Facebook and health


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for the comenius project 'Be globally aware" 1st Gymnasio Neou Psychikou.

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Facebook and health

  1. 1. Health and Facebook ® Many people usethis social networkevery month, every week, every day, however, most ofthem ignore that it can cause health problems
  2. 2. This impact of facebook is not only ignored by many people but also rejected by its fans.They cannot imagine that a social networking site can have such an impact in our health
  3. 3. What problems does facebook cause and whyThe media have always been interested on presenting the dangers of facebook. For instance the ‘Daily mail’ reports that using Facebook can raise your risk of cancer and many other serious health problems
  4. 4. All these media reports are based on a psychologist Dr Aric Sigman who argues that this lack of face to face contact can increase the risks of heart disease, stroke and dementia
  5. 5. The social isolationSome psychologist argue that the social networking sites ,such as facebook, even though they are made to make people more sociable, they isolate peopleThe social isolation affects very much our health because it affects our genes, our immune system, our hormones and the arteries’ function
  6. 6. The addiction to FacebookWith facebook you don’t have to make effort so to make friends or become facebook. Everything is judged from your facebook activity.So, many people are addicted to facebook. They only live in this virtual world and not in the real one. That shows that facebook is not just a social networking site but also a real drug
  7. 7. Facebook addicted people Another thing that facebookcan spend a whole day just addicted people do is to checking their homepage stay at home and don’t go updates. Also many time outside with their friendsthey stay logged on for the for a walk or to go to thewhole night or wake in the cinema etc.middle of their sleep so to check their facebook profile.
  8. 8. There are many consequences from that addiction.• First of all we lose our real friends and we become less sociable in real life.• We stop sleeping at night and that also affects our health
  9. 9. • We spent the most of the day on facebook so we don’t have time for our obligations, such as studying if we are students or working• We don’t have time for exercise, we may consume much food or we may start smoking and drinking alcohol
  10. 10. Some times facebook This may cause many addicted people psychological don’t manage to problems like achieve their depression, lower facebook goals our self-estime and such as being a sense of social inadequacy famous, having many friends etc.
  11. 11. In addition to that if we are Another last addicted to facebook that danger by means that we are using addicted to internet and facebook is computer and that is that we may known to cause many communicate health problems such as with unknown problems with our eyes people who want to harm us
  12. 12. Sources:Iosif Tsekos