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Terranova Brochure


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Terranova Brochure

  1. 1. FINE LANDSCAPES A Distinct Approach To What Matters To You Most
  3. 3. “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” - Henry David Thoreau
  4. 4. Serving Long Island, New York City and New Jersey. Stony Brook team pictured above.
  5. 5. UnconvenTional We’re Different, And We Want You To Know it From the beginning most landscape management providers are quick to tell you about them, their accomplishments and what’s best for you. At Terranova, we prefer to focus on you. Our interest begins with your individual objectives and the unique intricacies that surround them. We take the time to first understand you, then create a comprehensive plan to achieve success. We believe that each client, no matter what their scale or budget, can benefit from the individualized attention that comes when a solution is carefully planned, executed and adaptive to change. Most of all, that your needs are individual and a mass-produced, one-size fits all approach isn’t best.
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  7. 7. connecTion it’s important To You The fabric of our organization is built around our customers. No, really! We’re passionate about the things that matter to you most and make sure everyone knows it. In fact, before we ever step on to your property we make sure everyone involved with the project understands the things that matter most. We assign skilled, capable people with knowledge and expertise, equipped with all of the resources necessary to exceed expectations. But most of all, we care.
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  9. 9. implemenTaTion Sound Practices, A Perpetual Study in Efficiency And The Strength Of Evolution In a changing world, what we did yesterday can’t be tomorrow’s standard. It’s no different in how your landscape is managed. Expectations continue to grow, costs continue to increase and the accountability of each of us is greater than ever before. At Terranova we are constantly evolving to accomplish our clients goals in the most practical ways possible, with the least impact on our environment. Our methodology is that of reinvention with a tradition of challenging convention. Our objective is to provide greater value through efficient, responsible practices and exceptional planning.
  10. 10. SUbSTance individualized Resources And Abilities Rivaled By None Terranova was founded by people with extensive experience in the landscape industry in some of the largest landscape companies in the country. After years of practice, it all became clear: Customers want the ownership and local attention not available from a ‘branch’ and the broad capability and reliability not found in smaller companies. We believe national companies offer no real advantage to local customers. With one of the largest workforces in the tri-state area, Terranova simply out-performs.
  11. 11. valUe We Build Our Business Around You We place efficiency into everything we do. Our business is completely structured around our clients. As your needs change, so do our processes. We utilize modern high efficiency equipment and systems designed around your individual needs. Our unique method integrates a process of evolving with your needs while seamlessly replacing antiquated techniques and one-size fits all approaches to landscape management with custom tailored solutions that eliminate excess, cut costs and deliver superior value and greater returns. TrUST Quality At Terranova Begins With Respect A respect for each other, the clients we serve, the communities we work in, and the world we live in. At Terranova we foster an environment of growth and development for our associates, we promote tolerance and embrace the differences and commonalities that make us great. We share in our client’s goals and work tirelessly to continuously improve. Our objective is to treat others as we would be treated and our goal is to create an irreplaceable landscape management experience. If this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, then maybe we’re your type of company. You’ll never look back.
  12. 12. terranova landscapes inc. long island :: new york city :: new jersey administrative offices: 1 wilcox avenue :: center moriches ny 11934 tel 631.909.8393 fax 631.207.8388