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Reported speech requests-commands


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Reported Speech

Published in: Education
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Reported speech requests-commands

  1. 1. •For orders or commands •For requests
  2. 2. Orders / Commands Sometimes people tell us to do something directly in this way: Example: The doctor: “Get plenty of rest.” Reported Speech: The doctor told me TO GET plenty of rest. OR The doctor said TO GET plenty of rest.
  3. 3. More examples . . . The teacher: “Take a break.” The teacher told us TO TAKE a break. John: “Call me later.” John told me TO CALL HIM later. My mom: “Don’t stay up late.” My mom said NOT TO STAY up late.
  4. 4. Notice that we use the infinitive form for this type of reported speech. *No past forms The teacher told us ___________ a break. •Notice also that we never use THAT here: The teacher told us THAT to take a break.
  5. 5. Requests Someone asks us to do something and we want to report this to another person. EXAMPLE: My sister: “Can you help me cook dinner?” Reported Speech: My sister asked me to help her cook dinner.
  6. 6. More examples . . . The teacher: “Can you turn off your cell phone?” The teacher asked me TO TURN off my cell phone. John: “Will you call me later?” John asked me TO CALL HIM later. My mom: “Can you come visit me soon?” My mom asked me TO COME visit her soon.
  7. 7. Notice that again, we use the infinitive form for this type of reported speech. *No past forms Notice also that we never use THAT here. The only difference between reporting commands and reporting requests is:
  8. 8. Compare the 2 structures: Cindy: “Help me move this desk.” “Could you help me move this desk?” Reported speech: Cindy TOLD US to help her move the/that. desk. Cindy ASKED US to help her move the/that desk.
  9. 9. Your turn to practice: Change the following to reported speech. Some sentences are: (1) statements (2) commands (3) requests Write the answers on your paper.
  10. 10. 1. Tom: “Could you open the window? 2. The teacher: “You haven’t handed in your homework yet.” *teacher = female 3. My sister: “Send me pictures from your trip to Hawaii.” 4. Melissa: “I have a new dog.” 5. My neighbour: “Can you help me paint my house? *neighbour = male
  11. 11. 1. Tom asked me to open the window. 2. The teacher said I hadn’t handed in my homework yet. 3. My sister told me to send pictures from my trip to Hawaii. 4. Melissa said she had a new dog. 5. My neighbour asked me to help him paint his house.