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Newspaper Inside Page Progress


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A2 media studies, slideshow on how i created my newspaper inside page.

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Newspaper Inside Page Progress

  2. 2. This was the beginning of my inside page, after setting up the page dimensions and creating a rough layout idea I started to make the adverts. At the bottom of the page I decided to use and advert with quite a lot of colour to make it stand out (as adverts would do). I also thought this was a good placing for the advert as it doesn’t take too much attention away from where the articles will be.
  3. 3. I started to add in more articles to do with the local area, I also adding in a photo that was relevant to the subject matter of my article. I think its starting to look more like a newspaper with the more content that is added in, I also think that having a rough layout idea already to follow makes it easier to put the newspaper together.
  4. 4. Here I took out the advert to work out where my other articles would go, on a screen the scale seems a lot smaller than it actually is and so fitting everything seemed quite difficult. I decided on putting in my articles first and working around them I thought that they are the more important parts of a newspaper.
  5. 5. In this image there is a noticeable difference to my newspaper layout. I used a “Kentish Express” Newspaper as inspiration for the layout. I found that on the inside page, there were much clearer sections between articles and adverts on the page. Here I have two articles and the continuation of the story that is on my front page. The sections allowed me to include more onto the page, as can be seen here I am working on adding adverts in for the rest on the space available.
  6. 6. This is the final version of my inside front page, I have two articles and the continuation of the one on my front cover as well as some adverts. I chose these kinds of adverts as they are advertising local trades in the local newspaper, they are simple but eye catching as they have some bright colours on which is a change to the rest of page. I really like this final edit and I think it looks good and quite professional in terms of content and layout.