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OIL and Gas - Sales and Distribution System


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Business Application for Oil & Gas Sales and Distribution

Published in: Engineering
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OIL and Gas - Sales and Distribution System

  1. 1. Oil & Gas Downstream Sales and Distribution Developed and Implemented By Ahmed Rami Elsherif
  2. 2. Introduction The objective of this application is to manage the processes of sales and distribution in an organized, agile, and transparent way; starting from the clients purchase order registration, passing through the financial approval of the order, the invoicing process, product or service delivery and ending with the collection. The solution integrates and interacts with following functional areas of the enterprise: •Sale and Invoicing. •Distribution and Logistics. •Administration (Finance).
  3. 3. General Characteristics • Web based system. • Easy on line integration with other enterprise applications. • User friendly and costume design interface. • Short customization and implementation time. • Low maintenance cost. • Short training time for end users.
  4. 4. General Process Flow Clients Purchase Order Finance Financial Credit Control Inventory Control Invoicing Product/Service Delivery Product Reception Sales and Invoicing Distribution and Logistics
  5. 5. Sales Order Clients Master Data Clients Purchase Order Clients license Control Clients master data Price Negociation Stock in Warehouse Transport Data Clients Purchase order data Quantities,prices, and stock. Pricing Negotiations Stock in Warehouse
  6. 6. Credit control and Invoicing Credit Cash Pending Purchase Orders Credit limit control Credit Approval Invoicing Pending orders for approval by finance Bank Deposit Registry Payment Data Orders Invoicing pending for Invoicing
  7. 7. Distribution and Logistics Deliveries Purchases Stock Pending Orders for Delivery Receptions Other Movements Warehouse documents Warehouse movements Pending Deliveries Warehouse transfer order
  8. 8. Accounts Receivables Client Account Details Accounts Receivable Summery Aging of AR Costume Reports
  9. 9. Required Infrastructure Hardware: • LAN or Internet network. • Application and Database Server • UPS. • Back up system. Software: • MS Access or MS SQL License. • IIS Server with ASP platform.
  10. 10. END