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Leornado Di Caprio


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Published in: Education
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Leornado Di Caprio

  1. 1. His name is Leornado willhelm Dicaprio
  2. 2. Leornado dicaprio was born the 11 of November 1974
  3. 3. He born in los angeles He is american
  4. 4. HE LIVE IN AMERICA He lives in Los Angeles
  5. 5. He is 37 years old
  6. 6. He is an actor and film producer
  7. 7. His mother is called Irmelin dicaprio and his father george dicaprio
  8. 8. He likes to read books, makemovies,stay with friends and party
  9. 9. He is catholic
  10. 10. He earns77,000,000 a year
  11. 11. When he was a little boy he lived in california
  12. 12. ● He has got brown hair.● He has got brown eyes.
  13. 13. He is single