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Selligent is a software solution for marketers. Its SIM (Selligent Interactive Marketing) system provides brands with the ability to truly conduct 1 on 1 marketing with their customers.

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Brochure selligent interactive marketing

  1. 1. Selligent Interactive MarketingYour solution to drive interaction and boost conversion CONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  2. 2. About SelligentSelligent is a leader in conversion marketing and interactive CRM solutions.We offer practical and proven solutions allowing companies to transform intocustomer-driven organizations. Our customer interaction solutions enableorganizations to engage with customers as individuals, resulting in:• Increased conversion rates• Higher profitability • Minimal churn• Superior customer experienceMarketing departments rely on Selligent’s marketing solutions to establishcross-channel, multi-step interactive marketing campaigns based on a central360° customer view. With Selligent, companies effectively turn leads intocustomers and grow life-time relationships while ensuring maximal ROI withminimal effort.At the same time Selligent lowers operational costs, thanks tooptimization of staff member efficiency and maximal automation. Visit us at http://www.sellligent.comSelligent serves customers in all industry sectors, including financial services,insurance, telecommunication, travel, media & publishing, retail, automotive,healthcare, manufacturing and many others. Since its inception, it hasdemonstrated impressive growth thanks to its innovative solution offering, CONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRMits customer-driven service culture and its pragmatic approach to deliveringresults fast.
  3. 3. Marketing is changing. Consumers want more engagement andinteraction from those they buy from. Brands are shifting to two-way communication, massively embracing digital channels. Change is happening “Changing consumer behavior and the overall ineffectiveness of traditional marketing programs ensure that basic campaignTraditional push marketing has reached its limits: management tools are set to go the way of the dodo. MarketersHowever being successful for many decades, has reached its are therefore looking for cross-channel campaign managementlimits. Response rates are down and even more, consumer solutions that support highly personalized and relevant com-are getting annoyed by it when it is overdone. munications delivered across a variety of highly interactive channels and that enable optimization, channel integration, andToday’s consumers are informed multi-channel shoppers: institutional memory of the customer.”Marketers these days interact with informed customers whogather their information through a multitude of mainly digital “The Forrester Wave™: Cross-Channel Campaign Management,channels before making a buy. Q4 2009,” Forrester Research, Inc., December, 2009Consumers expect a consistent brand experience:They are not concerned with your internal departmental,line of business, political or system silos. They expectconsistency over channels and departments.Dialogue and engagement are mandatory for growingcustomer value: In the age of internet and social media,consumers have come to expect a two way interaction,putting you in a listening mode as well. If you do well,reputation will spread as never before. Turn to SelligentCan you keep up? Start with learning aboutNo marketer would deny the powerful shifts that are occurring. Selligent Interactive MarketingAs well as no brand will be bold enough to claim they cantruly keep up. It is not as simple as shifting advertisement Selligent Interactive Marketing gives marketers the powermoney to ‘new media’, it will attract, but not convert, leave to engage consumers in interactive dialogues, eliminatingmarketers short of their goals. Listening to consumers and operational hurdles and opening up opportunities as far as youengaging them in deeper two-way relationships is the way to can see. Our unique set of tools put you in full command ofgo. And then we come to the hard fact in today’s marketing every step from creative thinking to operational execution, withthat tools do make a difference. no need to rely on a technical guru.Marketers need efficient tools to keep up and perform. Selligent empowers you to deliver on the promise ofAre you equipped today ? individualized marketing, giving your customers and prospects an incredible brand experience by treating them as individuals.
  4. 4. Interactive consumer dialoguesListen and act: engagement drives conversion.
  5. 5. ““In the age of internet and social media consumers have cometo expect a two-way approach in messaging. Marketers need the tools to turn this reality into action.Turn to Selligent: It gives marketers the power to engage withconsumers in interactive dialogues, eliminating operationalhurdles and opening up opportunities as far as you can see. Ourunique set of tools put you in full command of every step fromcreative thinking to operational execution, with no need to rely ona technical guru.Interactive marketing is about engaging in personalizedconsumer dialogues, which requires true 1-to-1 interactionover time and across channels. With Selligent you designgraphical interactive scenarios with simple drag & drop. Youjust connect pre-made interaction building blocks into alogical, customized communication scenario.As a marketer, you create the blueprint for each cross-channeland multi-step interactive scenario. There’s no need to rely onIT. Each communication step in your multi-step scenario ispersonalized according to the individual profile of the recipient.Many brands use Selligent to successfully deploy life-cyclecampaigns that evolve with each relationship, from freshprospect to loyal customer. Automated scenarios are set upto deliver the right offer at the right time. The ability to engage Your benefits in such deep personalized interaction in an automated wayresults in maximal ROI and minimal churn while increasing  Graphical design of interactive dialoguesstaff member efficiency and lowering operational costs.  Create multi-step interaction over all channels  Act on individual consumer events  No technical hurdles giving full autonomy back to marketersCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  6. 6. Multi-channelA necessity these days, not a ‘nice-to-have’.
  7. 7. “Many of today’s multiple channel capabilities are the result of organic growth and incremental channel expansion.For a true multi-channel customer experience, brands need an execution platform based on central customer view and decisioning.Turn to Selligent: With Selligent you establish a true multi-channelinfrastructure, based on a centralized customer view. It allows youto communicate in a consistent way across all touch points andbuild up a central contact history. Plan, define, execute and analyzemulti-channel marketing campaigns in the most efficient way.There are now more channels, less budget and a morediscerning audience constantly swapping betweenchannels. This makes an integrated multi-channel approacha necessity, not a ‘nice-to-have’. Feeding multiple silochannels is easy, it is just a matter of finding point solutionsfor each interaction channel. Implementing however truemulti-channel capabilities is far more complex. It requiresa central customer based architecture extended with anexecution platform that natively drives all channels based oncentral decisioning and orchestration.Selligent is such a true multi-channel platform. It is a solutionthat enables organizations to centrally plan, define andexecute marketing activities through all customer interaction Your benefits points. It is an easy-to-use graphical solution designed formarketers, giving them the independence they require.With Selligent, marketers can manage all interactions with  Drive all channels from a single solutiona single solution. Combining direct mail, e-mail, outboundcalling, mobile messaging and inbound into a single  Put a hold to manual tasks:campaign, personalized according to each consumer’s chose for maximal automationchannel preferences and individual profile. Responses arecentrally stored, allowing central analysis and triggering of  Centrally managed campaign calendarautomated follow-up campaigns.  Set frequency rules of outgoing messages per channelCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  8. 8. PersonalizationBe relevant, stand out from the noise and you will get attention.
  9. 9. ““The opportunities to target marketing messages today are unprecedent. Marketers have more data then ever. To turn datainto action and benefit from manageable personalization, marketers need tooling.Turn to Selligent: With Selligent you will increase conversion rateswith relevant timely offers for each individual consumer basedon consumer preferences, historic responses and purchasingbehavior.Today’s consumers digest short personal and highly relevantmessaging in bulk while growing increasingly adept atblocking out noise. They only pay attention for relevant andtimely offerings and only brands living up to this expectationwill stand out. Traditional marketing tools simply can’tprovide the necessary level of personalization. Selligent isyour solution.Selligent is a marketing platform that facilitates individualizedmarketing. It allows marketers to set personalization rulestaking into account all consumer data, historic responsedata, previous purchase transactions and on-line behavior.Selligent facilitates segment-based personalization as well Your benefits as full 1to1 personalization based on automated matching ofconsumer profiles with offering attributes. It has connectorsto plug into your product or promotion catalogue and  Relevant and timely offers boostingautomate the process of selecting the optimal offering for conversion rateseach individual. Apart from the efficiency gain, it results ina strong customer experience as personalization is made  Living up the expectation of yourconsistent over both outbound and inbound channels. customers  Build the relationship and increase life- time value  Manageable personalization both inbound and outboundCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  10. 10. Event-driven marketing (EDM)Act on individual customer events and make the right offer.
  11. 11. “Threat consumers as individuals. Be there at the right time with the right offer. Event-driven marketing programsdemonstrate significantly higher conversion rates. Turn to Selligent: With Selligent you will define event-drivenprograms that act on individual customer data or events tosucceed in timely personalized offerings. Selligent offers maximalautomation for data-driven multi-step marketing programmes.The most relevant offering is one that’s based on what’sgoing on in the life of the customer at that time. It starts withcapturing information. Invite customers to interact with yourbrand, provide the context to let them tell you who they are.Aggregate events from subscription info, survey responses,purchase data and on-line click behavior. The ability totrigger such events, interpret them and act accordingly viaautomated follow-up scenarios, brings major opportunitiesfor up- and cross-sell.Selligent allows marketers to act upon these events.Consider it as an automated sales & marketing assistantconstantly screening each of your customers against yourcommunication blueprints. Combined with Selligent’sadvanced personalization features, it allows you to maximallyexploit the context of each event with relevant messagingand offerings. Conversion rates with EDM can easily doublewhile costs are minimized when automated to the maximalextend. Your benefits Digital channes are idea for EDM thanks to the low-cost  Act on individual customer eventsaspect, the strong personalization options and optimalmeasurement capabilities. It is however not limited to digitalas Selligent is a native cross-channel marketing solution.  Make the right offer at the right time  Reach higher conversion rates  Build an excellent brand reputationCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  12. 12. Targeting and SegmentationGo for relevant targeted segments, turn away from bulk messaging.
  13. 13. “Step away from bulk messaging. Identify high opportunity customer groups. Focus your scarce marketing resources and appeal to consumers most likely to become loyal customers. Turn to Selligent: Selligent gives you a consolidated view on allrelevant data to explore your customer base and build meaningfultarget segments without requiring IT support. Execute customermigration programs to augment customer value.Targeted campaigning starts with profound insight inconsumer data. Selligent campaign management is equippedwith a segmentation workbench, enabling marketers to gaininsights from data within a single consolidated environment.It creates an integrated view of your customer and prospectdata by tapping from all available data sources throughoutthe enterprise.Target segments are created with visual point & click.Marketers can easily apply selection filters to any type of dataand immediately see the impact on the target group numbers.Off-line consumer data and purchase transactions are swiftlycombined with on-line behavior data, all from within a singlecomprehensible easy-to-use workbench. You can create test Your benefits and control groups to compare your campaign effectivenessand continuously improve response rates based on targetingsmaller yet receptive consumer segments.  Access all customer data to build dynamic segmentsYou’ll be able to launch more campaigns for smaller, moreprecisely targeted segments, which requires maximal  Save time with the intuitive graphicalautomation and excellent tooling in order to avoid labor segment builderintensive manual tasks. Selligent campaign management isyour solution for accomplishing this.  Save cost by eliminating poorly targeted campaigns  Detect segment overlap and set campaign prioritiesCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  14. 14. Planning & prioritisationStart with a central campaign overviewand manage marketing pressure.
  15. 15. “A central view on campaign planning. The ability to set rules on frequency of outgoing messages per channel, are key to avoid irritation due to over-communicating.Turn to Selligent: With Selligent you have a central Ganttcampaign overview. Detect target overlap between campaigns,define campaign priorities and set frequency caps on outgoingcommunication per channel.In Selligent you plan all your marketing campaigns centrally. Agraphical time plot gives you an overview of all your concurrentand planned campaigns. Your campaign frequency will risesignificantly as you create more personalized campaignsfor more precisely defined target audiences. To avoid over-communication, you can set rules on the frequency ofoutgoing communication per interaction channel.Selligent’s campaign management solution is designedto maximize your efficiency. Without proper automationtools, marketers struggle with such important but inefficienttasks as detecting overlap in target segments and settingexclusion rules based on priorities. Neglecting these,however, risks customer fatigue. Selligent’s built-in featuresfor managing marketing pressure solve all this instantly. Witha simple click, you command Selligent to start calculating Your benefits overlapping campaign segments, set the maximal numberof outbound offerings, assign priorities to the individualcampaigns. Selligent will then dynamically re-shuffle your  Central view on all your plannedtarget audiences, ensuring that each campaign obeys your interactiongoals and priorities.  Immediate insight in campaign target overlaps  Manage your maximal frequency of outgoing messages per channel  Insight in applied rules for suppressing partial audiencesCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  16. 16. E-mail marketingStill the workhorse of the internet, going mobile.
  17. 17. “Going beyond traditional broadcast and turning to data-driven programmes makes e-mail the most efficient medium for building brand relation and driving conversion.Turn to Selligent: Use Selligent to make your next steps inintegrated e-mail marketing. It is designed for the savvy marketerwho continuously pushes conversion rates to the maximum withrelevant one-to-one marketing.Data-driven email programmes have proven to be highlysuccessful in up-sell and retention strategies. If you feel thelimits of your traditional e-mail broadcasting, turn to Selligentand learn why our customers are top performers in theirindustry and regular speakers at marketing events. Selligent’stesting features will become addictive for marketers who loveto make informed decisions. The content segmentation and1-to-1 personalization capabilities will guarantee maximumrelevancy, yet with a minimum of your time. An integratedsurveying solution enriches customer data and can be usedboth for targeting and triggered campaigning.SIM seamlessly integrates with social media allowing yourrecipients to multiply your audience. As smartphones arebecoming dominant as the e-mail reading device, Selligent Your benefits has built-in features to optimise with mobile versions. And of-course, Selligent is equipped with best-in-class technology  Design data-driven email programs withfor e-mail delivery, anti-spam detection and inbox preview. manageable personalization  Automate testing on sample audience and sending most optimal offerings  Offer mobile version, get up-to-date statistics on reading devices  E-mail integrated with all other channels in one single marketing automation suite.CONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  18. 18. Event-driven marketing (EDM)Act on individual customer events and make the right offer.
  19. 19. “Where companies previously have spent fortunes to find brand fans and give them the means and reasons to share this, social networks allow this to happen seamlessly. Marketers need tools to allow sharing, detect brand ambassadors and act on it. Turn to Selligent: Selligent offers seamless integration with socialmedia. Not only will you multiply your reach, you will identify thebrand ambassadors in your database and measure their influenceto spot opinion leaders.Customer recommendations are increasingly influencingpurchasing decisions. Marketers interact with informedcustomers who gather information by mainly digital channesfor receiving opinions from friends and fellow shoppers.Leverage the power of social networks by adding socialnetwork component in all your digital campaigns. WithSelligent, you will multiply your audience. Customers willshare your content to their favorite social networks, suchas Facebook, LinkedIn and others. Just imagine the reachextension your message will get.But there’s more. Social networks are an excellent way toreveal your brand advocates. Selligent offers reporting onsocial network sharing and automatically updates a sharingscore for each individual subscriber. This enriches the user Your benefits profile and can be used for selection and personalization. Notonly will Selligent identify your brand advocates, it will alsoallow you to detect the most important infl uencers in your  Multiply your audience with social networkscustomer base. Selligent provides professional marketerswith the means to make e-mail marketing and social media  Detect brand advocates in your databaseto become one.  Discover who are opinion leaders  Use social media behavior for targeting and selectionCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  20. 20. Behavioral targetingBuild interest profiles, measure intention to buy and act on it.
  21. 21. “Consumer read your e-mails and visit your website, searching for information before making a buy. Wouldn’t it be great to measure this interest to buy and be able to act on it in real-time? Turn to Selligent: Benefit from behavioral profiling, updatingindividual user profiles with every online interaction. It measuresbuying intention and allows you to personalize in real-time youron-line offers.Selligent analyses the behavior of your website visitorse-mail subscribers. It builds individual interest profiles basedon interpreting the consumer click and search actions. Afully automated process transforms these digital interactionsinto updated consumer interest profiles. The interest profilesenrich the existing customer profile and complement the360° customer view. This information can then be used fortargeting and selection.Additionally, SIM will measure interest to buy for peoplesearching information on your website. You can use thisinformation in real-time to update your current offering onthe website or to initiate retargeting campaigns after sometime interval. The effectiveness of behavioral profilingin combination with retargeting has proven double digitconversion growth for large e-tailers using SIM. It is a true1to1 follow-up of each consumer/visitor turning to you. Your benefits  Consumer tracking over all digital channels  Build interest profiles for each individual  Enrich selections with behavioral data  Retargeting based on measured buying intentionCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  22. 22. 360° customer viewSee beyond the obvious, consolidated viewon all customer data.
  23. 23. “Marketers have more data then ever by combining both off-line data, purchase data and on-line behavioral data. Selligent offers you the tooling to consolidate the central customer view and act on it.Turn to Selligent: Selligent taps from all your disparate datasources and operational systems to centralize all customer datafor marketing purposes.The collection and effective use of customer data underpineffective marketing communication. Marketers are waking upto the possibilities but often lack a single source combiningall customer data. Targeting and selection processes thenresult in manual intensive processes requiring IT skill-set topractice database marketing.Selligent is the daily work environment for the marketerproviding a consolidated customer view. Selligent integratesin your existing business infrastructure. It is equippedwith data loading and transformation tools to create theconsolidated customer view, tapping from your disparatedata sources and operational systems. An advancedselection builder allows you to build meaningfull segmentswith point and click.In Selligent all data comes together: customer declared Your benefits data, transactional purchase data, on-line interaction data,surveyed data, behavioral data etc. It has built-in features fordeduplicatoin to preserve customer identity.  Central operational database.The response info from marketing campaigns can be synchronized  Integration of on-line and off-line databack to your operational CRM as ultimately, the 360-degree view isthe very least that a customer expects of an organisation.  Ability to tap from different data sources or operational systems  Deduplication to conserve single user identiy.  Integrate with your operational CRMCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  24. 24. Life-cycle CRMProfile the relationship and grow individual customer value.
  25. 25. Segmentation isn’t static but refl ects the complexity of different ‘states’ that any customer may be in during their relationship with your business. Manage customer migration to high value segments by organizing all interactions in relation to the customer journey.Turn to Selligent: In Selligent you will profile a customer’srelationship with your brand and communicate according tothe actual state in this relationship. It starts with analyzingthe customer state and define optimal migration strategies toaugment customer value.The traditional direct marketing industry has built up expertskills in database marketing to understand customer behavior,build meaningfull segmants and create high-responsivecampaigns. The next step however is to make this acontinuous process. Direct marketing has grown to excellencein an era domintated by traditional print DM. On-line channelshave far less production costs, shorter lead-times and allowmaximal automation. What you need is an excellent executionplatform that operates on a coherent 360° customer view toturn your DM skills in a true life-cycle approach. Such a life-cycle approach is typical a growth path and can start withstraightforward automation programs:Welcome programs to new registrants stimulating to convert Your benefits to the first purchase• Driving new customers to the repeat buy with targeted upsell campaigns  Define segmentation rules to profile the• Rewarding active customers and grow individual customer value customer relation• Re-activating sleeping customers  Execute migration campaigns to growMany brands use Selligent benefit from automated life-cycle customer valuecampaigns that evolve with each individual consumer frominitial prospect to loyal customer.  Truly individual marketing based on customer data.  Insight in customer migrations to measure campaign effectivenessCONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM
  26. 26. Marketers these days need excellent tools to drive interaction over all channels and boost conversionSelligent Interactive Marketing gives marketers the powerto engage consumers, eliminating operational hurdlesand opening up opportunities as far as you can see. Ourunique set of tools put you in full command of every stepfrom creative thinking to operational execution, with noneed to rely on technical gurus.
  27. 27. Bring your marketing to the next level. Turn to Selligent. Build more revenue Reduce operational costs  Increase response rates and conversion  Speed up campaign creation by rates with more targeted comunication. eliminating repetitive manual tasks.  Maximise customer lifetime value by  Reduce need for IT ressources with improving loyalty and creating opportunities maximal automation. for cross-selling and up-selling.  More effective use of expensive off-line  Drive traffic to your website. Better channels thanks to seamless integration communication will result in more visitors. of digital and traditional channels. Improve brand experience Gain more customer insight  Timely and relevant communication  360° customer view based on central based on consumer preferences, historic customer database aggregating all responses and purchasing behavior. available data.  Consistent messaging and  Graphical segment builder to create personalization over all inbound and meaningful dynamic segments. outbound channels.  Automated profile enrichment with  Manage marketing pressure by setting integrated surveying and behavioral frequency rules per channel. profiling.
  28. 28. Selligent is a leader in conversion marketing and interactive CRM solutions. We offer practical and proven solutions allowing companies to transform into customer-driven organizations. Our customer interaction solutions enable organizations to engage with customers as individuals, resulting in:  Increased conversion rates  Higher profitability  Minimal churn  Superior customer experience Marketing departments rely on Selligent’s marketing solutions to establish cross-channel, multi-step interactive marketing campaigns based on a central 360° customer view. At the same time Selligent lowers operational costs, thanks to optimization of staff member efficiency and maximal automation.CONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM Visit us at http://www.selligent.comSelligent Corporate Selligent ItalyAvenue de Finlande, 2 Via R. Lambruschini, 4/AB - 1420 Braine-l’Alleud I - 50134 FirenzeBelgium ItalyPhone: +32 2 808 89 09 Phone: +39 055-9060809E-mail: E-mail: France Selligent SpainImmeuble “Le Lumière” Frederic Mompou, 5Avenue des terroirs de France, 40 Sant Just - 8960 BarcelonaF-75012 Paris - France SpainPhone: +33 1 44 68 10 70 Phone: +34 93 1165074E-mail: E-mail: Germany Selligent PolandDornhofstraße, 34 Prosta, 69D - 63263 Neu-Isenburg P - 839 WarszawaGermany PolandPhone: +49 61 02 81 25 41 Phone: +48 22 4441191E-mail: E-mail: