Ayuda 1 b describing people


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Ayuda 1 b describing people

  1. 1. CICLO 2013 – II Módulo: IUnidad: 1B Semana: 2INGLES IIMg. Elsa Magdalena Diez Pachas
  3. 3. ORIENTACIONESEspero que usted, al finalizar es estudio de esta unidad, haya logrado:•Comprender y utilizar las nociones básicas del Presente simple .Recuerde que nuestro curso estará enfocado a revisar vocabulario y puntosgramaticales, ítems que se tomará en cuenta en los exámenes y trabajoacadémico. No olvide de revisar sus otros materiales virtuales para reforzar susconocimientos y habilidades.
  4. 4. CONTENIDOS TEMÁTICOSGrammar• The simple present.– Affirmative– Spelling rules: third person.– Exercises– Negative– Exercises– Yes / no questions and short answers– Exercises.
  5. 5. This is the grammar structure for an affirmative statement in the simplepresent:SUBJECT + VERB + COMPLEMENTI work every day.You study English.We like pizza.They dance very well.For the third person form with HE, SHE and IT we have to add the ending –s or–es to the verb.He listens to music.She watches TV.It rains a lot in May.Simple Present tense talks about habits, routines and facts.Affirmative sentences
  6. 6. Verb ending in...How to make the 3rd personsingularExample[anything else]s, z, sh, ch, x, oAdd -SAdd -ESHe drinksHe passeswatchesGoesWashesfixesconsonant + y Change Y to I, then add -ES It fliesIrregular Change the word: Have She has
  7. 7. Conjugate the verbs in the third person singular of Present Tense.Walk _______Enjoy _______Fly _______Push _______Teach _______Skip _______Pull _______See _______Comb _______Enter _______Run _______Get up_______Fix _______Talk _______Have _______Brush _______Repeat_______Cook _______Say _______Wear _______Crash _______Jump _______Do _______Break _______
  8. 8. 1. I ________ in a bank. (work)2. She ________ in Florida. (live)3. It ________ almost every day in Manchester. (rain)4. We ________ to Spain every summer. (fly)5. My mother ________ eggs for breakfast every morning. (fry)6. The bank ________ at four oclock. (close)7. John ________ very hard in class, but I dont think hell pass the course. (try)8. Jo is so smart that she ________ every exam without even trying. (pass)9. My life is so boring -- I just ________ TV every night. (watch)10. My best friend ________ to me every week. (write)A. Write the correct form for each word.
  9. 9. Negative sentencesSUBJECT + DO NOT / DOES NOT + VERB + COMPLEMENTThey do not fix cars.He does not come today.Note: Do not = Don’t and Does not = doesn`tThese are the contractions of the auxiliaries in their negative form.1.They2.She3.I4.We5.It6.YouUse don`t or doesn`t.7. He8. Joe and Paul9. Sally10. The dog11. His car12. Your parents13. Mary and I14. The cat15. Her plane16. The bank17. A bus18. My friend and I
  10. 10. Change the sentences to Negative Simple Present.1. I know Jim and Mary. I don’t know Jim and Mary.2. You own a motorcycle.3. We have class every day.4. Matt and Kate play the piano very well.5. Jenny travels by train.6. I watch television every morning.7. It rains all the time.8. Fred has a briefcase.9. Tony works in construction.10.I play the guitar.
  11. 11. Yes / no questions and short answers.Do / Does + Subject + Verb + Complement + ?Do you play cards?Does Jim work at a bank?Does it rain a lot?Do they walk to university?Affirmative NegativeYes, I do.Yes, he does.Yes, it does.Yes, they do.No, I don`t.No, he doesn`t.No, it doesn`t.No, they don`t.
  12. 12. Practice making questions with do or does.1. ___ I..?2. ___ we..?3. ___ they..?4. ___ he..?5. ___ you..?6. ___ she..?7. ___ you and I..?8. ___ the bank..?9. ___ the cat..?10. __ the dogs..?11. __ my boss..?12. __ it..?13. __ their friends..?14. __ Carlos ..?15. __ Your mom..?16. __ Paul and Joe..?17. __ her sister..?18. __ the taxi..?19. __ my dad and I ..?20. __ Jenny..?21. __ You and Sam ..?
  13. 13. Change the sentences to questions with do or does.1. I take a shower every day. Do you take a shower every day?2. He goes to sleep early.3. You know your neighbors.4. She listens to the radio in the morning.5. Doctors help sick people.6. We like chocolate ice cream.7. It rains every day in the Amazon.8. Leslie and Jimmy like to go to the park.9. My teacher gives a lot of homework.10.It snows a lot in January.
  14. 14. CHECKING KNOWLEDGESTUDENT BOOKPages:5,7,11,14,1515,17,18,19WORKBOOKPages:3,4,5,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17.I suggest doing these activities in order to check your understanding.Please pay attention to the pages in bold.
  15. 15. THANKS