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Elocin Nire Marketing is a recognized leader in acquisition, development, conversion, and sale of real estate for its clients on an international basis. While Elocin Nire is focused on finding opportunistic properties that align with their clients’ needs, we are most recognized for distinguishing underperforming or underutilized assets and repositioning them in conjunction with consumer demand. This varies from high rise and waterfront condo’s to fitness and lifestyle resorts.

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Elocin Nire Brochure

  2. 2. LEADERSHIP Elocin Nire has amassed one of the most respected and experienced ELOCIN NIRE M A R K E T I N G G R O U P leadership teams in the real estate industry. A collective of diverse backgrounds provides Elocin Nire’ client base with professional guidance in areas such as real estate acquisition, timeshare/fractional Elocin Nire Marketing Group, INC is a recognized leader in the acquisition, development, sales, marketing, legal, and project finance. development, conversion, and sales of real estate for its clients on an Partners include: international basis. While Elocin Nire is focused on finding opportunistic SCOTT MCMANN properties that align with their clients needs, we are most recognized Thirty-Two years of real estate experience including the sale of more than 10,000 single and multi-family units valued in excess of for distinguishing underperforming or mis-utilized real estate assets US$1.3B. Specialist in creating sales during market downturns. and repositioning them in conjunction with consumer demands. From EDWARD KLINE fractional ownership to condo conversion to resort development, the Thirty years of real estate acquisition, investment, development, and sales experience totaling nearly US$1B. executives of Elocin Nire have a twenty-year track record of success. THOMAS WYNN Senior Real Estate attorney, Certified Public Accountant, and advisor to international development executives KELLY ANDREWS Global sales and marketing expert in mixed-use real estate development, hospitality, and travel/tourism PAUL WESTON Senior director in construction, sales and management of multi- family residential projects from $45,000,000 to $100,000,000 .....plus, a collective of experienced professionals representing finance, operations, and administration. 2
  3. 3. maximization of revenue opportunities for our clients • the opportunity to assemble multiple properties SERVICES at each phase. in a common single location and to develop a destination resort in an otherwise desirable location IDENTIFICATION OF PROPERTIES Elocin Nire Marketing provides a comprehensive • control of the transportation to, from and within a suite of integrated services that provide our clients Elocin Nire helps its clients to identify properties or property, such as through the ownership of or with trusted resources throughout the entire project. projects that meet our clients needs. Elocni Nire’ proximity to airports, storage and maintenance While each client engagement is different, we management considers the following factors, facilities, and other personalized amenities, remain committed to a process that calls upon each without limitation, in determining whether a property thereby focusing future guests’ attention and internal resource to provide thought leadership and is worthy of purchase by a client: spending on amenities and offerings owned or insight; thus ensuring that all aspects of the project offered by our clients is thoroughly reviewed, analyzed, and approved. • location, market trends, history, financial • how the property will mesh with the overall brand feasibility, amenities - all of the essential positioning of our client ‣ identifying a property that has viable potential elements that fit within a clients strategic plan ‣ performing due diligence on the property to • the presence of or proximity to extrinsic DUE DILIGENCE determine the positives and negatives amenities such as waterfront, marinas, ski associated with acquiring such property and resorts, amusement parks, natural parks, or Elocin Nire engages in comprehensive due diligence on what terms ELOCIN NIRE S E R V I C E S sufficient land masses and/or building facilities review of all properties and provides our clients with for ongoing development including unique golf comprehensive details and perspective on the ‣ negotiating, executing and closing the facilities potential of the property and/or projects success. acquisition and related financing We gather information not only from the seller, but • from a zoning perspective, the ability to develop also from third parties and governmental sources ‣ taking control of the property and, if there is a additional amenities and programs at the including field investigations, wetland studies, business or project that is functioning, property environmental studies and geotechnical surveys to operating it under its current use and zoning help understand the property and its development • feasibility studies to determine whether the characteristics. In addition, we typically secures ‣ creating a development plan for the property replacement costs of the buildings and professional opinions from attorneys, planners and improvements plus the fair market value of raw other professionals familiar with the target property, ‣ obtaining the entitlements for the property to land is greater than purchase price geographic area and/or type of property or permit the implementation of the development proposed use. During this process, and based in plan • the presence at or near the property of part on the results of the due diligence investigation, competitive barriers, such as the geographic we provide our clients with ongoing analysis so that ‣ overseeing the development and construction location itself, government regulation, scarcity of they can determine whether to proceed with the work associated with the development plan desirable amenities, or potential threats to the acquisition of a project and/or real estate asset, and project success at what price and under what terms and conditions. ‣ selling and marketing individual units • the absence of like-kind venues, attractions or amenities located near the property, thereby Our leadership of all development activities provides maximizing revenue from future guests by clients with end-to-end solutions, while allowing focusing their attention and spending on Elocin Nire to insert its proven project management amenities and offerings owned or offered by our services. Moreover, this level of involvement client ensures fundamental control that leads to a 3
  4. 4. NEGOTIATION & CLOSING property. This can include multi-jurisdictional Once approved by the client, Elocin Nire uses its due zoning, master planed amendments to zoning diligence and internal analysis to negotiate and codes, application for future land use modifications, close the acquisition of the property. Moreover, our and securing other local, state and federal approvals professional leadership can assist in the financing before construction can begin. The more time it efforts by providing detailed documentation, takes to secure these approvals, the longer the business plans, and sales plans. delay can be in bringing the property into our clients network. The development plan will often have to be modified to accommodate the restrictions placed OPERATIONAL SERVICES on it by the various governmental agencies. Once the acquisition of the project is completed, Elocin Nire can provide strategic leadership, planning, Completing the development and construction work and operational support to our clients if they wish to and transitioning the property is a key to our clients continue operating the property as it was operated success. prior to the acquisition. Assuming a development plan can be created and implemented, the previous In many cases, our clients seek to continue property operations may only be temporary until refurbished DEVELOPMENT PLAN operations during development. We work with the or newly constructed facilities are available. If, Elocin Nire can assist in the creation of a development appropriate parties to ensure that operations remain however, our client is unable to or decides not plan for each of our clients properties. Our in place, while improvements are being made. This implement its desired development plan, we can resources extend to master planning firms, provides our clients with sustained revenue. assist to operate the property as it was prior to the ELOCIN NIRE S E R V I C E S engineers, surveyors, architects, and landscape acquisition until and more appropriate exit or professionals; all prepared to offer services that help disposal alternative can be identified and in the development process. If a development plan SALES AND MARKETING implemented. calls for future development or conversion, then Elocin provides comprehensive sales and marketing Elocin will identify the necessary development, legal services built on more than twenty years of Our Resort Operations services provides clients the and governmental approvals that must be obtained experience and a proven system that connects following: to re-develop and configure the property as set forth prospective buyers with projects. We work with our in the plan. clients to develop a comprehensive sales and • enrollment in a loyalty program or property marketing strategy that aligns with the company’s management program Quite often the development process includes a objectives. We then leverage our exclusive network sales and marketing plan for the property. of third party sales brokers to find qualified buyers. • operating the reservation, front desk and Depending on our clients desires, this may be for traditional hotel services straight condominium sales, timeshares, or other While traditional marketing media such as print fractional forms. Our talented sales and marketing media in lifestyle publications continue to play a role • food and beverage operations team provides our clients with a combination of in the overall marketing mix, we primarily focus on channels including outsourced sales networks, database marketing, strategic partnering and • retail and rental merchandise operations marketing platforms, and strategic sales sponsorship initiatives - all proven to be less costly, partnerships. Elocin maintains a proprietary network highly measurable, and more effective. • lifestyle amenities including golf, spas, pools, of third party real estate brokers, which it provides etc. our clients for the rapid deployment and sale of Depending on our client’s target audience, Elocin projects. uses varying sales systems. Regardless of whether • Common area maintenance the project is for timeshare buyers, whole ownership buyers, or luxury fractional buyers, Elocin • Housekeeping PERMITTING & ENTITLEMENTS customizes the sales and marketing plan to An integral part of any development plan is the maximize success. • Concierge negotiation and securing of the necessary 4 governmental approvals to improve or redevelop the
  5. 5. ELOCIN NIRE CONDO CONVERSION PROPERTY CONVERSION Elocin Nire Marketing Group and their partner SunVest from moderate to upscale condominiums. Our professionals to help carry out our client’s vision. In Communities are the preeminent leader in the philosophy captures a broader audience of first-time addition to the in-house core group of seasoned repositioning and conversion of apartments and home buyers, 2nd home buyers, and investors. veterans, we engage experts in their respective hotels to condominium with a successful 28-year fields such as lawyers, architects, general track record. The commitment to product integrity, We follow a disciplined approach to condominium contractors, property managers, mortgage lenders, value and service has resulted in unparalleled conversion that involves: title companies, condominium association success. managers, interior designers, specialized sales and • Property acquisitions in prime growth areas marketing companies, advertising and public Since 1978, the principals have been totally throughout the world relation agencies. This highly experienced team of immersed in the conversion of hotels and professionals applies proven strategies and an apartments in principal cities throughout the world. • Emphasis on analyzing, organizing, planning, uncompromising commitment to quality to create budgeting, and execution using proven and maximum value for our clients, their partners, and In total: proprietary systems their buyers. • We have successfully sold over 52,000 units • Repositioning the property to target a specific demand in the marketplace • Representing more than 100 developments • Marketing and sales using our vast network of • Over $3 billion dollars in sales buyers On the heels of this phenomenal success, we have Our approach is fully integrated - from acquisition to taken our highly successful formula to new markets financing to construction to marketing - we provide throughout the world. our clients with the most comprehensive resources for quick, successful, and profitable conversions. In today's highly competitive market, diversity is the secret to success. We work with our clients to offer For every market and project, we assemble the the marketplace a full spectrum of pricing options, most talented team of respected industry SOME OF OUR PROJECTS: 5
  6. 6. PROCESS The Elocin Nire process is one of collaboration, communication, and ongoing assessment. Our experience has afforded us with a fluid process that begins with the development of a comprehensive Strategic Plan that operates as the framework for the entire process. Once the plan is approved by our client, we systematically follow the plan’s path, leveraging our relationships, access, and proven techniques to find properties that meet our client’s needs. Our sales and marketing team works closely with the client and as a property is acquired, moves quickly to integrate the property into Elocin Nire’ proven international sales network. And lastly, Elocin proves operational leadership and support to our clients to ensure that the property continues to generate revenue and increases efficiencies. up to 16 weeks | Up to 24 weeks | Up to 24 weeks | Ongoing STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT PLAN ENGAGEMENT SALES & MARKETING ONGOING OPERATIONS Elocin Nire works collaboratively with Upon client approval of the Strategic Once a property has been selected Elocin Nire provides leadership clients to develop an integrated Plan, we aggressively pursues the and acquired, the Elocin Nire sales & and support to ensure that the strategy using market data, industry assigned milestones. We work with marketing team launches an aggressive property continue to drive revenue at ELOCIN NIRE P R O C E S S analysis, and internal knowledge bases. the client every step of the way using plan to meet the client’s objectives. all phases of the process. We even The strategy becomes the operating communication platforms that provide Elocin uses its proprietary global sales assist to find and retain experienced framework for the engagement. our clients with real-time decision network to introduce the property, talent to handle all ongoing making information. the offering, and the system to operational management once the • Strategic plan development execute complete transactions sales process is complete • Comprehensive research, • Acquistion services dissemination, and analysis • Assessment, negotiation, contracting, • Creative marketing collateral - online • Tracking, reporting, & analysis • Feasibility studies engineering, and closing and offline • Ongoing financial, legal, and marketing • Financial planning & economic • Acquisition finance & planning • Public relations, Web Marketing, Mass support analysis • Legal planning & management Media, Event Marketing • General management • Sales feasibility & assessment • Sales feasibility & assessment • Elocin Nire Sales Network Integration • Food & beverage management • Marketing ideation with consumer • D eve l o p m e n t & c o n s t r u c t i o n • Consumer lending support • Hospitality & concierge system tactics management • Legal (Closing) support integration • Legal and financial recommendations • Governmental relations • Ongoing management, reporting, and • Ongoing forecasting and accounting • Plan presentation measurement • Final engagement reporting 6
  7. 7. PROJECT EXAMPLES SOLD OUT SOLD OUT ELOCIN NIRE P R O J E C T S CELEBRITY • Acquisition, Sales, & Operations • Acquisition, Sales, & Operations ELEVATION RESORTS • • 336 units converted to condo hotel Average purchase price, US$535K CRESTED BUTTE, COLORADO • • 336 room hotel converted to condo hotel Full Service Sports Academy integrated CLEARWATER, FLORIDA SOLD OUT SOLD OUT TRANQUILITY • Acquisition, Sales, & Operations • Acquisition, Sales, & Operations • 87 multi-million dollar condo resort DESERT TIDES • Pre-Conversion Sell Out BAY • Average annual occupancy over 90% LAS VEGAS, NEVADA • Profitably operating until conversion MARATHON, FLORIDA 7