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Reach an underserved demographic through E\’LON Couture Magazine. Most advertisers spend an enormous amount of money targeting a younger demographic but our research has shown those who are brand loyal tend to spend more money on brands they trust, pass down those brand to their daughters and don\’t mind spending money for \’real\’ luxury items they can now afford. Reach this growing demographic via E\’LON Couture Magazine.

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Elon Media And Advertising 2011 12

  1. 1. “The Magazine for Proud, Thoughtful Black Women” MEDIA/ADVERTISING KIT Click Here http://eloncouture.com
  2. 2. Right Up FrontChief Executive Officer, Publisher/Editor-In-ChiefYolanda is president and chief executive officerof E’LON, LLC, parent company of E’LONCouture Cosmetics, ELON Couture Magazine,ELON Couture GEAR, and the ELON Centerfor Women. Yolanda is responsible fordeveloping the company’s creative image,published editorial content, financial andoperational strategy to grow our expandingcustomer base and brand equity across eachbrand. She has had an exciting andrewarding career as both professional fashionmodel and celebrity makeup artist. She holdsMaster’s degrees in the Humanities and has anextensive background in consumer research,consumer behavior and marketing.BRAND’S MISSION: The word elon translated means ‘strength’ or strongas in a strong oak tree. Our brands seek to become strong, powerfulvoices as global world leaders in the beauty, media, and fashion categoryfor black women. Our objective is to provide prestige cosmetic productsthat are good for the skin, while also providing beauty and fashion, andeditorial content that live up to the expectations of the sophisticated,elegant, beautiful black women in our communities around the world.BRAND’S VISION: For women each month, ELON Couture Cosmeticsand ELON Couture Magazine are quickly becoming the eyes and voicesof strength beauty, culture, and community and inspiring and challengingthem to see things differently, in both themselves and the world. We wantto set the standard for the word beauty and define it according to our ownterms. We want to give our customers a brand designed with her uniqueneeds in mind exclusively, and we want to show the many beautiful skintones that make up the beauty of black women.
  3. 3. “If I See Me… I Will Buy Me!”Our PurposeWe seek to become the strong voice, and definitive eye of beautiful blackwomen 35 and older around the globe.Our Motto“If I see me…I will buy me!”E’LON Couture is a prestige and premier beauty cosmetics brand and couturebeauty and fashion lifestyle magazine brand for today’s strong black woman.With its vision of empowerment, dedication to ‘real’ beauty and celebration ofthe inner strength of today’s black woman, E’LON Couture is fast becoming thevoice of black women 35 and older.E’LON Couture Magazine is read by people living all across the globe andincludes readers that are on a list of the world’s most powerful black women inbusiness, politics, entertainment and philanthropy, as well as trendsettersacross the country.E’LON Couture also includes a readership base in the industries that includetop executives, producers, actresses and decision makers in the movie andmusic industry.E’LON Couture is direct mailed to top designers, bankers, and corporateCEO’s.Our magazine has a readership base that includes subscribers who believe ingiving back to their communities, who are loyal to brands they trust and thatare recommended by a trusted source such as E’LON Couture and, brandsthat define their lifestyle. E’LON© and E’LON Couture© are Registered Trademarks of E’LON LLC™ 2000 - 2011. All Rights Reserved. TWISY ™ and E=MC²™ are Registered Trademarks of E’LON LLC
  4. 4. Our StrategyELONs story is the story of black women around the world. It is thestory of culture, of what is worth knowing and seeing, of individualityand grace, and of the steady power of earned influence.What we provide is a steady and continuously growing demographicconsumer market whose brand affections have changed, purchasingstyles have changed and who has engaged in a pattern of choosingbrands by researching what is best for her, her community, herlifestyle.Our strategy is simply to present you to a consumer who has theearned economic income, discretionary spending and increased freetime to evaluate brands which provide her with more than just anaspirational lifestyle – for she has achieved that – but brands thatresonate with her personal objectives and goals.We have built a considerable platform that this consumer has come tolove, count on and trust. Our brands partnering with you: E’LON Couture Cosmetics
  5. 5. E’LON Couture MagazineE’LON Couture Publishing TWISY Cosmetics by E’LON….A Name Mom Trusts ² The Skincare Line for Men from E’LON Couture Cosmetics E’LON’s Male Culture Scientifically Designed
  7. 7. “E’LON Couture Magazine is meeting the needs of ‘today’s black woman’ andsmall and large businesses. A stylishly elegant magazine with a touch of luxurythat consistently for business reflects the reader’s interest in her world andcommunity. While at the same time providing aspirational yet accessible lifestyleimages.” - A. Hancock, Media Buyer/Planner the Fashion Directory. Founded in 2009 By 2010 more than 200,000 readers Readers Per Day = 3745 Unique Page Views Per Day = 19376 First Cover Michelle Obama Readers spend on average an hour reading our digital magazine 33% of our readers read 4 out of every 4 digital issues front to back Seasonal Publications February – Black History Month May – Mother’s Day June/July Double Cover Issue August/September – Back to School November / December – Holiday Issues
  8. 8. DEMOGRAPHICS Reader/Viewer TotalComposition Adult Women 350,000 100% Median Age 25 – to - 34 28% 35 – to – 65 72% Single 35% Married 65% Median HHI $65,000 <50,000 37% <70,000 35% 95,000 > 28% Median Ind. Income $52,000 50,000 38% 60,000 29% College Educated 65% Employed 70% Professional/Manager 75% Homeowner 50% Children 60% Working Mothers 25%Overall Top 6 (Six) Reader New York 20%Markets London 20% Chicago 20% Atlanta 15% Cincinnati 15% Detroit 10%
  9. 9. 2011 EDITORIAL HIGHLIGHTS January – The Soul of My Sister February – The Makeover issue March – The Wedding Issue April – The State of Black America May – Being You…Loving Myself June /July – The Double Cover Issue August/September - Body & Soul Issue October – The Fashion Issue November – The Get Away From It All Issue December – The Luxurious Gifts Issue In each issue we cover the following: Beauty – Bringing the latest trends, tips and techniques for both inner and outer beauty. We provide not only the prestige cosmetics brands to meet needs but also bring expert advice from the world’s foremost makeup and beauty experts. Our Sister Profiles – We interview some of the world’s most powerful women in business, fashion, and politics and entertainment. Fashion – We cover some of the best known designers in the fashion world today. Brining the latest looks and hottest new trends. Travel – Covering the world’s most luxurious get away destinations. News – We’re covering the news from politics, to education and the environment that affects us. Business – Today’s business world is not just global but has many more women of color playing upon its world stage. We bring you the contacts, knowledge, stories to grow your career and your business.
  10. 10. Inside Each Issue Our Sisters…Ourselves Right Upfront…News Affecting Our Communities around the Globe Let The Beauty Brother Talk Inspiring And Conversations Each Month with our Brothers Making Fashion History and Changing Lives Travel Business, Money, Career Healthy Living… Mind, Body and Soul
  11. 11. INSIDE EACH ISSUE: OUR EDITORIALS Our monthly editorials focus on every aspect of our readers lives. Fashion Beauty Relationships Travel/Food Health/Spirit Finance/Busines s & Tech
  12. 12. DIGITAL MEDIA KITHere you will find the advertising specs for E’LON CoutureMagazine’s digital offerings:Readership 350,000. E’LON Couture Magazine is printed monthlyPUBLISHED: 12 x/YearCirculation: National/InternationalAll content must be in jpg or .gif images only. B/W is acceptedColor is Preferred. All Rate Quotes are based on 4C (Digital Color)Ad Specs.Ad Format: We reserve the right to reject any insertion, graphics,text which does not meet the content standards of E’LON LLC. 6
  13. 13. DIGITAL READER MARKETS Region % Readership USA 60% EUROPE 20% CANADA 10% AFRICA 8% OTHER 2% TOP US CITIES % Readership Chicago 30 New York 25 Atlanta 15 Cincinnati 10 Minneapolis 8 St. Louis 6 Detroit 4 Los Angeles 2
  14. 14. RATES AND DATES FOR PRINT ISSUE AD CLOSING DATE ON-LINE DATEJanuary November 16, 2011 December 31, 2011February December 23, 2011 January 31, 2012March January 29, 2012 February 28, 2012April February 25, 2012 March 30, 2012May March 23, 2012 April 30, 2012June April 27, 2012 May 31, 2012July May 26, 2012 June 30, 2012August June 24, 2012 July 28, 2012September July 22, 2012 August 27, 2012October August 26, 2012 Sept. 30, 2012November September 24, 2012 Oct. 22, 2012December October 21, 2012 Nov. 26, 2012
  15. 15. AD CATEGORIES BEAUTY JEWELRY FASHION AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY INSURANCE HEALTH ENTERTAINMENT TRAVEL FOOD -------------------------------------------------------------------- INNOVATIVE DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIES Interactive Digital Media ITunes Tag Technology Mobile DeviceBranded Events Such as Fashion/ Beauty Talk Shows E’LON On Tour - Smart Talk Media Series E’LON Women of the Year TWISY – The World Is Yours Teen Summit E’LON Apps.
  16. 16. AD SIZES FULL PAGE FULL PAGE / TWO PAGE SPREAD 7 X 10 ONE HALF HORIZONTAL 1/3 V ONE HALF 2/3 V VERTICAL 1/3 SQThe following rate guide should be used for the 2011-12 online magazine season tohelp specify the size, type (format) and proofs E’LON Couture Magazine can accept.Rate Quotes are for E’LON Couture Magazines Online edition only and do not applyto any printed versions. Magazine online trim size is 8 x 10½.PositionGuaranteed positions available for 15% premium of space charge. Preferredpositions are on a space-available basis as deemed by the publisher. Please checkwith your ad account manager.A.O.R. – Available on RequestInserts, Cover wrap, Reprints, Business Reply Cards Please proof your ad carefully. We are not responsible for misprints, misspelling, or other grammatically incorrect errors.
  17. 17. PAGE SIZE NON-BLEED BLEED TRIM Full Page 7 x 10 8¼ x 10¾ 8 x 10½ ⅔ Vertical 4⅝ x 9¾ 5¼ x 10¾ 5 x 10½ ½ Vertical 3½ x 9¾ 4⅛x 10¾ 3½ x 9¾ ⅓ Vertical 2¼ x 9¾ 2⅞ x 10¾ 2⅝ x10½ ½ Horizontal 7 x 4⅞ 8¼ x 5¼ 7 x 4⅞ 1/3 Square 4.6 x 4.87Digital File Formats – All Ads must be created as a hi-res pdf, .jpgor .gif format.Please confirm due dates in advance of advertiser/agencyproduction planning.Extension of ad dates are only provided in writing and are notguaranteed unless in writing. If you require an extension pleasecontact our offices at 513.338.7643 immediately.2011 -2012 RATES 1x 4x 8x 12x2 Page Spread $5000 $3500 $2500 $1500 Full Page $2500 $1500 $1000 $750 2/3 $1500 $1000 $600 $350 1/2 $1000 $750 $550 $300 1/3 $500 $350 $250 $175 Cover 2 $2500 Cover 3 $2300 Cover $2700
  18. 18. SIGNATURE EVENTS E’LON Couture Magazine offers signature events as well as more intimate even opportunities covering our lifestyles. We focus on powerful women, fashion, community and civic involvement and creating healthy and whole young black girls and much more. Return on investment is high as E’LON Couture Magazine goes the distance to ensure that sponsorships are fully activated.Women of the YearIn December we send out our annual survey to find out who our readers thinks isdeserving of this honor. We name 7 (seven) influential black women from namesgathered from around the world. These influential women have the opportunity toshare their success with our readers at our annual UpFront & PowerfulWomen’s Conference attendees in May of the following year.UpFront & PowerfulThis is our most influential event that honors our women of the year. Held in Maythis is a powerful conference of Who’s Who in the areas of politics, philanthropy,arts, education, media, science, community and civic engagement and more.TWISY -The World is Your Teen SummitEngaging and Interactive this teen summit is held each August as our back toschool event. Along with moving and powerful speakers from business andindustry, we present image and beauty consultants to talk about self-esteembeauty, self-awareness, health, relationships, body awareness and identificationand more for young black women returning to school.
  19. 19. Sponsor Packages and BenefitsSponsor benefits can vary but benefits of sponsorship include” Company logo featured prominently as title or presenting sponsor in all collateral signage, advertising and website with link to sponsors website. Full page ad in E’LON Couture Magazine Two complimentary tables and/or tickets with preferred seating Logo on event page as a sponsor with link to your website Acknowledgement in all press releases, event collateral materials, event ads and on website Acknowledgement in thank you ads from E’LON Couture Magazine Host/Emcee mentions at events Featured placement in programs Company logo on backdrop during event Opportunity to provide promotional items and gift bags Logo engraved in all awards Speaking role at event Participation at meet and greet reception for honorees Branded collateral at tablesSponsor PackagesE’LON Couture Magazine event sponsorships are designed to allowparticipating companies to enjoy a competitive advantage by having alimited number of sponsors (usually a maximum of 4) at each event.Presenting Sponsor ($10,000 – 15,000)This premier sponsorship level receives all the typical sponsorship benefits(as above) as well as ‘Naming Rights’ of our event. For Example: “UpFrontand Powerful, presented by XYZ Company”. As a presenting sponsor yourcompany will also receive a prominent speaking role as well as the ability tohave input into some design details of the event.
  20. 20. Signature Sponsor ($7,000 – 8,500) E’LON Couture Magazine events are unique in that we limit our sponsorships to a total of 5 per event (1 presenting and 4 signature). As a result, our Signature Sponsors receive prominent billing and inclusion in awards presentation and other participation at events.Table Sponsor ($1500)Table sponsorships offer theopportunity for companies to receiverecognition at events on a smallerlevel. Companies opting for thissponsorship level receive recognitionthrough signage throughout the event,a table solely for the company use foremployees and clients as well asrecognition in the program.Sponsorship at this level is unlimited.For more information please contactyour advertising account manager orAmber Parks at 513.338.7643 oreloncouturemagazine@mail.com
  21. 21. AWARDS Awarded Business of the Year (E’LON), Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce (2005) Awarded Small Business of the Year (E’LON) – African-American Chamber of Commerce 2006 = S TRENGTHE’LON and You…Empowering and Rebuilding the Strength of ACommunity “E’LON is the beauty of strength, of fashion and couture, and of all things glamorous.” – Robin K. Fields, Award Winning Fashion and Wardrobe Stylist
  22. 22. “We are pleased that you chose E’LON Couture. Our core message is one of strength, power, beauty, hope and love. At E’LON we live by one simple code of conduct: “I Am My Sisters Keeper!” We seek partners who see the value in bringing strong black women into the dialogue about the world around us. Whether in the arts, entertainment, media, politics, education, humanities, religion, science or raising our families, our voices help move the whole of humanity forward in product innovation, technology, better healthcare, and talented and educated children and communities. We believe that partner is you. So I personally thank you in advance. My promise to you as one of our advertising partners is simple…to bring you a quality product each and every month from E’LON Couture Magazine. If you feel I have failed in that mission…please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly at elonyolanda@mail.com . Visit us on the Web http://eloncouture.com http://bit.ly/eloncosmetics Yolanda Webb Publisher/CEO About Us “The E’LON Couture brands are here to bring beauty, hope and inner strength to black women around the world through our exceptional beauty products and our positive messages and images reflecting our natural beauty.“At E’LON Couture I foundbelieve in the power of hope in shaping our We expert everyday lives and in the concept of womenpartners who helped ensure women. So, through our work and helping mybridesmaids and I looked our very back, supporting and philanthropy we give communities in which we do business thebest on my special day!” assisting and encouraging our partners to do the same.” E’LON© and E’LON Couture© are Registered Trademarks of E’LON LLC™ 2000 - 2011. All Rights Reserved. TWISY ™ and E=MC²™ are Registered Trademarks of E’LON LLC