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Basic english dic

  1. 1. -'s -'s -able -able -al -al -an -an -ance -ance -ant -ary -ative -cy -dom -dom -dom -ed -ed -ee -en -en -en -en -en -ence -ence -ent -er -er -er -er -ess -est -est -est -et -ette -ette -fold -fold -ful -ful -ful -hood -ible -ic -ic -ical -ify -ine -ing -ing -ion -ise -ise -ish -ish -ish -ism -ism -ist -ist -ity -ity -ive -ive romanian.txt minus possessive [Basic] able to be ___ed [Basic compound] to do with, like also -ily for -y of, having to do with also -ian for -y act or condition of ___ing quality, condition, or time of being ___ ___ing or the condition of ___ ___ing or having a tendency to ___ having the property of, tendency to condition of being ___ ___s as a group, or in a mass position, lands, etc. of a ___ past, having ___ [Basic] one who gets, is given irregular past to have, cause or become ___ irregular plural [Basic] <not Basic> act or condition of ___ing quality, condition, or time of being ___ ___ing or the condition of ___ person or thing that ___s comparative also -or [Basic] female ___ superlative most [Basic] little little female times more made into ___ parts full of , having the quality of ___ amount making a ___ full. [Intermediate Basic] time, condition, of being a ___ able to be __ed of, being, made by, like ___ disease of, being, made by, like give quality of ___ to, make ___ like, having the properties of, the or a ___ action of ___ [Basic] act of ___ing, condition of, outcome of make or become ___ var. of -ize somewhat ___ like a ___ -like condition of being system, theory of ___ one who does or uses ___ supporter of ___ism condition of being ___ thing having the quality ___ having the property of, tendency to ___ing or with a tendency to ___ Pge p
  2. 2. -ize -kin -less -less -let -like -like -like -ling -ling -ly -ly -ly -ly -mark -mark -ment -ment -meter -meter -most -most -ness -or -or -ory -ous -phil -phile -phobe -ry -ry -s -s -s -ship -sion -sion -some -some -some -some -some -some -some -some -some -some -teen -th -tion -tion -ward -wards -y 'm 'm 'n 're 're ( ( ( ) ) © © ® romanian.txt make or become ___ a small ___ without, not having ___ <not basic> a small ___ -like like a ___ [Basic compound] a small or unimportant ___ [Basic] in a ___ way. in the first, etc., place. (as) of a ___ [Basic] mark {Basic compound] ___ing, sense of __ing -ing meter, instrument to measure [Basic compound] most [Basic compound] state/condition of being person or thing that ___s [Basic] ___ing or having a tendency to ___ having, full of, sense of (person) having a love for ___ (person) having a love for ___ (person) having a hate for ___ condition, act, behavior of a ___ place where ___ing is done plural also -es ; and -ies for -y [Basic] condition, position, time, of being a ___ process, act, condition, effect of ___ing condition of being ___ being likely -like a great number part of body a great degree group of [Basic compound] <not Basic> tending to, causing 13 to 19 being number ___ in order process, act, condition, effect of ___ing condition of being ___ in the direction of ___ in the direction of ___ having, full of, covered with, having the properties of 'm am and 're are ( parenthesis left paren ) right paren © copy right ® Pge p
  3. 3. romanian.txt ® @ @ @ * * * / / & & & % % ° ° °C °C °F °F + + ± ± ÷ ÷ × × < < = = > > ¢ ¢ ¢ $ $ $ 0 0 1 1 ½ ½ ¼ ¼ 10 10 100 100 1000 1000 1000000 1000000 11 11 12 12 13 13 14 14 15 15 registered @ at each * asterisk star / slash back slash & and ampersand % percentage ° degree °C degree Celsius °F degree Fahrenheit + plus ± plus or minus ÷ divided by × times < less than = equal > greater than ¢ cent cents $ dollar dollars 0 zero 1 one ½ half ¼ quarter 10 ten 100 hundred 1,000 thousand 1,000,000 million 11 eleven 12 twelve 13 thirteen 14 fourteen 15 fifteen Pge p
  4. 4. romanian.txt 16 16 16 sixteen 2 2 2 two ² ² ² squared 20 20 20 twenty 21 21 21 twenty-one 3 3 3 three ³ ³ ³ cubed 30 30 30 thirty 4 4 4 four 40 40 40 forty 5 5 5 five 50 50 50 fifty 6 6 6 six 7 7 7 seven 8 8 8 eight 9 9 9 nine a a A A A first-rate ain, into, on, at, to, up, out aact or state of anot, without aah [INTERJECTION] surprise, pleasure aardvark African earth-pig aardvark animal that takes ants as food aardvark ORYCTEROPUS AFER aback surprise abandon let go abandoned given up abandoning giving up abandons gives up abate make less abated made less abates makes less abating making less abbreviate make shorter abbreviated made shorter abbreviates makes shorter abbreviating making shorter abbreviation short form abbreviations short forms abc ABC abdicate give up abdicated gave up abdicated given up abdicates gives up abdicating giving up abdomen stomach abdomen [biology] abduct take away abducted taken away abducting taking away Pge p
  5. 5. romanian.txt abduction taken away abductor one taking away abducts takes away abeyance not in present use abhor hate abhorred hated abhorring hating abhors hates abide keep to abided kept to abides keeps to abiding keeping to abilities powers to ability power to abject poor abjectly poorly ablaze in flames able able abled abled abler abler ablers ablers ables ables ablution washing ablutions washings abnormal not normal abnormally not normally aboard on abode living place abolish put an end to abolished put an end to abolishes puts an end to abolishing putting an end to abolition an end abolition end of SLAVERY abominable very bad abominably very badly abort give birth before ready abort come to an end (early) abort make short an operation aborted gave birth before ready aborted came to an end (early) aborted made short an operation aborting giving birth before ready aborting coming to an end (early) aborting making short an operation abortion give birth to dead baby abortions give birth to dead babies abortive that come to nothing aborts gives birth before ready aborts comes to an end (early) aborts makes short an operation about about above over above more than abreast level abridge shorten abridged shortened abridgements shorter forms abridges shortens abridging shortening abridgment a shorter form abroad in another country abrupt sudden abruptly suddenly absence not present absence [second] absences not present more than once absences [second] Pge p
  6. 6. romanian.txt absent not present absented made not present absenting making not present absents makes not present absolute complete absolutely completely absolve make free from absolved made free from absolves makes free from absolving making free from absorb take up absorbed taken up absorbent able to take absorbing keeping the attention absorbs takes up absorption being taken up abstain keep from abstained kept from abstainer person who takes no strong drink abstaining keeping from abstains keeps from abstemious taking little abstract short account abstract make a short account abstract take from abstracted made short abstracted took from abstracting making a short account abstracting taking from abstraction take out abstraction idea abstraction not a solid fact abstractly having thoughts on other things abstracts more than one short account abstracts makes short account abstruse out of the way absurd without reason absurd foolish absurdity foolish thing absurdly foolishly abundance more than enough abundances more than enough abundant more than enough abuse wrong use abuse make wrong use of abused made wrong use of abuser one making wrong use of abusers persons making wrong use of abuses wrong uses abuses make wrong uses of abusing making wrong use of abusive having tendency of wrong use abysmal deep, without limit abysmal very bad abysmally very badly academic of a university academic of theory academic not of doing academically by theory only academics of a university academics theories, not doing accelerate increase in rate accelerated increased in rate accelerates increases accelerating increasing in rate acceleration increase in rate accension on the way up accension amount of slope Pge p
  7. 7. romanian.txt accent way of saying words accent way up accent give weight to sounds accenting way of saying words accenting giving weight to accents ways of saying words accents give weights to sounds accept take accept say yes (to offer) acceptability able to please acceptability be pleasing acceptability able to say yes (to offer) acceptable pleasing acceptable say yes (to offer) acceptance taking acceptance belief in acceptance account of exchange acceptance [business] acceptances takings acceptances beliefs in acceptances accounts of exchange acceptances [business] accepted taken accepted took accepting willing accepting taking accepts takes access way in access make use of accessed made way in accessed made use of accesses ways in accesses makes use of accesses makes way in accessible able to be got to accessing making way in accessing making use of accessories additions accessories helpers in an act accessory an addition accessory helper in an act accident chance event accident [business, second] accidental unhappily accidentally unhappily accidents chance events accidents [business, second] acclimatize get used to new conditions accommodate give space accommodates gives space accommodating giving space accommodating ready to do accommodation rooms accompanied was with accompanies is with accompany go with accompanying going with accomplice person acting for another accomplices persons acting for others accomplish do accomplished able to do things well accomplishes does accomplishing doing accord agreement accordance agreement accorded gave accorded given according if this account is right Pge p
  8. 8. romanian.txt according to a degree which is dependent upon accordingly for that reason accordingly as agreement accordingly then accordingly as an outcome of that accords agreements accost go up to accosted went up to accosting going up to accosts goes up to account account accountable accountable accountant one expert at accounts accountants persons expert at accounts accounted accounted accounting accounting accounting's accounting's accounts accounts accredit credit accreditation giving credit accredited credited accumulate make a store of accumulated stored accumulates stores accumulating getting accumulation stores accumulative greater by additions accumulator apparatus for storing electric current accuracy having no error accurate no error accurately without error accusation statement against accusations statements against accuse make a statement against accused person with statement against accuses makes a statement against accusing making a statement against accustom get used to accustomed gotten used to accustoming getting used to accustoms gets used to ace very good ace top card aced make very good aces very good aces does very well ache pain ached was in pain aches pains achieve do achieved done achievement thing done achievements things done achiever one doing achieves does achieving doing aching having pain acid acid acidify make acid acidity degree of acid acidly acidly acids acids acing doing well acknowledge give credit for acknowledged given credit acknowledgement given credit for acknowledgements given credits for acknowledges gives credit Pge p
  9. 9. romanian.txt acknowledging giving credit acknowledgment given credit for acknowledgments given credits for acorn nut acoustic with sound acoustic natural sound acquaint get knowledge of acquaintance friend acquaintance person one has had meeting with acquaintance knowledge from person's experience acquaintances friends acquaintances persons one had meeting with acquainted got knowledge of acquainting getting knowledge of acquaints gets knowledge of acquiescence agreement acquire get acquired gotten acquirement got by learning acquires gets acquiring getting acquisition thing gotten acquisitive got by learning acquit say is not in the wrong acquittal freed from wrong acquitted said not wrong acre unit of land measure acreage country land acres units of land measure acrid biting acrimonious with bitter thoughts acrimony bitter thoughts acrobat one who does tricks in the air acrobatic tricks in the air acrobats those who do tricks in the air acronym word made from the first letters of a number of words acronyms words made from the first letters of a number of words across across act act acted acted acting acting action act actionable giving cause in law actions acts activate put in operation activated put in operation activates puts in operation activating putting in operation active in operation active [science] actively hard working actively [science] activities things done activities operations activities special acts activity thing done activity motion activity a special act actor actor actor's actor's actors actors actress female actor acts acts actual in existence actual true actual in fact actuality fact actually in fact Pge p
  10. 10. romanian.txt actuals things in existence acute sharp adage old saying adamant unmoved adapt make adjustment adaptable adjustable adaptation adjustment adapted made adjustment adapter thing making adjustment adapting making adjustment adaptor thing making adjustment adapts makes adjustment add make an addition added made an addition addendum thing to be added addendums things to be added adder thing to make addition adders things to make addition addict one with tendency addict DRUG user addicted given to addicting causing a tendency addictive causing a tendency addicts one with a tendency addicts DRUG users adding making an addition addition addition additional thing added additionally in addition additions additions addled mixed address one's house address public talk address place address do something about address [business, second] addressable able to do addressed made house numbers addressed talked in public addressed [business, second] addresses one's houses addresses public talks addresses places addresses [business, second] addressing writing house numbers addressing talking addressing [business, second] adds makes an addition adept expert adeptly expertly adequacy enough adequate enough adequate able adequately with necessary qualities adequately with enough adhere be fixed adhere keep to adhered fixed adhered kept to adherence take as rule adherence keeping to adherent supporter adheres is fixed adheres keeps to adhering being fixed adhering keeping to adhesion being fixed adhesive sticky Pge p
  11. 11. romanian.txt adjacent nearest adjacent [science] adjective named quality adjective word making adjustment to a thing adjectives words giving qualities adjoining touching adjourn put off to a later time adjourn end adjourned put off adjourned ended adjourning putting off adjourning ending adjourns puts off to a later time adjourns ends adjudicate judge adjudicated judged adjudicates judges adjudicating judging adjudicator judge adjunct dependent adjust make adjustment adjusted made adjustment adjuster person making adjustment adjusters persons making adjustments adjusting making adjustments adjustment adjustment adjustments adjustments adjusts makes adjustment adjutant helper administer have control of government administer give administered controlled administering controlling administers controls administration the government administrative office operations admirable very good admiral sea force authority admiral highest office in sea force admiral Admiral admirals sea force authorities admiralty branch controlling sea forces admiration respect admiration approval admire have a high opinion admire give approval admired had high opinion admirer one having high opinion admirers one having high opinion admires has high opinion of admiring approving admissible have the right to use admission statement against ones will admit let in admit make statement admits lets in admits makes statement admittance be let in admitted let in admitted made statement admittedly with a statement admitting letting in admitting making statement admixture mixed admixture addition admonish protest wrongdoing admonished protested wrongdoing admonishes protests wrongdoing Pge p
  12. 12. romanian.txt admonishing protesting wrongdoing ado trouble adobe sun dried brick adolescence late stage of youth adolescent young person adolescents young persons adopt take up adopted took up adopting taking up adoption taking as one's adoptive taken up adopts takes up adorable causing love adore have great love for adored had great love for adores has great love for adoring having great love for adorn put on ornament adorned put on ornament adorning putting on ornament adornment ornament adorns puts on ornament adrift out of control adroit quick adroit expert adsorption join of substance on a body adsorption [science] adult man or woman adult with full growth adult person of full growth adulterate put other substances into adulterous sex with married adultery being untrue adults men or women adults persons of full growth advance step forward advance increase advanced stepped forward advanced increased advances moves forward advancing moving forward advancement moving forward advantage something to one's profit advantage good point advantage better chance advantageous giving better chance advantages things to one's profit advantages good points advantages better chances advent coming advent month before Christmas adventure experience of great interest adventure [second] adventurer one ready for any chance adventurer [second] adventures experiences of great interest adventures [second] adventuresome ready for experience adventurous ready for experience adverb word making an act clear adverbs words making an act clear adversarial being on opposite sides adversary person fighting against one adverse going against adversely against adversities troubles adversity bad times advert say about Pge p
  13. 13. romanian.txt advertise give advertisement advertised put advertisement advertisement advertisement advertisements advertisements advertiser one making advertisement advertisers advertisers advertises gives advertisement advertising giving advertisement adverts says about advice opinion advice [second] advisable wise advise give opinion advised well-judged adviser one giving opinion advisers persons giving opinion advises gives opinion advising giving opinion advisor one giving opinion advisory giving opinion advocacy supporting advocate supporter advocate give support advocated supported advocated gave support advocates supports advocates gives support advocating supporting advocating giving support adz hand instrument for taking off wood aerial of air aerial intake aerobatics trick done with airplane aerodrome airplane field aerodynamics science of air in motion aeroplane airplane aesthetic to do with art values aesthetically of art value afar far away affable kind affair business affair love experience affairs love experiences affect have an effect on affectation false airs affected not natural affecting feelings affection love affectionate loving affectionately lovingly affects has an effect on affidavit said true before authority affiliate make connection with affiliate branch of organization affiliated made connection with affiliater joiner affiliates makes connection with affiliates branches of organization affiliating making connection with affinity relation affirm make strong statement affirm say in agreement affirmation statement affirmative answering Yes affirmed made statement strongly affirmed said in agreement affirming making statement strongly affirming saying in agreement Pge p
  14. 14. romanian.txt affirmingly being in agreement affirms makes statement strongly affirms says in agreement affix fix affix put before or after words afflict give pain afflicted gave pain afflicting giving pain affliction pain affliction trouble afflicts gives pain affluence being well off affluent well-off affluently as if well-off afford have enough afford give affording having enough affording giving affront unkind words affronted said unkind words affronting saying unkind words affronts unkind words afghanistan Afghanistan afield in the field afield away afire on fire aflame in flames afloat at sea afloat on the water afoot on foot afore before afore- before aforementioned said before aforementioned named before aforesaid named before aforesaid said before afraid in fear of afraid in fear afresh again afrikaans Afrikaans afrikaner Afrikaner aft back of ship after after afterdeck back part of deck aftereffect after-effect aftereffects aftereffects afterglow last light aftering aftering afterlife living after death aftermarket parts to put right again aftermath outcome afternoon after 12 a.m. afternoon after morning afternoons times after 12 a.m. afters afters aftertaste after-taste aftertastes after-tastes afterthought afterthought afterthoughts afterthoughts afterward after afterward later afterwards after afterwards later afterword opinion about a writing afterworld what exists after death again again against against agape wide open Pge p
  15. 15. romanian.txt age number of years old age time in existence age [science, second] aged very old aged [science, second] ageing becoming old ageing getting old ageless never getting old ageless [science] agelong going on for a long time agelong [science] agency business house agency instrument agency [business] agenda list of things for discussion agent representative agent [business, second] agents representatives agents [business, second] ages a long time ages [science, second] agglomerate get together loosely aggrandize make more important aggravate make more bad aggravation thing causing anger aggregate mass aggregate forming a group aggression attack without cause aggressive warlike aggressor one making attack without cause aggrieved wounded in feelings aghast in surprise and fear agile quick-moving aging getting old aging [science, second] agitate put in motion agitated put in motion agitation troubled condition agitator one making trouble agley with quick motions ago before ago [second] agonies pains agonize give great pain agonize have great pain agonized gave great pain agonized had great pain agonizes has great pain agonizing giving great pain agonizing having great pain agony great pain agrarian with farm-land agree be in agreement agreeable pleasing agreed in agreement agreeing being in agreement agreement agreement agreements agreements agrees is in agreement agricultural farming agriculture farming aground fixed on edge of water ahead in front aid help aide secretary aide-de-camp military secretary aided helped aiding helping Pge p
  16. 16. romanian.txt aids helps aids AIDS ail be ill ailing being ill ailment disease aim direction aim purpose aimed directed aimed with purpose of aiming pointing aims purposes air air airbag airbag airbags airbags aircrew airmen aircraft airplanes aircushion air-cushion aircushioned air-cushioned aircushioning air-cushioning airfield airfield airfield aircraft landing field airflow moving air airfoil airplane wing airframe frame of an airplane airfreight transport of goods by airplane airhead foolish person airily not seriously airless without good air airline air-transport company airliner large airplane to transport persons airmail airmail airman airman airmen airmen airplane airplane airplanes airplanes airport airplane station airports airplane stations air raid suprpise attack by airplane airs airs airspace place to fly an airplane airstrike attack by aircraft airstrip aircraft landing field airtight not letting air in airtight giving no opening for attack airtime time of radio/TV program airwaves sending radio/TV waves airworthy safe to fly airy open to air aisle way between seats ajar a little open akin having a family relation alabama Alabama alabaster sort of white stone used for ornaments alacrity being ready to do a thing alarm fear alarm danger sign alarmed caused fear alarming causing fear alarms put in fear alarms danger signs alas cry of trouble albania Albania albatross great white sea-bird albatross weight albeit though albeit tho albino without natural color album book of pictures Pge p
  17. 17. romanian.txt albumen white of egg albums books of pictures alchemy early chemistry alcohol alcohol alcohol's alcohol's alcoholic having alcohol alcoholic person who drinks much alcoholics persons who drink to much alcohols alcohols alcove addition to room alderman one of governing body ale beer alert ready ales beers alfalfa plant for animal food alfalfa [first] algebra algebra algebraic by algebra algebraically with algebra algeria Algeria algorithm systems for working out answers algorithms system for working out answers alias with another name aliases with other names alibi being in another place alibis stories of being in another place alien person of a different nation alien strange aliens persons of a different nation aliens strangers alight get off alight burning align get into line aligned got into line aligning getting into line alignment into line aligns gets into line alike the same aliment food alimony supporting when no longer married alive living alkali chemical that with acid gives salt alkalis chemicals that with acid gives salt all all allay make less allegation something put forward without facts allegations things put forward without facts allege put forward as fact alleged said to be so allegedly said to be so allegedly doubted alleges says to be so allegiance support and respect alleging saying to be so allegory story about some other thing alleluia words of being happy alleluia Hallelujah allergic have body reaction allergy body reaction alleviate make less troubling alley side-street alleys side-streets alliance agreement allied joined by agreement allies nations joined against Axis allies joined in work allies Allies alliterate make use of words with same letter Pge p
  18. 18. romanian.txt allocate put on one side allocated put on one side allocates puts on one side allocating putting on one side allocation a thing or amount put to one side allocations things or amounts put to one side allot give allotment distribution allotments distributions allotrope any of two or more forms of a chemical allotropic having two or more forms of a chemical allotropy existence of two or more forms of a chemical allots gives allotted gave allotting giving allover allover allow let allowable that is let done allowance regular payment allowance not be hard in judging allowance [business] allowances regular payments allowances not be hard in judging allowances [business] allowed let allowing letting allows lets alloy mixed metal alloy mixed allspice berry of West Indian tree allude say something about alluding saying something about allure be pleasing to allusion something without details allusive thing without details ally supporter ally be on the same side almanac calendar with notes almighty very great almighty the Father of All almond a sort of nut almost almost alms money given to poor aloft high up alone by oneself along on along with along [second] alongside near to alongside touching aloof at a distance aloofly as at a distance aloud out loud alp high mountain alpha first alphabet the letters alphabetic of letters alphabetic ordered by letters alphabetical by letters alphabetical ordered alphameric of letters and numbers alphanumeric of letters and numbers alps high mountains alps Alps already up to now already before already even now alright all right Pge p
  19. 19. romanian.txt also in addition also [second] altar high table in church alter make a change alteration a change alterations changes altercation violent argument altered made a change altering making a change alternate do in turn alternate first one, then the other alternative thing which might take the place of another alternative different alternative [science] alternatively in a different way alternatively [science] alternatives things which might take the place of another alternatives [science] alters makes a change alters makes a change alters high table in church although though although tho although altho altimeter instrument for measuring higher altitude distance up altogether completely altruism putting others first alum sort of salt used medically aluminium aluminium aluminium aluminum aluminium [chemical] aluminiums aluminiums aluminiums aluminums aluminiums [chemical] aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminium aluminum [chemical] aluminums aluminums aluminums aluminiums aluminums [chemical] alumni persons who has been at some school alumnus person who has been at some school always at all times always [second] am am amalgam soft mixed substance amalgamate get mixed amalgamated united amalgams mixed substances amanuensis person writing down words of another for him amaranth ever-living flower amaranth red-blue color amaranths ever-living flowers amass get things together amassed got together amasses gets together amassing getting together amateur not doing for a living amateurish by untrained person amateurs persons not doing for a living amaze make very surprised amazed made very surprised amazes makes very surprised amazing making very surprised amazingly surprisingly amazement great surprise ambassador nation's representative in another country Pge p
  20. 20. romanian.txt ambassadors representatives amber clear, yellow substance used for ornament ambidextrous two-handed ambidextrous able to use left and right hands equally ambient all round ambient on all sides ambiguities with more than one possible sense ambiguity with more than one possible sense ambiguous not clear ambition desire to go far ambition strong desire to do (a thing) well ambition [second] ambitions desires ambitions [second] ambitious strongly desiring ambitiously strongly desiring amble slow, untroubled walk ambled took slow, untroubled walk ambles slow, untroubled walks ambling taking slow, untroubled walk ambulance hospital automobile ambulances hospital automobiles ambulatory able to walk ambulatory able to be moved ambush surprise attack ambush put men in secret place for making attack ambushed surprise attack ambushing making surprise attack ambushs surprise attacks ameliorate make better ameliorate become better ameliorate Let it be so! ameliorated made, became better ameliorates makes, becomes better ameliorating making, becoming better amen let it be so amen approval amend make better amend put right amended changed amending changing amendment change amends to put right amenities comforts amenities pleasing qualities or things amenity comfort amenity pleasing quality or thing amerce make (person) give payment amerce give punishment to america America american American americans Americans americas Americas amethyst red-blue jewel amiable kind amiable pleasing amiable with good feeling amicable as between friends amicable happy amid among amidst among amiss wrong amity harmony amity good relation ammeter instrument for measuring electric current ammo firing material for guns ammonia ammonia ammoniated mixed with ammonia Pge p
  21. 21. romanian.txt ammunition firing material for guns ammunitions firing materials for guns amnesia loss of memory amnesty overlooking of earlier crime (by government) amoeba most simple jelly-like animal amoebas most simple jelly-like animals amok going about with a violent desire (for blood) among among amongst among amorous loving amorous readily moved to love amorously lovingly amorphic without clear form amorphic without organization amorphous without clear form amorphous without organization amount amount amounted amounted amounting amounting amounts amounts amour a love-relation amour metal cover used by army amp unit of electric current amperage current (in amperes) ampere unit of measure of electric current ampersand & ampersand sign for 'and' amphibian animal living in water and on land amphibian airplane landing on water or earth amphibian great in amount amphibious able to move from water to land amphitheater round building with stepped seats for public amusements amphitheater high seats forming half-circle in theater amphitheaters round buildings with stepped seats for public amusements amphitheaters high seats forming half-circle in theaters amphitheatre round building with stepped seats for public amusements amphitheatre high seats forming half-circle in theater ample enough ample with much space amplifier apparatus for making sound greater amplify make greater amplitude size amplitude being great amplitude distance from middle to outer positions amply quite enough amputate cut off amputated got cut off amputates gets cut off amputating getting cut off amputation cutting off amuck going about with a violent desire (for blood) amulet ornament against bad powers amuse give amusement amused gave amusement amused given amusement amusement amusement amusements amusements amuser amuser amusers amusers amuses gives amusement amusing giving amusement amusingly amusingly an an anachronism old anachronism out of taste anaconda sort of great snake anaemia poor condition of the blood anaemia poor condition of the blood Pge p
  22. 22. romanian.txt anaerobic strength building anaerobic gowth without air anaesthesia loss of feeling anaesthesia unconscious condition anaesthetic thing producing loss of feeling, unconscious anaesthetic [science] anaesthetist expert producing loss of feeling, unconscious anaesthetist expert producing loss of feeling, unconscious anaesthetize make unconscious of pain anaesthetize make unconscious of pain anagram word formed from the letters of another anal about opening where waste of body goes through anal over orderly analects group of writings analgesia not feeling pain analog wave in form analog [computer] analogous like analogous parallel to analogous like in qualities analogous like in use or form analogue wave in form analogue [computer] analogy process of reasoning by parallels analyse get at the details of analyse get broken up (into simpler parts) analysed got at the details of analysed got broken up (into simpler parts) analyses gets at the details of analyses gets broken up (into simpler parts) analysing getting at details analysis process of getting details analysis statement of outcome analyst one getting details analytic given to getting details analytical given to getting details analyze get at the details of analyze get broken up (into simpler parts) analyzed got at the details of analyzed got broken up (into simpler parts) analyzer got at the details of analyzes gets at the details of analyzes gets broken up (into simpler parts) analyzing getting at details anarchy condition in which there is no law or order anarchy without government anatomy the structure of living bodies ancestor person in family line ancestors persons in family line anchor ship's hook anchor [second] anchorage place ot anchor anchored fixed anchored [second] anchoring fixing anchoring [second] anchorman news reader anchors ship's hooks anchors [second] ancient old and and and or and/or and/or and/or andorra Andorra anecdote short story anecdotes short stories anemia having poor condition of the blood anemic poor condition of the blood Pge p
  23. 23. romanian.txt anesthesia loss of feeling anesthesia unconscious condition anesthetic thing producing loss of feeling, unconscious anesthetic [science] anesthetics things producing loss of feeling, unconscious anesthetics [science] angel being with wings angel [verse] angels beings with wings angels [verse] anger violent feelings angered caused violent feelings angering cause violent feelings angers cause violent feelings angle angle angled angled angler fisherman angles angles angola Angola angrily angrily angry angry anguish pain anguished with pain angular having sharp angles animal animal animals animals animate make living animated bright animated in motion ankle part joining leg to foot ankle [second] ankles parts joining leg to foot ankles [second] anklet anything put on round lower leg annals written account of events by year annex addition annex make an addition annihilate put to death anniversary one or more years after event announce say announce make public announced said announced made public announcement something said in public announcements things said in public announces says announces makes public announcing saying announcing making public annoy give trouble annoyance thing giving trouble annoyed gave trouble annoyed being of bad frame of mind annoying giving trouble annoys gives trouble annual every year annually every year annuities payments made every year annuity payment made every year anomalies things not regular anomalies things not normal anomalies seeming errors anomaly something not normal anomaly something not normal anomaly seeming error anonymous without a name anonymous name not given anonymously without name Pge p
  24. 24. romanian.txt anorak sort of winter coat anoraks sorts of winter coat another another answer answer answerable responsible answered answered answerer answerer answerers answerers answering answering answers answers ant ant antagonism feelings against antagonize attack antagonize put another person against antagonized attacked antagonized put another person against antagonizes attacks antagonizes puts another person against antagonizing attacking antagonizing putting another person against anteater animal taking ants as food anthem song of approval anthology group of stories anthracite hard coal anti against antiagainst anti-cyclone good weather anticipate see what is coming anticipated saw what was coming anticipates sees what is coming anticipating taking necessary steps anticipation feeling for coming events antidote something that works against poison antidote way of putting things right antidote anything that works against a wrong antique old antiques old things antiquity the days of old antiseptic keeping clean antisocial not given to groups ants ants anus opening where waste of body goes through anvil part on which metal is hammered anviled made by hammering anviling making by hammering anvils parts on which metal is hammered anxious troubled any any anybody anybody anyhow anyhow anymore now anyone anyone anyplace anyplace anything anything anyway anyway anywhere anywhere anzac Anzac aorta chief blood-vessel from heart apace quickly apache Apache apart not together apartment rooms in another's house apartments rooms in another's house apathetic without feeling apathetic not interested apathy taking no interest in apathy not having feeling for ape great monkey Pge p
  25. 25. romanian.txt ape great man-like monkey ape copying ape [first] aperture opening apertures openings apes great monkeys apiece to every one aplenty more than enough apogee farthest point apologies statements of regret apologise make statement of regret apologised made statement of regret apologises makes statement of regret apologising making statement of regret apologize make statement of regret apologized made statement of regret apologizes makes statement of regret apologizing making statement of regret apology statement of regret apostolic of the Apostles apostrophe mark for letters not there apostrophe ' apostrophe word mark of owner apostrophe mark in writing appal shock appaled shocked appaling shocking appall shock appalled shocked appalling shocking appallingly shockingly appalls shocks appals shocks apparatus apparatus apparatuses apparatuses apparel clothing appareled dressed appareling making clothes apparels clothing apparent clear apparently seems clear apparition strangely coming into view apparitions things coming strangely into view appeal request appeal take question for decision appeal from lower to higher authority appeal have attraction for appealed requested appealed took question for decision appealed took from lower to higher authority appealed had attraction for appealing requesting appealing taking question for decision appealing taking from lower to higher authority appealing having attraction for appeals requests appeals takes question for authority appeals takes from lower to higher authority appeals has attraction for appear come into view appear seem appearance look appearance seems to be appearances looks appearances seems to be appeared came into view appeared seemed appearing coming into view Pge p
  26. 26. romanian.txt appearing seeming appears comes into view appears seems appease give in to demands appeasement giving in to demands append put on (to) at the end appendage addition appendage outer part appendage [biology] appended put on (to) at the end appending putting on (to) the end appendix addition at of book appends puts on (to) at the end appetite desire for food appetizer something to give desire for food appetizers things to give desire for food appetizing giving desire for food applaud give loud approval applauded gave loud approval applauding giving loud approval applauds gives loud approval applause loud approval apple apple apples apples applesause crushed apples appliance apparatus appliances instruments applicable able to be used applicant person making request applicants persons making request application attention to application letter to an authority application [science] applications letters to an authority applications things of use applications [science] applied sent in name for applied put to use applies sends in name for applies puts to use apply send in name for apply put to use apply give applying sending in name for applying putting to use appoint get (time, place) fixed appoint give (person) a position as appointed got (time, place) fixed appointed gave (person) a position as appointed having all necessary things appointing getting (time, place) fixed appointing giving (person) a position as appointment meeting appointment position given appointments meetings appointments positions given appoints gets (time, place) fixed appoints gives (person) a position as appraisal opinion of value appraise put a price on appraise come to an opinion appraised put a price on appraised came to an opinion appraises puts a price on appraises comes to an opinion appraising putting a price on appraising coming to an opinion appreciate value Pge p
  27. 27. romanian.txt appreciate give high opinion appreciated valued appreciated gave high opinion appreciates values appreciates gives high opinion appreciating valuing appreciating giving high opinion appreciation high opinion appreciation increase in value apprehension fear apprehensions fears apprentice learner apprentice learner of a trade apprentices learners of a trade approach way in approach come near approach go near approached came near approached got near approaches ways in approaches comes near approaches comes near approaching coming near approaching going near approbation approval appropriate take over appropriate right appropriately as right appropriating taking appropriation given for approvable approvable approval approval approvals approvals approve give approval approved gave approval approver ones giving approval approvers one giving approval approves gives approval approving approving approximate rough approximate get near to approximately roughly approximately near to approximating making nearly like approximation making like approximation near to approximation process of getting nearer a step at a time april April apriori reasoning from cause to effect apriori reasoning from theory to fact apron overall aprons overalls apt right aptly rightly arab Arab aramaic Aramaic arbitrarily based only on opinion arbitrary not based on rules arbitrate judge arbitrated made a decision arbitrates makes as a judge arbitrating making as a judge arbitration judging arbitrations judgings arbitrator one who judges arbor garden-house arbor walk with trees round it arbores garden-houses Pge p
  28. 28. romanian.txt arbores walks with trees round it arbors garden-houses arbors walks with trees round it arbour garden-house arbour walk with trees round it arc part of line of a circle arc bridge of light made by electric current arc [science] arcade covered way arcade covered way arcade way with stores down the side arcade way with stores down the side arcades covered ways arcades ways with stores down the side arcane secret arch arch arch chief archaic of very old times archaic no longer current arched arched archeologist expert in early times archeology science of early times archer archer archers archers arches arches archimandrite chief of house of order of religion archimandrite Archimandrite arching arching archipelago sea with small islands archipelagoes seas with small islands architect designer of buildings architects designers of buildings architecture design of buildings architecture art of structures archive keep archive place to keep records archive [computer] archived kept archived [computer] archiver record keeper archiver [computer] archives records archives make records archives [computer] archiving keeping arcs parts of line of a circle arcs bridges of light made by electric current arcs [science] ardor warm feeling ardor warm desire ardor burning heat ardors warm feelings, desires ardors burning heat ardour warm feeling ardour warm desire ardour burning heat arduous hard arduously full with hard work are are aren't aren't aren't are not area space area square measure area land area [science] areas spaces areas fields areas lands Pge p
  29. 29. romanian.txt areas [science] arena ring arenas sporting rings arf sound of dog argent silver argentina Argentina argon argon argon chemical Ar argon [chemistry] argot words used by a special group arguable able to make an argument arguably able to make an argument argue make argument argued making argument argues makes argument arguing made argument argument argument arguments arguments arise gets up arisen gotten up arises get up arising getting up aristocracy high society arithmetic arithmetic arithmetically with arithmetic arizona Arizona ark Noah's ship arkansas Arkansas arm arm armband armband armchair armchair armed armed armful armful armies armies arming arming armload amount held by arms armor metal cover used by army armored metal cover used by army armories houses for arms. armoring putting metal cover armors metal covers used by army armory house for arms armpit hollow under the arm arms arms army army armrest support for arm armrest support for arm in automobile arose got up arose came forward around round around about arouse get awake aroused got awake arouses gets awake arousing getting awake arrange put in order arranged put in order arrangement agreement arrangement [science, second] arrangements agreements arrangements [science, second] arranges puts in order arranging putting in order array order arrays order lines arrears late payment arrest put under police control arrest grip Pge p
  30. 30. romanian.txt arrest stop arrested put under police control arrested be gripped arrested be stopped arresting gripping arresting stopping arrests put under police control arrival person/thing getting in arrivals persons/things getting in arrive get to arrived got to place arrived came arrives gets to arrives gets here arrives comes arriving getting to arriving coming arrogance acting as if others are unimportant arrogant acting as if others are unimportant arrow pointed stick arrow [verse] arrows pointers arrows sticks with points arrows [verse] arse foolish person arse seat of a person arse long-eared animal of horse family arsenal military store arsenals military stores arsenic poison arsenic chemical 33, As art art art false artful full of tricks article thing article story article 'a, an, the' articles things articles stories articles 'a, an, the' artificial produced by art artificial not natural artificially falsely artificially not naturally artillery great guns artillery field guns artist painter artistic able at art artists painters artless simple artless not smooth arts arts artwork artwork artworks artworks as as asbestos asbestos ascend go up ascendancy increasing control ascendant increasing ascendant on the way up ascended went up ascended gone up ascending going up ascends goes up ascension on the way up ascension amount of slope ascent way up ascertain make certain Pge p
  31. 31. romanian.txt ascertaining making certain ascetic one not giving way to desires ascetic not taking normal pleasures asceticism not giving way to desires asceticism not taking normal pleasures ascetics persons not giving way to desires ascetics not taking normal pleasures asexual not with sex ash powder from material after burning ash sort of shade tree ash [science, second] ashamed feeling of shame ashcan waste box ashcan dust box ashcan waste vessel ashcans waste boxes ashcans dust boxes ashcans waste vessels ashes powder from burned materials ashes [science, second] ashore on land aside on one side ask make a request ask put a question asked made a request asked put a question asking making a request asking putting a question asks makes a request asks puts a question asleep sleeping aspect point of view aspects points of view aspersion attack on good name asphalt mix of thick oil, sand, and rock aspiration hope aspirations hopes ass long-eared animal of horse family ass foolish person ass seat of a person assassin one who puts to death assassinate put to death assassination death by a violent attack assassinations deaths by a violent attack assault attack assaulted attacked assaulting attacking assaults attacks assemblage grouped together assemble come together assembled came together assembler low level programming language assembles comes together assemblies meetings assembling getting together assembly meeting assent agreement assert put forward assert say that (a thing) is so asserted put forward asserted said that (a thing) is so asserting putting forward asserting saying that (a thing) is so assertion (idea) put forward assertion statement assertive given to strong statement asserts puts forward asserts says that (a thing) is so Pge p
  32. 32. romanian.txt asses long-eared animals of horse family asses foolish persons asses seat of a persons assess put a value on assessed value put on assesses puts value on assessing valuing assessment value assessment tax assessments values assessments taxes assessor one who puts value on asset property asset [business] assets properties assets [business] asshole person of low opinion asshole foolish person assign give to assignation private meeting assigned given to assigning giving to assignment giving assignment given undertaking assignments given undertaking assigns gives to assist give help assistance help assistant person working for another assisted given help assisting giving help assists gives help associate person working with another associate get together associated connected associates persons working with another associating getting together association organization association connection of ideas association [social] associations organizations associations connections of ideas associations [social] assort sorts assort put into groups assorted mixed assorted of different sorts assorting putting into groups assorting sorts assortment mixed selection assortments mixed selections assorts puts into groups assorts sorts assume take to be true assume take to be assumed taken to be true assumes takes to be true assuming taking to be true assumption thing taken as certain assumptions things taken as certain assurance feeling certain assure say without any doubt assured said without doubt assures says without any doubt assuring making certain asterisk printer's star asterisk * asterisks printer's stars Pge p
  33. 33. romanian.txt astern in back of a ship astonish give surprise astonished given surprise astonishing surprising astray wrong astronaut astronaut astronomer one who make observation of stars astronomers persons who makes observation of stars astronomy science of the stars astute sharp astutely sharply asylum place where one is in safe keeping asymmetric uneven asynchronous not taking place at the same time at at ate took food atheism belief there is no higher power atheism view that is no unnatural force or secret sense atheist one with belief there is no higher power atheists persons with belief there is no higher power athlete expert at sport athletes experts at sport athletics sports atlas map-book atlases map-books atmosphere air atmosphere feeling atmospheric of (in) the air atoll round island atom smallest unit atom very small bit atomic of, being, like the smallest unit atoms smallest units atoms very small bits atop on top atrocious shocking atrocious disgusting atrociously shockingly atrociously disgustingly atrocities shocking things atrocities disgusting things atrocity something shocking atrocity something disgusting attach make a join attach make part of an email attaché persons of government in another country attached having love for attached part of an email attached made joined attaches makes a join attaches makes part of an email attachés person of government in another country attaching joining attachment feeling for attachment thing made a part of an email attachments feelings for attachments things made a part of an email attack attack attacked attacked attacker attacker attackers attackers attacking attacking attacks attacks attain get attain get to attain come to attained got attained came to Pge p
  34. 34. romanian.txt attaining getting attaining coming to attainment power of doing what one has come by attains gets attains comes to attempt attempt attempted attempted attempter attempter attempting attempting attempts attempts attend give attention to attendance being present at attendance waiting at attendance body of persons present attendant being present attendant coming with attendant waiting (on) attendant servant attended gave attention attending giving attention attends gives attention attention attention attentions attentions attest make a statement attesting making a statement against attic room at top of house attics rooms at top of houses attire dress attired dressed attitude behavior attitude [social] attitudes behaviors attitudes [social] attorney representatives in law attorney authority as representative attorneys representative in law attorneys authorities as representative attract have attention attract get attention attracted had attention attracted get attraction attracting pulling to self attraction attraction attractions attractions attractive pleasing attractive good looking attracts gets attention attracts has attention attribute property attribute put down to attributed given attributes properties attributing giving attrition rub away atypical not normal auburn red brown auction put up for offers auctioned put up for offers auctioning putting up for offers auctions put up for offers audacious without fear audacious taking great chances audacious without shame audible able to be heard audience persons at audiences persons at audio sound audit looking over of accounts by expert Pge p
  35. 35. romanian.txt audited accounts looked over auditing looking over of accounts by expert audition acting test audition hearing for a position auditor accounts expert auditorium building for hearing for a number of persons auditory of hearing audits looking over of accounts by expert auger making holes augment make greater august August august respected aunt father's or mother's sister aunts father's or mother's sisters aurora Aurora auspicious good sign (for future) auspicious sees good about future auspicious given approval auspiciously as a good sign australia Australia austria Austria authentic true authentic not false author writer authorisation authority authorisation authorities authorities authorities authority authority authorization authority authorizations given authority authorize give authority authorized given authority authorizes gives authority authorizing giving authority authors writers auto automobile autoautomatic autoby itself autoby oneself autobiographies writer's histories of themselves autobiography writer's history of himself autobus autobus autobuses autobuses autocracy one person rule autocrat ruler with complete power autocratic rule with complete power autocrats rulers with complete power autograph signed name autographs signed names automate make automatic automated made automatic automates makes automatic automatic automatic automatically automatically automatics automatics automating automating automating making automatic automation system of automatic production automobile automobile automobiles automobiles autonomy self government autopsy look for details of a dead body autumn fall autumn Fall autumn late auxiliaries helpers auxiliary helping auxiliary unarmed Pge p
  36. 36. romanian.txt avail use availability able to use availability ready to be used available able to use available at hand available ready to be used available ready (to be used) avails makes use avalanche fall of snow avalanches falls of snow avarice overpowering love of money avenue road avenues roads average general average middle value average [business] averaged common averaged gave middle value averages common numbers averages gives middle value averages [business] averaging making normal averaging giving middle value averaging [business] aversion feeling of disgust for aviator airplane driver aviator member of airplane group aviary bird-house avid strong feeling for avoid keep out of the way of avoid keep from avoidable able to keep out of the way avoidance keeping out of the way avoided kept out of the way of avoiding keeping out of the way avoids keeps out of the way of avoir see avoirdupois avoirdupois British system of weights avoirdupois 1 pound = 16 ounces avow state publicly await be waiting await in store for awaited was waiting awaited was in store for awaiting being waiting awaiting being in store for awaits is waiting awaits is in store for awake awake awaked awaked awaken awaken awakes awakes awaking awaking award reward awarded rewarded awarding make reward awards rewards aware conscious awareness being conscious awash washed over in waves away away away to a distance away out of existance away without loss of time awe fear before awe respectful interest awed respectfully feared awesome respectful fear Pge p
  37. 37. romanian.txt awesome of respectful interest awful very bad awfully very badly awfully very much awhile for a time awkward poor design awkward hard to make use of awkward not expert in control awkward [second] awkwardly poorly designed awkwardly as if hard to make use of awkwardly not expertly awkwardly [second] awl point for making holes awning canvas roof awnings canvas roofs awoke awoke ax tree cutting instrument axe tree cutting instrument axed cut off axed got out of the way axes tree cutting instrument axiom something true without reasoning axiom taken as true without argument axioms things true without reasoning axioms taken as true without argument axis line about which a body goes when turning round itself axis [science] axle wheel rod axles wheel rods axt make a request axt put a question aye yes aye I am clear about b b b B B B B above normal (rating) B boron baa sheep's cry babble foolish talk babel loud voices babel Babel babied babied babies babies baby baby babying babying bachelor unmarried man bachelors unmarried men back back backbone backbone backcountry far from town backdate put day before true day backdrop curtain at back of stage backed backed backer backer backers backers backfill put back again background what is at the back backgrounds what is at the backs backing backing backlands far from town backlight backlight backlit backlit backlog orders not complete, backlog uncompleted work backlog great wood at back of fire backlogged full of uncompleted orders Pge p
  38. 38. romanian.txt backlogging making orders not complete backlogs not completed orders backlogs uncompleted work backlogs great wood at back of fires backroom backroom backs backs backspace backspace backspaced backspaced backspaces backspaces backspacing backspacing backup supporting backward slow in development backwards back part first backwoods backwoods bacteria small living-forms frequently causing disease bacterium small living-forms frequently causing disease bad bad badass troublemaker badder badder baddest baddest badge mark badges marks badly badly baffle make uncertain baffled uncertain baffles makes uncertain baffling making uncertain bag bag baggage boxes bagged bagged bagger bagger baggers baggers baggier more bag-like bagging bagging baggy bag-like bags bags bah word of disgust bail money bail get water out bailer one getting water out bailing getting money bailing getting water out bait food for fishing baits foods for fishing bake cook in oven baked cooked in oven baker one who makes bread bakes cooks in oven baking cooking in oven balance balance balanced balanced balances balances balancing balancing balconied with railed walks outside a windows balconied [second] balconies railed walks outside a windows balconies [second] balcony railed walk outside a window balcony [second] bald with no hair balder with smaller amount of hair baldest with smallest amount of hair balding losing hair bale parcel of goods bale [business] baler apparatus for parceling baler [business] bales parcels of goods Pge p
  39. 39. romanian.txt bales [business] baling parceling baling [business] balk be unready to do balk get in the way ball ball ballad simple song ballads simple songs ballast keeping a ship weighted balled balled baller baller ballet ballet balling balling balloon gas bag balloons gas bags ballot recording of opinion balloted had recorded of opinion balloting be recording of opinion ballots recordings of opinion ballroom great room for dancing balls balls balmy pleasing to the senses ban put a stop to banal uninteresting banana long yellow fruit bananas long yellow fruits band band bandage cloth band to cover wound banded banded banding banding bandit outlaw bandits outlaws bandleader chief of band bands bands bandwagon ornamented cart for a band bandwagon doing best side in a selection bandwidth range of waves bandwidth rate at which computer knowledge is put through bandy-legged with legs bent out bang loud noise banged made loud noises banging making loud noises bangle ornament bangles ornaments bangs loud noises banish send from country banish put (thoughts) out of mind banished sent from country banished put (thoughts) out of mind banishes sends from country banishes puts (thoughts) out of mind banishing sending from country banishing putting (thoughts) out of mind banishment sending from country banishment putting (thoughts) out of mind banister hand-rail banisters hand-rails bank bank banked did banking business banker banker banking doing banking work bankrupt unable to make full payment of debt bankrupt [business] bankrupted unable to make payment bankrupted [business] bankrupting making unable to make payment bankrupting [business] bankrupts makes unable to make full payment of debt Pge p
  40. 40. romanian.txt bankrupts [business] banks banks banned stopped banner flag banners flags banning putting a stop to banns statement to be married banquet public meal banquets public meals bans puts a stop to bantam small fowl banter make good humored sport bantered made good humored sport bantering making good humored sport banters makes good humored sport baptism form of taking person into church by washing with water baptism first time baptize put in water baptize do for first time baptized put in water baptized did for first time baptizes puts in water baptizes does for first time baptizing putting in water baptizing doing for first time bar bar bar stop barbarian person of no education barbarian person in low stage of development barbarians persons of no education barbarians persons in low stage of development barbed with a hooked point barber hair-cutter barbers hair-cutters bare undressed barefoot without shoes barely almost not bargain something cheap bargain make argument over price bargained made argument over price bargained got good price bargaining making argument over price bargains things cheap bargains makes argument for price barge flat boat barges flat boats baritone male voice of middle range baritones male voices of middle range bark noise of dog bark outside of tree bark hard outside of a tree bark [biology] barked made noise of a dog barked gave sharp order barking noises of dog barks noises of dog barn building for storing on farm barns buildings for storing on farm barometer weather-glass barometers weather-glasses baroque highly ornamented design barrack army building barracks army buildings barred stopped barrel beer vessel barrel round vessel with flat ends barrel gun pipe barrel [business, second] Pge p
  41. 41. romanian.txt barreled put in vessels barreled went very quickly barreled [business, second] barreling putting in vessels barreling going very quickly barreling [business, second] barrels beer vessels barrels round vessels with flat ends barrels goes very quickly barrels [business, second] barren unfertile barricade rough structure barricaded made wall of things barricades wall of things barricading making wall of things barrier wall to keep persons out barriers walls to keep persons out barring stopping barrister man of law barristers men of law barrow hand cart barrows hand carts bars bars bars stops barter exchange of goods barter make argument over price bartered made agreement for exchange of goods bartering making agreement for exchange of barters makes argument for exchange of goods base base baseball American sport baseboard board covering wall at floor based based baseless without base in fact basement lower level basement room under earth level basements lower level rooms basements rooms under earth level bases bases bash get crushed by hard blow bashed crushed by hard blow bashes gets/makes crushed bashful not putting oneself forward bashing making/getting crushed basic basic basically basically basics basics basil sweet-smelling plant basin basin basing basing basins basins basis base bask take rest in the sun basket basket basketmaker basketmaker basketwork basketwork baskets baskets basking taking rest in the sun basks takes rest basque short overskirt on dress basque Basque bass low part in music bass deep sounding bass food fish bass deep voice basses low parts in music basses deep sounding basses deep voices Pge p
  42. 42. romanian.txt bassinet baby's basketwork bastard natural son bastard without authority bastard unpleasing man bastards natural sons bastards unpleasing men baste put together with long stitches baste put fat over bastion strong military structure bat stick used in ball sport bat rat-like night animal with wings bat give blow with stick batch group batches groups bate keep back one's breath bated kept back bath bath bathe take a bath bathed bathed bather bather bathers bathers bathing bathing bathhouse public place to change clothes bathos from moving to common bathroom bathroom bathrooms bathrooms baths baths bathtub vessel for bath batiste thin linen batman military servant baton stick used as sign of authority baton stick keeping time with band batons sticks used as sign of authority batons sticks for keeping time with band bats sticks used in ball sport bats rat-like night animals with wings bats gives blow with stick battalion body of men ready to fight battalion army of about 1000 men battalions bodies of men ready to fight battalions army units of about 1000 men batted give ball a blow with stick batten board across others batten wood to keep down canvas cover batter give hard blows batter meal, eggs, with liquid battered damaged battered gave hard blows batteries electric units batteries units of guns battering giving hard blows batters gives hard blows battery apparatus for producing electric current battery given of blows battery unit of guns batting giving ball a blow with stick battle fight battlefield place of fight battlement top of military building battles fights battleship most strongly armed of warships bauble pleasing ornament of little value bauble thing without true value baud unit of sending rate baud bits in a second bauer farmer bauer Bauer baulk be unready to do Pge p
  43. 43. romanian.txt bawdy low bawdy dirty bawdy ldisgusting bawl loud cry bawled make loud cry bawling loud crying bawls makes loud crying bay wide inlet of sea bay curved out window bay cry of dog bay red-brown baying crying of dogs bayonet blade fixed to gun bayonet give wound with blade bayonets blade fixed to guns bayonets gives wound with blade bays wide inlets of sea bays curved out windows bays makes cry of dog bazaar open market bazaars open markets be be beach sand at edge of sea beach get boat up onto land beachcomber waster living on edge of sea beaches sands at edge of sea beacon lighthouse beacons lighthouses bead threaded ball beading threaded balls beading threading balls on cord beads threaded balls beagle small dog for going after animals beak mouth of bird beak [biology] beaked with hooked part beaker glass vessel beakers glass vessels beaks hooked parts beam long support beam give bright smile beam ray of light beam wide of ship beam give out light beamed gave bright smile beamed put ray of light beamed gave out light beaming making long supports beaming giving out light beaming giving bright smile beams long supports beams rays of lights bean seed beans seeds used for food bear take bear great animal bear give birth bear one with belief markets with go down bear put up with bear be marked by bear [first] bearable able to take beard hair on chin beard faced without fear beard cover beard [second] bearded with hair on chin bearded face without fear Pge p
  44. 44. romanian.txt bearded covered bearded [second] bearding hair-like parts of plants bearding keeping secret the true person, thing bearding covering bearding [second] beards hair on chins beards [second] bearer one supporting bearing taking bearing supporting bearing give birth bearing behavior bearing putting up with bearing direction bearing being marked by bearings supports bearings behaviors bearings directions bears comes with bears gives birth bears puts up with bears great animals beast animal beast animal beast unkind beast cruel person beast [verse] beastly disgusting beastly unkindly beastly [verse] beasts animals beasts cruel persons beasts [verse] beat rhythm beat get better of beat make attack on beat [second] beaten do nothing new beaten overcome beaten [second] beater thing giving blows beater [second] beatific very happy beatified made happy beatifies makes happy beatify make very happy beating whipping beats rhythms beats gets the better of beats makes attack on beats [second] beau boy friend beaus boy friends beauteous beautiful beauties beauties beautiful beautiful beautifully beautifully beauty beauty beaver land & water animal seen as builder beavers animals seen for building walls in water becalmed stopped for no wind became got to be because because beck ordered about beckon make a sign beckoning making a sign beckons makes a sign Pge p
  45. 45. romanian.txt become become becomes becomes becoming becoming bed bed bedclothes bedclothes bedcover bedcover bedded bedded bedding bedding bedfellow person in same bed bedim make clouded bedizen put loud ornaments on bedlam place of noise bedraggle make wet and dirty bedraggle let get wet and dirty bedraggled wet and dirty bedraggled made wet and dirty bedridden unable to up from one's bed bedrock at the base bedrock solid bedroll roll of bedding used for sleeping outdoors bedroom bedroom bedrooms bedrooms beds beds bedspread top cover for bed bedspreads top covers for beds bedstead frame for bed bedsteads frames for beds bedtime bedtime bee bee beech smooth skinned nut tree beef beef beefy strong beefy solid beehive house for bees beehives houses for bees beekeeper beekeeper beeline straightest way been been beer beer beers beers beery smelling of beer beery beer-like bees bees beeswax beeswax beet root plant beetle insect with hard wing covers beetles insects with hard wing covers beets root plants befall come about befallen came about befalls takes place befell took place befit be right befits is right for befogged covered my mist befogged not clear about before before beforehand before coming event beforehand to be ready for befoul make dirty befriend give help befriended gave help befriending giving help befriends is kind to beg make request of began made a start beget get beget be the father of Pge p
  46. 46. romanian.txt beggar person requesting money beggarly poor beggarly unimportant beggary being very poor begged requested begging requesting begin make a start beginner one who starts beginners ones who start beginning start of begins makes a start begone Go! begonia flowering plant begonias flowering plants begot gave being to begotten caused begrudge be unwilling to give begrudged was unwilling to give begrudges is unwilling to give begrudging be unwilling to give begrudgingly being unwilling to give beguile put forward attractions beguiled attracted beguiles puts forward attractions beguiling happy begun started behalf as representative of behave act rightly behave do behaved did rightly behaved did behaves does rightly behaves how something is done behaving acting behaving doing behavior behavior behavior doing things behavior behaviour behavioral to do with behavior behaviors behaviors behaviors ways of doing behaviour behavior behaviour behaviour behaviours behaviors behaviours behaviours behead take off head beheaded took off head beheading taking off heads beheads takes off head beheld saw behest request behind at the back of behind seat of body behind other side of behind [second] behinds seat of bodies behinds [second] behold see beholden in debt beholder one making observation beholding seeing beholds sees behoove be right for behoove interest behooved was right for behooves is right for behooving being right for beige sand color Pge p
  47. 47. romanian.txt being being beings beings bejewel put on stones of great value belabor give hard blows to belabored gave hard blows to belaboring giving hard blows to belabors gives hard blows to belabour give hard blows to belabour overwork belaboured gave hard blows to belaboured overworked belabouring giving hard blows to belabouring overworking belabours gives hard blows to belabours overworks belated late belay make a cord fixed with a pin belay stop belayed cord was fixed with a pin belayed stopped belaying a cord being fixed with a pin belaying giving false statement belaying stopping belaying not coming up to belays cord is fixed with a pin belays stops belch disgusting noise belched made disgusting noises belches makes disgusting noise belching giving off beleaguer attack belfries bell houses belfry bell house belie give false statement belie not come up to belief belief beliefs beliefs believable able to have a belief in believe have belief in believed had belief believer one with belief believers ones having a belief in believes has belief in believing have belief in belittle make seem unimportant bell bell belladonna poison plant belle beautiful woman belles beautiful women bellhop boy servant in hotel bellicose war-like belligerent at war belligerents fighters bellmouthed formed like a bell bellow angry noise bellows apparatus for producing wind bells bells bellwether at head of others belly stomach belong be the property of belong be in (club) belong be right for belonged was the property of belonged was in (club) belonged was right for belonging being the property of belonging is in (club) belonging being right for Pge p
  48. 48. romanian.txt belongings persons property belongs is the property belongs is rightly placed belongs is right for beloved loved one below under belt band belt give blows belt [second] belted (put on) bands belted gave blows belted [second] belting (put on ) banding belting giving blows belting [second] belts bands belts give blows belts [second] bemoan voice regret bemoaned made voice of regret bemoaning making voice of regret bemoans makes voice of regret bemuse make clouded bemuse slow bemused made clouded bemuses makes clouded bemusing making clouded bench long seat bench work table bench judges bench put down benched put on sideline benches long seats benches work tables benches puts down benching putting on sideline bend bent bending making bent bends able to be bent beneath under benediction giving great approval to higher power benefaction doing good benefactor one giving kind help beneficent doing good beneficial good for beneficiary person getting by will benefit do good to benefits does good to benevolent kind benevolently kindly benighted overtaken by dark benign kind benign not very serious bent bent bentwood seat of bent wood benumb take away feeling benumbed took away feeling benumbing taking away feeling benumbs takes away feeling bequeath to give property bequest property given on death bequests properties given on death berate say angry words to bereave make unhappy by taking away bereaved loss of friend by death bereavement loss by death bereft lost beret flat, soft hat Pge p
  49. 49. romanian.txt berries berries berry berry berserk violent berth bed berth ship bedroom berths beds berths ship bedrooms beryl sort of jewel stone beryl beryllium jewel beryl sort of jewel stones beryllium beryllium beryllium [chemical] beseech make a request beseeched made a request beseeches makes a request beseeching making a request beset make an attack on beset with danger on all sides besetting special tendency beside at the side of besides in addition to besides other than besiege keep army round to attack besiege making requests besieged took under attack besieged was overcome with requests besieges takes under attack besieges overcomes with requests besieging taking under attack besieging being overcome with requests besotted made foolish by drink besought made a request bespatter make dirty marks on bespattered made dirty marks on bespeak give an order bespoke made to order best best bestial animal-like bestir get moving bestirred got moving bestirring get moving bestirs gets moving bestow give bestowed given bestowing giving bestows gives bestride have one leg on the two sides bet place money on bet [second] beta Greek letter B beta second beta public test betake take up bethink have a sudden memory idea betide come about betimes in good time betoken be a sign of betook took up betray give away betrayed gave away betraying giving away betrays gives away betroth agreement to marry betrothal agreement to marry bets places money on bets [second] better better better less ill Pge p
  50. 50. romanian.txt better overcome betters those higher in society betting placing money on betting [second] between between betwixt between bevel round edge bevels round edges beverage drink beverages drinks bevy group bewail be regretting beware take care bewilder put at a loss bewitch give pleasure to bewitched unable to take eyes off bey Turkish ruler bey Bey beyond the other side beyond further than bihaving two bias tendency in a certain direction biased had a tendency in a certain direction biases has a tendency in a certain direction biasing making a tendency in a certain direction bib baby's chin cloth bible (any) book taken as authority bible Bible bibles books of great authority bibles Bibles biblical of great authority bibliographies lists of books bibliography list of books bibliophile book lover bibliophiles book lovers bibs baby's chin cloths bibs overalls bibulous given to drink biceps muscles in top part of the arm bicker have argument bickered had argument bickering making argument bickers has argument bicycle two wheeled machine bicycled went on two wheeler bicycles two wheeled machines bicycling going on two wheeler bid make an offer bid an offer bidder maker of an offer bidding making offers bide waiting bids make offers biennial every two years bier table on which dead body is placed biff a blow bifurcate forked bifurcation forking big of great size bigamist one who is married to two persons at the same time bigamists those married to two persons at the same time bigamy being married to two persons at the same time bigger of greater size biggest of greatest size bight turn in middle of cord bight inlet bigot person of narrow mind bigoted of narrow mind Pge p
  51. 51. romanian.txt bigotry narrow minded bigots persons of narrow mind bijou small and pleasing bike two wheeler bikes two wheelers bikini bikini bikini [international] bikinis bikinis bikinis [international] bilateral with two sides bile bitter liquid produced to help digestion bile bad-humor bilge to be pumped out of a ship bilingual two languages bilk get out of making payment bill money bill advertisement bill account bill bird's mouth bill act of lawmaking bill [business] billed made a request for payment billed bird mouthed billed [business] biller one making a request for payment biller [business] billet given work billet living place billet bar of iron billfold small folder for keeping paper money billiards female dog billing making a request for payment billion 1,000,000,000 billion thousand million billions 1,000,000,000's billions thousand millions billow great wave billowed made great wave billowing making great waves billows great waves bills money bills acts of lawmaking bills accounts bills bird's mouths bills advertisements bills [business] bin box binary based on 2 bind put together with cord bind make necessary to binder one putting together binding cord used to put together binding necessary binds puts together (with cord) binds makes necessary to binnacle instrument box on ship binned put in box binocular field glasses binocular for two eyes binoculars field glasses binominal two numbers bins boxes biochemist expert in chemistry of living things biochemistry chemistry of living things biographer one making history of a person biographers ones making history of a person biographies histories of a person biography history of a person Pge p
  52. 52. romanian.txt biological of biology biological living thing biologist expert at biology biologists experts at biology biology biology biped 2-legged biplane 2-winged airplane birch smooth skinned tree birches smooth skinned trees bird bird birder birder birders birders birding birding birdhouse birdhouse birds birds birdseed birdseed birefringence separating of a ray of light birth birth birthday birthday birthdays birthdays birthed birthed birthing birthing birthmark birthmark birthmarks birthmarks birthrate birthrate birthrates birthrates birthright birthright birthrights birthrights births births birthstone birthstone biscuit cake biscuits cakes bisect make a division into two equal parts bisected made a division into two equal parts bisecting making a division into two equal parts bisects makes a division into two equal parts bishop authority over number of churches bishopric position of a Bishop bishopric part of country under a Bishop bishops authorities over number of churches bismuth light red metal used in medical substances bison great animal of cow family bit bit bitch female dog bitches female dogs bite bite biter biter biters biters bites bites biting biting bitmap computer map of bits bits bits bitsy very small bitten bitten bitter bitter bitters bitters bitty very small bivouac rest in the open bizarre very strange blab talk black black blackball blackball blackball say no blackberries blackberries blackberry blackberry blackbird blackbird blackbirds blackbirds blackboard blackboard Pge p
  53. 53. romanian.txt blackboards blackboards blacker blacker blackest blackest blackguard low sort of person blackguard rough person blacking black shoe polish blackmail payment for keeping quiet blackmailer one making request of payment for keeping quiet blackmailing making request of payment for keeping quiet blackout no lights blacks blacks blacksmith maker of shoes for horses blacksmith iron worker blacksmithing iron work blacksmiths makers of shoes for horses blacksmiths iron workers bladder bag-like part bladders rubber bags blade blade blades blades blah talk with nothing in it blame make responsible blame [second] blamed made responsible blamed [second] blamer one who makes responsible blamer [second] blames makes responsible blames [second] blaming making responsible blaming [second] blanch make white blanched made white blanching making white bland smooth blandly smoothly blank space blank nothing blank metal before stamped blanked made a space blanket bed cover blanket [second] blanketing covering blanketing [second] blankets bed covers blankets [second] blanking making spaces blankly with nothing blanks spaces blanks makes as nothing blanks metal before stamped blanks [second] blare noise blared made noise blares made noise blaring noises blasé over-used blaspheme say things without respect blasphemous violent language blasphemy violent language blast strong current of air blasted made a hole in blasting making hole in blasts strong currents of air blatant without shame blatantly without shame blather foolish talk blathering foolish talking Pge p
  54. 54. romanian.txt blaze bright flame blaze make cut sign on tree blaze white mark on horse's face blazer sport coat blazers sport coats blazes a number of bright flames blazing bright flames blazon make public blazon put design on bleach take the color out bleached taken the color out bleacher one taking the color out bleaching taking the color out bleak without comfort bleakly without comfort blear make see as if in a mist bleary watering bleat cry of sheep bleating crying of sheep bled took blood from bled blood taken from bleed take blood from bleeder making blood bleeding taking blood from blemish damaging mark blemished taken away from value blench make a quick move of fear blend substances mixed together blended mixed blender mixer blending mixing bless give approval blessed happy blesses gives approval blessing making happy blew moved as air current blight plant disease blights plant diseases blights troubles blimey surprised blind window curtain blind unable to see blind [verse] blinders square of leather to keep horse from seeing sideways blinding make unable to see blinding [verse] blindly as if unable to see blindly [verse] blinds window curtains blinds makes unable to see blinds [verse] blink open and shut the eyes blinked shut eyes and opened blinker apparatus for turning on and off again and again blinking opening and shutting the eyes blinks opens and shuts the eyes bliss being completely happy blissful completely happy blister water pocket blister cause water pockets on skin blistered with water pockets blistered caused water pockets on skin blistering water pocket blistering causing water pockets on skin blisters water pockets blisters causes water pockets on skin blithe happy blithely happily Pge p
  55. 55. romanian.txt blizzard driving wind and snow blizzards driving winds and snows bloat over full bloated over-full bloated became over-full blob drop blob small round mass block solid mass block get in the way blockade stopping a country's trade blockage something in the way blocked in the way blocker one who gets in the way blockhead slow person blockheads slow persons blockhouse strong house with firing holes blockhouses strong houses with firing holes blocking getting in the way blocks solid masses blocks gets in the way blog internet day-book bloke man on watch blond light color blonde light color blonder lighter color blondes persons with light color hair blondest lightest color blood blood blooded blooded bloodhound dog used to get by smell bloodily with much blood blooding blooding bloodless with no deaths bloodless without blood bloodshed loss of blood bloodshed death bloodshot red-eyed bloodthirsty desiring blood bloody bloody bloom flower bloomed flowered blooming flowering blooms flowers blossom flower blossomed flowered blossoming flowering blossoms flowers blot take up wet blot drop of ink blotch red place on skin blotched with red places on skin blotches red places on skin blotching making red places on skin blotchy with red places on skin blotted took up wet blotter paper to take up wet blotters papers liners to take up wet blotting taking up wet blotting-paper paper to take up wet blouse woman's shirt blouse workman's loose shirt blouse keep in place with a band bloused loosely gripped with band blouses woman's shirts blousing loosely gripping with band blow blow blower blower blowers blowers Pge p
  56. 56. romanian.txt blowhole air hole blowing blowing blown blown blowout burst tire blowout special event blows blows blowup burst blubber sad loud crying blubber fat blubbering be crying loudly bludgeon weighted stick bludgeoned blows with weighted stick blue blue blue sad feeling bluebell woodland flower bluebells woodland flowers blueberry blueberry bluebird bluebird bluebottle common meat fly bluebottles common meat flies bluejacket sailor bluejackets sailors blueprint line picture blues blues blues sad feelings bluff headland bluff make seem stronger bluffing making seem stronger bluing powder used in washing linen blunder error blunderbuss old gun blundered make errors blunderer one making errors blundering making errors blunders errors blunt without edge or point blunted made not sharp blunting making not sharp blunts makes without edge or point blur something not seen clearly blurb short account blurred not seen clearly blurring making not clear blurs makes not clear blurt say at the wrong time blurted said at the wrong time blurting saying at the wrong time blurts says at the wrong time blush become red blushed gone red blushes becomes red blushing going red bluster loud bluster with much wind blustered talked loudly blustering making self-important talk blusters makes self-important talk boa great crushing snake boar male pig board board boarded boarded boarder boarder boarders boarders boarding boarding boarding-house boarding-house boarding-houses boarding-houses boardroom room where officers meet boards boards Pge p
  57. 57. romanian.txt boardwalk boardwalk boars male pigs boast talk about what one is able to do boasted taken credit boaster one talking without shame about powers boasting taking credit for boat boat boated boated boater boater boaters boaters boathouse boathouse boating boating boats boats boatswain chief common seaman bob move up and down bob short haircut bobbed moved up and down bobbed got short haircut bobbin roll bobbing be moving up and down bobbing getting short haircut bobbins rolls bobolink song bird bobolinks song birds bobs moves up and down bobs gets short haircut bode have feeling boded had feeling bodes has feeling bodice top part of dress bodices top parts of dress bodied bodied bodies bodies bodily bodily boding having feelings bodkin threading-needle bodkins threading-needles body body bodyguard man on watch bodyguards men on watch boer Boer boer Dutch South African bog wet, sponge-like earth bog unable to get on bogged unable to get on bogging getting unable to move on boggle make uncertain motions boggle makes the mind uncertain boggles makes uncertain boggy wet, sponge-like earth bogs wet, sponge-like earth bogs gets unable to move on bogus false bohemian without respect bohemian Bohemian boil boil boiled boiled boiler boiler boilermaker boilermaker boilers boilers boiling boiling boilings boilings boils boils boisterous rough, loud boisterously roughly, loudly bold well-marked bold without fear boldly well-marked Pge p
  58. 58. romanian.txt boldly without fear bolero Spanish dance boll cotton ball bolster long cushion bolster give support to bolsters long cushions bolsters gives support to bolt metal pin bolt get away quickly bolt take quickly bolt quite bolter one that goes away quickly bolting getting away quickly bolts thick screws bolts gets away quickly bolts takes quickly bomb bursting ball bomb [science] bombard make an attack on bombard put questions to bombards makes an attack on bombards puts questions to bombast self-important talk bombastic loud, self-important bombastically loud, self-importantly bombed made attack with bursting balls bombed [science] bombing making attacks with bursting balls bombing [science] bombs bursting balls bombs [science] bombshell great shock bombshells great shocks bonanza great profit bonanzas great profits bonbon a sweet bonbons sweets bond keep things together bond agreement for payment bond insurance bondage prison conditions bonded kept together bonded has insurance bonding keeping together bonding getting insurance bonds things to keep together bonds agreements for payment bonds gives insurance bonds gets together bone bone boned boned bonehead foolish person boneless without bone boner boner boners boners bones bones bonfire outdoor fire bonfires outdoor fires boning boning bonnet hat bonnet cover bonnets hats bonnets covers bonny healthily good looking bonus payment in addition bonuses rewards bony with bone boo noise in disgust Pge p
  59. 59. romanian.txt booby foolish person booby slow person book book bookcase shelve for books bookcases shelves for books booked booked bookend book stop bookends book stops booker booker bookers bookers bookie person who takes money for chance bookies ones who take money for chance booking booking bookish like a book bookish likes reading bookkeeper bookkeeper bookkeepers bookkeepers bookkeeping bookkeeping booklet thin book bookmaker person who takes money for chance bookmakers ones who takes money for chance bookmark marked place (in book or computer) bookmark [computer] bookmarks marked places (in book or computer) bookmarks [computer] bookrest support for open book bookrests supports for open book books books bookshelf bookshelf bookshelves bookshelves bookshop bookstore bookshops bookstores bookseller trader in books bookstore bookstore bookstores bookstores bookwork learning from books bookwork office work bookwork paper work bookworm bookworm bookworm interested in books boom deep sound boom time of good business boom long or thick rod boomerang curved stick that comes back booming loud, deep sounds booming good business times booms deep sounds booms times of good business booms rods of wood boon a great help boor person of rough behavior boor male pig boorish unpolished behavior boors unpolished persons boors male pigs boost push up boot boot booted booted bootee baby's wool boot booth open store booth high back seating booths open stores booths high back seating booting booting bootlace cord for doing up boots bootlaces cords for doing up boots bootlegger one making strong drink against the law bootleggers ones making strong drink against the law Pge p
  60. 60. romanian.txt bootless without boots boots boots booty property taken by outlaws booze strong drink border edge border side bordered edged bordering edging borderland land on the edge borderline edge borderline division line borders edges borders division lines bore took bore uninteresting person bore gave birth bore make a hole bore put up with bore marked by bore hole in a pipe bore took on one's back bored uninterested bored made a hole boredom being uninterested bores makes a hole bores uninteresting persons bores puts up with bores holes boring uninteresting born took born by birth born gave birth born put up with borne taken borne taken borne given birth borne put up with boron boron boron chemical 'B' boron [chemistry] borough town boroughs towns borrow get use of borrowed got use of borrowing getting use of borrows gets use of bosh foolish talk bosom chest bosom heart bosomed chested bosoms chests bosoms hearts boss head boss give orders boss button-like part bossed ordered bosses chiefs bossing ordering bossy tendency to give orders botany science of plants botch do badly botched done badly botcher one who did badly botches does badly botching doing badly both the two both [second] bother trouble Pge p
  61. 61. romanian.txt bothered troubled bothering troubling bothers troubles bothersome causing trouble bottle bottle bottled bottled bottleneck narrow part (of road) bottleneck bottle neck bottler bottler bottlers bottlers bottles bottles bottling bottling bottom lowest part bottom last bottom cause bottom [second] bottomed gotten to lowest level bottomed [second] bottoming getting to lowest level bottoming [second] bottomless very deep bottoms lowest parts bottoms trade ships bottoms [second] boudoir woman's private room boudoirs woman's private rooms bough great branch boughs branches bought made a buy boughten had made a buy bouillon soup bouillons soups boulder great stone boulders great stones boulevard wide street boulevards wide streets bounce jump bounced jumped bouncer jumper bounces jumps bouncing jumping bound jump bound put limits boundaries limits boundaries edges boundaries division lines boundary limit, edge boundary division line boundless very great bounds jumps bounds limits bounteous in great amount bounties rewards bountiful giving much bounty reward bounty kind giving bouquet flowers bouquet smell bouquets flowers bouquets smells bourgeois middle of society bout turn bouts turns bovine cow-like bow curved stick with cord bow knot bow violin stick bow be bent down Pge p
  62. 62. romanian.txt bow arch bow arched instrument with cord bow forward end of ship bow [verse] bowdlerize take interesting parts out bowdlerized taken shocking parts out bowed used violin bowed arched bowed bent down bowed [verse] bowel part of digesting system bower garden place bowery place with leaves bowing use violin bowing ornamented knots bowing bending down bowing [verse] bowl basin bowl ten pins bowled sent ball in sport bowler man's round-top hat bowler sender of ball bowlers man's round-top hats bowlers players of ten pins bowlers senders of ball bowline a sailor's knot bowling 10 pins bowls basins bowman archer bowmen archers bows violin sticks bows forward end of ships bows knots bows is bent down bows [verse] box box boxed boxed boxer boxer boxers boxers boxes boxes boxing boxing boxing fighting with gloves boy boy boycott have no relation boycotted had no relation boycotter one having no relation boycotting having no relation boycotts has no relation boys boys brace support brace make stronger brace two braced supported braced made stronger bracelet arm band bracelets arm bands bracing supporting bracing making stronger bracket support from wall bracket mark used for grouping bracket on two sides bracketed was on two sides bracketing being on two sides bracketing putting supports from wall brackets supports from wall brackets marks used for grouping brackish salt taste brad nail without head Pge p
  63. 63. romanian.txt brads nails without heads brag talk of how much one is able to do braggart one who talks well of self bragged talked well of self bragging talking well of self brags talks well of self brahmin Brahmin brahmin highest group in Hindu society braid edging braid twist braided edged braided twisted braider edger braider twister braiding edging braiding twisting braids edgings braids twists braille by touch braille Braille brain brain brainchild of one's plan brained brained brainer brainer brainers brainers brainier with more brain brainless without brain power brainless foolish brains brains brainstorm get ideas brainwave bright idea brainy having brains braise cook slowly in covered pot braised is cooked slowly in covered pot braises is cooked slowly in covered pot braising is cooking slowly in covered pot brake brake brake stopping instrument brake See 'break' for broken braked braked brakeman brakeman braker braker brakers brakers brakes brakes braking braking bramble blackberry brambles blackberries bran outside part of grain branch branch branched branched branches branches branching branching brand trademark brand very brand bit of burning wood brand-new very new branded trademarked brander trademarker branders trademarkers branding trademarking brandish be waving brands trademarks brandy alcohol drink from wine brass brass brassy brassy brat young person giving trouble brats young persons giving trouble bratty being of trouble Pge p