Madondo our journey down the self check road


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Summer Camp Day 4

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Madondo our journey down the self check road

  1. 1. Our Journey Down the Self-Check Road Mduduzi Madondo 18/11/2010
  2. 2. Footer 2 What is a self check out? A decision was made to purchase the machine A self check out machine enables library users to issue library materials without going to the circulation staff.
  3. 3. Footer 3 What is a Self – Check (S.C) Machine? A Self-Check Machine is a self-service machine that enables library clients to check out and check in items without going to the circulation or lending desk. Although self-checkout technology has been around for about 15 year s, library workers have not yet needed to worry about being rendered obsolete. Many libraries have added self-check technology, but library personnel has to be stationed in the area to help with the problems. In this presentation I will discuss the University of Johannesburg library’s journey down the self-check road share lessons learned along the way and offer tips for making such an experience more successful.
  4. 4. Footer 4 The University of Johannesburg have four Campus Libraries - They are: • Kingsway Campus Library (APK) • Doornfontein Campus Library (DFC) • Bunting Road Campus Library (APB) • And Soweto Campus Library (SWC) We first tried this technology in 2003 by purchasing a 3M self-check system, which was compatible with our security gate technology.
  5. 5. Footer 5 Criteria needed to use the S.C. • The machine allows you to check out the library materials without going to the Circulation desk. • You first need to be a registered student of the University of Johannesburg. • Your record information need to be uploaded to our Millennium Circulation system. • You need to have a “clean” Library record.
  6. 6. Footer 6 Using the S.C Machine to Checkout Library material(s) • Swipe your student card/staff card at the right hand corner of the machine. • The machine displays your information. • Place your book on the machine with the barcode of the book facing the upwards towards the machine’s laser light • Scan your item towards the laser light • Then you press the “done” button. • Wait for the machine to print the return date slip.
  7. 7. Footer 7 S.C Machine and Staff •Generally staff felt threatened by this ‘machine’ – they feared their presence will be seen as redundant and this will result in them losing their jobs. •Staff needed to be assured that this was part of embracing the new innovation in the library environment. •They needed to be assured that this will is part of enabling them to multi skill. •It ensure that we are on par with the latest professional development.
  8. 8. Footer 8 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Self- Check out Machine • Advantages: • Promotes Multi skilling to the Circulation staff • Time saving for our clients • It is very convenient • Promotes “clean” record for our clients • Has a built in statistics • Compatible with the library security system • Disadvantages: • “Technology shy” users are reluctant to use the machine • Barcodes wear out with the constant usage • Barcode positioning on an item • Sometimes clients lose the due date slips
  9. 9. Footer 9 Budget • The machine is not cheap. • A proper budgeting is needed and a good motivation by the library management to the University financial committee. • You need to have a separate Power point, a separate Data Line • There must be a budget for repair and maintenance.
  10. 10. Footer 10 Challenges •Like any automated systems, if the power or the network is down it does not have a backup system •You need an extra Data and power point •Barcodes wear out. And the machine is unable to read it •If the positioning of the barcode is not in the correct place the machine is unable to read it. •If the paper roll is finished the patron will not be issued with the slip information him/her of the due date.
  11. 11. Footer 11 Tips for anyone who will want to purchase the Machine in future • Proper planning • Make sure that you provide adequate information/training to your staff • Have a good marketing strategy to your clients • Have a dedicated staff member to help with any query. • Make sure that next to the machine you have clear instructions for the students to follow in using the machine • Embrace new technology.
  12. 12. Footer 12 Implication to the Circulation statistics *Productivity: A Team Leader or Circulation Head must monitor the usage and the monthly statistics • Control: the person that is assigned to supervise the usage must maintain proper control. • Work load: The work load must be monitored • Interaction with the library clients: there must be constant interaction with the clients in order the be able to see if the machine is adding an value to the provision of a better and an improved service *
  13. 13. Footer 13 CONCLUSION • I THANK YOU