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[Process Day 2011] Folder do Process Day 2011


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Folder do Process Day

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[Process Day 2011] Folder do Process Day 2011

  1. 1. 2011 ProcessDays 2011 SMC Conference Centre, Sydney 18-21 July 2011 Leonardo ProcessDays is the most credible and well established Business Process Management event in Australasia. In its 9th year of outstanding success, it is the key milestone in the BPM calendar. Register online at: more than just a conference
  2. 2. Conferences, like ProcessDays 2011, are great for the large audiences and world class speakers. What if you had a specific inquiry or problem? Perhaps a one-to-one session is more suitable? You can sit and talk with ‘a genius’ - at anytime during the conference. We provide the booking system for all delegates, match their problem/discussion point to an area of expertise and schedule a meeting with one of the genius’ at the Process Genius Café. And yes, we provide the coffee! “Another first class event: Some prescription, lots of engagement, interaction of all levels of experience, knowledge and cultures of BPM. Great networking opportunities sustaining the BPM journey.” “Excellent BPM event. Interesting, factual, consolidated and rounded my thoughts and strategic approach on where and how to move forward.” Attend ProcessDays to: • understand process-based management • learn from more gurus than any other conference • network with your BPM peers • gain cross-industry insights • discover how to tell the process story • know how to deliver measurable improvements • survive the people challenges • sell the BPM business case • communicate BPM possibilities • align BPM concepts to strategic planning • appreciate the critical role of enabling technology • save money • share your own BPM experiences.
  3. 3. Meet the Keynotes Roger T. Burlton Founder and Chief Consultant, BPTrends Associates Roger Burlton is a global BPM thought leader and consultant recognised for his innovative methods for process change and pioneering contributions in Strategic Alignment, Stakeholder Analysis, Knowledge Management, Prototyping and Rapid Systems Development, people-based Project Management Methodologies and Business Process Management. Hedevelopedandchairedmanyhighprofileglobalconferences on advanced business and information management in the 90s and since 2003 has chaired the leading BPM Conferences inbothEuropeandtheUS.HispragmaticBPMseminarseriesis thelongestrunningBPMseminarprogramintheworldandhe has conducted over 300 training and consulting engagements with clients around the globe. Roger is the Founder of the ProcessRenewalGroup,ChairmanofAdaptive,Inc.,amember of the Board of Advisors and frequent contributor for BPTrends ( and the author of the best selling book, Business Process Management: Profiting from Process. Ronald G. Ross Co-Founder and Principal, Business Rule Solutions, LLC Executive Editor, Business Rules Journal, At his company Business Rule Solutions, LLC, Ron Ross engages in presentations, consulting services, publications, the Proteus® methodology, and RuleSpeak® ( He gives popular public seminars through and Ron Ross is recognised as the “father of business rules.” He serves as Executive Editor of and its flagship publication, Business Rules Journal, and as Chair of the Business Rules Forum Conference. He is the author of eight professional books, including the handbook Business Rule Concepts (2009, 1998) and Principles of the Business Rule Approach, Addison-Wesley (2003). Alec Sharp Senior Consultant & Founder, Clariteq Systems Consulting Ltd With 30 years of experience, and more than 25 years as a consultant, Alec has deep expertise in a rare combination of fields: • businessprocessidentification,modeling,analysis,andredesign • application requirements specification • data modeling and information management Supporting these is his ability to help organizations clarify their strategy, goals, and objectives. A top-rated conference speaker, Alec mixes practical content and insight with irreverence and humour. His classes are practical, energetic, and fun, with the most common participant comments being “best course (or best instructor) I’ve ever had” and “I loved the real-life examples.” Prof. Michael Rosemann Queensland University of Technology, DrMichaelRosemannisaProfessorandHeadoftheInformation Systems Discipline at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. The IS Discipline comprises approximately 70 PhD students and includes one of the largest BPM Groups in the world. Michael is the Chief Investigator of a number of applied research projects funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and various industry partners (e.g. SAP). He is Head of the Business Service Management project as part of the Collaborative Research Centre Smart Services. Michael is the author/editor of seven books, more than 150 refereed papers and Editorial Board member of ten international journals. His book ‘Process Management’ has been translated into German, Russian and Mandarin. Michael has conducted invited presentations in more than 25 countries and has intensive consulting experiences.
  4. 4. Master Classes Monday 18 July 9:00-5:00 Master Class 1: Business Rules from A to Z WHAT BUSINESS RULES ARE, WHY THEY MATTER AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT Ronald G. Ross, Co-Founder and Principal, Business Rule Solutions, LLC Executive Editor, Business Rules Journal, This Master Class explains business rules, decision analysis and related techniques giving clear, authoritative insight into essential concepts on a point-by-point basis, amplified by far-ranging professional experience. Critical areas of practical importance are explained, including where and how business rules fit with BPM. The class also explores how business rules relate to requirements, business analysis, semantics, decision tables, rule management, enterprise architecture, legacy modernization, and more. If you are looking for innovative approaches and proven ways to build better business solutions, this Master Class is for you. Master Class 2: Process-Centric Enterprise Architecture MAKING PROCESS CENTRAL TO ENTERPRISE ARCHITECTURE Anders Østergaard Jensen-Waud, Consultant, Leonardo Consulting Mervin Chiang, Manager Product and Services Development, Leonardo Consulting Current enterprise architecture practice lacks a process-centric view of the enterprise. While existing, industry-standard EA frameworks are robust and valuable for defining, understanding and governing technology and infrastructure, they fail to describe how and why an enterprise produces value for its clients. Many existing approaches relegate the process view to a subordinate issue. In this Master Class the case is made to make process the dominant central view. The EA landscape and its history will be surveyed. Analysis of the role of business process in contemporary EA frameworks will lead to the description of a new process-centric EA approach, the Leonardo Framework. 5:00-7:00 DRINKS & DISCOVERY: Join your fellow attendees to compare notes and exchange ideas over a quiet drink at the end of an exciting day.
  5. 5. Master Classes Tuesday 19 July 9:00-5:00 Master Class 3: Business Processes -The Foundation For Managing An Organisation USING FUNCTIONAL MANAGEMENT TO OPTIMISE CROSS-FUNCTIONAL WORK IS DELUSIONAL Roger Burlton, Chief Consultant, BPTrends Associates Traditional management systems do not deliver the responsiveness we crave. This Master Class presents a methodical and common sense way to rethink organisational management practices. After creating a truly stakeholder-driven business process value map, the session will look at what to measure and how to do so. Alternative approaches for governance of process assets will be shown. An enterprise-wide transformation method based on strategic intent and performance leads to integrated transformational change. The role of a single or federated Centre of Expertise will also be discussed. Mini workshops will allow participants to further explore the subject. Master Class 4: Integrating Business Process Redesign and IT Requirements CROSSING THE CHASM BETWEEN DESIGN AND REQUIREMENTS Alec Sharp, Senior Consultant & Founder, Clariteq Systems Consulting Ltd A key lesson from recent years is that major information system implementations done without regard for business processes often fail, sometimes spectacularly. Unfortunately, a thoughtful and widely supported business process design doesn’t guarantee success either. This Master Class presents the missing link - a practical, proven, and integrated set of techniques that flow seamlessly from process design through to actionable requirements. Key elements include business service specifications (essential in a SOA environment,) a unique form of use cases, and business-oriented data models. Special attention is paid to the problematic “great leap downward” from architecture and design to specification-level requirements. 5:00-7:00 DRINKS & DISCOVERY: Join your fellow attendees to compare notes and exchange ideas over a quiet drink at the end of an exciting day.
  6. 6. Conference Day 1 Wednesday 20 July 7:00-8:00 REGISTRATION (and light breakfast) 8:00-8:15 WELCOME Chris Nagel, Managing Director, Leonardo Consulting Prof Michael Roseman and Roger Tregear, ProcessDays Co-Chairs 8:15-9:15 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION THE BUSINESS PROCESS MANIFESTO: A NECESSARY FOUNDATION FOR ALL THINGS PROCESS Roger Burlton, Chief Consultant, BPTrends Associates Surveying contemporary BPM thinking and practice reveals a massive inconsistency in how process related activities are understood and communicated. This dissonance is leading to widespread miscommunication and misunderstanding, putting the maturity of process management itself at risk. This presentation will report on Roger’s quest to bring sanity and elegance to the process profession based on the Business Process Manifesto. 9:15-10:00 WHAT DOES PROCESS OWNERSHIP REALLY MEAN ? EXPLORING THE PURPOSE AND LIMITS OF PROCESS OWNERSHIP MODELS Greg Taylor, Head of Business Integration, Shared Services, UGL Limited Matthew Winchur, Commercial Projects Manager, Corporate Service, UGL Limited Melissa Doherty, Enterprise Business Architect, Brisbane City Council Ian Niven, Chief HR Officer and HR and Payroll Process Owner, Brisbane City Council There’s a lot of talk about Process Owners, but have you ever actually met one?! Perhaps you are one? Does it feel like you are being asked to be responsible for things over which you have no control? A practitioner panel will explore what it means to be a Process Owner - what works, what doesn’t, what is expected of people in the role? 10:00-10:30 DEALING WITH CULTURE IN BPM PROJECTS REMOVING ROADBLOCKS CAUSED BY CULTURAL DISCONNECTIONS Sebastian Reiter, BPM Research Group, QUT Becoming process-centric requires a cultural change; it requires the ability to deal effectively with a wide range of cultural issues. Organisations have a complex cultural ecosystems shaped by their history, location, industry, marketplace and people. Understanding the construct and role of culture is therefore critical in managing cultural diversity and hence project success. 10:30-11:00 BREAK 11:00-12:30 AN OPINION OF GURUS BURLTON, ROSEMANN, ROSS & SHARP RIFFING AND RESPONDING This has never happened before. Drawing on decades of practical case study experiences, the BPM Dream Team will be together as a panel to debate what really matters about life through the process lens. 4 gurus – 100 opinions. We’ll welcome questions, comments and challenges from delegates. Riffing and responding. An idea of gurus. A conference of experience. 12:30-2:00 LUNCH
  7. 7. 2:00-3:00 BUSINESS PROCESS IDOL CONVINCING EXCO TO TAKE A PROCESS-CENTRIC APPROACH A competition for teams or individuals to present the compelling case for process-centric management to the Executive Committee. Presentations limited to 10 minutes. Judging by audience response. Anyone can enter. Participation guidelines at 3:00-3:30 BREAK 3:30-4:30 REAL LIFE ROUNDTRIP EXPLORING THE HYPE AND REALITY OF PROCESS-TO-EXECUTION CAPABILITIES Mervin Chiang, Consulting Principal, Leonardo Consulting John Deeb, Director, Rubicon Red Matt Wright, Director, Rubicon Red Using actual customer cases and personal experiences, John, Matt and Mervin will take you through a BPMS deployment journey where business processes were given a breath of life through process orchestration systems. Experience the highlights, successes, pitfalls and issues they face as they collaborate and enable organisations. 4:30-5:30 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: THE PROCESS FOR BUSINESS RULES Ronald G. Ross, Co-Founder & Principal, Business Rule Solutions, LLC Executive Editor, Business Rules Journal, We are often confused, not knowing why we work so hard with little to show for it. Why do things that logically seem so simple, cost far more than expected and take so long? The process for business rules is a path way from gridlock to agility, offering proven order-of-magnitude improvements in business capabilities. Ultimately, the process for business rules involves nothing less than the nuts-and-bolts governance process of the organisation. 5:30-6:30 RELAX & REVIEW: Partner Showcase and Networking 6:30-10:00 PROCESS PARTY
  8. 8. Conference Day 2 Thursday 21 July 7:00-8:00 NETWORKING (and light breakfast) 8:00-8:15 Welcome Roger Tregear & Michael Roseman 8:15-9:15 Keynote Presentation Human and Organisational Issues in Business Process Change Alec Sharp, Senior Consultant & Founder, Clariteq Systems Consulting Organisation transformation programs fail more often than they succeed. Process change initiatives often fail due to an overly techcratic or “hard” approach, paying little attention to “soft” topics such as organisational and cultural factors. A balanced approach is needed but “soft” topics seem to defy rigorous analysis. Therearesolidtechniquesfordealingwiththemysteriesofcultureandhumanbehaviour, but we have to step out of our self-imposed BPM silos and borrow from other disciplines. 9:15-10:30 BoF Sessions “I will tell you, Socrates, he said, what my own feeling is. Men People of my age interest flock together; we are birds of a feather, as the old proverb says” With apologies to Plato (The Republic, 360 BC) BoF session – “an informal meet-up at conferences, where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda”. (Wikipedia) Join a group talking about your key topic. Or create your own group. Details of current groups and instructions for creating your own group at 10:30-11:00 Break 11:00-12:30 Critical Issues in Process Modelling getting to the key issues in creating and maintaining process models 11:00-11:15 Case Study Discussion: Managing Modelling – Where’s the ROI? Introduce and read the case study 11:15-12:00 Short presentations from four very different commentators presenting their views on the key management of modelling issues. 12:00-12:30 Panel & Delegate Discussion 12:30-2:00 Lunch
  9. 9. 2:00-3:00 The CXO View exploring executive buy-in from the other side of the desk This panel of C level executives will discuss BPM from the perspective of targets of the fabled “executive buy-in”. Becoming process-centric ultimately requires whole-of-enterprise culture change. This needs executives to be passionately involved, not just acquiescent. The compelling case for such fundamental change has proven to be illusive for many organisations. What advice does our panel of CXOs have for practitioners seeking to promote the process view? Dan Beecham, Chief Information Officer, Woolworths Limited Peter Effeney, Chief Executive Officer, SPARQ Solutions 3:00-3:30 The Process Knowledge Initiative UPDATING PROGRESS AND DISCUSSING THE PROCESS KNOWLEDGE BOK (PKBOK) A panel session to review and discuss the Process Knowledge Initiative. What is the initiative? What problem are we trying to solve? What has happened so far? Why should we care? The panel will include two thought leaders who are directly involved in the Process Knowledge Initiative: Dr. Wasana Bandara, Queensland University of Technology: Methodology Advisory Board Member and Technical Integration Team Member Roger Burlton, Founder, BPTrends Associates: Technical Advisory Board Member 3:30-4:00 Break 4:00-5:00 Keynote Presentation - Future Process Professor Michael Rosemann, Professor and Head of the Information Systems Discipline at Queensland University of Technology. Associate, Leonardo Consulting Michael will explore the future of BPM from his position as one of the world’s leading BPM researchers. His research, writing and teaching activities bring him into daily contact with the leading edge of process thinking and development. Indeed much of his work defines that edge. This presentation will continue the tradition of concluding ProcessDays with Michael inspiring us all with his perspective across the broad canvas of BPM futures. 5:00-5:30 ProcessDays 2011 Wrap Michael Rosemann and Roger Tregear lead speakers and delegates in a discussion about the highlights and important ideas of ProcessDays 2011. Video clips. Action replays. Best presentation award. Candid camera. Prize draws. Feedback. Final questions. Farewell! 5:30-7:00 RELAX & REVIEW: Partner Showcase and Networking
  10. 10. Registration Fees: Master Classes: $650 +GST per day Conference: *includes attendance at both conference days • Earlybird rate (before 7 June) $1950+GST • Standard rate (after 7 June) $2050+GST Register online at: Contact us: 02 921 111 719 or EARLYBIRD SAVINGS Earlybird price $1950+GST (offer ends 7 June) MASTER CLASS TEAM PACKAGE 1 - Register 4 people for one Master Class day and receive the 5th and 6th person for FREE MASTER CLASS TEAM PACKAGE 2 - Register 3 people for one Master Class day and receive the 4th person for FREE CONFERENCE TEAM PACKAGE 2 - Register 3 people for the Conference days and receive the 4th person for FREE CONFERENCE TEAM PACKAGE 1 - Register 4 people for the Conference days and receive the 5th and 6th person for FREE To register a team please e-mail or call 02 9211 1719. Please note that teams must be registered at the same time using your unique team discount code. TEAM PACKAGE Register more than three people at one time to receive discounted registration fees!