Bester marketing strategies


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GAELIC Summer Camp Day 1
Marketing Fair

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Bester marketing strategies

  2. 2. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES • Access Science • Access Engineering • Access Medicine • Access Pharmacy • Access Emergency Medicine • Access Physiotherapy • Access Surgery • Access Anethesiology
  3. 3. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES • Easy to use • Offer users different search options: basic search, advanced search, search by topic, search only for images etc. • The different databases look the same in terms of platform design • Updated frequently and the latest newsletter is available for each database • Each database has a librarian webpage which contains marketing leaflets, information and also usage stats. • Example: Access Science and Access Engineering
  4. 4. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES Search all major fields of science & technology
  5. 5. Search all major fields of Engineering
  6. 6. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES Do a simple search or an advanced search
  7. 7. Do a simple search or an advanced search
  8. 8. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES The librarians page contains useful marketing information
  9. 9. Product Features Usage Stats Marketing flyer FAQ’s Powerpoints Demonstration Read more about McGraw-Hill’s access databases
  10. 10. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES • The world’s largest integrated research platform for high quality scholarly. contents in the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities • Only includes the most influential, relevant and credible journal information • Complete Indexing Cover to Cover of all journals • over 100 years backfile coverage – files are fully indexed, searchable & linkable. Including many older volumes previously only available in print, but now fully digitized and re-indexed with modern terms and functions. • Uncover new theories, solutions and indications of emerging & developing concepts with CPCI. • Discover the latest technological advances and formulate fresh ideas for research • Save time by accessing open Web and expert database information in the same search : Scientific webplus
  11. 11. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES Biological Abstracts Biosis Previews Cab Abstracts Chinese Citation Database Current Contents Connect Derwent Innovations Index Endnote Web Essential Science Indicators Inspec Journal Citation Reports Medline Web of Science Zoological Records Food Science & Technology Abstracts
  12. 12. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES Citation Index Coverage Science Citation Index •8060 Journals •150 disciplines •1900 to present day Social Science Citation Index •2697 Journals •50 disciplines •1900 to present day Arts and Humanities Citation Index •1470 Journals •1975 to present day Conference Proceeding Citation Indexes •Science •Social Science and Humanities •Over 110,000 proceedings published in books and journals •1990 onwards •Over 12,000 conferences covered yearly •Across 256 disciplines
  13. 13. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES WOK database/ resource selection WOK personal profile functions
  14. 14. 16 Web of Science search options Click here to go to WOS General Search Page Combine search fields with AND, OR, NOT Add more search fields Click here to open search aid/ index WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES
  15. 15. 17 Use the drop down menus to select time span: from all years (included in your subscription) to data added in the recent update WOS individual Citation Indexes included in your subscription and years subscribed. WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES
  16. 16. 18 Refine resuls according to subject area, document type, authors, funding agencies etc. Order your list according to choice Authors who wrote these papers ordered by number of papers
  17. 17. 19 What other research has been influenced by this paper? What research influenced these authors? What material did these authors cite? View article References Keep up to date with citations to this article by creating a Citation Alert. Web of Knowledge registration required Run a Citation Map for this paper to exam the backward and forward citations to this paper
  18. 18. 20 Our paper was published in 2002 and it is still being cited in 2009, therefore this paper is relative to current research WORLDWIDE INFORMATION SERVICES
  19. 19. 21
  20. 20. 22 Set your search parameter defaults Select years, use lemmatization and sort by publication date
  21. 21. 23