Lose Fat Your Very Own Way


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This is how you rely mainly on your nutrition to lose fat the right way, it is the right way for you.

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Lose Fat Your Very Own Way

  1. 1. Lose Fat Your Very Own Way
  2. 2. Customize Your Fat Loss Plan We Are Different!
  3. 3. Eat For Your Age The same food you ate at younger age tends to be stored as fat when you get older
  4. 4. Types of Food You Eat is What Makes You Fat Give up foods that now tend to be stored as fat when your metabolism is slowing down.
  5. 5. When you get older, hormonal changes and reduced lean muscle make carbohydrates to be stored as fat.
  6. 6. Select Foods You Eat to : Turn your metabolism into fat melting machine.
  7. 7. Know Exactly What Foods to Eat, in What Amounts and at What Times
  8. 8. Starting at the Age of 18-20: Gradually reduce carbohydrates and raise the amount of protein and healthy fat, to switch your metabolism towards fat burning.
  9. 9. Eat Nutrient Dense foods These foods contain high ratio of nutrients to calories.e.g. fruits and vegetables
  10. 10. Avoid Calorie Dense Foods These foods contain high ratio of calories to nutrients. e.g. Oil
  11. 11. Eat Foods that Boost Metabolism
  12. 12. Eat for Your Body Type Different body types respond differently to various nutrients.
  13. 13. Lose Fat and Not Muscles Make sure your plan does not sacrifice your lean muscle
  14. 14. Muscles are Fat Burning Devices
  15. 15. Muscles Give Shape to Your Body
  16. 16. Be Aware Of These Foods Refined Processed Carbohydrates :
  17. 17. Tacos Corn Chips Wraps Pizza Croissants Pasta (of all kinds, brown or white) Rolls Muffins Flour (of all kinds, Brown or white) Crumpets Pastries Bagels
  18. 18. Bread (of all kinds, Brown or white) Buns Pretzels Doughnuts Cookies Biscuits Cakes Polished Rice Wheat All products containing Wheat Corn Cornflour starch
  19. 19. All products containing Corn Candy Toffee Sweets Potato chips Batter Breadcrumbs Pastry Pastries Desserts Jams Jelly
  20. 20. Jello Dumplings Pasty Pies Batter All Sugars All products containing Sugar Granola bars Breakfast bars Cereals Soft Drinks Sodas
  21. 21. Foods containing corn syrup Sugary drinks Cordials Store bought cooked meats/cold cuts if they have added sugars and additives) Sausages/hot dog frankfurters if they contain carbohydrate fillers, additives, or sugar
  22. 22. Don’t Eat These Foods : Bread
  23. 23. White Rice
  24. 24. Sugar
  25. 25. Fried Foods
  26. 26. All Alcoholic Drinks
  27. 27. Cheese
  28. 28. Creamy Salad Dressing
  29. 29. Watch This Video To learn more details about how you can customize your fat loss.