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Ayuda 3 b dollars and cents


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Ayuda 3 b dollars and cents

  1. 1. CICLO 2013 – II Módulo: IUnidad: 3A Semana: 5INGLES IIMg. Elsa Magdalena Diez Pachas
  3. 3. ORIENTACIONESEspero que usted, al finalizar es estudio de esta unidad, haya logrado:• Preguntar y responder a interrogantes utilizando las nociones básicas delPasado simple.Recuerde que nuestro curso estará enfocado a revisar vocabulario y puntosgramaticales, ítems que se tomará en cuenta en los exámenes y trabajoacadémico. No olvide de revisar sus otros materiales virtuales para reforzar susconocimientos y habilidades.
  4. 4. CONTENTSGrammar• Simple past– Yes / no questions and short answers.– Exercises.– Wh – questions.– Exercises
  5. 5. AuxiliaryDidSubject Main verb(base form)Complement?DidIYouSheHeseehelpget upspendyou yesterday?your son with his homework?early this morning?A lot of money last week?(+) Alex ate a sandwich.( -) Alex didn`t eat a sandwich.( ?)Did Alex eat a sandwich?Yes, he did / No, he didn`t.(+) It rained a lot yesterday.(- ) It didn’t rain a lot yesterday.(?) Did it rain a lot yesterday?Yes, it did. / No, it didn`t.
  6. 6. Practice making questions in the past tense.1. You took.2. She broke3. They ran4. Alex bought5. Sara studied.6. Sam threw.7. I made8. It froze9. Jake slept.10. It listened11. She fell.12. We lost.Change the following sentences into questions.Ericka bought a brand new car last week.Did she buy a brand new car last week?1.You ate dinner at a fancy restaurant last night.2.They waited for their parents at the airport for hours.3.They came to class on time today.4.He finished his homework at 9:00 last night.5.She got a letter from Cuba yesterday.6.We went to the zoo with the kids last weekend.7.The fish tasted awful after three days.8.Linda fell in the snow when she first arrived in Trujillo.
  7. 7. Wh -worddid Subject Verb(base form)Complement?WhatWhereHowWhyWhenWhodidTheyHeYouSheheyouPlayGo?FixLeave?Arrive?Call?Last night?It?What? The played soccer.Where? He went to the shopping mall.How? I used glue.Why? She left because she was sick.When? He arrived 2 hours ago.Who? I called my mother.
  8. 8. 1. She pushed her bike.2. She carried a bag.3. The policeman arrested the thief4. We ate fish5. I opened the door6. The teacher checked our homework7. Cindy had a dog8. Billy ate an apple9. The boy read a book10.He paid the bill11.The teacher pointed to the board12.He clicked the mouse button13.Robby Robber robbed a bank14.The house burnt down15.The children respected their teacherExercise on questions with interrogativeAsk for the bold part of the sentence
  9. 9. A: I’d like to make a deposit.B: Do you have a deposit slip.A: Yes, I do.B: Okay. I’ll be right with you.
  10. 10. CHECKING KNOWLEDGESTUDENT BOOKPages: 39 – 49,51WORKBOOKPages:34 – 45,47I suggest doing these activities in order to check your understanding.Please pay attention to the pages in bold.
  11. 11. GRACIAS