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We, Tennesseans (annotated version)


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Published in: Lifestyle, Self Improvement
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We, Tennesseans (annotated version)

  1. 1. We, Tennesseans
  2. 2. We, Tennesseans “we” because I consider myself at least 1/8th Tennessean now :)
  3. 3. Tennessee
  4. 4. can you guess where is it?
  5. 5. don’t worry, I couldn’t either
  6. 6. a.k.a “Volunteer State”got this nickname from the war of 1812 against britain, big number of volunteers
  7. 7. some people disagree, but they’re just wrong a.k.a “best state”some people disagree, they’re wrong
  8. 8. I was in Oak Ridge
  9. 9. Oak Ridge was a secret city built during WWII to make components for the atomic bombs. cool story :)secret city, made components for the atomic bombs. legacy: one of the biggest labs in the usa
  10. 10. so...what are you famous for?
  11. 11. most sold whisky in the world...and made in a “dry county”
  12. 12. moonshine!it’s a popular, home made,illegal kind of was even more popularwhen selling alcohol wasillegal in the US
  13. 13. that’s kinda how theymake moonshine
  14. 14. that’s cool...but what do you do?
  15. 15. church!TN is on the “bible belt,” where mostof the strong christians are.most people are christian and go tochurch regularly, and some take it*very* seriously.
  16. 16. pets!we treat them like partof the family. really.this was one of my babybrothers :)
  17. 17. outdoor stuff!we got the “smokies,” one ofthe biggest parks in the US
  18. 18. hiking in the smokies :)
  19. 19. and we got no real beaches, butwe have some pretty lakes
  20. 20. and we get to play in thesnow a few times in thewinter :)but (thankfully!) notnearly as much as thosewisconsin folks
  21. 21. we go clubbing too
  22. 22. and we do some contra-dancing... it’s not thatpopular, but it’s so-much-fun
  23. 23. we got country music,lots of it.Dolly Parton is a hugecountry star. famous forher music, acting, and...something else
  24. 24. I’ll let you guys guesswhat
  25. 25. we also have bluegrass,very traditional and oneof the coolest musicgenres I’ve percussion, no brass,just strings. and thefiddle. oh the fiddle.
  26. 26. and all this music stuffhas its high point atbonnaroo, one of thebiggest music festivals inthe US
  27. 27. it’s HUGE! in a farm, in avery very hot and humidarea, everybody camping
  28. 28. 100k+ people
  29. 29. 4 days
  30. 30. and we do football!
  31. 31. GO VOLS!
  32. 32. in case you couldn’tguess, our color is orange
  33. 33. fun!and what about eating?
  34. 34. boy...
  35. 35. do we eat!
  36. 36. biscuits and gravy! yummy!
  37. 37. grits... don’t really tastelike anything to me. youcan put cheese andbutter to make it salty,or jam to make it sweet.good, not my favorite.
  38. 38. good lord! I’d trade mybrother for a sweetpotato casserole
  39. 39. hot dogs!they’re pretty different from ours.the hot dog itself looks more likethe sausages we have here, andthey’re grilled. also usually thereisn’t much besides the bun and thehot dog.
  40. 40. sweetened iced tea!I think it’s the numberone thing tennesseansmiss when they leave thesouth lol
  41. 41. and pink lemonade!it was just weird firsttime I saw it, but tastespretty good. sweeterthan regular lemonade.
  42. 42. and corn dogs!it’s like a deep fried hot dog madewith a corn based flour... they’regood!talking about deep frying... well,we like deep frying...
  43. 43. we like it so much thatwe deep fry oreos lol
  44. 44. and as a good Tennessean would say,
  45. 45. thank y’all for coming!
  46. 46. take care,sweethearts!