Optimize Leptin - Your Fat Store Keeper


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This is how you can make simple lifestyle changes to lose weight permanently. Effect of foods and exercise on hormones
that influence food intake and energy expenditure. Recognize effect of Leptin on your diet program.

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Optimize Leptin - Your Fat Store Keeper

  1. 1. Optimize Your Fat-Store Keeper To Lose Weight Permanently
  2. 2. Leptin and Starvation * Leptin plays a critical role in the adaptive response to starvation * Leptin levels change more when food intake decreases than when food intake increases
  3. 3. Leptin is a hormone made by fat tissue in an amount that is proportional to fat mass.
  4. 4. Leptin decreases hunger, suppresses appetite and food intake through its effect on the hypothalamus
  5. 5. When fat mass shrinks, plasma Leptin levels fall, appetite is stimulated and energy expenditure is suppressed until original fat mass is restored.
  6. 6. * Leptin levels in the blood are higher between midnight and early morning * Leptin amount can be modified by meal timing
  7. 7. Leptin amount is affected by decreased food intake more than by increased food intake
  8. 8. Leptin level is decreased after short-term fasting (24-72 hours), even when changes in fat mass are not observed.
  9. 9. Leptin is chronically reduced by physical exercise training.
  10. 10. Leptin Resistance is a Reaction to Food Manipulation Energy-dense, low-nutrient foods like soda, refined flours, candy or sugar will lead to Leptin Resistance
  11. 11. Although Leptin reduces appetite as a circulating signal, obese individuals generally exhibit an unusually high circulating levels of Leptin (They are resistant to the effects of Leptin).
  12. 12. In Leptin Resistance, the body does not receive a signal of satiety after eating
  13. 13. When you lose weight your body becomes more sensitive to Leptin.
  14. 14. Leptin resistance in obese individuals is likely to be due to a post leptin-receptor defect
  15. 15. What Can Food Do For Leptin
  16. 16. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) MSG suppresses Leptin. Avoid MSG.
  17. 17. Fructose
  18. 18. * Fructose is present in soft drinks, snack foods and fruits especially fruit juice * Fructose prevents Leptin from elevating to normal after a meal
  19. 19. Omega 3 Foods
  20. 20. Omega-3 fatty acids decrease the production of a group of molecules the body produces to combat inflammation. These molecules reduce Leptin’s ability to communicate with the brain and they are primary cause of Leptin resistance.
  21. 21. Inulin Rich Foods
  22. 22. Leptin imbalances have been observed in gut disorders like colitis. Foods containing inulin: (garlic,onions,leeks, artichokes,bananas) feed good gut bacteria, promoting their replication which heals the gut.
  23. 23. Very Low Calorie Diets Avoid creating a famine inside your body, in order to guard against rebound weight gain.
  24. 24. Animal Protein Protein improves Leptin sensitivity
  25. 25. The major physiological role of leptin is suggested to be not as a “satiety signal” to prevent obesity in times of energy excess, but as a “starvation signal” to maintain adequate fat stores for survival during times of energy deficit.
  26. 26. Visit This Page To go through the details you should know to lose weight permanently.