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World war two draft and the soviet union


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World war two draft and the soviet union

  1. 1. America Prepares for World War Two! Japanese relocation camps,Soviet Union joins the Allies, The Draft in the U.S. …Life on the Home front!
  2. 2. The U.S. wasn’t prepared to go into World War 2 when Pearl Harbor was attacked!• We didn’t have enough men in our army, navy or air force to fight such big armies as Japan, Italy and especially Germany!• But the draft was one way to solve this problem!• Surprised young men soon received letters informing them that they would soon be training to head to Europe or Japan to fight!
  3. 3. Soldiers had to say tearfulgoodbyes to their families
  4. 4. Victory gardens were planted so more food could be sent to the troops!
  5. 5. Posters told Americans to go to work FOR their country!
  6. 6. America began to prepare for WAR! Ships were built:
  7. 7. Car companies stopped makingcars and started making tanks!
  8. 8. World War 2 plane
  9. 9. All these new things being built put out of work Americans suddenly back to work!
  10. 10. As more men went off to fight, women took their jobs!
  11. 11. Women answered the challenge!
  12. 12. Food was limited by the U.S. government. This is called ‘rationing’.
  13. 13. Ration books were issued
  14. 14. Even comics were propaganda during the war to promote patriotism!
  15. 15. How do you think the Japanese Americans were treated after the attack at Pearl Harbor?Let’s see…
  16. 16. Japanese American families wererounded up from their homes and sent to camps in the middle of nowhere.
  17. 17. A Japanese relocation camp in the middle of the desert-in the middle of nowhere in Arizona.
  18. 18. Japanese Relocation Camps in the U.S. during WW2
  19. 19. Japanese were herded onto trains and buses away from their homes to live somewhere they’d never been!
  20. 20. The U.S. government rounded up Japanese-Americans by the thousands and forced them to these camps!
  21. 21. They were given small ‘hut’ like homes to live in.
  22. 22. Sometimes families lived in small barracks.
  23. 23. They had very little space and no privacy!
  24. 24. The camps were guarded and had fenced limits.
  25. 25. Another sign from a camp.
  26. 26. These boys stand at a fence at a Japanese ‘relocation’ camp
  27. 27. These little girls are inside a relocation camp
  28. 28. They were given curfews (times to be in bed) butoccasionally they were allowed to have a dance and stay up later
  29. 29. In WW2, black men and white men wereSTILL separate. So…the black soldiers were trained at different places.
  30. 30. The black pilots were trained here in Alabama in a little town called Tuskegee.
  31. 31. These were their planes
  32. 32. The Tuskegee airmen flew 1,500 missions against the Germans in battles and NEVER lost a plane! They wereawarded more medals of honor than any other pilot group!
  33. 33. This is a modern replica of their planes
  34. 34. President Bush salutes one of the few remaining living Tuskegee airmen!
  35. 35. Today, the few remaining Tuskegee Airmen shows his support for U.S. troops by visiting a training base.
  36. 36. This jacket proudly displays a patch forevery battle the Tuskegee airmen fought in.