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We are Fort Buchanan. The Fort Buchanan Public Affairs Office brings you El Morro, the garrison newspaper.

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  1. 1. El Morro Housing tenants advised to save rent $, Page 6 Garrison Holiday Celebration pics, Pages 19, 20 Fort BuchananCommunityimages nowavailable onVol. 47 issue 5 The Sentinel of the Caribbean December 2011Odierno discusses Iraq drawdown, transitionBy Heather Graham-Ashley peace that has been estab- and to provide an update about troops in Iraq arriving home “I always tell everybodyIII Corps and Fort Hood Public Affairs lished over the past nine years, the current state of the Army or re-positioning to in theater, we have to put it in perspec- FORT HOOD, Texas -- As explained Army Chief of Staff as well as the way ahead. Odierno said that, looking tive and I think the militaryAmerican forces are sched- Gen. Raymond T. Odierno at “Obviously, the corps re- back on the height of sectarian has made incredible stridesuled to be out of Iraq by the Fort Hood, Dec. 6. mains significantly commit- violence and potential civil working with the Iraqi mili-end of this month, they are Odierno was at the Great ted to the wars in Iraq and Af- war in Iraq in 2006, it would tary and the Iraqi governmentleaving the nation in a posi- Place to meet with command- ghanistan,” the chief said. be difficult to believe thetion to sustain the long-fought ers and community leaders, With the last Fort Hood country is where it is today. ODIERNO Page 6 Features Ferriter takes command of IMCOM By Tim Hipps IMCOM Public Affairs SAN ANTONIO – Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter took the reins of the U.S. Army Installation Management Command from Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch during a Army Wins, Pages 10, 11 change of command ceremony Nov. 17 on Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Holiday Concert Raymond Odierno presided over the changing of the guard Antilles Middle for the command, which relo- School will present its cated from suburban Washing- annual Winter Concert ton, D.C. to South Texas during Wednesday, Dec. 16 at the past two years as part of 7:00 p.m. in the school Base Realignment and Closure. cafetorium. The show Ferriter, a 1979 graduate of will feature the AMS The Citadel, came to Texas from a tour as deputy com- Intermediate Band in mander for advising and train- its first performance of ing for United States Forces the year, the outstanding Iraq, supporting Operation Photo by Luke Elliott young vocalist Lucyann New Dawn. Before that, he Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter receives the colors for the Installation Management Command from Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Raymond Odierno on Nov. 17, 2011 at Fort Sam Houston. Lt. Gen. Ferriter assumed command of the Ceballos, a group of commanded the U.S. Army Installation Management Command from Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch. Ms. Escribano’s french Infantry Center and the Ma- students, and the An- neuver Center of Excellence at Soldiers who not only under- job – a proven leader with the Army Family and IMCOM is tilles Jazz Ensemble, Fort Benning, Ga. stand what it’s like to take care right experience to lead us into fortunate to have them,” Odi- made up of students As well as IMCOM com- of our Families, but they under- the future,” Odierno said. “He erno said. “Always remember from AMS and Antilles mander, Ferriter is now the stand what it’s like being at the understands Soldiers and Fam- that the strength of our na- High School. There will Army’s Assistant Chief of Staff tip of a spear. There’s no better ily and is the right leader at this tion is our Army. The strength for Installation Management. person to lead us in installation important time of transition for of our Army is our Soldiers. be music in a variety of All three Soldiers served as management than somebody our Army.” The strength of our Soldiers is different styles, includ- “battle buddies” at some point who’s experienced both.” Ferriter and wife Margie our Families. And that’s what ing some songs to start during the war in Iraq. Ferriter’s combat tours in- have four children who under- makes us Army Strong.” off the holiday season. “Both Rick Lynch and clude Operation Restore Hope stand Army life: Dr. Meghan Ferriter said, “there are hun- Admission is free and Mike Ferriter, I’ve known for in Somalia and two tours in Ferriter, Capt. Dan Ferriter, dreds of thousands of Army refreshments will be awhile,” Odierno said. “Most Iraq. Capt. Paddy Ferriter and 1st Lt. Families that are exactly the sold by the AMS PTSO. important, I got to see them op- “I’m confident that Mike Mary Whitney Whittaker. erate in combat. These are two Ferriter is the right man for the “The Ferriters are a great CHANGE Page 5
  2. 2. 2December 2011 The Command Group The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort Buchanan Commander Commentary The Holidays are the perfect tations. A good example is the Say “Thank you” often. The Plan version 4), 3) Empower time to reflect and to be thankful graduates of Fort Buchanan’s expression takes a new mean- Senior Commanders/Garrison for what we have and to think first class of the Civilian Lead- ing during this Holiday Season. Commanders, 4) Take Care of about our New Year resolutions ership Development Program. It not only expresses gratitude Soldiers and Families by keep- as 2012 comes near. These reso- Take care of people. These but helps us remain humble. It’s ing the promise included in the El Morro lutions are the result of our deci- are tough times. In order to serving others without thought Army Family and Community Garrison Commander sion or determination to make a move forward we need to take of recognition or gain. We have Covenants , 5) Energy & Water Col. John D. Cushman difference. Our new Command- care of the well-being of those countless employees and Sol- Security, and 6) Fiscal Steward- Deputy to the Garrison Commander ing General, Lt. Gen. Mike Fer- around us, our Soldiers and our diers that every day go above ship. Gunnar G.F. Pedersen Jr. riter, is not only determined but civilian workforce in a holistic and beyond the call to duty in Lt. General Ferriter’s final Deputy Commander committed to make a difference way – physical, family, spiri- everything they do to enhance points of his command philoso- Lt. Col. Kenneth M. Hammond in the lives of our Soldiers and tual, emotional and social. the quality of life of our com- phy are: demonstrate inspired Garrison Command Sergeant Major Family members as head of the Build trust. The CG used the munity – many anonymously. leadership in all we do. Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick T. Simpson Installation Management Com- example of the card game “Go Never quit! Former Los An- We will win together! Public Affairs Officer mand. I would like to share with Fish” but in order to build trust geles Dodgers manager, Tom- We will build strong relation- Grissel Rosa you his Command Philosophy. you play with your cards facing my Lasorda, used to say that ships! Media Relations Pedro Silva For an individual who is the others. In other words, it al- “the difference between the We will build trust! Command Information passionate about Soldiers and lows us to see the other “play- impossible and the possible lies We will have fun! Luis Delgadillo Families building teams is cru- ers” or employees’ cards and in a man’s [woman’s] determi- I truly believe our workforce El Morro Contributors cial. There should be always appreciate the best in them and nation.” You might be surprised is committed, always working Capt. Taylor Opel Luis Salazar open communication in order what they bring to the organiza- how far you could go and how together to enhance the well- 1st Mission Support Command to understand and meet our ex- tion, such as: knowledge, skills, much you can achieve if you being of our Soldiers and their Public Affairs Officer Maj. Carlos M. Cuebas pectations. and experience that contributes persist. So, never, ever quit! Families and therefore improv- Mailing address — He also emphasizes the Ar- to achieving our mission. Lt. Gen. Ferriter’s “Way ing our Fort Buchanan commu- Public Affairs Office Building 390 Crane Loop Ste. 311 my’s “Golden Rule” to “Do Great units enforce standards. Ahead” relies on the vari- nity. That’s the pride of a job Fort Buchanan PR, 00934-4616 what’s right always!” I add, The challenges of the future will ous events that will take place well done! Story submissions — even if no one is looking. It’s require Army leaders to adapt in the next 100 days that Thank you for everything you E-mail to: luis.delgadillo@us.army.mil called integrity. to solve complex problems by will shape IMCOM’s future. do. You are the reason for our Telephone numbers — (787)707-5762/4486 Fax: (787)707-3362 Empower your subordinates. looking at them through a new As he said, “conditions may merriment during this Holiday 1st MSC submissions — That’s the essence of being a perspective. That means to en- change; but Army priorities Season. On behalf of my wife E-mail to: carlos.cuebasmedina@us.army.mil true leader. It’s giving your em- force standards as our founda- are clear.” They are: 1) Sup- Christina and my son Joshua, 1st MSC telephone number — ployees and Soldiers the neces- tion in order to build a stronger port Army mission, 2) Instal- Happy Holidays! Happy New (787)707-4988 sary means or opportunities to organization and therefore a lation Management/”The En- Year! ¡Muchas felicidades y El Morro is an authorized publica- exceed even their own expec- stronger Army. terprise” (IMCOM Campaign felíz Año Nuevo! tion printed in accordance with Army The Army’s Backbone Regulation 360-1. Contents of El Morro are not neces- sarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, the Depart- Command Sgt. Maj. Derrick Simpson ment of Defense, Department of the Army or U.S. Army Garrison, Fort Buchanan. I’d like to start off by invit- Command Sergeant Major, mand Sgt. Maj. Neil Ciotola. here every day at 6 a.m. El Morro is published monthly by the Public Affairs Office, U.S. Army ing readers of my monthly Command Sgt. Maj. Donald Switching gears now I’d Service members when not Garrison. Circulation 5,000. column to turn to pages 10 Felt. Command Sgt. Maj. Felt like to address some issues in formation but in uniform, All editorial content of El Morro is prepared, edited, provided and ap- and 11 of this month’s El is filling in for Command Sgt. that I have noticed around at the first note of music, must proved by the U.S. Army Garrison Pub- lic Affairs Office. For guidance on how Morro to see the results of the Maj. Rice who is in Afghani- Fort Buchanan. The most face the flag or its direction to submit items for publication e-mail fourth annual Turkey Bowl. stan. troubling of which is a lack and salute. Civilians should the garrison Public Affairs Office. The Editor reserves right to edit all I’ll let those pages speak The command team at Fort of recognition of military cus- go to the position of atten- submissions and to determine the suit- ability for inclusion in El Morro. for themselves but as always Buchanan looks forward to a toms and courtesies. tion and place their right hand Every effort will be made to publish submissions in a timely manner. How- I’d like to thank the Marines bright future under the leader- As an Army installation we over their hearts. If a service ever, time, layout, style and editorial from the 4th Landing Sup- ship of Lt. Gen. Ferriter. Ad- must work together to make member is in uniform and in considerations, as well as determina- tions for publication, are made by the port Battalion for their great ditionally congratulations to sure that we meet the highest a vehicle; pull over when safe Commander or the Public Affairs Of- ficer. sportsmanship. With the se- Regional Support Command standard of discipline and re- and have all passengers exit ries now tied at two each , Command Sgt. Maj. Jim spect for Army traditions. Re- the vehicle and salute. Civil- next year’s contest will surely Wills who was selected as gardless of whether you are ians should pull over in a safe be exciting. the 80th Training Command civilian or a member of the area and remain there until the As we look forward to (TASS) Command Sergeant military here there are proce- music stops. Civilians if they the future and the New Year Major. dures you must follow when choose can exit a vehicle and it’s important to note some They bring with them a on post. There are two cer- place their right hand over changes to the IMCOM lead- fresh vision that complements emonies occurring every day their heart. End the salute or ership. Recently, Lt. Gen. the foundation for excellence that should be respected by courtesy on last note of music. Mike Ferriter took command laid out by the previous IM- members of the Fort Buchan- For service members in and with him came the ad- COM command team, Lt. an community: Reveille, and dition of IMCOM’s interim Gen. Rick Lynch and Com- Retreat. Reveille is played CSM Page 3
  3. 3. El MorroFort Buchanan From The Top The Sentinel of the Caribbean 3 December 2011IMCOM CGs Holiday Message One of the world’s greatest leaders have lived and grown as a Family on grained in our Army culture, and wewas a gate guard who worked at the Army installations around the world. are much stronger because of it.main gate of Fort Benning, Ga. What In addition to the gate guard, we’ve Army Strong!made him so great was that he knew met many whose sense of service far To everyone who has extended ahis job was more than checking ID exceeded their job description--really helping hand this past year, wheth-cards. With his awesome attitude, he dedicated people at a housing office, er in a professional capacity or as aconveyed that he cared to every per- Youth Sports coaches, and Child De- volunteer, thank you. Thank you forson passing through his lane. velopment professionals, to name just choosing to go the extra mile to make Somehow he succeeded in making a few. My family’s experience is not a difference for Soldiers, Civiliansa difference just through his genu- unique. Every Soldier and Family and Families.ine message of “Welcome Home!” I member can point to service provid- Let’s all enjoy what the season of-talked with many people who came ers on our garrisons who go out of fers, wherever we are, and enjoy timeinto contact with him--Soldiers, par- their way to help. with friends and loved ones. As we Lt. Gen. Mike Ferriter,ents visiting their Soldiers, Civilians The same sense of caring is why celebrate, let’s remember those who IMCOM Commandergoing to work, and visiting retirees so many Soldiers, Family members, are deployed and extend extra sup-who were stationed at Fort Benning Civilians and retirees volunteer their port to their Families at home. days and a blessed new year.years ago--and all agreed. He made a time and talents across the installa- Let’s also be mindful of those Editor’s Note: Lt. Gen. Michaeldifference. tion. Our volunteers welcome new- around us who may find this time of Ferriter assumed command of the We’ve all seen this type of inspired comers. They teach classes, men- year more difficult. For those who U.S. Army Installation Managementleadership on every installation. tor children and teens, and run play need assistance, our installations pro- Command at Joint Base San AntonioShowing that we care exemplifies the groups for young mothers and tod- vide a number of Soldier and Family Nov. 17. He is also Assistant Chiefvery spirit of the holiday season. dlers. They plan outings for Wounded support services. If you are unsure of Staff for Installation Management. The great thing about being part of Warriors, build houses for disabled where to go, start with Army Com- IMCOM is the Army’s home. Its mis-the Army Family is that caring goes veterans, support Survivors, help munity Service or the chaplain’s of- sion is to provide Soldiers, Civiliansbeyond the holiday season. It is day prepare Families for deployment and fice. and their Families with a quality ofin, day out, year-round. throw welcome home parties. From my Family to you and yours, life commensurate with the quality of Margie and I and our four kids Caring and selfless service is in- we wish you a safe and happy holi- their service. 1st MSC Holiday MessageCSM, From Page 2 forbidden and considered disrespect-uniform not in formation, at 5 p.m. ful. The responsibility for enforcingduring the playing of Retreat and “To these customs and courtesies does notThe Color,” at the first note of Retreat, solely lie with the installation com- Puerto Rican Warriors continue a noble tradition of serviceface the flag or the direction of the mand sergeant major or the police de- In this holiday season we joinmusic and stand at attention. When partment. Every member of the Fort thousands of people around thethe first note of To The Color is played Buchanan community has a responsi- globe, who celebrate the end of arender a hand salute and remain at at- bility to enforce these standards. year and the beginning of a new one.tention until last note of “To The Col- Something else that has been trou- During this time, we must take bling me is the open disregard for time to reflect about the great chal-or” has been played. Civilians should cleanliness, particularly around the lenges that we have faced during thego to attention and at the first not of year 2011. We must also get ready toRetreat and place their right hand over Defense Commissary Agency/Ex- work hard to accomplish our goals intheir heart. As with Reveille, if in a change Parking Lot and the parking the New Year that will begin shortly.vehicle a service member in uniform lot near the PXtra. I believe we owe In addition, we must reflect aboutmust pull over when safe and have all a sincere thanks to the DeCA and Ex- the great liberties that we enjoy inpassengers exit the vehicle and render change employees who clean up the our nation, which are protected bya proper hand salute. Civilians should area but they should not have to clean the sacrifice of the men and wom-pull over in a safe area and remain anything up. I implore visitors to the en in uniform, who today serve farthere until the music stops. Civilians Exchange and the Commissary to away. Many of them are Puerto Ri-if they choose can exit a vehicle and treat our installation just as you would cans and many of them belong to the treat any of the natural treasures found Army Reserve Puerto Rico. Brig. Gen. Fernando Fernández,place their right hand over their heart. around Puerto Rico. I realize this season is especially 1st MSC Commander Taps plays at 11 p.m. but there are difficult for the mobilized soldiersno formal procedures for the playing If you see trash, pick it up. Think and their families, who will spend today continue the noble tradition ofof Taps outside of a military funeral twice before throwing garbage on the their holiday season away from their selfless service to our country.or memorial ceremony. Whether you ground and do the right thing and find loved ones. I want everyone to know I wish all of you Happy Holidays.are driving your vehicle or walking a trash can to discard your waste. As that I recognize your great sacrifice Receive a heartfelt THANK YOUthrough a military installation, you we pass into the Holidays let us re- and service. for your service and dedication.should never dash under cover to member that in order to insure pros- Like those who served before us,avoid paying respect to the flag and perity we must safeguard the privileg- our Puerto Rican troops are part of Sincerely,talking during Reveille or Retreat is es and blessings we have. a new generation of warriors, who Brig. Gen. Fernando Fernández
  4. 4. 4December 2011 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananCivilian post housing residents go rent freeInvoice delivery delays prevent civilians on post from paying rent; housing office advises residents to be prepared to pay back-rentStory and photos by Luis Delgadillo concern at the moment, theFort Buchanan Public Affairs most common concern is the condition of the homes. If something is too good “Our units are old and thusto be true then it is probably they require more maintenancefalse. Such is the case with than normal modern units,” hecivilian housing residents go- said.ing rent-free in November Here too, Ortega and deci-and December. According to a sion makers for the garrisonmemo released by the housing are charting a course to addressoffice, delays in invoice deliv- the aging infrastructure of theery, which have been occur- Coconut Grove and Las Coli-ring for some residents since nas housing areas. Looking atthe beginning of the fiscal year, best courses of action in orderare resulting in civilian on-post to implement the Army’s Resi-residents from being billed for dential Community Initiative.their rent. The problem does According to the program’snot affect service members liv- Web site, “RCI is a criticaling on post. component of the Army’s effort According to the memo, “the to eliminate inadequate hous-Directorate of Public Works ing through public-private part-and the Resource Management nerships and award contractsOffice are working with DFAS to eliminate inadequate family Fort Buchanan has two housing areas, Coconut Grove pictured above and Las Colinas.to solve this situation as soon housing in the U.S.”as possible.” Keeping tabs on Locally, the program is al- assessment conducted in 2007 For support to off post resi- an, off-post, the housing ser-the situation is acting Housing ready underway with a target determined that there was a dents the housing division’s vices office helps more thanManager, Jose Ortega, who is date of 2017 for new housing at need for 86 housing units. “this housing services section assists service members or civilians.the point of contact for the is- Fort Buchanan. (new) assessment might vali- with the locating and connects This includes reviewing leasesue. “This is a DoD-wide initia- date that number or it might in- property managers with poten- agreements, inspecting off-post “The housing office does tive for which we are conduct- crease it,” said Ortega. tial occupants. housing for suitability, and pro-very important things to sup- ing a housing assessment and As with this issue the hous- “No uniformed Soldier viding resources to investigateport the quality of life of Sol- there will be a joint housing as- ing office is prepared to help should go anywhere else before the purchase of property here indiers and because of Fort Bu- sessment for the RC initiative service members, civilians and going to the housing services Puerto Rico.chanan’s uniqueness of having from 5 to 9 December, with their families with a multitude office,” said Ortega. “We brief the Soldiers abouta large workforce, civilian the intent to build new hous- of issues relating to their qual- When Soldiers seek off-post Fort Buchanan, we explain ev-workforce, we have … 50 per- ing with the up to date DoD ity of life in housing units on housing Reinaldo Abraham, erything about Fort Buchanancent of our housing residents standards,” he said. A housing post or in Army housing off housing management special- and the main question is wherewho are civilians, DoD (De- assessment helps the garrison post. ist helps facilitate their search they want to live, off-post orpartment of Defense) civil- understand how many units One of offices main under- and manages the relationship on-post,” said Abraham.ians,” said Ortega. will actually be required; cur- takings is working with Sol- between the landlord and the Abraham who has worked The memo continues, “be- rently there are 90 housing diers or installation civilians on service member. Though there in the housing services officecause of a change to the Army units at Fort Buchanan. Ortega transportation agreements who are less a hundred occupiedFinancial systems, the Defense said that the previous housing decide to live off post. housing units on Fort Buchan- HOUSING Page 7Finance and Accounting Ser-vice, DFAS, is currently unableto process rent payments fromcivilians.” Residents are advised to setaside their normal rent pay-ments because they will mostlikely be billed for their rentall at one time according to thememo. Ortega said that arriving ata solution quickly was of thehighest priorities for membersof the garrison staff from theResource Management office,the Directorate of Public Worksand the Command Group. Stephanie Acosta, housing services coordinator for the Directorate of Public Reinaldo Abraham, housing management specialist with the Directorate of While the rental issue is of Works’ Housing Division. Public Works’ Housing Division.
  5. 5. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean December 2011 5CHANGE, From Page 1 and transform it into a world- class organization focused onsame, and that’s where we get our customers. The customersour inspiration.” are our Soldiers and their Fami- Lynch, the only commander lies and our retirees.”IMCOM has known, was quick He cited the 120,000 peopleto thank Odierno for his men- who make up IMCOM.torship. “We are grateful for the “I’ve been blessed in my 35 dedicated Army civilians andyears of uniformed service,” contractors that have made IM-Lynch said. “One of the top COM such a large success,”… blessings is my relationship Odierno said. “In short, thewith Ray Odierno.” IMCOM team has been and Odierno thanked Lynch for will remain a key ingredient ina career well done, capped by our ability to protect and sus-the complex move of an Army tain combat forces around thecommand from the nation’s world. I thank each and everycapital to the heart of South member of IMCOM for yourTexas. untiring effort and commitment “Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch has to our Soldiers, their Familiesserved selflessly in our Army and the Army.”with extraordinary distinction Odierno commended Lynchfor nearly 35 years,” Odierno for embodying words like Photos by Luke Elliotsaid. “He’s devoted his career courage, confidence, candor Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter delivers remarks on Nov. 17, 2011, after assuming command of the Installation Manage-to taking care of Soldiers and and compassion. ment Command from Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.their Families. I have watched “In your 35-plus years, you wife, Sarah, for her dedication ing their needs and helped the the passing of the responsibilityRick for years, always step have made history,” Odierno to the mission. Army improve its services. of IMCOM command sergeantforward, raise his right hand, told Lynch. “You have lived “Sarah has been serving “I could go on and on, but major from Command Sgt.and say ‘Put me in. I want the in the arena and you have ex- alongside Rick every step of the bottom line is that Sarah Maj. Neil Ciotola to Commandtoughest job. I want the tough celled inside that arena. Thank the way,” Odierno said. “She’s has selflessly given of herself Sgt. Maj. Donald Felt. Felt, topjobs and I’ll make it work. I’ll you for your steadfast dedica- dedicated herself to our Sol- to the Army, to our Families noncommissioned officer formake it happen.’ tion and loyal service to our diers and Families. Whether and to our nation. Sarah, you the IMCOM Central Region, “We thought he was the per- Soldiers and our nation.” it be leading [Family Readi- are a true American patriot and will serve until the scheduledfect person to lead IMCOM Odierno applauded Lynch’s ness Groups] or working with hero. We want to thank you for arrival of Command Sgt. Maj. the Families of fallen Soldiers, all you’ve done and sacrificed Earl L. Rice. Sarah has met and listened to throughout the years for our “I want to personally recog- the Gold Star Families to as- Army.” nize Command Sgt. Maj. Neil sess how the Army was meet- The ceremony also marked Ciotola,” Odierno said. “He was side by side with me for 15 months in Iraq when I was the multi-national corps com- mander probably during the most difficult time there was in Iraq. And frankly, I couldn’t have done it without him. We were merged at the hip. We were merged in our own minds with each other. “There is no other finer NCO, no other noncommissioned of- ficer I would have liked by my Photos by Tim Hipps side than Neil Ciotola. He’s a Soldier’s Soldier, a combat Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch delivers remarks on Nov. 17, 2011, at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, after passing command of the Installation Management Command to leader, and the epitome of a Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter. command sergeant major.”On Nov. 17, 2011. Lt. Gen. Michael Ferriter assumed command of theInstallation Management Command from Lt. Gen. Rick Lynch at Fort SamHouston, Texas.
  6. 6. 6December 2011 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananODIERNO, From Page 1 of the Army into a shaky civil- ian job market and economy.to provide a level of security Many of them could poten-that will be sustainable by the tially join the more than 20Iraqi Security Forces as we percent of veterans receivingleave,” Odierno said. “There’s unemployment compensa-still violence in Iraq, but the tion; a number Odierno said islevel of violence is signifi- much higher than their civil-cantly less than it has been for ian counterparts.a long time. We believe they “It’s significantly higherhave the capacity to sustain than the normal unemploy-peace within Iraq.” ment rate, so it’s incumbent on The Army chief said it is us to ensure that we have pro-time to allow Iraq to recog- cesses in place that allow themnize their sovereignty and al- to properly transition into ci-low them to move forward vilian society, and getting theas a nation. Odierno said the jobs that we believe they areIraqis “still have many diffi- more than qualified for,” thecult challenges ahead of them, Army chief said.both political and economic,” The unemployment ratebut the U.S. will maintain re- among veterans is a majorlationships forged over the concern of the Army chief aslast nine years. Soldiers leave the Army and Photo by Daniel Cernero “Just because we left, return to civilian society. Cit- Chief of Staff of the Army Gen. Ray Odierno speaks with reporters about the state of the Army and the way ahead Dec.doesn’t mean we don’t and ing Soldiers’ dedication, dis- 6, 2011, during a press conference at Fort Hood, Texas. Odierno is a former III Corps and Fort Hood commander.will not sustain a long-term cipline, training and skills de-military relationship with velopment, Odierno said they, Soldiers and their families isIraq,” he explained. “What- as a whole, are more than ca- one Army officials work every CORRECTIONever size of the Army we have pable of garnering civilian po- day, and will continue.has got to be ready, modern- sitions. The article titled “Internship opportunities abound “Our priority remains withized and capable of meeting “I’m more than comfortable through AVC,” in the November edition incorrectly our Soldiers and families andwhatever tasks they’re asked with them taking on a variety we will ensure that the pro- listed academic internship opportunities as beingto do.” of jobs,” he said. grams remain in place. We available through the Army Volunteer Corps. The As operations in Iraq come Recent tax break legisla- will continue to fund those AVC is a Army Community Service program thatto a close and the defense tion to encourage companies programs,” Odierno said. only only deals with volunteers not college stu-budget remains in question, to hire veterans has been a “That’s our priority and we’ll dents seeking college credit for interships. The Elthe Army is facing potential good start, Odierno said, but never walk away from that Morro editorial board regrets the error.cuts to the force. Odierno said more work can be done to help priority.”those cuts would require a re- Soldiers find work outside thelook at how the Army provides military. Compounding theirnational security, since reduc- difficulty finding civilian ca-tion in troop levels across the reers, he said many veteransservices could reduce the mil- leaving the military and enter-itary’s capability to respond to ing civilian society are doingreal and potential threats. so battling the effects of trau- “We’re going to have to de- matic brain injuries and post-termine, depending on what traumatic stress.level we end up at, what we The Army is pouring in re-can and can’t do,” he said. sources to help Soldiers, and“It’s up to me, as well as the will continue to do so, Odier-other joint chiefs as we talk no said, but there is no black-about the joint force, to ensure and-white answer to post-we communicate what we’ll traumatic stress or traumaticbe able to do and what we brain injuries, known as PTScan’t do.” or TBI. Policy and national strat- “It’s a complex, difficultegy will have to be adjusted issue that we’ll continue toto meet the available force, work through,” he said.which could be the smallest Army officials continue toArmy since the 1940s, the work with governmental vet-smallest Air Force ever in this erans’ agencies, doctors andnation’s history and the lowest behavioral health specialistsnumber of ships the military to ease Soldiers’ transitionshas had in a long time, Odi- and provide the best careerno said. available, Odierno said, not- With those cuts, more Sol- ing that the commitment to For emergencies call 787-707-3337 to be referred to the Chaplain’s emergency linediers will be transitioning out providing support and care to
  7. 7. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 7 December 2011 Open season on scholarships for military children ends Feb. 24 FORT LEE, Va. – Applica- enrolled as a full-time stu- tions for the 2012 Scholar- dent at a college or university ships for Military Children – of a service member on ac- Program are now available tive duty, reservist, guards- at commissaries worldwide man, retiree or survivor of a as well as online through a military member who died link on http://www.commis- while on active duty or sur- saries.com and directly at vivor of a retiree. Eligibility http://www.militaryscholar. is determined using the De- org. fense Enrollment Eligibility Awards will be based on Reporting System database. funds available, but the pro- Applicants should ensure gram awards at least one that they, as well as their $1,500 scholarship to a stu- sponsor, are enrolled in the dent at each commissary. DEERS database and have The scholarship program a current military ID card. was created to recognize The applicant must also be military families’ contribu- planning to attend or already tions to the readiness of U.S. attending an accredited col- Photos by :Luis Delgadillo armed forces and the com- lege or university, full time, missary’s role in the mili- in the fall of 2012 or be en-Staff Sgt. Joseph Gose, from the garrison Religious Support Office speaks with Yvette Robles, an administrative assis-tant, concerning the selection of on post quarters at the Directorate of Public Works’ Housing offices Nov. 17. tary community. Since the rolled in a program of studies program began in 2000, it designed to transfer directlyHOUSING, From Page 4 has awarded more than $9.3 into a four-year program.since 1999 most often rec- million in scholarships to Applicants must submit anommends that newly arrived 6,069 military children from essay on a topic which willservice members or civilians 62,000-plus applicants. be available Dec. 1 on http://who wish to live off-post, find To be eligible for a schol- www.militaryscholar.org.a gated community that is ser- arship, the student must be a Applications must be turnedviced by Fort Buchanan school dependent, unmarried child, in to a commissary by closesystem school buses. no older than 21 – or 23, if of business Feb. 24, 2012. Living off-post has some set-backs but they are not normallyissues that a tenant wouldn’t Gift Cards Ensure Troops’ Stockingsface anywhere else. “The com- are Stuffed for the Holidaysmon problem the wear and tearof the houses,” said Maldo- According to the National a cappuccino from Starbucks,nado. “If a landlord says that Retail Federation, more than some beef jerky from the Ex-something is damaged we go half of all shoppers in 2010 change or a tank of gas for theand see it and we try to come up said they’d like to receive gift family car, the recipient getswith a solution to the problem.” cards, marking four years in a support that is tailored to their Whether it is resolving ten- row that gift cards have topped need.”ant and landlord issues or pro- consumers’ holiday wish lists. While only authorized mili-viding advice to newly arrived And while most any gift card tary shoppers can redeem Ex-service members the housing will work for most, military sup- change gift cards, any Americanoffice priority is effective cus- porters have long struggled with can send them by simply call-tomer service. finding the right one for troops ing 800-527-2345 or logging With as much as the housing serving far from home. on to www.shopmyexchange.office does for residents Ortega The Army & Air Force Ex- com and clicking “Support Yourand his staff require assistance change Service’s 3,100 retail fa- Troops” and then the “Gift andfrom housing residents with cilities in all 50 states and some Calling Cards” icon.just a few key tasks, among 30 countries may be the solution From there, Exchange giftthem is filling out housing resi- for both military members and cards, ranging in values fromdent surveys and turning them supporters. $10 to $500, can be addressedin. “Exchange gift cards are an to a specific service member “We tried to do one survey excellent way to send troops or sent to “any service mem- Delfin Sepulveda, housing inspector for the Directorate of Public Works’when the hurricane season Housing Division. exactly what they want as they ber” through the American Redstarted, it was about the gen- can select their own gifts,” said Cross, Fisher House Founda-erators and the response from a better service, If I don’t get of the residents,” he said. “It the Fort Buchanan Exchange’s tion, USO, Soldier and Fam-the residents was weak,” said your (a resident’s) feedback I’ll limits my ability to provide the General Manager Tony Pares. ily Assistance Center, Air ForceOrtega. be working in a vacuum … or best quality of service that the “Whether the service member Aid Society or Navy-Marine In order for me to provide miss identifying the real need residents deserve.” who receives the card wants Corps Relief Society.
  8. 8. 8December 2011 News The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananSchool lunchprices rise at SMA encourages professionalism Story and photo by Amy Perry when no one is looking.”Fort Buchanan Fort Lee Public Affairs Office Chandler encouraged the FORT LEE, Va. - The ser- noncommissioned officers,DoDEA Public Affairs geant major of the Army visit- or NCOs, in the audience to ed Fort Lee Tuesday to present enforce the standards of the Starting January 3, 2012, awards to the support staff of Army.school lunch prices at all De- the 2011 Best Warrior Com- “You have to know what thepartment of Defense Educa- petition. Before recognizing standard is and you have to betion Activity schools Outside the Fort Lee members, Sgt. able to set it yourself,” he con-the Continental United States Maj. of the Army Raymond F. tinued. “Are we going to walk(OCONUS) will increase. Chandler III took time to share past a deficiency or are we go- On November 10, 2011, the his thoughts on professionals. ing to correct it and move on?”military services approved an “Who has their dog tags?” Recognizing the importanceincrease in the price of school he asked. of the Best Warrior competi-lunches at DoDEA schools After hearing affirmation in tion for the Army, Chandlerin order to keep pace with in- the audience, Chandler said said Team Lee does a tremen-creasing operational costs and “That’s the mark of a profes- dous job at providing the re-comply with The Healthy, sional. I’ve got mine on.” sources that make the compe-Hunger-Free Kids Act (Pub- Being a professional is tition work.lic Law 111-296). The Act about character, commitment He said while the Army willrequires participants in the and competence, he said. continue to look at alternateUSDA meal program to raise “If you’re not wearing (your locations to hold the event, aspaid student lunch prices to a dog tags) right now, in this efficiency and effectivenesslevel comparable to the state auditorium, you’re wrong,” should always be sought, thesubsidy rate used for USDA re- said Chandler. “And if you’re Fort Lee team is the intangibleimbursement. wrong, it’s because of one of that will likely keep the com- “As the designated School three things: You’re not a per- petition returning here.Food Authority, the Army & son of character. You’re not “Your commitment to ex-Air Force Exchange Service a person of commitment, or cellence, I believe, is going toprovides school meals on a you’re not competent. If you see the event stay here for thenon-profit, break even basis. In say ‘No one is more profes- foreseeable future,” Chandlerorder to keep pace with increas- sional than I,’ how can you say said. “My hat’s off to you for Sgt. Maj. of the Army Raymond F. Chandler III speaks about being a profes-ing food and operational costs, that if you are not willing to everything you did.” sional in today’s Army during the 2011 Best Warrior Competition supportand to be compliant with this wear something as basic as a Command Sgt. Maj. C.C. award ceremony Tuesday at the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, Va.new law, school lunch prices dog tag.” Jenkins Jr., CASCOM and Fortwill increase for the first time Moving Lee commandin seven years,” explained U.S. back to ba- sergeant ma-Army Lt. Col. Thomas Shrader, sics is the jor, has beenan Exchange spokesman. future of Let’s get back to dog the driving The last price increase was the Army, tags, physical fitness, and force of thea $0.10 per meal in 2004. The said Chan- last threenew increase is $.35 per full dler. He looking and acting like a Best Warrior Ever feel like there was somethingprice meal making the new pointed out Soldier. competitions.prices starting on January 3, how well missing from the El Morro? Raymond F. Chandler III While he will2012, $2.40 for Elementary the Army retire before Like perhaps your unit??Students and $2.55 for Second- has done in - Sergeant Major of the Army the next one,ary Students. Families qualify- the last 10 Jenkins said it El Morro is the Fort Buchanan community newspa-ing for the Free and Reduced years, but was a distinct per and the editorial board wants to include militaryMeal Program will not be im- said some honor for him units from Fort Buchanan in its pages.pacted by the meal cost increas- have let the standards slip to be able to recognize the sup-es. The cost of a reduced-price away. port team.meal will remain unchanged at “Let’s get back to dog tags, “We have the opportunity to If you’re tenant unit would like stories or stand alone40 cents per meal. physical fitness, and look- recognize the people of Fort photos published in the El Morro contact the editor, Wholesome, balanced ing and acting like a Soldier,” Lee, not only Soldiers, butmeals are vital to the academic Chandler said. “That’s what’s civilians and contractors as Luis Delgadillo at:achievement of school-aged going to drive our Army in the well, everyone who had a part (787)707-5762 or by e-mail atchildren. The DoD School future -- the realization, or re- in this great event,” he said. luis.s.delgadillo.civ@mail.milMeal Program meets the same awakening, that something as “It’s a pleasure and privilege If you are military retiree or service member wishingUSDA guidelines as CONUS basic as a set of dog tags de- to work as your sergeant major to announce a garage sale or place a classified ad,schools by providing all of the fines who you are. Wearing at Fort Lee. We identified our beginning in January, El Morro will launch aimportant nutrients children your dog tags and being a per- best Soldiers, the best to put classifieds section. Call today for space and details.need to be successful in school son of character, doing what on the team, to make this eventand healthy in the future. you are supposed to do even successful.”
  9. 9. El MorroFort Buchanan News The Sentinel of the Caribbean 9 December 20112-348th welcomes new command sergeant majorStory and photos by Luis DelgadilloFort Buchanan Public Affairs First Army Soldiers of the 2nd Bat-talion, 348th Regiment, 158th InfantryBrigade welcomed their new commandsergeant major during a change of re-sponsibility ceremony conducted at Ra-mos Hall Dec. 3. Incoming CSM, Command Sgt. Maj.Jose V. Martinez took responsibility ofthe “Cobra” Soldiers from acting CSM,Master Sgt. Luis Figueroa who dutifullyheld the position of CSM for the battal-ion for six months. Members of the official party includ-ed Maj. Sheyla Baez, commander ofthe 2-348th Regt., Command Sgt. Maj.Robert G. Todd, 158th Inf. Bde. CSM,incoming CSM and outgoing actingCSM. Honored guests included CommandSgt. Maj. Derrick T. Simpson, U.S.Army Garrison Fort Buchanan Com-mand Sergeant Major and family mem-bers and member of the 1st MissionSupport Command. Martinez comes to the 2-348th fromthe 1st Mission Support Commandwhere he was assigned to the 393rd Maj. Sheyla Baez, commander of the 2nd Battalion, 348th Regiment, 158th Infantry Brigade, hands the battalion colors to incoming command sergeant major, Command Sgt. Maj. Jose B. Martinez as outgoing acting command sergeant major, Master Sgt. Luis A Figueroa looks on at FortCombat Sustainment Support Battalion. Buchanan, P.R. Dec. 3. “Today is a good day to take respon-sibility,” said Martinez. “I’m convinced important advisors, his wife Ana.that I will work with committed people Figueroa will return to his previousof great value with great values to serve duties as noncommissioned officer inour nation,” he said charge of the battalion’s signal team. During his remarks Martinez said that “Today is about honor, the honor ofbefore accepting the position of 2-348th transferring responsibility to CommandCSM he consulted with one of his most Sgt. Maj. Martinez,” said Figueroa. “Thank you for giving me your sup- port and now I encourage you to give the same support to Command Sgt. Maj. Martinez,” he said. Figueroa thanked Baez for her sup- port and for the experience. In her re- marks Baez said she welcomed the op- portunity of having Martinez join the “Cobra” battalion and looked forward to the idea of retaining two very strong NCOs in her command. According to his bio, Martinez’s en- Command Sgt. Maj. Jose V. Martinez, speaks to guests and Soldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 348th listed in the U.S. Army in 1986 and has Regiment, 158th Infantry Brigade, during his change of responsibility ceremony during which he held every level of NCO leadership took responsibility of 2-348th troops at Fort Buchanan P.R. Dec. 3. from team leader to command sergeant major. In 2003 Martinez was called to ment Medal, Army Reserve Component oak leaf clusters, Army Commendation active-duty in support of Operations Overseas Training Ribbon, National Medal one oak leaf cluster, Overseas Noble Eagle, Iraqi Freedom and Endur- Defense Service Medal with bronze star Service Ribbon, Humanitarian Service ing Freedom as the Mobilization First device, Southwest Asia Service Medal, Medal, Global War on Terrorism Medal Sergeant for the U.S. Army Reserve in Kuwait Liberation Medal, Government and the Meritorious Service Medal withMaster Sgt. Luis A. Figueroa, outgoing acting Puerto Rico, in charge of 856 Soldiers. of Kuwait Medal, Armed Forces Re- 2 oak leaf clusters.command sergeant major, speaks to guests and He also served in the Persian Gulf serve Medal, Noncommissioned Offi- Martinez is married to Ana LourdesSoldiers of the 2nd Battalion, 348th Regiment, War from 1990 to 1991 during Opera- cers Professional Development Ribbon Guadalupe and they have two children158th Infantry Brigade, during the battalion’schange of responsibility ceremony at Fort tions Desert Storm and Desert Shield. with 3 device, the Army Reserve Com- Joy Alexander and Anna Camille agesBuchanan P.R. Dec. 3. His awards include the Army Achieve- ponents Achievement Medal with three 12 and 9 respectively.
  10. 10. Turkey B10 December 2011 http://www.flickr.com/photos/fortbuchanan_elmorro/ The Sentinel ofArmy Defeats Marines 26-12,reclaim Turkey Bowl TrophyBeforeAfter
  11. 11. Bowl 2011 the Caribbean http://www.flickr.com/photos/fortbuchanan_elmorro/ El Morro Fort Buchanan 11 Before After
  12. 12. 12December 2011 Features The Sentinel of the Caribbean El Morro Fort BuchananASAP Informs: Drunk, DruggedDriving Prevention MonthBy Myrna Llanos, Prevention Coordinator 1. Provide plenty of non-alcoholicASAP Prevention Coordinator beverages. 2. Do not pressure guests to drink. Once again the Holiday Season 3. Serve food to slow the rate of ab-soon will be approaching us. This sorption of alcohol.special season generally means more 4. Stop serving alcohol at least oneparties, which raises the potential to hour before the party is over.drink. Driving defensively means 5. If guests drink too much, call a cabnot only taking responsibility for or arrange a ride with a sober driver.yourself and your actions but alsokeeping an eye on “the other guy.” If In addition, to stay safe consideryou plan to drink, designate a driver the following tips:who won’t drink. Alcohol is a factor 1. If it is a close friend, try and use Photos by Luis Delgadillo Fort Buchanan endangeredin almost half of all fatal motor ve- a soft, calm approach at first. Suggesthicle crashes. to them that they’ve had too much to December is annually designat- species thriving at DNER drink and it would be better if some-ed as National Drunk and Drugged one else drove or if they took a cab.Driving Prevention Month (referred 2. If it is somebody you don’tto as 3D Month). Every day, almost know well, speak to their friends30 people in the United States (in- and have them make an attemptcluding Puerto Rico) die in motor ve- to persuade them to hand over Fort Buchanan’s El Morro takes ahicle crashes that involve an alcohol- the keys. Usually they will listen. field trip to the Department of Nat-impaired driver. 3. Locate their keys while they are ural and Environmental Resourc- This amounts to one death every preoccupied and take them away. es- Forest Bureau. Our guide,48 minutes, according to the Center Most likely, they will think they’ve Rubén Ubiñas, an agronomer andfor Disease Control and Prevention. lost them and will be forced to find supevisor with Cambalache For-3D Month reminds us to “Designate another mode of transportation. est Nursery near Arecibo.before we Celebrate” and encourages Having a fun holiday is having asafe and sober driving. The Ft. Bu- safe holiday. Take a stand againstchanan Army Substance Abuse Pro- impaired driving. UBINAS: Welcome to the Cambalache challenging since it took more than 2gram (ASAP) will be emphasizing Support the Ft. Buchanan ASAP Plant Nursery. This plant nursery be- months to sprout (grow) and each seeddrunk driving prevention education in the public awareness and enforce- longs to the Puerto Rico Department of germinated in different periods, for ex-during this campaign. ment campaign to prevent impaired Natural and Environmental Resources ample, today one seed could grow and If you are a host for a party, here driving. and was created in 1978 due to large re- two weeks later another could sprout.are some things you can do to pro- Do your part: Don’t drink and drive! forestation demands in that year and it Once seedlings grow and reach an ad-mote responsible drinking at a social And remember: Friends don’t let is focused on growing trees that can be equate size, they are transferred to largerfunction: friends drive drunk planted in rural and urban areas. planters, the growth is monitored, an After the creation of this nursery, 2 identification number is given with the million trees have been planted and a origin and germination time, and taken Did you visit USAG Fort Buchanan today? new program was created to protect En- to an area were insects are controlled dangered Species. and proper fertilizer applied. Let us know how was your experience in our facilities? Specialized personnel have been re- This tree grows very slow and it has How was our service? cruited to work with endangered species been found that in other parts of the is- in the scientific investigation division land the seeds never germinate. This is It is very easy to provide feedback through: hardcopy comment card, your that includes a biologist and his assis- why it is treated as an endangered spe- personal computers and now through your smartphones. Yes, now you can provide us immediate feedback, through your smartphones: tant. cies since its germination and growth These biologists visit areas were the are challenging. 1. Go to an iphone or Android apps store endangered species are found, in this El Morro: What is done with these trees 2. Download any barcode scanning application case, the Palo de Rosa that has been after they leave the nursery? 3. Scan the barcode on the office poster identified at Fort Buchanan. They have -We have an example with the “Palo When filling out the ICE comment, please make sure you answer the satisfac- been monitoring the trees and seeds de Ramón” (endangered species) were tion question (“Were you satisfied with your experience at this office/facility?”). that were collected. These biologists the seeds were collected in this same The satisfaction percentage on the ICE report is based on the number of “yes” monitor the flowering and fruit (seed) forest, germinated and grew here and responses to the satisfaction question. The Overall Satisfaction question is production of the tree. This seed is col- then introduced back into the Cam- designed to rate the customer total experience and the results are used to determine the satisfaction percentage for that particular service. If the cus- lected manually and brought to the plant balache Forest. tomer does not respond to the satisfaction question, the submission will not be nursery, dried, logged in a data base, For the case of the Palo de Rosa we included in the satisfaction percentage that is rolled up in reports. and then placed in containers (seed-bed) are still in discussion on where they with soil apt for germinating. will be planted but most probably in a With your feedback, our services always improve. The next step is to monitor the germi- PRDNER forest and if possible at Fort ICE makes it better! nation period. Buchanan in a protected area were no The germination of this seed has been future construction projects are planned.
  13. 13. El MorroFort Buchanan Healthy Living The Sentinel of the Caribbean 13 December 2011Holiday safety for pets: keep rover out of dangerBy Capt. Taylor Opel, DVM bromine and caffeine are Animals are also attracted to Christ- of the clinic’s business hours (M/W/FFort Buchanan dependent on the amount mas lights, and will chew or pull on the 0800 – 1530, T/TH 0800-1700), pleaseVeterinary Treatment Facility and type of chocolate in- cords. Electrocution or burns to the contact your local veterinary emergency During the approaching holiday sea- gested. While all choco- face and mouth can result when a clinic.son, it is important that we ensure that late poses these risks, types of pet bites an electric cord. Lights We will be closed on December 23,our four-legged family members can chocolate with a more bitter taste need to be hung out of reach 26, 30 and January 2, 6.safely enjoy it as much as we do. Many tend to have a higher concentra- of pets, and animals shouldthings we look forward to for Thanks- tion of these toxins. For instance, not be left unattendedgiving and Christmas can be hazardous baker’s chocolate is more danger- around Christmas trees or Fort Buchananfor our pets. This article will address ous than milk chocolate, which is other strands of lights. This Veterinary Treatment Facilitythese dangers and ways to minimize more dangerous than white choco- is not only a danger to the Vaccination Clinicrisk if not prevent them altogether. late. If your pet ingests chocolate, it pet, but to the family. Frayed Open to all Active and Retired Mili- Holiday Table Scraps: We tend to is important that they are seen electric cords are a hazard to tary Personnel, National Guard, Coastenjoy lots of rich, fatty foods dur- by a veterinarian as soon as the entire household and an Guard, FBI, Fort Buchanan Securitying the holidays. Since our pets possible. overzealous cat at play can easily bring Personnel, Reservists, and DoD civilians.are not accustomed to abrupt Other Toxic Foods: down a poorly secured Christmas tree.changes in their diet, a sud- Macadamia nuts, grapes, Trees should be secured to a wall or Appointment times are available, butden increase in fat con- chewing gum with xy- ceiling hook. This will help prevent the walk-ins are welcometent can have a nega- litol, unbaked yeast tree from toppling over should your pet Our Holiday Hours aretive impact on their dough. decide to jump on it to get to a tempting 8 a.m. to noon on December 27, 28,digestive health. Feed- Household Plants: ornament. and 29. We will be closed Decembering things like ham, tur- Some holiday ornamental The presents under the tree pose a 23, 26, 30 and January 2, 6key, and sweets are common causes of plants can cause illness in your pet if similar risk as the ornaments hangingvomiting, diarrhea, and even pancreati- either the leaves or the stems are ingest- from it. Animals often see ribbons and Veterinary Clinic now open dur-tis, which can be very serious, even fa- ed. Clinical signs caused by household string as toys and may chew on them. ing lunch for retail purchases,tal. Even the juices from cooking these plants can range from mild to severe de- Eventually they may swallow them appointment scheduling fromfoods can sometimes have enough fat pending on the type of plant involved. which can cause an intestinal obstruc- 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.to make your pet very sick. Foods with Ingestion of lilies is very serious and tion. This can be a life-threatening situ- (787)-707-2038bone fragments are especially danger- can lead to acute kidney fail- ation requiring emergency surgery toous. Since bones are not digested by ure. Mistletoe can cause mild remove the foreign material. Normal Business Hoursthe body, they can become lodged in GI upset, vomiting, diarrhea Keeping these types of Mon. 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.your pet’s intestinal tract causing an ob- or liver failure and seizures. If items away from pets is Tues. 7:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.struction and potentially requiring sur- your pet ingests these plants, a simple way to protect Wed. 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.gical removal. If the bones have sharp they should be seen by a vet- them. Thurs. 7:30 a.m.- 5 p.m.points, they can poke through your pet’s erinarian. Poinsettia ingestion For more informa- Fri. 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.stomach or intestines and cause a severe can be irritating to the mouth tion or if your pet ex-and life-threatening bacterial infection. and stomach, resulting in mild GI up- periences any of theseIt is important to keep holiday treats and set and temporary loss of appetite. In problems, call the Fort Buchanan Vet-candies out of your pet’s reach. Addi- rare cases, blisters may form in the ani- erinary Treatment Facility at 787-707-tionally, remember gifts under your tree mal’s mouth. These signs are typically 2038. If it is an emergency or outsidethat may be food items and may be very self- limiting and do not requiretempting to curious pets. veterinary care. Chocolate: Many of us are Christmas Trees:aware that chocolate can be Tree ornaments canhazardous to our pet’s present a hazard to pets.health, yet it continues There are a wide varietyto be the most common of ornaments on the mar-toxic ingestion in our ket, and some look verypet population. It similar to pet toys (espe-is not at all uncom- cially to cats). Most of thesemon to see a bowl ornaments have hooks that Visit our YouTube channel to see the latest video newsof chocolate candy can cause injury to the paws oron the dining room table i n inside of your pet’s mouth. If ingest- stories from the Fort Buchanan Public Affairs Office.the home of a pet owner. It is this acces- ed, they can also damage the intestinalsibility and sweet taste that makes choc-olate a very enticing toxin for dogs and tract. If your cat is tempted to play with the ornaments on your tree, decorate the www.youtube.com/user/FortBuchanancats. The primary toxins in chocolate are bottom third of the tree with non-break-caffeine and theobromine (a compound able, plastic, or wooden ornaments that To suggest story ideas or if you’d like to bring attention to anrelated to caffeine). Depending on the do not have hooks, or decorate only the individual who stands out in our community contact thedose, these compounds can cause hy- top two-thirds of your tree. You may Fort Buchanan Public Affairs Office atperexcitability followed by weakness, feel your tree looks funny, but it willloss of balance, seizures, and ultimately save you from spending the holidays at 787)707-5762 or Luis.s.delgadillo.civ@mail.milcoma and death. The doses of theo- an emergency veterinary clinic.