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We are Fort Buchanan. The Fort Buchanan Public Affairs Office brings you El Morro, the garrison newspaper.

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Feb elmorro 2012_web

  1. 1. El Morro Puerto Rican Boa gets a new home, Page 20 Exchange shopper’s survey results, Page 5 Fort BuchananCommunityimages nowavailable onVol. 47 issue 7 The Sentinel of the Caribbean February 2012Reserve Soldiers ‘more relevant’ than everBy C. Todd Lopez During his visits around the about the future of their jobs Stultz said, Jan. 31, at a meet- was a result of the wars inArmy News Service Iraq and Afghanistan. Dur- force, Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, and their relevance in Ameri- ing of the Reserve Officer As- WASHINGTON -- Amidst chief, Army Reserve said the ca’s defense. sociation in Washington, D.C. ing that time, Stultz said, theconcerns of budget and troop No. 1 question he’s asked by “My answer to the Sol- The active duty Army will Army relied heavily on thereductions, Reserve Soldiers Soldiers is “what’s going on” diers is, ‘You are going to draw down from 570,000 Reserve to fulfill importantremain a critical component with regards to budget and become even more relevant Soldiers to 490,000 Soldiers combat support and combatof America’s defense, said the force cuts. Those Soldiers, than you’ve ever been to our over the next six years. Thechief of the Army Reserve. Stultz said, are concerned national security strategy,’” growth to 570,000 Soldiers RESERVE Page 6 News Voter help, Pages 10, 11 VITA Tax Office Fort Buchanan’s Vol- unteer Income Tax As- sistance office is now accepting appointments for tax services. The of- fice, staffed by volun- teers will begin serving the Fort Buchanan com- munity Feb. 13 but those personnel eligible for free tax assistance are Installation Management Command’s Atlantic Region Director, Davis D. Tindoll Jr. throws his support behind the garrison’s recent graduates of the Civilian to call (787)707-5138 Leader Development Program during a work force town hall meeting Feb. 2. to schedule an appoint- Regional director visits garrison ment. As with all VITA ser- vices, active duty and dependents of active duty personnel have first Tindoll bolsters support for CLDP, prepares workforce for upcoming change in a new fiscal reality priority for tax assis- tance. Story and photos workforce about the new fiscal “As we wind down this war, thorizations,” said Cushman. By Luis Delgadillo All others interested Fort Buchanan Public Affairs reality facing Fort Buchanan. the Chief of the Army Reserve In other words the needs of in free tax assistance The presentation covered wants to maintain an opera- the Army Reserve must match will be taken on a first In a town hall meeting Feb. an overview of what Fort Bu- tional Army Reserve. To do budgets operating in the new come first serve basis. 2 held at the Community Club, chanan’s future will be as well so, we want to continue with fiscal reality. Such actions are The VITA office will be Col. John D. Cushman, the as how members of the work the training programs and the taking place throughout the open from until April garrison commander and In- force can get there. The event things that are available to Department of Defense. 13, four days before the stallation Management Com- included a questions and an- them (Reserve Soldiers) so “It’s not just something income tax deadline. mand’s Atlantic Region Direc- swer session with the Region that there is going to be a bal- tor spoke to members of the Director Davis D. Tindoll Jr. ancing of requirements and au- TOWN HALL Page 9
  2. 2. 2February 2012 The Command Group The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort Buchanan Commander Commentary After 10 years of war the dent’s Budget. cost accountability across all are still going through the United States and our mili- This directive withdrew IMCOM garrisons. process waiting for a final tary are at a strategic revision approximately $834 million The Army’s FY 13-17 decision. point. Significant changes re- in Operations and Mainte- POM has been the guiding At Fort Buchanan, we are quire a reshaping of our pri- nance funding. The Installa- force behind Fort Buchan- making thoughtful and delib- El Morro orities based on our mission. tion Management Command an’s decision-making pro- erate choices in a manner that Garrison Commander All these changes reflect the portion of the 8,741 autho- cess. We’ve gone through ev- best supports our mission. Col. John D. Cushman need to adapt to the changing rization decrease is 4,162 ery program and budget line, We continue to manage the Deputy to the Garrison Commander nature of our military envi- authorizations to be reduced making disciplined decisions talent within our workforce Gunnar G.F. Pedersen Jr. ronment and fiscal realities. no later than Sept. 30 of this based on strategic priorities. in a way that best supports Deputy Commander Our fiscal environment has year. First, we went through the the Army’s mission. Lt. Col. Kenneth M. Hammond changed dramatically. The Force Restructure Re- Manpower Assessment, and The Army’s guidance rec- Garrison Command Sergeant Major The Army was given hard view served as the catalyst then submitted a “Reclama” ognizes that we are at a stra- Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick T. Simpson targets to reduce its Civilian for these HQDA-directed for those positions that need- tegic point after a decade of Public Affairs Officer on-board strength by 8,741 decrements to OMA direct- ed to be revised. war, with new challenges and Grissel Rosa authorizations by the end of funded civilian authoriza- Now we are in the process opportunities that call for a Media Relations Pedro Silva Fiscal Year 2012. These re- tions within IMCOM. The of final approval of the as- reshaping of our priorities. Command Information ductions have nothing to do rationale behind IMCOM’s sessment concept plan to be We remain committed to Luis Delgadillo with mandated sequestration Force Restructure Review submitted to the U.S. Army take care of our Soldiers, El Morro Contributors actions or other potential conducted last year was: to Manpower Analysis Agency Civilians, Families and Re- Capt. Taylor Opel Luis Salazar budget cuts in the future. rebalance resources across (USAMAA) in order to de- tirees and to support a ready, 1st Mission Support Command The reductions must meet similar size garrisons; right- velop a new TDA that will agile, flexible and capable Public Affairs Officer Maj. Carlos M. Cuebas funded targets established size to support mission criti- balance our workforce re- force; the finest military in Mailing address — by the Secretary of Defense cal/mission essential tasks; to sources. Once the concept the world, capable of protect- Public Affairs Office Building 390 Crane Loop Ste. 311 in Resource Management Di- eliminate duplication, over- plan is approved by the USA- ing America’s national secu- Fort Buchanan PR, 00934-4616 rective (RMD) 703A2, as re- head, and excess; and to in- MAA, it goes to the Army’s rity. I will continue to keep Story submissions — flected in the FY 2012 Presi- still a culture of savings and G1 for implementation. We you informed of the process. E-mail to: luis.s.delgadillo.civ@mail.mil The Army’s Backbone Telephone numbers — (787)707-5762/4486 Fax: (787)707-3362 1st MSC submissions — Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick T. Simpson E-mail to: carlos.cuebasmedina@us.army.mil 1st MSC telephone number — (787)707-4988 Often times in large organi- evaluating its effectiveness. In addition to doing more sergeants major will be look- El Morro is an authorized publica- zations it’s necessary to have Ensuring that fixes really Soldiers must prepare them- ing to junior noncommis- tion printed in accordance with Army members gather together and do fix a problem is how we selves individually to be sioned officers to enforce the Regulation 360-1. Contents of El Morro are not neces- assess if the goals of the orga- achieve success. more competitive when it standard. We are what right sarily the official views of, or endorsed nization are being achieved. It is this evaluation pro- comes to career progression. looks like and if you as an by, the U.S. Government, the Depart- ment of Defense, Department of the Here at Fort Buchanan we do cess, which must be carried At the center of this new NCO are not toeing the line Army or U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Buchanan. this in the form of town hall out more consistently in ev- competitive culture will be and following Army stan- El Morro is published monthly by meetings and to a greater ex- ery part of our lives. Even an adherence to Army physical dards, well then the standards the Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army Garrison. Circulation 5,000. tent during meetings between after action review only takes fitness and height and weight will be enforced upon you. All editorial content of El Morro the garrison commander and you so far, at the end of an standards. Recently, the ser- Many of the drills ser- is prepared, edited, provided and ap- proved by the U.S. Army Garrison Pub- the directorates. AAR we must also consider geant major of the Army geants Sergeant Major of lic Affairs Office. For guidance on how I’m speaking in general an appropriate time to reeval- Raymond Chandler visited the Army Chandler spoke to to submit items for publication e-mail the garrison Public Affairs Office. terms here but the meetings uate the training event so we drill sergeant school at Fort were doing right and to them The Editor reserves right to edit all submissions and to determine the suit- usually begin by identifying can be certain that the three Jackson, S.C. and was taken and to you out there in the ability for inclusion in El Morro. issues, developing solutions, items we chose as “sustains” aback to discover “too many Fort Buchanan community Every effort will be made to publish submissions in a timely manner. How- coming up with implementa- were sustained and so that people who show up at Drill doing right I say drive on, ever, time, layout, style and editorial tion plans for the solutions the items we wanted to im- Sergeant School who don’t keep motivating mentoring considerations, as well as determina- tions for publication, are made by the and in the best cases the prove, in fact, did improve. meet height and weight stan- and training your Soldiers. Commander or the Public Affairs Of- problems are addressed. One Whether it is at the end of dards, can’t pass the PT test For those who are meeting ficer. of the dangers of having a a town hall meeting like the or, heaven forbid, just choose the standard, do not leave successful meeting is the de- one recently held Feb. 2 or at to not show up.” your fellow Soldiers behind. velopment of a false sense the end of a successful battle The Sergeant Major of the Follow up with them regu- of comfort that an issue has training assembly. We must Army fully intends to hold larly and give them the tools been addressed appropri- ask “are we doing the right people accountable for such they need so they can be suc- ately. We are living in a time things?” transgressions and I can tell cessful. of transition and as such it is In the coming years the you that from where I am this Do not be complacent very important that we get size of our Army will be re- is a philosophy that will take about your career and rec- things right. duced by up to 50,000 Sol- root as leaders are able to ognize that your future is in- One of the key parts of diers. This means that those be more selective with Sol- extricably linked to how you developing a solution is re- who remain will be respon- diers who want to continue to look, act and perform. visiting that solution and sible for doing more, better. serve. I, like other command Army Strong.
  3. 3. El MorroFort Buchanan From The Top The Sentinel of the Caribbean 3 February 2012African American/Black History: Exploring women’s roles African American female We are grateful for the sacri- Black History Month. The Association for the Study of African American Life and Two Star General and recog- fices and contributions African Signed, History dedicates the 2012 Annual Black History Theme nize Ms. Tracey Pinson, the American Women, Soldiers, to exploring African American women’s roles in and con- Army’s highest ranking fe- Civilians and Families have Raymond F. Chandler III tributions to the making of America. From the American male African American Senior played in our success. We en- Sergeant Major of the Army Revolution to the present, African American women have Executive Service member. courage the entire Army Fam- played a myriad of critical roles in the making of our na- These women, and so many ily to honor publicly their con- Raymond T. Odierno tion. Their labor and leadership, their motherhood and others, are expressions of a vi- tributions by encouraging all General, United States Army patriotism, and their intellect and artistic expression have brant culture in which African leaders from across the Army Chief of Staff all enriched both the African American community and American women play a criti- to plan and execute appropri- the nation at large. In slavery and freedom, their struggles cal role in the strength of this ate commemorative activities John M. McHugh have been at the heart of the human experience, and their Nation and our Army. to celebrate African American/ Secretary of the Army triumphs over racism and sexism are a testimonial to our common human spirit. African American women From Harriet Tubman, ahave played a vital role in the leader and conductor of thehistory of our Nation and our Underground Railroad, toArmy since the American Rev- Rosa Parks, the mother of theolution. Their patriotism, loy- modern Civil Rights Move-alty and leadership, coupled ment, to First Lady Michellewith their hard work, intellect Obama, these courageousand artistic expression, have women serve as role modelsenriched the African American for all to emulate.community and the Nation as The Army has also benefit-a whole. In slavery and free- ted from the leadership, intel-dom, their struggles have been ligence and contributions ofat the heart of the human expe- the African American womenrience, and their fight against in our ranks, and today weracism and sexism serve as a celebrate the recent promo-testament to their persever- tion of Major General Marciaance to overcome adversity. Anderson, the Army’s firstThoughts from the Chaplain’s office Writer and pastor John “...And surely I am with Ortberg uses this illustra- you always, to the very tion in his book, “God is end of the age.” Closer Than You Think”, to -Matthew 28:20 illustrate the point that many times in trials, struggles, hardships, or even in times of Have you ever seen the abundance and joy we seembooks, “Where’s Waldo?” to miss how close God re-The theme of the book is to ally is with us every day andtry and identify a cartoon night. Knowing how closedrawing of a scrawny man God is to you in the obstacleswearing a little red hat and of life is much like reading aglasses in the midst of thou- “Where’s Waldo” book, the Assistant Chaplain,sands of other people, places more you look, the easier He Capt. Timothy Stansberryand things on the same page. is to find. Fort Buchanan Chapel Schedule The first attempts at finding Apostle Paul knew how to in despair; persecuted, butWaldo can be quite frustrat- find God in even the tough- not abandoned; struck down, Roman Catholic Masses Protestanting, and even challenging. est conditions. Here is a man but not destroyed.” Sunday mornings — 11:30 a.m. Collective Protestant ServiceWhen you begin to process who was beaten, whipped, Just imagine what your day — Post Chapel Sunday morning — 9:00 a.m.what Waldo looks like and chained, and tortured for his might be like with that kind Confessions: Sunday mornings — Post Chapel.how he appears it becomes faith, and yet still proclaimed of attitude, really knowing –11:00 a.m.—Post Chapel 1st Sunday of every Month — 3easier to find him. You can the presence of God in your Weekdays, call 244-4981 or 707- p.m. —Youth Ministry—Chapel his belief.go back and look at preced- 3904. Annex, Bldg 292 In 2 Corinthians 4:8-9 life. Preparation for Confirmation,ing pages and you find him Paul writes, “We are hard First Communion, Counseling: Call the Chapel of-in even more places than the pressed on every side, but not Blessings, RCIA, etc. call 707-3904. fice at 707-3904 or 238-7668.first time you looked. crushed, perplexed, but not Chaplain Stansberry
  4. 4. 4February 2012 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananAustin sworn in as vice chief of staffBy Courtney Dock-Abuhl ways has been, a full-spec-Army News Service trum leader,” McHugh said. “[He is] a leader that at every JOINT BASE MYER- level of command has dem-HENDERSON HALL, Va. -- onstrated to his troops theGen. Lloyd J. Austin III was right way to lead, the rightsworn in as the Army’s 33rd way to live as a Soldier.”vice chief of staff during a After assuming responsi-ceremony here, Jan. 31. bility, the general thanked his Secretary of the Army John family, friends, and formerM. McHugh administered leaders. He also thanked thethe oath of office and then Soldiers he’s worked withthanked the general for his throughout his career. Heoutstanding service and dedi- said the ceremony was justcation to the Army. as much about them as it was “I expect Lloyd to con- about him.tinue his leadership and ad- America’s Soldiers “con-vocacy on behalf of Soldiers tinue to amaze me with theirand their families, just as he continued resilience, flexibil-has in virtually every other ity and motivation,” Austinassignment he’s held,” said said. “They are indeed theMcHugh. “Lloyd Austin has fabric of our Army. They’vealways led from the front, led made every seemingly im- Photo by Rachel Larueby example -- not just telling possible task look easy.” Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh swears in 33rd Vice Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III onSoldiers, but showing Sol- Most recently, Austin Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, Va., Jan. 31, 2012.diers the right way, the Army served as commanding gen-way, the Lloyd Austin way.” eral of United States Forces American Soldiers. incident and they finished Austin replaces Gen. Peter After the oath, McHugh - Iraq. In fact, he was the “Most recently in Iraq, ahead of schedule. They did Chiarelli as the vice chief ofpresented Austin with the last to hold that position, as they’ve completed one of the all of this in contact with a staff of the Army. Chiarellivice chief of staff flag, signi- Operation New Dawn ended most complex logistics and determined enemy. I am truly retired from the Army afterfying the general’s assump- in December. The complex operational maneuvers in our humbled by and thankful for 40 years of service during ation of responsibility. task of leaving Iraq was com- nation’s history,” said Aus- their service and their many ceremony held earlier in the “Lloyd Austin is, as he al- pleted, in no small part, by tin. “They did it all without sacrifices.” day.Resiliency application available on smart phonesBy Cheryl Rodewig meeting personalized goals, could have on Soldiers afterFort Benning Bayonet was spearheaded by the Sys- a deployment is “enormous,” Get the Comprehensive Soldier Fitness FORT BENNING, Ga. tems Training Branch on post said Rhodes, who was diag- Resiliency Goals Book App-- The Comprehensive Sol- and the Signal Center of Excel- nosed with post-traumaticdier Fitness Resiliency Goals lence at Fort Gordon, Ga. stress disorder in 2005 after Android Users: Comprehensive Soldier Fit-Book, previously released as A digital, interactive version three tours in Iraq and believes 1. Go directly to https:// nessan app for iPhones and iPads, of the printed CSF Resiliency resiliency could be the key to market.android.com/ 3. Downloadis now available for Android Goals Book rel-eased in 2010, counteracting the effects of details?id=com.fa53.respro- -- Also --users. the app supports the Army’s post-traumatic stress disorder, ject 1. Open iTunes on your per- About 5,700 people have CSF program by letting Sol- or PTSD. 2. Download the app sonal computerdownloaded the app since its diers connect their Global As- Rhodes, a retired command -- Also -- 2. Click on the iTunes Storedebut last summer, said Sam sessment Tool results to prac- sergeant major, is now an ad- 1. Search the Android market on the left-hand sideRhodes, the action officer with tical exercises and email the vocate for building resiliency for FA53. 3. Type in Goal Setting --the Directorate of Training and feedback to their supervisors. in Soldiers. Apple Users Comprehensive Soldier Fit-Doctrine who was responsible Rhodes said the app covers “Goal setting has been iden- 1. Go to the app store on your nessfor getting the app developed, “the dynamics of our life, both tified by research (as) the num- iPhone or iPad 4. Click on the app with thetested, revised and ready for professional and personal.” ber one thing that enhances 2. Search for Goal Setting CSF icon.use. “In the past we have set performance,” he said. “If we “(That) is just the begin- goals during counseling ses- use goal setting to improve ourning,” he said. “We’re setting sions, conversations with our performance, it will increase CSF logo with the words “goal oping an app that will work onthe groundwork for years to friends,” he said. “We never resilience in our Soldiers be- setting” written in yellow let- as many of the devices as pos-come. The future of our coun- had a device in which we can fore, during and after their ters on an Army star. The app sible. As a point of reference,try will be determined by how set our goals and go back and combat missions.” is free. the app is currently availableresilient our warriors are.” actually receive reminders that When users download the “The Android has limita- on 934 different devices. We The app, which helps users we have them.” The positive app, they should make sure it’s tions,” Rhodes said, “particu- will continue to revise and up-gain resiliency by setting and impact the use of goal setting the right one by looking for the larly when it comes to devel- date it to make it user friendly.”
  5. 5. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 5 February 2012Exchange shoppers survey reveals satisfactionAAFES Public Affairs 2011 was a 88, 11 points above Puerto Rico – At 116 years the overall average of 77.of age, the Army & Air Force “We’re excited about theExchange Service may not satisfaction level shown byhave “moves like Jagger” but Fort Buchanan Exchangeits shoppers are getting plenty shoppers,” said the Exchange’sof satisfaction according to General Manager Tony Pares.a recent American Customer “We continue to maintain anSatisfaction Index (ACSI) sur- intense focus on customer sat-vey. isfaction in an effort to meet, The ACSI was developed or beat, shoppers’ expecta-to provide information on sat- tions. The survey, which ad-isfaction with the quality of dresses customer service andproducts and services avail- many more key issues, is ad-able to consumers. In the latest ministered at 130 Exchangesurvey, the Exchange scored main stores around the world.higher than ever before as its The next CSI survey will takeoperations equalled the indus- place at Fort Buchanan in thetry of excellence. In addition fall 2012. “Feedback fromto the ACSI, the Exchange re- military shoppers is an invalu-lies on a Customer Service In- able tool in our on-going ef-dex (CSI) to provide localized, fort to provide the best servicereal-time snapshots of the job possible,” said Pares. “BothExchange facilities do to im- the ACSI and CSI enable us toprove the value of support pro- ensure that when soldier shop, Courtesy photovided to Soldier and their fam- the Fort Buchanan Exchange Ana Arroyo, a jewelry associate, with the Fort Buchanan Exchange poses for a photo while helping a customer withilies. Here at Fort Buchanan, is top of mind and their first a Valentine’s Day purchase. Curt Knighten, Sales and Merchandise manager for the Exchange, said Arroyo, “is anthe Exchange’s CSI score for choice.” exceptional customer oriented associate.”Deadline nears for ‘Scholarships for Military Children’ applicationsDeCA Public Affairs rollment Eligibility Reporting “Whose four faces would missary; submitting to more be accepted. FORT LEE, Va. – Eligible System DEERS database and you place on a 21st century than one store will disqualify For information, contactstudents who want to apply have a current military ID Mount Rushmore-type monu- the applicant from consider- Scholarship Managers at 856-for the 2012 Scholarships for card. ment, and why?” The person ation. 616-9311 or email them atMilitary Children program • Military family member. Ap- must be nonfictional, U.S. • No faxes or emails. Faxed or militaryscholar@scholarship-still have time, but the clock plicants must be a dependent, citizen, male or female – the emailed applications will not managers.com.is ticking. Applications must unmarried child – no older time frame for the selection isbe completed and delivered – than 21, or 23 if enrolled as a 1850 to 2011.not postmarked, but delivered full-time student at a college • Correct address. Applicants– to a commissary by close of or university – of a service must provide their permanentbusiness Feb. 24. member on active duty, a re- home address on the front Scholarship applications servist, guardsman or retiree, page of the application – notare available in commissar- or survivor of a service mem- their college address.ies and online at http://www. ber who died while on active • Complete package. The sub-commissaries.com – choose duty or survivor of a retiree. mission package must includethe “News & Info” tab and • College bound. The student the following: 1) transcript orthen the “Scholarship Info” must be planning to attend, or copy of applicant’s grades; 2)tab. Applications are also already be attending, an ac- essay with applicant’s nameavailable at http://www.mili- credited college or university, on each page; 3) parent ortaryscholar.org. At least one full time in the fall of 2012 or guardian’s signature as well$1,500 scholarship will be be enrolled in a program of as the applicant’s signatureawarded at every commissary studies designed to transfer on application; and 4) appli-with qualified applicants. directly into a four-year pro- cant’s high school College The following are key re- gram. Board Code number (if avail-minders for scholarship appli- • Essay. The essay must be able).cations, which are also avail- 500 words or less, stapled to • Keep a copy. Applicantsable in greater detail on http:// the application and written in should also maintain theirwww.militaryscholar.org: the following format: typed, own copy of their application• Current military ID. Appli- double spaced, no more than and essay.cants and their sponsors must two pages, applicant’s name • Submit to one commissary.be enrolled in the Defense En- in upper right-hand corner of Applicants can only submit each page. The essay topic: their application to one com-
  6. 6. 6February 2012 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananRESERVE, From Page 1 An operational Reserve, he said starts with capability. Thatservice support missions. The means a force with capabilitiesReserve, he added, is where that can be maintained, that isthe bulk of combat support, or ready on short notice withoutCS, and combat service sup- the need for a lot of additionalport, known as CSS, Soldiers training, and that is accessible.reside. “That, to me, is the start of “To the point where today, a definition of an operationalif you’re in the transportation Reserve,” Stultz said.community in the Guard and An operational Reserve isReserve, you represent about a force made of Soldiers who80-85 percent of the Army’s are also civilians. Those Sol-capability,” Stultz said, add- diers must be able to maintaining that for engineers, that their military skill set evennumber is about 75 percent. when they are not in uniformThe Reserve components also -- so when they are calledrepresent about 70 percent of upon, they are ready. To makethe Army’s medical capacity, that happen, Stultz said, theabout 85 percent of its civil Reserve must focus on beingaffairs capacity, about 66 per- a force that provides skill setscent of the Army’s logistics that are shared among both the Photo by C. Todd Lopezcapacity and about 70 percent military and the civilian com- Amidst concerns of budget and troop reductions, Reserve Soldiers remain a critical component of America’s defense,of its military police. munities. said Lt. Gen. Jack C. Stultz, chief, Army Reserve. The general spoke during a Jan. 31, 2012, meeting of the Reserve The Army will continue to The Reserve component is Officer Association in Washington, D.C.lean heavily on the Reserve able to maintain a ready cadrecomponents for these services of Soldiers in the medical field “The role of an operational background screenings who To that end, Stultz said, theafter it draws down its own because many of those Sol- Reserve in the future is going are drug free, healthy, and who Reserve is investing in simu-Soldiers. diers are working related jobs to be plug and play,” Stultz possess a set of skills that are lator training, including those “Our nation and our military in the private sector. There, said. “Where do we need these applicable in the civilian world for weapons systems and ve-are going to be dependent on Stultz said, they are getting capabilities, and can you scale “There’s a value of having hicle simulators. “That is whataccess to the Reserve compo- great training -- sometimes them either up or down to fit a Soldier as an employee,” we want that Soldier to expe-nents,” Stultz said. And the na- even better than what’s avail- what we need?” Stultz said. “If we are going to rience when he comes to thattion expects the Reserve to be able in the military. The same Stultz said a modular opera- have this operational Reserve, drill -- something realistic.”ready. is true for engineers and other tional reserve could provide we are going to have to have Trained Reserve SoldiersOperational Reserve “hard skills” like electricians, the capability needed, in the some confidence we can get to want to put their skills to use, Stultz said the Reserve will carpenters and plumbers. right amount. them when we need them, and Stultz said. And the Reservebe an “operational reserve,” a “To me, an operational Re- “If I need some engineer have the employers say, ‘We knows how to do that.term he said has been in use serve is where you can have capability, but I don’t need a support you.’” “That’s were that predict-now for a number of years. those capabilities,” he said. whole battalion, can you give What Soldiers Want ability, that five-year modelBeing an operational reserve Stultz also said the future of it to me?” he asked. Soldiers have asked for three comes into play,” he said. Fourinvolves capability, modular- the operational Reserve is go- Soldiers in the Reserve things from the Reserve, Stultz years at home for a Reserveity and employer support. ing to involve modularity. components need jobs, and said. They want predictability Soldier means predictability they need employers that un- -- and their civilian employers for him, his family and his em- derstand their service commit- do too, they want the Reserve ployer -- after that, they want ment. At the same time, the to put them and their skills to the opportunity to put their civilian employers of those good use and above all, they training to use doing some- Soldiers need some stability don’t want their time wasted. thing meaningful for the Re- from their employees. Stultz said the Reserve rec- serve. “If we don’t have the em- ognizes that Soldiers have “If you look at what’s a huge ployers and we don’t have the been to Iraq and Afghanistan demand now, it is a lot of sta- families, we won’t have the -- they’ve trained hard for that, bility, theater-engaged, securi- Soldiers,” Stultz said. “We and they’ve got combat expe- ty-cooperation types of work have to make the employers rience under their belts. Now, that we’ve been doing,” he part of this equation.” he said, they want to main- said. Included in those kinds The Army Reserve champi- tain that experience and skill of engagements are medical oned the Employer Partnership -- they don’t’ want their time readiness exercises abroad of the Armed Forces program, wasted with what they consid- in countries like El Salvador, before it was transitioned to er irrelevant training. Guatemala, Costa Rica, Pana- the Department of Defense. “Don’t expect me to show ma, Columbia and Haiti. That program now involves up at a drill hall and sit in a In the past, units might have more than 25,000 civilian em- classroom and listen to some deployed to such missions for Photo courtesy 35th Expeditionary Signal Battalion ployers. The partnership pro- PowerPoint presentation -- a month. Now, Stultz said, heU.S. Army Reserve soldiers assigned to the 35th Expeditionary Signal Bat- vides good job opportunities that’s not relevant,” he said, could let units go for threetalion, 1st Mission Support Command, configures the Voice Over Internet to Soldiers, and quality em- relaying sentiments he’s heard months or more.Protocol phones during the unit’s communication exercise 2-3 Dec, 2011. Aspart of the event, the troops were required to conduct intense troubleshooting ployees to civilian employers from Soldiers. “Make thetasks to ensure communications was maintained at all times. -- employees, Stultz said, with training worthwhile.” RESERVE Page 7
  7. 7. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 7 February 2012New bioelectric bandage interests Army Former 65th USARCOM commandBy Dan Kennedy infections. The combination of dage is currently being used on sergeant major succumbs to illnessPMO Medical Devices silver, zinc, and moisture is pur- hard-to-heal wounds, with mul- By José Babilonia ported to create pain-reducing tiple research studies underway. 1st MSC Public Affairs FORT DETRICK, Md. -- The antimicrobial micro-currents. Anecdotal results are promising,U.S. Army Medical Research According to literature from the especially with regard to pain Command Sgt. Maj. (Ret.)and Materiel Command has ini- manufacturer, the results of this control. In some cases, wound Neddie Feliciano passed awaytiated steps to evaluate a new bandage dressing include faster pain is reported to be reduced Jan. 19, at the age of 70, duebioelectric bandage healing, greater pain control, dramatically. to health complications. Small silver and zinc dots reduced incidence of infection, The nature of the cloth con- Command Sgt. Maj. Feli-embedded into cloth create and decreased scarring. forms well to multiple surfaces ciano was born Sept. 9, 1941micro-currents in the presence The U.S. Food and Drug of the body. Bacterial, viral, and and served as the senior non-of moisture. This may create an Administration has cleared the fungal infections are anticipated commissioned officer in theanti-microbial environment and device for antimicrobial wound to be impacted by the antimicro- US Army Reserve-Puertoprovide pain reduction. care, which is the primary rea- bial properties of the bandage Rico, while serving with the The use of silver on burns son for the Army’s genuine in- dressing, which has tremendous 65th US Army Reserve Com-has a long history of preventing mand, from 1986 to 1993. Command Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) terest in the product. The ban- potential for Soldier use. “When he saw something Neddie Feliciano Studies are underway with Ranger units. Recently, at a wrong, he didn’t hesitate in Ranger road march, a consid- making a correction” said about Feliciano’s days in the erable number of Soldiers ob- Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Felix A. San- command. The members of tained blisters and were treated toni, former Commanding the US Army Reserve-Puerto with the bandage. The results General of the 65th ARCOM, Rico express deepest sympa- were notable, as many Soldiers and current Civilian Aide to thy to the family of Command reported dramatic pain relief the Secretary of the Army for Sgt. Maj. Feliciano. May he and the ability to quickly return Puerto Rico, while reflecting rest in peace. to the march. The public may hear more New Civilian Record Brief provides employees a snapshot of their data about this bandage as indica- tions for use are expanded. Currently, indications for use SAN ANTONIO – The Army will also enable supervisors and are directed toward all full- and has developed a Civilian Record managers to better mentor em- partial-thickness skin wounds, Courtesy Photo Brief for civilian employees and ployees. from simple abrasions and skinA new bioelectric bandage is being examined by the Army to see if it speeds their supervisors. A side benefit of the CRB is tears to traumatic wounds andup healing, provides greater pain control, reduces infection risk, and de- The one-page CRB provides the ability to use it as a founda-creases scarring. surgical sites. a snapshot of an employee’s of- tion for and/or attachment to ficial data pulled from various resumes and Individual Devel-RESERVE, From Page 6 vide this continuum where you have the right transition pro- sources: MyBiz, Defense Ci- opment Plans (IDPs). The CRB can move back and forth, as gram in place,” he said. vilian Personnel Data System, enables employees to include The Reserve could provide you or the Army desires,” he The Reserve is working Notices of Personnel Actions employment data not includedhospital units to the Southern said. closely with the Army to mini- (SF-50s), and Army Training in official records that may beCommand, for instance, allow- Even Soldiers in the Indi- mize that loss of investment, Requirements and Resources of value to a future employering expansion of engagement vidual Ready Reserve would Stultz said. He also stressed System. By consolidating data (such as non-Army positions,opportunities. Engineer units, be assigned to a particular unit the importance of informing onto a single page, employees developmental assignments andhe added, could be deployed a for both muster and support. Soldiers of their options as will be able to easily review military duties).company at a time, for 90 days The effort gives Soldiers the they prepare to leave the ac- their personnel data, ensuring The CRB will be availableeach and overlapping -- “Let ability to move back to mili- tive component. Additionally, the official database information to employees through the Em-them build a school all through tary life if they want. the important relationships the is accurate and complete. ployee tab in CPOL. You maythe year.” A “Soldier for life” culture, Reserve has built with civilian Installation Management update some information usingSoldier for Life he said, provides Soldiers a employers makes it easier for Command leadership empha- the self-service capabilities of Stultz said he told the Ar- way to continue to serve their Soldiers to find jobs as they sizes the importance of civilian MyBiz and CPOL Portal. Tomy’s chief of staff if he could country full time, or part time prepare to move out of the ac- employees taking ownership of access your CRB go to http://change one thing about the -- explaining that some Sol- tive Army -- and that makes it their careers and ensuring their acpol.army.mil/and log in viaArmy, he’d like to create an diers might want to serve part easier to choose to stay in the records are correct. The CRB the Employee Portal. Click onArmy culture that supported time, but simply don’t’ know Army as a member of the Re- will serve as a vehicle to correct the Employee tab and your CRBthe notion of “a Soldier for how to make it happen. serve. and update missing or outdated will be located under the Selflife.” For the Army, he said, it “For every one of those that information such as training, Service Applications section. Such a culture, he said, helps to prevent the loss of transitions into the reserve, awards, performance histories Changes made using MyBizwould provide Soldiers with years of training and skill. that’s one less recruit to pay a and education. Civilians will be will normally be reflected in thethe opportunity to move more “If we’re going to come bonus to, that’s one less triag- able to use MyBiz to self-certify employee’s personnel record theeasily, in either direction, be- down from 570,000 to 490,000 ing seat at Fort Jackson (S.C.) and update degrees, professional following day. If you encoun-tween the Reserve and active on the active side, think of the or Fort Benning (Ga.) -- be- licenses, occupational certifica- ter issues when accessing yourcomponents. investment that is going to cause we’ve already invested tions, professional military edu- CRB, use the help desk ticket “We have to be able to pro- walk out the door if we don’t in that Soldier,” Stultz said. cation and technical training. It function in MyBiz.
  8. 8. 8February 2012 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananDoD begins prorating imminent danger payBy Jim Garamone President Barack Obama ceived $225 per month if they the number of days they are in day month, which translatesAmerican Forces Press Service signed into law Dec. 31. spent any time that month in the area to verify that they are into a rate of $7.50 per day. It “Members will see the pro- an area where the pay was au- paid for the correct number of does not matter if the month WASHINGTON -- Service rated amount in their Feb. thorized. days, officials said. is 28 or 31 days long, officialsmembers now will receive 15 pay records,” Pentagon “This is a more targeted The military services are explained; if service membersimminent danger pay only spokesman Navy Capt. John way of handling that pay,” working to waive or remit serve in affected areas for thefor days they actually spend Kirby said. Kirby said. debts for members who may complete month, they will re-in hazardous areas, Pentagon The act called for DOD Now, service members will have been ceive the fullofficials said here today. to pay service members im- receive $7.50 a day for days overpaid for rate of $225 The change, which took ef- minent danger pay only for spent in these areas. Person- January, of- per month.fect yesterday, was included the time they spend in areas nel who travel to the designat- ficials said. The De-in the 2012 National Defense that qualify for the pay. In ed areas for periods less than The services Members will see the pro- fense De-Authorization Act, which the past, service members re- 30 days should keep track of can waive rated amount in their Feb. partment this “when 15 pay records, d e f i n e s there is no imminent indication of Navy Capt. John Kirby danger pay fraud, fault, - Pentagon spokesman areas as misrepre- places where sentation, or members are when mem- subject to bers were the threat of unaware they were overpaid,” physical harm or imminent Pentagon spokeswoman Ei- danger because of civil insur- leen Lainez said. rection, civil war, terrorism or Proration is based on a 30- wartime conditions. Service members who Spc. Aaron Sellars, from Cobden, come under fire, regardless Ill., serving with 3rd Platoon, A of location, will receive the Company, 3-1 Special Troop Bat- talion, provides security during a full monthly hostile-fire pay convoy stop, Khoshi district, Logar amount of $225. province, Afghanistan, Jan. 25, Service members will re- 2012. Service members deployed ceive notification of the to places such as Afghanistan will change via emails, on the now receive imminent danger pay only for days they actually spend in MyPay system, on social me- hazardous areas, Pentagon officials dia sites and via the chain of Photo by Spc. Austin Berner said Feb. 2, in Washington, D.C. command. Fort Buchanan’s organizational page is now available on Facebook Fort Buchanan now has an official page on Facebook. Find photos, video and important news and event information from us here by logging on and clicking “like” on our page. This month look for the snake rescue photo album, which documented the recovery and release of an endangered Puerto Rican Boa. From Facebook.com Search “U.S. Army Garrison Fort Buchanan” then find our government organization page. or visit www.facebook.com/fortbuchanan
  9. 9. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean February 2012 9LEADER, From Page 1 (Beck’s) impression of Fort Buchanan is that it is a greatthat Fort Buchanan is going place, and you are great peo-through but (it’s something) ple, doing a great job,” he said.the whole Army is going When Cushman completedthrough,” he said. his remarks he gave the floor While it’s no secret that to Tindoll who immediatelythere will be some reduction issued a challenge to garrisonin the number of employees employees.at Fort Buchanan Cushman “I want to start with theexpressed the need to stay fo- leader development program,cused on the mission. I had the opportunity to meet “I continue to ask that you the members that took advan-continue to do what you do tage of that opportunity, ‘youevery single day for us. The all stand up one more time,’way you do your work the ladies and gentlemen theseway you support our custom- are the future leaders of thisers. The way you support each organization,” said Tindoll.other because that’s really our “You inspired me, you firedjob and we have to be commit- me up, you made me believeted to doing that every single that where we are going is go-day,” Cush- ing to exceed Photos by Luis Delgadilloman said. what lead- This in- ers today, Marie Ramírez, an administrative assistant with the Directorate of Public Works speaks to members of the Fort Bu-cludes sup- We have the essence of a including chanan work force about the benefits she gained as a graduate of the Civilian Leader Development Program during the town hall meeting Feb. 2. The Fort Buchanan’s Civilian Leader Development Program has extended the deadlineporting the team but your lacking one myself, have to apply from Feb. 14 to Feb. 29. CLDP class two is scheduled to begin in June.Army Re- become.”serve Com- thing ... the Army Commu- According addressed with the crowd was region director turned his at- challenge: to improve commu-mand’s em- nity of Excellence award to program the need for all installations to, tention to the item missing nication and work together andphasis on the managers “get smaller.” from the garrison colors. overcome obstacles as a team. Davis D. Tindoll Jr.installation such train- One of the ways Tindoll said “We have the essence of The town hall meeting em-supporting - Atlantic Region Director ing does not this was going to take shape a team but your lacking one phasized the challenges thatthe Army Re- guarantee a was through a reduction in the thing ... the Army Commu- the installation faces but moreserve island- promotion at amount approved that can be nity of Excellence award,” than anything it served as awide, which Fort Buchan- distributed as bonus awards. said Tindoll. “I want to see a call to action.includes “supporting the real- an but instead prepares ambi- The cap for awards was 5 per- streamer on this flag.” To be better and do better inproperty responsibility of all of tious members of the work cent of an employees salary Tindoll described the chal- order to provide Soldier, Civil-the Reserve centers throughout force to seek challenges else but in the 2012 fiscal year bo- lenges that Fort Buchanan ians and their Families with athe island,” Cushman said. where and the training increas- nuses will be capped at 1 per- faces in successfully compet- quality of life commensurate Cushman spoke about Maj. es the likelihood of advancing cent. ing as an Army Community of with the quality of their ser-Gen. Gil Beck’s visit to the one’s career. Shifting gears the Atlantic Excellence and issued another vice.garrison the week of Jan. 23- “I challenge the various di-27. Beck is the commander rectorates to send your bestof the 81st Regional Support (through the CLDP), if youCommand, and the Senior don’t send your best you’reCommander for Fort Buchan- sending the wrong people,”an. said Tindoll. “Let me tell you, that his The other main point TindollDavis D. Tindoll Jr, Installation Management Command’s Atlantic Regiondirector and Col John D. Cushman listen to a briefing given by the Director-ate of Public Works Feb. 2
  10. 10. Federal Voter Ass10 February 2012 http://www.flickr.com/photos/fortbuchanan_elmorro/ The Sentinel ofGarrison voting assistance officer openBy Luis Delgadillo absentee ballot cards,” said Cruz. His normal duties receive assistance from Cruz if they have any quFort Buchanan Public Affairs include assisting families of survivors understand the tions but ultimately they must complete the proc benefits they are entitled. themselves. Election year is heating up and Fort Buchanan’s “There is a new system that is online and voters can “He (the Soldier) has the responsibility of sendVoting Assistance Officer, Luis Cruz located in the go and register into this Web site and actually fill out it or taking it to the elections office here in PuWelcome Center, Building 152 is ready to help gar- the absentee ballot online, which is a lot easier, rather Rico,” said Cruz.rison Soldiers with any questions related to voting. than requesting the absentee ballot and having to fill Cruz said that like him there is also a person During this election year he was chosen by his su- it out manually,” said Cruz. cilitating this program with the 1st Mission Supperiors at the Directorate of Human Resources to en- Cruz said that if there are people who wish to fill Command. The person there is Luis Camacho, asure that Soldiers assigned to the garrison exercise it out absentee ballot request forms manually or with man resources specialist. Cruz even has the adtheir right to vote. some assistance, not with selecting candidates but role of being able to provide voting assistance “The purpose of the voter assistance program is to with the process, he is available to facilitate the pro- units outside the 1st MSC’s subordinate units like(help) US personnel that live abroad, including Puer- gram. 2-348th Infantry Regiment or the 402nd Civil Affto Rico, how to request and how to access the voters Soldiers from Puerto Rico who are abroad can also Battalion, which are located here at Fort Buchana Though Cruz is relatively new to the program, h ing only complete the required training two mon ago, he now knows the process and has alre helped Soldiers at the garrison. Sgt. Michele Fermin, a paralegal noncomm sioned officer with the installation legal office vis Cruz recently and picked up her voting materials her home state of New York. “I did it that way last year also,” said Fermin re Luis Cruz, a casualty assistance officer with the Directorate o for Fort Buchanan’s Soldiers. While the garrison only has a f of the civilian work force who wish to exercise their right to v
  11. 11. sistance Program the Caribbean http://www.flickr.com/photos/fortbuchanan_elmorro/ El Morro Fort Buchanan 11n for business ues- ring to using the voter assistance program. Fermin cess said that as soon as she received the memo disemi- nated by the Director of Human Resources, Maria ding Morales she knew who to go see about exercising heruerto right to vote. “I just vote in the federal election,” she saidn fa- While Fermin’s experience with the process waspport relatively painless others don’t fare so well. hu- Cruz said the most common problem is, “Peopledded not knowing how to use the absentee ballot system. e to It’s not used quite as often as it should.”e the Though Cruz can help with basic questions he said fairs it is ultimately the responsibility of all voters to gain an. an understanding of the voting laws from the state hav- they wish to vote in. Cruz said members of the com- nths munity should keep an eye out for him and his coun-eady terpart, Camacho at the 1st MSC because toward the middle of February they will host an information dis-mis- play at the Exchange mall.sited “We encourage people to vote, to use their givens for right to vote … we are here, we have the system in place to sit down and go over the absentee ballot (re-efer- quest form) if they have any questions,” he said.of Human Resources has been designated as the Voting Assistance Officerfew Soldiers assigned Cruz said that he would be open to helping membersvote through absentee ballot
  12. 12. 12February 2012 Features The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananEl Morro Sits down with DAV national service officer As a longtime advocate of Normally, in the morningveterans, Alex(is) Martinez, I usually get into the office atsupervisor, national service 7 o’clock. The rest of the staffofficer for Disabled American usually is in at 7:30 a.m. or 8Veterans works day in day out o’clock. We do interviews,to enable veterans and pre- schedule interviews, if a per-serve the services they have. son walks in we also do walkThis interview has been edited in interviews based on what isfor length and clarity. going on and what evidence is needed to substantiate the1. El Morro: How long have claim. Review files to see ifyou been a member of the there is documentation that weFort Buchanan community? can grab onto to help substan- About six years. tiate the claim. Also, uh, we2. El Morro: Where did you do board of veterans appealscome from? hearings, we do teleconfer- I came from St. Peters- ences. As a matter of fact, nextburg, I was actually born here week we’re doing teleconfer-but raised in the states. I was ence hearings. We have boardraised in Detroit, then joined members that come from thethe military and when I left the board of veterans appeals in Courtesy graphicmilitary the DAV hired me as a Washington D.C. They come tice of disagreement with the specialist, that’s been around they can get benefits. Youpaid employee. down and do the hearings also decision. Normally, we try to for many years. They have the don’t have to have a missing3. El Morro: How long has … so (we do) appeals, hear- avoid the whole appeals pro- authority to change the deci- limb; you don’t have to have athe organization been serv- ing, claims … a lot of stuff like cess, why, because the veteran sion that was made before and scarred face. There are peopleing veterans in Puerto Rico? that. We also provide service and the family are the ones if that doesn’t satisfy the ap- who have disabilities with psy- Since about the 1970s. The over in the hospital, the VA who suffer. We can request a peal we can go to the board of chiatric conditions; they haveorganization started in 1920 medical center in room 103. reconsideration and say ‘hey veteran’s appeals. conditions that you can’t seeby a group of people who had 5. El Morro: The veterans there’s more evidence here’. 6. El Morro: What are some … internal organs, especiallya common interest to help the hearings, are those for ser- We can do a local hearing with common misconceptions with the IEDs improvisedother veterans get through the vice members who haven’t the employee at the regional about Disabled American explosive devices. You havedisability process and in 1932 been approved for disability office, (called the) decision Veterans, the organization? people who have internal inju-it was chartered by congress. benefits? review officer process, that’s Martinez: There are indi-4. El Morro: What does your Exactly, it’s part of the ap- DAV Page 19 more like a seasoned rating viduals that do not know thattypical workday look like? pellate process; you file a no- Did you visit USAG Fort Buchanan today? Let us know how was your experience in our facilities? How was our service? Ever feel like there was something It is very easy to provide feedback through: hardcopy comment card, your personal computers and now through your smartphones. Yes, now you can missing from the El Morro? provide us immediate feedback, through your smartphones: Like perhaps your unit? 1. Go to an iphone or Android apps store El Morro is the Fort Buchanan community newspa- 2. Download any barcode scanning application per and the editorial board wants to include military 3. Scan the barcode on the office poster units from Fort Buchanan in its pages. When filling out the ICE comment, please make sure you answer the satisfac- If you’re tenant unit would like stories or stand alone tion question (“Were you satisfied with your experience at this office/facility?”). The satisfaction percentage on the ICE report is based on the number of “yes” photos published in the El Morro contact the editor, responses to the satisfaction question. The Overall Satisfaction question is designed to rate the customer total experience and the results are used to Luis Delgadillo at: determine the satisfaction percentage for that particular service. If the cus- (787)707-5762 or by e-mail at tomer does not respond to the satisfaction question, the submission will not be luis.s.delgadillo.civ@mail.mil included in the satisfaction percentage that is rolled up in reports. If you are military retiree or service member wishing to announce a garage sale or place a classified ad, beginning in January, El Morro will launch a With your feedback, our services always improve. classifieds section. Call today for space and details. ICE makes it better!