breakfast at 8:00.
  5. 5. He goes to school at 8:15
  6. 6. After school they play with friends......or they play computer games
  7. 7. He usually plays the guitar in the afternoon.They often play American football.
  8. 8. Sometimes they read.
  9. 9. After tea she does her homework.
  10. 10. After dinner I watch TV.
  11. 11. I go to bed at 10:00.
  12. 12. PRESENT SIMPLEto have to read to do* to watchI have I read I do I watchYou have You read You do You watchHe has He reads He does He watchesShe has She reads She does She watchesIt has It reads It does It watchesWe have We read We do We watchYou have You read You do You watchThey have They read They do They watch * = to go
  13. 13. Spelling of 3rd person singularteach He teacheswash He washesfix She fixespass + -es It passesdo She doesgo It goes
  14. 14. Spelling of 3rd person singularstudy studiescry criesplay playsstay stays
  15. 15. HAVE READ DO GO WATCH I have read do go watchyou have read do go watchhe has reads does goes watchesshe has reads does goes watches it has reads does goes watcheswe have read do go watchyou have read do go watchthey read do watch have go
  16. 16. Now write a text based on thefollowing slides
  17. 17. He gets up at half past seven. He hasbreakfast at 8 o’clock. He goes toschool with his friends at a quarter pasteight.At quarter past six in the afternoon hewatches TV. He has dinner at 7 p.m. Hegoes to bed at 9 o’clock.
  18. 18. Inspector Gadget is always busy. He usually getsup at 7:00 a.m and never eats breakfast beforetaking care of all his devices. He is 40 years old.And he is very intelligent.He arrives at his office at 8:30 and spends all the morning giving instructions to the others.All the staff members are very punctual and they meet for a coffee break at11:00.They usually eat in the canteen, except the inspector. He likes vegetarian foodand he prefers to have lunch in a vegetarian restaurant. He usually eats saladsand drinks fruit juice. He doesn’t like meat and he only eats fish once a week.Before dinner he goes to the tennis club for an hour of practice. Then he drivesback home.
  19. 19. 1.Mark true or false according to the text:a)Inspector Gadget eats breakfast after taking care of hisdevices.b)He is very smart.c)The staff always arrive late.d)They never meet for coffee.e)Inspector Gadget usually eats vegetarian food.f)He eats fish every day.
  20. 20. Read the story of this boy and compare it with your routines and withyour partner´s routines, then write true or false:
  21. 21. This is Tom. He is eleven years old. He lives in London. This ishis daily routine.He wakes up at half past seven in the morning, and then hehas a shower. After that, he has breakfast at eight o´clock. Hetakes the bus and goes to school, he arrives at nine o´clock.He has lunch at half past twelve, they eat very early there.When he comes home, he does his homework from fiveo clock to half past six, next he watches TV for a while.At seven o clock he has dinner, and goes to sleep at half pastnine.
  22. 22. My daily routine: My partner´s daily routine:___________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________
  23. 23. Write true or false:•Tom is eleven years old. TRUE/FALSE•He never has a shower. TRUE/FALSE•He goes to school by car. TRUE/FALSE•He watches TV for five hours. TRUE/FALSE•He goes to sleep at half past nine. TRUE/FALSE
  24. 24. Look at these pictures and write what they do everyday.___________________________ _________________________ ______________________