Kunene millennium ill training


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Kunene millennium ill training

  1. 1. TUT LIS IT & SYTEMS Compiled by Nokuphiwa 1
  2. 2. TUT LIS IT & SYTEMS MILLENNIUM ILL TRAINING • TUT LIS decided to use Millennium ILL for the purposes of circulating ILL items that have been received from the Lending Library instead of circulating such items manually because there is no Interface between Request and Millennium. • Prior the decision to use Millennium ILL, we circulated lent resources manually and it was difficult to properly manage and administer such ILL resources. • Though using Millennium ILL meant that ILL staff have to redo the process they did on Request, TUT ILL staff have been cooperative. • Because the item has already been requested and received on Request, some fields are omitted when we create the new
  3. 3. TUT LIS IT & SYTEMS MILLENNIUM ILL TRAINING request on Millennium ILL. • Before Millennium ILL can be used, the Systems Librarian has to setup the ILL module together with Innovative by completing the ILL Worksheets. • After the module has been setup, the System Librarian has to setup the system parameters, i.e. defining request type.
  4. 4. TUT LIS IT & SYTEMS MILLENNIUM ILL TRAINING • TUT uses Millennium ILL for the purposes of circulating items that are not in the institution’s Millennium database. • Before entering a request on the system, make sure that the Lending Library’s patron record with the correct email address is on the system otherwise you will not be able to place a request for the Lending Library if their patron record is not on your system. • Millennium ILL has another system ARTEmail that makes it possible to send nonreturnable items like photocopies directly to the patron, in that case the virtual record is not created instead the request will be transferred from the New Request file to the Filled Request file.
  5. 5. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS ENTERING NEW REQUEST: • Log onto Millennium ILL • Choose the Enter Request option as shown below:
  6. 6. LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Select the relevant index for the patron record to request the item as illustrated:
  7. 7. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Enter either the patrons’ name or barcode and click the search button •The screen displays the patron record, the material type being requested. • On this screen, you can also view the previous requests made by the patron. •
  8. 8. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Enter the request data fields as prompted by the system:
  9. 9. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •When you have entered all the request information, the screen with all data fields will display.
  10. 10. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Click the Acquire button on the same screen. •Screen with the Acquisition Method displays, select the email request to another supplier.
  11. 11. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Enter the lending library’s university’s ID e.g. u 2570 Click on next:
  12. 12. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Since you will not be sending the request to the lending library click next. •The print screen displays, choose the email printer option and enter own email address:
  13. 13. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •The status report displays. •Save the request by clicking on Close. •The request you have created is then saved on the New Request file. NEW REQUEST FILE: •On the New Request menu, the following options are available: •Acquire the item •Cancel the request •Notify the patron of their request. •On the ILL menu option, click on the New Request button. •The list of all the new requests displays, highlight the request you created that you want to cancel and double click on it as illustrated below:
  14. 14. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS
  15. 15. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •On this screen staff is able to either cancel the request or change the supplier and enter another supplier’s details or notify the patron of their request.
  16. 16. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS • To acquire the item, click on the acquire button as illustrated.
  17. 17. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS To cancel the request, double click on the request Click on the cancel button The system asks if you want to send the message to the patron
  18. 18. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS To notify the patron, click on the notify button and type the message on the page provided as illustrated:
  19. 19. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •To change the lending library, click on the Acquire button •Enter the details of the new lending library. •The request is then saved in the Pending file and ready to be received. PENDING REQUEST: The pending file has a list of all the requests that are awaiting to be received. •Click on the pending button
  20. 20. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Double-click on the request you want to receive. •Click on the Receive button and enter all the item details as prompted by the system:
  21. 21. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •TUT library decided to use their own barcode, however it is also possible to use the item barcode of the item just received (the lending institutions item barcode). •For an item that has to be returned to the lending institution enter the return date.
  22. 22. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •The system warns of incomplete fields because the item has been requested and received on Request we just continue.
  23. 23. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •The barcode we enter is TUT LIS barcode •The due date is also the lending library’s due date, however with TUT Libraries we decided make the due date 2 days earlier than the lending library’s due date. •The system then prompts you to print the pick-up notice. •It is not necessary to print the pick-up notice because you already have received the item from the lending library. •The system will then include on the patron record that they have an ILL item awaiting pickup if the patron has not checked out the item.
  24. 24. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS CHECKING OUT THE ITEM: •ILL items can be checked out either at the Circulation Desk or at the ILL department. •Circulation Desk mode is available on the ILL module, it is not necessary to log out of Millennium ILL and log in at Millennium Circulation. •The item is then ready to be checked out to the patron.
  25. 25. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •When creating a new request, Millennium ILL creates a virtual item on the database •To view the virtual item, highlight the ILL item to be checked out and right click to select the virtual item on the list:
  26. 26. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Select the check out mode and check out the item as illustrated below:
  27. 27. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •After the item has been checked out to the patron, close the screen to save the transaction. •If you display the patron record, the ILL checked out item with the ILL location will display as illustrated below:
  28. 28. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •After the item has been checked out, Millennium ILL moves the item details to the Returns file. •The returns file is a file of all the items that are to be returned and sent back to their institutions. •However, items that are not returnable e.g. photocopies, that transaction will not be saved in the returns file.
  29. 29. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS RETURNING THE ILL ITEM AT CIRCULATION: •Select the check-in button either on the Circulation desk mode or on the Check-In menu option. •Enter the item barcode that is being returned •If the item is checked in at Circulation desk, the message that says the item belongs to the locations (Pretoria) ILL displays select checkin. • Print the in transit slip and sent the item to the ILL.
  30. 30. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS RETURNING THE ITEM ON MILLENNIUM ILL • There are two methods of returning the item on the ILL mode: 1. Highlight the item and click on update:
  31. 31. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS 2. Double-click on the item, the item data displays, click on Update:
  32. 32. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Enter the returned on date
  33. 33. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS FILLED REQUEST FILE: •Millennium ILL keeps statistics of all the filled requests.
  34. 34. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •The total button at the top right has numerical item type statistics:
  35. 35. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS •Patron type statistics:
  39. 39. TUT LIS IT & SYSTEMS Compiled by Nokuphiwa