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How to Boost Your Brand with Microvideo


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From Vine to .gifs, very short videos are a great way to get your customers to engage with your brand. Here are some best practices for using micro video.

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How to Boost Your Brand with Microvideo

  1. 1. Using Micro-Video to Build Your Brand Evan Atkinson Tynesha Brown & Ashley Gilmer Spring 2014
  2. 2. Executive Summary 3 Background 4 Recommendations 5-6 Benefits Conclusion Citations Table of Contents 2Interactive Media 2014 | Elon University 7 8 9
  3. 3. Micro-video is a type of content marketing that was one of the most dominant trends in social media in 2013 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2014. Platforms like Vine and Instagram helped popularize micro-video.Vine was ranked the fastest growing app of 2013, with a growth rate of 403%. Instagram, another social media platform that now allows users to create micro-videos, grew by 130% last year. Top brands are taking advantage of micro-video, and according to Jayson DeMers at Forbes, the rise of micro-video will be a major social trend in 2014. Brands are using micro-video to show off new products, share short promotional clips, let fans go behind the scenes, or to give simple do-it-yourself tutorials. With so much information at the publics’ disposal, the social shift has been to shorter messages that still engage emotions about the brand. Brands need to take advantage of this new social platform. Content marketing strategy is “the practice of planning the creation, distribution, activation, and optimization of thoughtful and relevant content, in order to inspire positive engagement and profitable action.” This type of marketing is about using content to communicate who you are as a brand. With micro-video growing rapidly as a tool to engage emotions about a brand, companies that want to keep up with social trends, and continue to be at the forefront of communications, must implement micro-video in content marketing strategy. Executive Summary Instagram grew by 130% last year 3Interactive Media 2014 | Elon University 3 2 1
  4. 4. Micro-video provides new challenges for brands and companies, as well as a new space in which to market. This new region for marketing is largely unexplored, but large brands have been stepping up to the challenge by using micro-video creatively to fit their brand. One of the issues companies face is selecting a micro-video platform that best reaches their target audiences. There are many micro-video platforms, but each is unique and should be used at different times. Businesses have to ensure their voices are consistent through all platforms and aligns with their brand, along with customer’s values. Vine The micro-video platform owned by social media juggernaut Twitter, allows users to upload six-second videos online. At the end of 2013, around 2 million Vine videos were uploaded daily. Instagram As of eight months ago, Instagram has offered its users the option to create 15-second micro-videos. Over 1200 brands, such as Nike, Starbucks, and the NBA have joined Instagram and are sharing videos online. With more than 150 million active users, Instagram is a viable place for brands interested in micro-video. Snapchat Snapchat allows users to take photos, or record videos and share them with others. Videos can be created between one and ten seconds. With around 26 million users in the United States, brands are using Snapchat as a platform for video marketing. Keek Launched in July 2011, Keek has garnered over 58 millions users, allowing each to post micro-videos up to 36-seconds. Viddy Viddy is another app that allows users to create micro-videos. The app allows up to 30-second videos, and allows users to add effects, and music after the video has been recorded. Background 4Interactive Media 2014 | Elon University 4 5 6 7
  5. 5. There are various ways brands can utilize micro-video to engage their audience. Micro-video is not a one size fits all solution; the various platforms serve different audiences. Brands must tailor their approach to present the right message, at the right time and still remain consistent with their image. This section discusses how to effectively use micro-video in a marketing strategy. 1. Promote what’s new: Brands can use micro-video to tease upcoming products and services.The fast-paced nature of micro-video will make consumers feel like they are getting a sneak peek. For example, creatively unbox your new product and let consumers know where they can find the product. 2. Promote sale items: Often times, sale items can lose their luster in comparison to newer items. Brands can revive interest in sale items with a short video. Consumers love a good deal, and it’s a great way to boost sales. 3. Demonstrate products in use: Providing a context or scenario showing a product in use is an effective way to get consumers to envision themselves using your product.Try to incorporate various scenes to show the versatility of your product. 4. How-to and demos: Some products need a little more explaining, and a how-to video could be just what consumers need.Your audience will appreciate your brand for educating them on the best way to use your product. 5. Behind the scenes: Consumers usually don’t get to see what happens behind-the-scenes. Adding behind-the-scenes video is a great way to give your brand a face and a personality. 6. Contests: Challenge your audience to create a micro-video promoting your product. Contests are a great way to get people energized about your brand and excited about the potential to win a prize and receive publicity. Plus, your brand will have the rights to use contest submissions as marketing tools. Recommendations 5Interactive Media 2014 | Elon University 8
  6. 6. “The latest phenomenon in frozen pop culture has arrived ... #OreoSnackHacks” Retail clothing distributor Dr. Jays used Vine to promote Adidas’ newest release.They created the illusion of the sneakers unboxing themselves. 6Interactive Media 2014 | Elon University Now that you know some of the ways to use micro-video, here are some examples of successful campaigns. Popular snack manufacturer Nabisco, makers of Oreo, posted a Vine video demonstrating how to use their product to make another sweet treat. In just 6 seconds, viewers learn how to make an Oreo Freeze Pop. “#Adidas AR 3.0 juniors #sneakers unboxing itself!” 10 9 Micro-Video in Action
  7. 7. “We #3D printed this grumpy #pumpkin on a @Makerbot Replicator 2.” 7Interactive Media 2014 | Elon University Research and technology giant General Electric showcased their 3D printing capabilities on Instagram. For Halloween, they printed a 3D pumpkin in a 15-sec video. This is an effective way to showcase General Electric’s cutting- edge technology. Benefits 1. Videos can increase the amount of time visitors view your website or social media feed. 2. Videos that incorporate company employees increase trust and add personality. 3. Many consumers prefer watching to reading content. 4. Micro-video on social platforms allows for real-time feedback and engagement. 5. Short videos have a high viewing completion rate. Micro-video can be beneficial for your company and impact your sales.Here are some of the top reasons why according to Unbounce. Micro-video is a cost-efficient way to promote your brand and engage feelings. It is up to your brand to determine the level of effort and quality of video production. A smartphone and a creative mind can make a big difference for your brand. 11 12
  8. 8. With content marketing being a key influence on the success of any particular brand, micro-video must be implemented into brands’ content marketing strategy. Marketers are implementing more ways to connect with existing or potential consumers, and micro-video has created a new platform for brands to do just that. Through the correct use of micro-video as an extension of a company’s marketing strategy, it is able to connect with mass amounts of consumers effectively at a low cost. With the extreme growth of micro-video in 2013, and the groundswell in 2014, brands cannot afford to ignore this tool. With five tweets per second containing a Vine link, over 150 million users on Instagram, and over 58 million users on Keek, micro-video is a formidable tool to build relationships/community, interact with consumers, and engage emotions about a brand. Conclusion 8Interactive Media 2014 | Elon University About the authors Evan Atkinson Evan Atkinson earned his undergraduate degree from Elon University in Strategic Communications, and upon completion of the M.A. of Interactive Media program he hopes to combine his love of sports and digital media. Tynesha Brown Tynesha Brown is a self-proclaimed freelance graphic and web designer. She has been designing for 5 years and has enhanced her skills by crossing into different fields such as marketing and communications. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Interactive Media at Elon University Ashley Gilmer Ashley Gilmer is a multimedia producer with a passion for community and entertainment coverage. Her skills range from video expertise to social media strategy. She is currently pursing a master's degree in Interactive Media at Elon University.
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