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Race and Food

Kingsborough Community College CYAP-Sustainability Seminar 2010

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Race and Food

  1. 1. Race and Food CYAP Kingsborough Sustainability Seminar | 2010 food culturist
  2. 2. Nicole A. Taylor Georgia native Nicole Taylor has been an artisan candy maker, an activist, and a social media maven. A member of Food Systems Network NYC and Slow Food USA, she also participated on the member recruitment workgroup for FoodCorps and fundraised for the Urban Justice Center through the 2010 Vendy Awards NYC. Nicole is currently a community outreach consultant for the Brooklyn Food Coalition and holds a degree in Community Health Education from Clark Atlanta University. Nicole is the host of Hot Grease, a progressive food culture radio program on Heritage Radio Network. She is working on a book featuring historic and noteworthy US restaurants and cafes in black communities. food culturist
  3. 3. food culturist Profiles in Food
  4. 4. food culturist The Next Slide is You
  5. 5. food culturist African Diaspora Food
  6. 6. food culturist Trip Home
  7. 7. WIC and Food Stamps Farmers Markets School Lunch Laws Grow Your Own Food CSA-Community Supported Agriculture Good Food Products Restaurants Food Coops Buying Clubs
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