Learning outcome and learning process of a student in a blended course


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Learning outcome and learning process of a student in a blended course

  1. 5. Personal content focus = process what do you learn 'along the way' elements that support this learning.
  2. 6. We proceed with... ... Discussed later in learning products ... Discussed later in learning products
  3. 7. Has this combination of the best forms and tools been the case?
  4. 8. Personal reflection on the use of a selection of these tools.
  5. 9. Traditional gap-assessment Appreciative assessment
  6. 13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFAWR6hzZek
  7. 24. Has this exchange of knowledge between users and creators been facilitated?
  8. 25. I'GLO : not a snow house...
  9. 26. I'GLO : 'I glow' emotion experienced when explaining or Understanding something clearly. Aha-erlebnis, Eureka-effect (Artesis Hogeschool, 2010)
  10. 27. Elements supporting quality ? Elements facilitating productivity ? Necessary infrastructure and instructions? Developed competencies with project?
  11. 28. Elements supporting quality ? Elements facilitating productivity ? Face to face class increases sense of urgency. Holliday period is a threat to productivity. Quick answering of questions posed on discussion forum. Instructor providing good examples. Eg. Questionnaire, Slideshow Realistic tasks increase motivation to produce quality. Someone will really use it. Use of open learning materials. Weekly reports on work progress increase awareness of possible low productivity. .... Offering possibility to choose topics and tasks close to personal expertise. ....
  12. 29. Internet connection of students should not be slow. Eg. for Google Docs Wifi connection in classroom should be strong to be able to work during F2F meetings. Clear deadlines should be made and followed up by instructor to compete with external deadlines. Instructor provides technical support and is quick in this support. Eg. eXe Instructor restructures posts in discussion forum by topic. .... Assigning tasks to students to create ownership as soon as possible. Instructor expresses clear expectations. Eg. 10h / week Necessary infrastructure and instructions? Incorporate time in planning for students to explore different tools.
  13. 30. Time management. Reflective and meta-cognitive skills. Self-regulation of motivation. Use of all kinds of online tools. Developed competencies with project? Communicative and cooperative skills. Research skills. ....
  14. 31. Online questionnaire on student satisfaction with virtual learning environment Pointcarré.
  15. 32. Open learning module on assessment and support of online learning.
  16. 47. Open presentation on the learning outcome and learning process of a student in the course electronic learning environments and e-learning design.