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Optional Student Use of Online Resources


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This is a review of the article Optional student use of online lecture resources, resource preferences, performance, and lecture attendance by M. Grabe and K. Christopherson of the Department of Psychology at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks

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Optional Student Use of Online Resources

  1. 1. Optional Student Use of Online Lecture Resources: resource preferences, performance and lecture attendacne M. Grabe and K. Christopherson Department of Psychology, U of North Dakota, Grand Forks
  2. 2. Problem No current research has been done in regards to the use of lecture notes with Course Management Systems (CMS) With CMS one would think more students would access the notes Past research was done in a lab and did not allow for the authentic environment making data flawed
  3. 3. Purpose Study looked at voluntary student use of lecture resources and the relationship between the resources and performance and attendance Online resources are lecture outline lecture summary audio records
  4. 4. Methods 329 Students were enrolled in Introductory Psychology courses Students had 6 random (2 for each of the 3 5 week sections of the course) writing tasks that were used to find for attendance Each of the 3 sections had a 50 item multiple choice examination covering content during lecture and reading to measure achievement Lecture resources were provided through web page and kept track of how often they were accessed
  5. 5. Findings: notes Outline notes: kids who came to class regularly used these the most and were more likely to get them before the lecture Complete notes: only used by 19% of the notes available Audio: not accessed or found helpful
  7. 7. Findings: attendance Exam 1 and 2 showed being at class and using online resources significantly related to lecture exam performance Exam two showed attendance and note use related to exam performance
  8. 8. Shocks The low rate of student use of recorded lectures The fact that students did not use the recored or complete notes to skip class The kids who attended class were the ones who used the notes
  9. 9. Implications FYI- Those who attend class the most use the resources the most and thus did better on the exams Good students use their resources
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