Odm Brand Presentation 2009


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O.D.M is a dynamic designer watch brand established in 1999. We are an international brand winning worldwide awards with other world class brands. O.D.M. (Originality, Dynamic and Minimalism) is established as an "inno-trendy timewear" brand symbolizing our aim to adopt new technologies and design innovative wristwatches. O.D.M is sold in over 28 Countries with regional offices located inParis, Singapore and China.

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Odm Brand Presentation 2009

  1. 1. Indulge yourself in the ever-booming clubbing culture We love clubbing! We love parties!! And we love to have fun!!!
  2. 2. odm proudly presents: DD101 exclusive club edition in pink
  3. 3. DULCE MARÍA pop singer actress ROXANA CASTELLANOS actress FACUNDO tv star OMAR CHAPARRO tv star ISKANDER GALILEA MONTIJO pop singer tv star
  4. 4. Loft Kawasaki
  5. 5. Loft Kawasaki
  6. 6. Loft Kawasaki
  7. 7. PARCO Shibuya/Tokyo
  8. 8. PARCO Shibuya/Tokyo Boutique
  9. 9. PARCO Shibuya/Tokyo Boutique
  10. 10. PARCO Shibuya/Tokyo Boutique
  11. 11. PARCO Ikebukuro/Tokyo Boutique
  12. 12. PARCO Ikebukuro/Tokyo Boutique
  13. 13. PARCO Ikebukuro/Tokyo Boutique
  14. 14. The National Art Center Tokyo
  15. 15. The National Art Center Tokyo
  16. 16. The National Art Center Tokyo
  17. 17. Windows Display – POP Material
  18. 18. wallpaper adaptation Display backdrop 23:59 monogram, to be used in odm stores
  19. 19. wallpaper adaptation Display backdrop with odm logo, to be used in multi-brand store