Mark & Claire Salvidge – Photo Report
                                              July to November 2008
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Jehovah´s Witnesses in Africa


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Un viaje por Africa, conociendo a heramanos Testigos de Jehová

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Jehovah´s Witnesses in Africa

  1. 1. Mark & Claire Salvidge – Photo Report July to November 2008 Tanzania & Nigeria 1. Tanzania: This is the road that leads to 2. We traveled there with Tony and Anne Porter, Sumbawanga, a town in the southwest of Tanzania international servants serving in Tanzania with where a new expandable Kingdom Hall has just their Kingdom Hall program, as well as Castro been built. Mollel, the brother overseeing the program. 3. A beautiful local burnt brick Kingdom Hall in the 4. The interior is very presentable and the local deep rurals of Tanzania. congregation really appreciates this gift from Jehovah. 5. The Sumbawanga expandable Kingdom Hall just at 6. The metal panels are quickly removed to make the end of construction. room for 500 in attendance. 1/04
  2. 2. Salvidge Photo Report Page 2 7. These hardworking brothers and sister have really 8. This must be one of the best-located toilet done a great job in realizing this project in what is buildings in Africa! A baobab tree as part of the seriously a remote area of Tanzania. And the quality structure and a fantastic African setting. was excellent! 9. The world famous Ngorongoro crater, once a 10. Anne & Tony Porter, Martin & Ineke Witholt, massive conical volcano that blew its top and now is Castro Mollel, Mark & Claire Salvidge; all home to many of Africa’s mammal species. enjoying the thrill of passing by this awesome location. 11. Castro, second from right, is a Masai as you can see 12. The drive to our next destination took us through when you see him with Masai tribesmen. some fantastic lion country! 1/04
  3. 3. Salvidge Photo Report Page 3 13. In the heat of the day all you got to do is sit back and 14. Of course if your wheel comes off en-route, then relax…… its action stations. 15. Or you shred a tyre on the sharp rocks then there’s 16. Some really great evenings were spent with Clint nothing else to do but change it… in lion country! & Wendy Winklemen. They have been serving in Tanzania as Bethelites in Foreign Service for many years now. 17. Wade & Molly Jasiki serve as missionaries in 18. Together with Tony & Anne after traveling a total Tanzania and it was great to get to spend some time of 4,972 kilometers. with them. 1/04
  4. 4. Salvidge Photo Report Page 4 19. Nigeria: Our six-week trip to Nigeria started off 20. Much time was spent visiting Assembly Halls all with a Smorgasbord evening at Gosta & Roseline over Nigeria. This is the new platform building at Andersson’s room in Nigeria Bethel. the Uzuakoli Assembly Hall. 21. The new Assembly Hall facility in Kwali, near the 22. The brothers have really excelled themselves with capital city of Abuja, has just been dedicated, Assembly Hall construction in Nigeria and fine quality work is evident. 23. This is the new Kingdom Hall at the Uzuakoli 24. And here are some of the KHC servants who assist Assembly Hall site. with Kingdom Hall and Assembly Hall construction. 1/04
  5. 5. Salvidge Photo Report Page 5 25. This is the new Kingdom Hall in the village of Ona 26. And here is the fine interior. Egunte. 27. This is the former Ona Egunte Kingdom Hall…. 28. …. And the interior. The brothers are so happy to have a fine meeting place. 29. One of our sisters in her home at Ona Egunte. So 30. Ourselves, Zane & Angela Schmidt, Kolawole pleased to have the new Kingdom Hall! Adeoye, Trond & Nina Myklebust, as we set off to the northeast of Nigeria. 1/04
  6. 6. Salvidge Photo Report Page 6 31. Many trucks have Biblical scenes painted onto the 32. As we neared the desert area of Northern Nigeria rear of their rides. we came across this Tuareg man. 33. He was caring for his herd of camels and it was so 34. We entered into a remote village and were given nice to spend a few minutes with him and his permission to walk about. Here a woman proudly camels. showed us her house. 35. This old mama was very entertaining and showed us 36. Going in the local huts and sitting with the people here method of cleaning corn. was a great experience for all of us. 1/04
  7. 7. Salvidge Photo Report Page 7 37. We finally arrive at the Maiduguri expandable 38. The sisters all wore traditional clothing, which Kingdom Hall in the northeast of Nigeria, just below means that as you walk around you see non-stop Lake Chad. multi color beautiful patterns. 39. The brothers tried too 40. A peak attendance of 914 was present Sunday. Previously these brothers had to travel 600 kilometers to attend the District Convention. 41. Claire with Mama Rebecca, our sister who cared 42. Mama Rebecca was also the expert in getting our well for us. locust supper cooked just right! Yum Yum. 1/04
  8. 8. Salvidge Photo Report Page 8 43. Along the roadside we passed this school; the 44. Trond & Nina with the border of Cameroon behind children simply sit outside under the trees on logs them, marked by the massive granite spires. and the class is held. 45. Zane & Angela with the start of the mountains that 46. The road to our destination climbs to lead up to mountainous border with Cameroon. approximately 1,780 meters and it got pleasantly cool at the top. 47. On the way we saw this man carrying his bundle of 48. We also saw a whole family of the Fulani, a grass that he will use either for fodder for animals or nomadic tribe that occasionally up their camp and for thatching. move to a new location, carrying everything they own with them. 1/04
  9. 9. Salvidge Photo Report Page 9 49. After climbing the mountains we met with the KHC 50. A meeting was held with these hard working Group who were busy with yet another project. brothers. One KHC Group managed to build 14 Kingdom Halls last year! 51. The amazing sunset we were faced with as we 52. We do hope you enjoyed this update. Mark & neared the top of the mountains. A total of 7,452 Claire. kilometers was traveled whilst visiting Nigeria. Dear Friends, November 12, 2008 Both Tanzania and Nigeria are fascinating countries with very diverse geography as well as a varied mix of peoples, tribes and languages. It was such a pleasure to see the fine growth in both of these countries, with more and more people showing interest in the Truth. Just imagine, that in Nigeria during the 2008 service year, an average of 38 persons were baptized every day! Much has been accomplished with regard to Kingdom Hall, expandable Kingdom Hall and Assembly Hall construction in both of these countries, and the hard work of the individuals involved is really appreciated by the local brothers, many who never could have imagined that they would one day have meetings in a ‘proper’ Kingdom Hall. As usual, due to the growth, there is still much more work ahead here in Africa. Presently a total of 8,950 Kingdom Halls have been built and we still need approximately another 2,850. We really hope that these images help you to see the good work that is being done Kingdom Hall construction wise, and the wonderful people and places that surround us all, if we stop long enough to have a look Please feel free to share this report with fellow witnesses, but please respect our wish that you do not change it in any way. Regards, Mark & Claire Salvidge. 1/04