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Mind map using mind mapping in project management


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Mind map using mind mapping in project management

  1. 1. Patrick Mayfield Pearce Mayfield AAssociates
  2. 2. Three Observations 1. Projects are intrinsically & deceptively complex 2.Projects are intrinsically creative 3. Successful projects come from aligned effort around a clear vision
  3. 3. The Benefits of Project Mind Mapping The Benefits ofThe Benefits of Project Mind MappingProject Mind Mapping z Reduces Risk and Uncertainty y The Mind Map is a natural means of managing complexity z Improves Creativity y (Re)instates Creativity within Project Management z Enables Effective Teams y From “Brain Bloom” to “Team Mind”
  4. 4. Brain Architecture - Associations On each line, place one word which immediately pops into your mind when you think of the word in the centre Project 1 1 1 0 0 0 3 2
  5. 5. Cortical Skills
  6. 6. An Example Mind Map
  7. 7. And the content of a project PID as a Mind Map
  8. 8. A Mind Map is ... A “multi-thought ball catcher” Bi-Cortical
  9. 9. Project Management Applications - Creativity What are the moments for creativity in a project?
  10. 10. BOK Applications
  11. 11. v.3.09 P4P Risk Component Example “totality of features and characteristics of a product or service which bear on its ability to satisfy stated and implied needs” z Title z Purpose z Composition z Form or Format z Quality Criteria z Quality Method z Required Reviewer Skills z Author z Title z Purpose z Composition z Form or Format z Quality Criteria z Quality Method z Required Reviewer Skills z Author Product Description Draft Review Errors QR Meeting Sign- Off Amend Baselined Product Change Issue Off-specification Abort Rework Customer’s Quality Expectations Project Quality Plan Stage Quality Plan Product Descriptions & Quality Criteria Quality Reviews Quality Log ISO 9000 Project Approach Project Issues Quality Policy Quality Management System Quality Assurance Project Boundary Figure 9-2: The path to Quality Figure 9-2: The path to Quality p.300 & IP1 p.300 & IP1 p.257p.257 p.301p.301 p.293 & SU5 p.293 & SU5 p.67-8 & SU4 p.67-8 & SU4 p.68p.68 p.69p.69 p.69p.69
  12. 12. Some Implications: Mind Mapping with Methodologies Exploiting Interconnections - Recognise Holism & Integrity Using Templates Complementary
  13. 13. Wider Implications z Team-Working via “Brain Blooms” z Mind Mapping Principles in Reporting z Support Tools for Mind Mapping
  14. 14. Some Common Objections z Too simplistic z Too difficult z Too versatile: i.e. structure-less z Too personal: Illegible to non-authors z Not linear enough for time-critical analysis & reporting.
  15. 15. Some Ways Forward z Adopt Mind Mapping as a Team z Initially confine to analysis/creativity z Develop a symbols library z Don’t Abandon Your Methodology
  16. 16. The Mind Map of this Presentation …
  17. 17. … and a hand-drawn version For further information on Project Mind Mapping training or MindManager software, contact: … where structure & creativity meet …