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12 Ways to Improve Magento 2 Security and Performance


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"12 Ways to Improve Magento 2 Security and Performance" by Pavlo Okhrem, CEO of Elogic Commerce at Meet Magento DE 2017 #mm17de

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12 Ways to Improve Magento 2 Security and Performance

  1. 1. #MM17DE Pavlo Okhrem CEO at Elogic Commerce 12 Ways to Improve Magento 2 Security and Performance OFTOPIC Your Company logo
  2. 2. #MM17DE  CEO and Co-Founder at eLogic Commerce  Vice president of International affairs at Cluster BIT  Co-founder and chairman at Chernivtsi IT CEO Club  Participant in international business programs in Sweden and Norway  Not married
  3. 3. #MM17DE Performance 1. Environment settings: PHP 2. Job Que 3. DB solutions: Scaling 4. Client side features 5. Advanced caching 6. Images compression, CDN 7. Profiling instruments for code optimization 8. Catalog search optimization Agenda Security 9. Permissions 10. Secure workflow/deployment 11. Server side logging configuration 12. Best practices of application configura for security purposes
  4. 4. #MM17DE Magento2 Performance tips
  5. 5. #MM17DE Recommended list of extensions Sufficient memory_limit 768MB XDebug adds extra 20% to response time OpCache with recommended settings: - Enough memory portion to fit the code [512MB] - Max_accelerated_files_count [60000] - Timestamp validation / Consistency checks Note: Max performance will be achieved only if OpCache is enabled. Environment Settings: PHP php-bcmath php-cli php-common php-gd | php-imagick php-intl php-mbstring php-mcrypt php-pdo php-soap php-xml
  6. 6. #MM17DE Job Queue Integration with RabbitMQ. Available only in Enterprise Edition. Asynchronus jobs execution
  7. 7. #MM17DE DB Solutions: Scaling (EE) Main (Catalog)Main (Catalog) MasterMaster Checkout Master Order MS Master Main Slave Catalog Slave Checkout Slave EAV Slave … Available only in Magento 2 Enterprise Edition
  8. 8. #MM17DE DB Solutions: Scaling (EE) Adding a Slave database: CLI: magento setup:db-schema:add-slave Moving a separate part to a separate master database: CLI: magento setup:db-schema:split-quote CLI: magento setup:db-schema:split-sales
  9. 9. #MM17DE Configuration: Client side features Minification (CSS, JS, HTML) JS resources bundling Caching of static content Images compression CLI: magento catalog:images:resize
  10. 10. #MM17DE Caching
  11. 11. #MM17DE Caching Can be used used as page cache and session storing
  12. 12. #MM17DE CDN and image compression CDN will help you to deliver content faster. Reduce images size where possible. Use JPEG format for catalog pictures.
  13. 13. #MM17DE Code optimization Using the Zend Z-Ray, you can inspect, debug, and optimize your pages, and easily add additional functionality.
  14. 14. #MM17DE
  15. 15. #MM17DE Catalog search Magento 2 EE provides the support for Solr – a robust catalog search engine option. Elasticsearch utilizes the RESTful web interface as well as uses schema-free JSON documents. Merchants prefer this search engine, because it offers real-time search, high scalability, and enterprise- level performance.
  16. 16. #MM17DE One more useful thing
  17. 17. #MM17DE Magento2 Security tips
  18. 18. #MM17DE Permissions The owner of the Magento file system: Must have full control (read/write/execute) of all files and directories. Must not be the web server user; it should be a different user. The web server user must have write access to the following files and directories: var app/etc pub In addition, the web server's group must own the Magento file system so that the Magento user (who is in the group) can share access to files with the web server user.
  19. 19. #MM17DE Permissions All directories have 770 permissions. 770 permissions give full control (that is, read/write/execute) to the owner and to the group and no permissions to anyone else. All files have 660 permissions. 660 permissions mean the owner and the group can read and write but other users have no permissions.
  20. 20. #MM17DE Workflow Limit the access to the production server. Ideally, with the help of CI, so nobody will have access to the live container Limit admin access (use different roles) Only 1 person should have the access to merging commits and deploying them to the live environment Purchase extensions from verified extensions providers
  21. 21. #MM17DE Server logging Configure the logging in a way that it detects all of the suspicious activities on your server Configure the firewall Use Fail2Ban to ban all of the suspicious activities on your server
  22. 22. #MM17DE Application configuration Change the default admin url path Change the default downloader url path Use only secure communications protocol (SSH/SFTP/HTTPS) Use strong, long, and unique passwords, and change them periodically. Immediately install patches when new security issues are discovered.
  23. 23. #MM17DE One more thing Close all of the unnecessary ports on your server Restrict SSH access by IP Use password managers like LastPass, PassPack etc to store password securely
  24. 24. #MM17DE Useful resources 8/ - How to configure Magento with http/2 - Magento security lifehacks - Magento2 z-ray plugin bulletproof-your-magento-security - 22 Ways to bulletproof your magento security
  25. 25. #MM17DE Contact me Email: Phone: +38(050)764-1000 Skype: okhrempavlo LinkedIn: /paulokhrem Facebook: /puncher