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Apex Locator By Elpis Dental

  1. 1. Apex LocatorBY
  2. 2. •Xtra Fine Resolution of measurement -every 0.25 millimeters•Automatic adjustment of the measuringcurrent to changing conditions within thecanal: Wet, Dry, Bleeding•Automatic calibration•Located near the mouth, within your lineof vision•Short cables•Lightweight - only 36 grams!•Fully autoclavable accessories•Audible alarm•Turn on by touching the file to the liphook!•Automatic shut-off•50 month manufacturers guarantee!
  3. 3. •Xtra Fine Resolution for maximum controlof the procedure. The files progress ismarked by 8 LEDs distributed every 0.25millimeter, showing the length of the rootcanal clearly and directly on the userfriendly display.•The only apex locator which can accuratelylocate the apical constriction in changingcanal conditions, including dry, wet andbleeding canals, through unique automaticadjustment of the measurment current.• MedicNRGs apex locators automaticallycalibrate, as opposed to comparable deviceswhich need to be manually recalibratedfrom time to time.
  4. 4. Features and Description• A Digital Apex Locator for identifying the exact working length of theroot canal.• The innovative Digital Signal Processing technology and the uniquesoftware developed by MedicNRG provides you with the most accurate,the most precise and the most reliable device.• For the first time, an innovative technology enables you to improveperformance of root canal treatments while controlling the entireprocess - technology with digital accuracy.• The ApexNRG-XFR overcomes typical weaknesses in root canaltreatments: The uncertainty of the exact file location in the root canal;concern about perforation of periapical tissue; and the patientsexposure to unnecessary and excessive x-rays.• Using the ApexNRG-XFR with digital technology, a maximal indication ofthe file location is displayed, with a measuring tolerance of 0.1 mm. Theroot canal is optimally cleaned right up to the apical constriction,without any fear of perforation of the periapical tissue.
  5. 5. • Display of files progress on your PC screenvia Bluetooth Wireless• Technology Measurement data can be savedin either the NRG database or clinicmanagement software• Extra Fine Resolution of measurement –every 0.25 millimeters Digital SignalProcessing allows a measuring tolerance ofonly 0.1 mm.• Automatic adjustment of the measuringcurrent to changing conditions within thecanal: Wet, Dry, Bleeding• Automatic calibration Located near themouth, within your line of vision Short cables• Lightweight – only 50 grams!• Fully autoclavable accessories• Audible alarm Turn on by touching the file tothe lip hook! Automatic shut-off• 50 month manufacturers guarantee!
  6. 6. • The ApexNRG-BLUE implements advanceddigital technology based on proprietaryfirmware to decode the signals returningfrom the root canal as a result of theelectric stimulus sent towards the apicalconstriction. MedicNRGs proprietaryalgorithm continuously translates the datareceived via micro-electrical signals, so thateach minute movement of the file is readon-line.• A cutting edge application of both D.S.P.and Bluetooth Wireless technologies forhigh resolution display and control of thefile’s progress, along with unique andsimple to use software provides you withmore information, patient history data,reliable and safe procedures and ensuresbetter treatments in the future.
  7. 7. Features and Descriptions• The ApexNRG-BLUEs digital accuracy, allows maximalindication of the file location, with a measuring tolerance of0.1 mm in the critical range of 0.5 – 0.0 mm. This allowscertainty of the exact file location in the root canal;eliminates concern about perforation of periapical tissue;and reduces patients exposure to excessive x-rays.• Studies show that a successful root canal treatment isdirectly dependent on the quality of the cleansing of theroot canal.• Using the ApexNRG-BLUE will significantly increase thesuccess rate of root canal treatments as compared with useof comparable analog devices having a measuring toleranceof only 0.5 mm or reliance solely on x-rays.
  8. 8. THANK YOUCustomer Care:For booking or demo call +91-7709694185 or mail atinfo@elpisdental.com.