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lessons from sxswi 2011

Published in: Business, Technology
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Dc sxs wi_2011_d2

  1. 1. Example with a full-bleed imageSXSWiMarch 11-15 20111
  2. 2. SXSWi5 days of non-stop talks, panels, meetups, booths, shows and parties amongdesigners, developers, artists, educators, journalists, film makers, musicians, strategists, business andsocial entrepreneurs in Austin, TX.Best part for me was the energy and stimulation;getting to learn about other areas, thinking laterallyand seeing what I can apply.2
  3. 3. Five take-aways
  4. 4. 1The Game Layer will be built in the next decade like the SocialLayer was built in the last.The social layer framework is Facebook. It owns the digital representation ofsocial connections for 500 million people and has an open graph protocol sowhen you want to build on the social layer you build with Facebook. Thegame layer traffics in influence of individual motivation vs. socialconnections. It has the potential to be 10x more influential on our lives.Impacting our daily routines, what we buy and where we go.See: Seth Priebatsch4
  5. 5. 2The gap between the physical and the virtual world is closing.The virtual world will become more life-like. The physical world will becomemore virtual-like. The computer in your pocket will act as a bridge ortranslator between these worlds until there is a more seamless interface. Forexample, digital contact lenses are currently being developed at MIT.See: #ARSXSW5
  6. 6. 3A higher order purpose is critical.You have to be about something people can get behind. This came up in thecontext of a User Experience talk but was echoed elsewhere too. Why anorganization does what they do; the change they are trying to manifest in theworld is crucial to articulate and propagate. The clearer the purpose, theclearer the product. The more focused your people will be. The more satisfiedyour customers will be. And the better your UX will be.See: #rhjr_ux56
  7. 7. 4Brands have to rethink marketing.From how to do it, to what it even is. Everything is marketing. Brands mustbe willing to experiment, start smaller and be more nimble. The era of yearlong marketing plans are over. Brands must be able to react faster. Socialshould be an overlay to everything brands do, not another channel. Thisrequires a human voice that’s in the moment.See: #brandjo, #realtime, #dinnerparty, #funnyontwitter7
  8. 8. 5Fuck your hats.Everyone in a start-up plays multiple roles. Everyone should feel responsiblefor the product. Creation makes you vulnerable and requires empathy withyour audience. Have faith in yourself. There is no “right” way. Work harder.Launch and learn. Be kind to one another. Business is about relationships.See: #startup, Jason Cohen8
  9. 9. What to search on Twitter#ARSXSW (augmented reality)#realtime (real time marketing)#sxsw (SX general)#sxswi (SX interactive)#sxsw_edu (technology’s impact/role in ed)#dinnerparty (social media mannerisms)#critthink (critical thinking)#rhjr_ux5 (User Experience)#funnyontwitter (social media tone/voice)#brandeddoc (branded documentaries)#startup (lean start up)#brandjo (JWT Brand Journalism)#talkingcure (Clay Shirky)#betterdesign (Designers and developers)9
  10. 10. Additional ResourcesSXSW Reviews (Edward Boches, ECD at Mullen)More on GamesSeth Priebatsch: Gamification& Location Stuff (LBS) at SXSW Schell – game aficionado blog on games McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world Mayer - Location, location, location! (And Google) Shirky on the SXSW Keynote Stage