Causes of ww2


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WW2, Elementary level

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Causes of ww2

  1. 1. What caused World War 2? 1939-1945
  2. 2. Remember the Treaty of Versailles signed here at this building in Paris, France that ended World War 1 in 1919?
  3. 3. Well…it did all of this to Germanyto punish them for World War 1.-Germany was not allowed to have a military!– German ships used for trading were given to the Allies!– Germany was forced to give up all territories in Africa, Pacific, and Europe!– Germany was ordered to pay $33 billion in war damages!!!
  4. 4. How do you think the German people feltabout this treaty and how the Allies treated them after World War 1?
  5. 5. Germany couldn’t possibly pay all that money back and trying to helped to send their country into a terrible, awful, horrible depression in the1920s and 1930s…(yes, worse than ours). Starvation wasn’t unusual in Germany. These German babies are starving here.
  6. 6. Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany with his new Nazi party He promised the Germanpeople that he would make life better for them!
  7. 7. Hitler’s political party was called Nazis and theybelieved in FACISM which is TOTAL governmentcontrol over people in a country. No freedoms!!! THIS WAS THE NAZI PARTY FLAG WHEN HITLER WAS IN CONTROL
  8. 8. This is Adolf Hitler giving the German ‘Nazi’ party salute to his followers in Germany in 1937.
  9. 9. Hitler was a DICTATOR – leader gains complete control of a country. He put hundreds of thousands of German citizens to DEATH for speaking out against him in the 1930s!!!!!These murdered German citizens spoke out against Hitler in 1935. WOW…..
  10. 10. Hitler told the German people what they wanted to hear! “I will make Germany the greatest nation on Earth!” Many Germans believed in him and followed his leadership.
  11. 11. He promised the people of Germany the following things if they would follow him:1. That he would make Germany better and richer than all other countries in the world.2. To make Jews leave Germany.3. To expand the German borders and take ‘lost’ lands back from neighboring countries.4. To rebuild the German army and navy into the best fighting force in the world.
  12. 12. Hitler hated Jews because of their different religion and he was jealous of their business successes in his country. He convinced many Germans that the Jews was destroying their ‘perfect’ German country.Hitler tells the German people: “Jews are people of robbers!” (1929 speech)
  13. 13. The Jews had moved to Germany from other countries and had prospered while many other Germans had not. Many Germans were very jealous of their successes during hard times. They were accused of “taking German people’s jobs”THIS JEWISH HOUSE OF WORSHIP WAS DESTROYED BY THE NAZIS IN 1938.
  14. 14. These Nazi soldiers guard a Jewish business inBerlin, Germany in 1936. They have written on the window-You Jewish pigs! May your hands rot off!
  15. 15. In Italy, a country near Germany another dictator rose to power in the 1930s-BenitoMussolini shown here in his military uniform.
  16. 16. Mussolini was not as ‘evil’ as Hitler and valued human lifemuch more but he wanted lands and riches for his countryof Italy and agreed with the Nazi principles of government.
  17. 17. In Asia, yet another government controlled by a king would join Hitler and Mussolini’s quest forpower and riches-The empire of JAPAN. This was Emperor Hirohito.
  18. 18. Together, Italy, Japan and Germany hopedto control wealth and power in their parts of the world. Together, they were known as the AXIS powers.
  19. 19. In 1939, Hitler began to prepare the German army to invade and take over their neighbor- Poland.Germany claimed part of Poland’s land was theirs!
  20. 20. Britain and France were long-time allies (friends) of Poland and promised to help them if Hitlerinvaded them. The two countries also feared how powerful Hitler was becoming.
  21. 21. Britain and France warned Hitler but heinvaded Poland anyway. Here the Nazi army marches into Poland.
  22. 22. German tanks move into terrified Polish towns.
  23. 23. German Nazi soldiers dismantle a Polish border crossing
  24. 24. Knowing they were outnumbered badly, the Polish army retreated into France and Romania. Any Polish citizens who did fight were captured andexecuted by gun. Notice the dead Polish citizens in the ditch.
  25. 25. Hitler (in front) leads his troops into the capital city of Poland to celebrate a very easy victory and to declare that Poland was now part of Germany!!!
  26. 26. British prime minister (president) Neville Chamberlain was VERY angry at Hitler for invading Poland and Britain declared war on Germany in 1939!
  27. 27. Hitler laughed at the declaration of war by Britain and France and began rolling his tanks and marching his army through many small countries in Western Europe taking them into his Nazi German empire as he defeated them!HITLER’S ARMY BOMBS AND CAPTURES THE COUNTRY OF NORWAY IN APRIL 1940.
  28. 28. Seeing what had happened in Norway, the smallcountry of Denmark gave up to Nazi Germany later that month without much fight.
  29. 29. These Belgium soldiers would fallto Nazi Germany as well in 1940.
  30. 30. No country in Europe or Asia could stand up to the Axis armies it seemed…one by won they were being conquered by Hitler and Mussolini and Hirohito’s armies…• Netherlands-FELL to Germany 1940• Luxembourg –FELL to Germany 1940• Greece – Fell to Italy 1941• Yugoslavia –fell to Germany -1940• Belgium –fell to Germany -1940• China (parts of it) fell to Japan -1939• Albania –fell to Italy 1939• Libya –fell to Italy 1939• Holland –fell to Germany 1940• Hong Kong –fell to Japan -1940
  31. 31. WHO IS NEXT ON THE AXIS ‘HIT LIST’? Could 3 nations really control the world?The small countries were no match for Hitler’s powerful army…he wanted the BIG BOYS to come out and play…So…
  32. 32. After defeating his neighbor to the east-Poland, heturned his attention to his neighbor to the west that had just declared war on his country-France! He attacks them in 1940!German Nazi soldiers march into a bombed city in France!!
  33. 33. German tanks roll across the countryside in France destroying land and buildings as they go.
  34. 34. In the six weeks of fighting in France, 92,000 French soldiers died at the hands of Germany.DEAD FRENCH SOLDIER ON THE STREETS OF PARIS.
  35. 35. Here, German Nazi soldiers avoid French bombs.
  36. 36. Here a German Nazi soldier arrests a French soldier.
  37. 37. Hitler (in center) stands in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France as he celebratestaking that country into the German empire!
  38. 38. In each country he conquered, Hitler ordered ‘evil’ Jews rounded up and arrested and taken to prisons…
  39. 39. Ahh…now Hitler smelled blood! There was onecountry he wanted above all…the most powerfulcountry in the world in the early 1900s and nowwith most of Europe conquered, it was within his reach…WHAT COUNTRY WAS IT???
  40. 40. GREAT BRITAIN of course!
  41. 41. Does he get Great Britain under his control? What about the United States? What is our role in all of this?• Playing tomorrow on another episode of ‘As the World Turns…’