Bach’s flowers


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Bach’s flowers

  1. 1. Bach’s Flowers By Karol Navarro Montoya
  2. 2. Bach’s Flowers• background of the Bach’s Flower creator.• How the flowers work.• Type of illnesses the flowers cure.• Which places and who can applies the flowers.• advantages of Bach’s Flowers use.
  3. 3. Bach’s FlowersBach’s Flowers history.Dr. Edward Bach. (1886-1936) Bach had always been more interested in the people suffering disease than in the diseases themselvesBut his work with the flower remedies convinced him that true health could only be maintained by treating the individual personality instead of concentrating exclusively on the diseases of the body.The pews that the flowers possess
  4. 4. Bach’s Flowers• How the flowers work?• The Bach Flower Remedies themselves are selected according to the personality of the person being treated.• The effect of the remedies is to transform negative thoughts and behavior into positive ones.• Each remedy (38)was created with the purpose to treat one specific type of emotion• One is to put two drops of each selected remedy into a glass of water and sip from this at least four times a day - more if necessary - or until the problem has passed. Alternatively the two drops can be put into a clean empty 30ml dropper bottle which is then topped up with mineral water. From
  5. 5. Bach’s FlowersType of illnesses the flowers cure.• A kind gentle person who found it hard to say „no‟ to other people would be given Centaury.• For someone who always tries to laugh things off even when he is undergoing torture inside would needAgrimony.• Holly for negative feelings of hatred, envy, jealousy and suspicion.• Wild Oat for people unable to find a direction for their lives.
  6. 6. Bach’s FlowersWhich places and who can applies the flowers. The Bach Centre. Private offices.People certified as: Bach Foundation Registered Practitioners “BFRP” . Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioners “BFRAP”
  7. 7. Bach’s Flowers Advantages of Bach’s Flowers use.• They remedies are natural• Non-toxic• Patients do not get addicted to the remedies• Bachs Flower Remedies do not produce any allergic reactions to those who are allergic to pollen.• The remedies help people who want to stop smoking.• The remedies are also beneficial for babies and pets and finally they are inexpensive because consumers can get each bottle on line for only
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