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The senses


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The senses

  2. 2. We have five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.
  3. 3. Our eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin are the SENSE ORGANS.
  4. 4. -Our sense organs help us to know what is happening around us. They send the information to the brain through the nerves. -The brain, the spinal cord and the nerves make up the nervous system.
  5. 5. SIGHT Our eyes are the organs of sight. This is an eye. Light enters the pupil and goes to the retina. Nerves send the information to the brain.
  6. 6. HEARING Ears are the organs of hearing. This is an ear. Sound goes to the middle ear. The eardrum vibrates. The sound goes to the three small bones and to the cochlea that sends signals to the brain.
  7. 7. SMELL Nose is the organ of smell. The air enters the nose through the nostrils and to the olfactory nerve. It sends the information to the brain.
  8. 8. TASTE • Tongue is the organ of taste. Taste buds help us identify sweet, salty, bitter and sour tastes. Taste buds
  9. 9. TOUCH Skin is the organ of touch. It tells us if something is soft, hard, hot, cold, rough or smooth.
  10. 10. QUIZ • 1. What are the five senses? • 2. Complete the sentences: a) The ________, the spinal cord and the nerves make up the nervous system. b) Our ______ _______ send the information to the brain through the nerves. c) Eyes are the organs of ___________. • 3. Which of the words in the box belong to these senses? SIGHT ________________________________ HEARING _____________________________ TASTE ________________________________ SMELL _______________________________ nostrils skin taste buds eardrum pupil TOUCH ______________________________ • tongue 4. Which of senses do you use when you… a) Eat a cake ________________ b) Listen to the radio ___________ c) Feel an object with your eyes closed _____________ d) Wear a perfume ____________ e) Watch a film _________________ retina cochlea olfactory nerve
  11. 11. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Answers 1. Sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell. 2.a) brain b) sense organs c) sight. 3. SIGHT: pupil, retina HEARING: eardrum, cochlea SMELL: nostrils, olfactory nerve TOUCH: skin TASTE: tongue, taste buds. 4. a) taste b) hearing c) touch d)smell e) sight