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The mermaid who saved the ocean2


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Project by Paloma, Inés, Mirian, Mario and Carlos.A

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The mermaid who saved the ocean2

  1. 1. The mermaid who saved the ocean Paloma Inés Mirian Mario Carlos.A
  2. 2. Once upon a time there was a ocean The Pacicfic This is the ocean ocean
  3. 3. The mermaid was the prettiest girl in the ocean I am taller than the day before yesterday!
  4. 4. Mermaid wasn´t the most intelligent in her family I am not as intelligent as my sister.
  5. 5. Why was the mermaid brave? I am brave because I sing very well
  6. 6. One day Scarlet saw perry I can see Perry!
  7. 7. Perry came to Scarlet´s ocean I come to your ocean
  8. 8. Perry transformed the mermaid I am younger You are young Now I am going to destroy the ocean
  9. 9. Did scarlet invite perry to a party in the ocean? That´s my kingdom .
  10. 10. Scarlet didn´t know Perry I don´t know you!
  11. 11. Perry wanted to destroy the ocean I am faster than you!
  12. 12. Scarlet arrived and transformed Perry. I am the smallest platypus !
  13. 13. Scarlet could dive She can dive
  14. 14. Perry called scarletI love you Scarlet
  15. 15. THE END